Yes, I'm aware that Cyborganize is incomprehensible

This is an amusing Cyborganize review. To summarize, it's a complaint that Cyborganize is incomprehensible. Which I don't deny. Just because it's published doesn't mean it's perfect. A lot of the Cyborganize documentation is still at the vomit draft stage. Eventually it will get to the polished book stage, at which point one can simply pick it up and start reading, like any For Dummies title. That's a long way off.

For one thing, Cyborganize is still very much under active development. A number of issues should be corrected before a popular launch, e.g. consistent cascade filing rules.

I've had trouble deciding the correct order in which to explain Cyborganize. Much of it isn't comprehensible without understanding Textmind's executive refactoring and daylog decomposition loops, and how they build Brainsai. I can explain these concepts without reference to Emacs by implementing the workflow with pen and paper instead. That helps.

To simplify further, I can describe Brainsai first, without discussing daylogging and executive refactoring. At that point, it's only slightly more difficult to explain than Zettelkasten, which was still an annoying learning experience for me. So I sympathize.

Cool. Sounds like a plan.

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