Yes, US conservatives are extremely anti-mask

A highly upvoted comment speculated that anti-mask Redditors are actually Chinese or Russian bots posing as US conservatives. Unfortunately the evidence is overwhelming that these are the opinions of real conservatives.

Voat is the link aggregator for the racist and Qanon parts of the right wing. That's where they went after Reddit bans. On today's default front page, searching for "mask" returns these headlines:

237 its just a mask
224 Winn Dixie has no mask policy, map of locations, support them!
245 What if wearing a mask creates a Petri dish effect over your face so a person who otherwise could fight off a virus, instead incubates it right in front of their mouth? So it helps get you sick!
42 This whole Orwellian mask ordeal is about to come to a close.
294 First time trying a mask.. Dumbest thing ever. The amount of moisture this thing collects and deposits all over your face is unreal. This has got to be a ploy to spread rather than prevent.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters have gone to thedonald.win. Their "hot" front page has no mention of masks. On the "Top" page for the week are these hits:

4849 Let's Give Georgia Governor Brian Kemp some love! He just signed an executive order invalidating all county and city Mask orders in Georgia!
4756 Finally, somebody has the balls to stand up to the mask police! Georgia gov Brian Kemp bans cities and counties from issuing mask orders.

Lastly, look at the huge split between Republican and Democrat on "always use mask": 24% to 61%

Conservative refusal to adopt international mask culture during a pandemic is costing lives, both American and foreign. Trump has reversed himself on mask use, but conservatives didn't get the memo. Name them and shame them.

It's hypocritical for people who refuse to wear masks during a pandemic to blame China's failure to contain the virus.

Maybe conservatives can understand it as a metaphor. You are free to discharge your firearm and your snot rocket safely on your own property. But in public, you are not free to blast others with your bullets and snot. And the more you insist on doing so, the tighter your legal restrictions will become.

Obligatory common sense clarification: I wear a comfy cycling neck gaiter and raise it only to avoid threatening strangers and public hand surfaces with sudden snot sprays.

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