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Posted to YouTube Nov 2010:

From the hallowed halls of (phonetically translated as) Una-QuWan this message carries the approval and seal of the 7th Emperor of Nibiru, whose names cannot be written, addressing Yajweh (of the Anunnaki) as you have asked to be heard and answered.

Yajweh, your age is showing in these trying times. Your compassion was a concern, also for Yeshua, who was the 9th, and addressed in councils above your purview before you left for Delta Sol those (years) days that are now past into the record.

You, who was chosen among all from (Yajweh's planet, again as phonetically close as I can get it) Ibania. You, Yajweh who is now, proudly, called by his highest name, Yajweh of the Anunnaki, have failed to remain impartial. You have failed to contact us for (this is about 200 Earth years) as many days as moons come passing and now you come, your humility dimmed by your time with the (Humans… us!!) Jah-Ku and you do not ask with respect but try to convince those who can read the record at any time and know more than you can ever even glimpse.

You ask now for change that you know we cannot influence. The (people here call them "greys" - the generic 'aliens') Dai-zohn-ahl have made no secret those Jah-Ku they wish to (translation is… maybe "confiscate"? take forcefully) $^&% and you, of all the nine, know the Dai-zohn-ahl can not be reasoned with.

Oh, Yajweh of the Anunnaki, who brought honor to the Empire when you brought peace in No-Dox-Quai. You think in terms not suited to your station. Your mouthpiece Vince DelGato knows much about things that should not pass before the (ears/eyes/senses) Hi-ahl of men.

But the time is at hand and your logic is sound and well spoken. You say you can avert the great war that is coming to the people of Earth/Delta Sol. The ones they call Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad thirst for this war. The Jah-Ku Obama cannot keep their paths from crossing before Jupiter's well of dark matter brings alignment and we arrive. The one they call Putin is their (Christian equivalent of antichrist) Yeshua Denall.

Still, the council I have received uniformly trusts your judgment and will grant you these (two earth years) times within the passings. You may chose one of the remaining nine to assist you and we shall see it is done. But be not blind to the stewardship you invest in this cause, oh Yajweh of the Anunnaki, whose gift has always been, given by the ancient ones within the walls of Lu-Pon-Ro, to see and seek balance in all things.

So say this, the 7th Emperor of Nibiru, whose names cannot be written, addressing Yajweh (of the Anunnaki) as you have asked to be heard and answered. (the closing refers to an ancient diety-type figure, whose name is always written like a small cross - + - like a plus-sign, not a Christian Cross)

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