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Yajweh coming to America
Nov 27, 2014 0

My friend Yajweh is trying to book passage to the United States. He plans to come here and spend the year of 2015 spreading truth to people.


Tooga quotes relevant, mine those.
cel's too. and others.

I should mine their other quotes on the platforms; I suspect they have written more.

Charles Nov 27, 2014, 10:47 am Log in to Reply

Hi Gisela, good questions you ask. I will try to answer.

Yajweh came as part of a group of nine that the Seventh Emperor of Nibiru (Annunaki) organized to send to Earth at various places and times for humanity’s spiritual upliftment. I believe he describes this in this intro tape. The most well-known of this group are Yeshua, Sun Tzu, and Nefertiti. Yajweh arrived to Earth at the Minoan civilization shortly before its collapse, then went to Sumeria to help with their writing, and then was involved in the formation of Judaism with Moses. He spent most of his time here in Europe, and I think was in Russia for much of the most recent century.

His home world is a planet called Ibania. His father was something like a fire-fighter there, who would defend the trees (as this planet has sentient trees). I believe his mother was (is) like an anthropologist and studied languages. He decided to follow the path of his mother to become what he calls an “interstellar anthropologist”.

My knowledge of him is from listening to his voice recordings, including a “personal tape” he made for me; email correspondence (although brief, because it is hard for him to read and type with the computer); and interactions in dream-time. He uses a voice recorder to make these tapes to upload and send to his supporters; many of these older tapes are public.

He is an expert negotiator, being able to see both sides of an issue. For this he was often called to broker peace between opposing parties, and negotiate with the PTB.

He has a long lifespan by Earth standards, apparently because his home world is closer to the center of the galaxy where the matter is denser.

Also what I would call special are his ability to navigate dream-time, deftness in getting out of dangerous situations, and ability to have insight into people, e.g. from meeting you or thinking about you, he may know things about you which you have never shared with anyone.

Charles Nov 30, 2014, 9:02 pm Log in to Reply
Hello Daughter of Nut,

I am sorry you found the material not to your liking. Can you tell me what about the site and the recordings you found suspicious (other than asking for money, as we have been discussing)?

Parroco (Parrish) Douglas I have met in person and I vouch for his integrity. He helped set up tribejahku.us as a community site for those who are inspired by Yajweh’s work to come together, and as a platform for the ideas coming from that community. dpmedia.org looks to be his personal/business site. If you are interested in his ventures I suggest contacting him directly.

It is not for me to resolve yours or anyone’s suspicions. If you don’t like what you see, I’m sorry to have disturbed you. If you are genuinely interested, I am open to discussion.

I would suggest applying the same judgement to these recordings as you would to channeled material or any information that presents a new worldview:

internal cohesiveness: how well it fits together and agrees with itself to present a coherent worldview
external cohesiveness: how well it fits with other sources you accept, and what you already believe to be true
how you feel listening/reading it (e.g. good/bad vibes), and what might be causing these feelings to arise
I expect most would agree that one’s own judgment and faith-decision is important to developing understanding of reality. I hope this is useful to you.

Tooga Dec 4, 2014, 11:29 am Log in to Reply


Thank you for taking the initiative and reaching out to Human Colony. Greetings members, I am ‘Tooga’ and also herald from the tribejahku.us website whose community I have been a part of for years now. Just wanted to say I appreciate all of the thoughtful answers and definitely encourage skepticism. What I can say about our small community is that we have no channelers or ascended masters among us. Rather, we are much more a ragtag bunch of semi-enlightened beings scattered throughout the (mostly Western) world who greatly appreciate the worldview and teachings of Yajweh.

I will do my best to answer many of these comments in turn, just don’t expect me to be as eloquent as Charles! 😉 Seriously though, if you have any feedback I’m sure I speak for Charles and everyone on our side of the fence that talking about about the validity of these recordings and what they mean with folks of like mind is very exciting.

Thanks for your time,

Charles Nov 27, 2014, 1:18 pm Log in to Reply

He said he has somewhat dark skin, such that he gets mistaken for e.g. middle-eastern in western countries, but in the Middle-east is thought to be an American. I think I would recognize him if (when) I see him in person, based on seeing him in dream-time, but it is hard to say.

About typing, I think it is like how it is hard for old people to learn to use computers. Or think about in Harry Potter, the magic users trying to use muggle technology. It may not fit his way of thinking – or it may just be he is unfamiliar with it. He mentions this around 4:30 in the recording I linked to. He sees our technology as temporary and as something we are perhaps too dependent on (14:41)

Charles Nov 27, 2014, 1:00 pm Log in to Reply

Wanting to awaken people’s hearts and remind them of truth hardly seems evil. Can you explain your concerns more specifically? Note that this a direct person, not being channeled. Recall in one of the very first Hucolo webinars I asked Tekyrr about Yajweh and she said he was, I paraphrase, tending somewhat toward working in an isolated manner, but a good being.

Charles Nov 28, 2014, 11:08 am Log in to Reply

You’re welcome, Be Lash. To assist him directly, send to the paypal account of Melinda, whom he mentions at the beginning of the tape, and whose paypal debit card he uses: the email address is melinda c k 2 6 (one word) at yahoo dot com. Also, you can subscribe to get access to the tapes as they come, and the “Vault” of previous tapes.

Charles Nov 28, 2014, 2:28 pm Log in to Reply

Naoma and Alex,

Let us be clear, this is not just a spiritual being we are talking about, this is an incarnated person. Also, Yajweh didn’t say anything about sun father, that was JC.

You both bring up an important issue: asking for money and material goods draws suspicion. However, does asking for money imply evil intent? I venture we agree that most large sources of money on this planet are in the hands of nefarious families. If we want the most money, we have to work for them, at least indirectly. Yet, Yajweh forgoes such partnership with the global power elite (47:23). For the most part he is provided for by the kindness of strangers, and helps them in exchange – and those of us who support him directly. I understand that his plan after coming to the US is to not ask for online donations at all.

Only the evil needs the power of material goods to succeed in their plans.

No spiritual being needs financial aid

Look at the top of this page: there is a Donate button. Do you make the same rationalizations when confronted with donating to Human Colony?

Yajweh could do his work without financial support from us, and but it is harder. As I understand it, crossing the Mexican border is dangerous, prophecy or no prophecy. He has no passport or national papers, and can only get so much in exchange for manual labor onboard ships, etc.

I do not mean to push you to accept anything you don’t want. I understand not everyone will resonate with this person’s words or mannerisms. But please, keep an open mind and heart, and consider carefully before making accusations and slander. Peace be with you.


Charles Nov 29, 2014, 11:39 am Log in to Reply

Hi Kaspar. It is a good question, and I have wondered about this too. Those recordings were made 3 years apart, and much changed in the meantime. In some of the intermediate recordings (requiring subscription to access) you can hear the transition and subtle changes in voice. There’s one in 2012 where his voice went very low after he had been talking for a while with the Annunaki. In 2010-2011 he was dealing a lot with the Americans; in 2013-2014 he spent a lot of time in the Ukraine. Yajweh knows many Earth languages and adjusts his voice and accent to suit himself and his circumstances. I think it depends mostly on how he feels, where in the world he is, and how he wishes to be perceived.

Tooga Dec 4, 2014, 12:05 pm Log in to Reply

Daughter of Nut,

I am sorry that these recordings do not resonate with you. Speaking for myself, I can say that as a student of history, I find the information within to be anything but common knowledge, but rather helps to bridge the significant gaps my own understanding of how the world works.

I think this funding line of questioning occurs to everyone who listens to the tapes. I mean if nothing else, why didn’t he invest $100 into the stock market 50 years ago? He’d be rich!

As far as I can tell, there are about 50 followers of Yajweh at the moment, which isn’t many. Having been a part of this project for years, I can tell you that there used to be more but many have become disillusioned or impatient with the whole thing. There have been many unfulfilled promises and some of what he predicted never came to pass.

Rather than viewing these failings as the ravings of a charlatan, however, I find these flaws endearing in that they make him more ‘real’. I mean, who doesn’t make mistakes or fail to predict the future accurately?

I can tell you that the $ that’s been sent to Yajweh to help his ‘ministry’ is quite a paltry sum in the grander scheme of things. The guy lives like a monk, with only the clothes on his back and no permanent home, always on the move. He also is adamant about eschewing the material world and frankly I think he thinks the whole money thing is stupid,

I respect the skepticism that views all of this as a scam, but can tell you that from my personal experience with these folks that it is most definitely not. We’re a small fry community just looking to spread the word a bit.


deskinsadam Mar 5, 2015, 7:32 am Log in to Reply

Tooga make no mistake my friend there are both masters and channels alike among you and even a separator and seeder or thirteen.Things like this are hard to see from within the paradigm you have created but that makes them no less real.If you have ever sneezed you have channeled!If you have ever breathed you have separated!If you have ever told an animal what to do you have mastered!If you have ever dropped a seed you have seeded!I implore you dear ones to not “sell” yourselves short and do dream in a grandiose manner for anything you can see you can achieve.Luckily for you I was out voted because there was a time that I saw nothing worth saving in humanity.I now realize that your hate is just a strange way of loving and being concerned at the same time.If you can learn to do anything but love you can master any task.I know that this person has not been affiliated with this community for very “long” but for what it is worth I am “vouching” for yajweh and can tell you there is a specific reason for his asking for monetary funds in the form of united states federal reserve notes.

deksinsadam: Weird guy but maybe worth tracing for more possibly alien ravings.
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