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  2. Chapter 1: The Big Bang
  3. Chapter 2:
    1. The First Ones
    2. The Early Years…
  4. Part 3
  5. The Story of Yajweh
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The process of studying species from other planets or galaxies may seem a bit obscene to many of you at first blush. After all, isn't it only fiction? That we share the universe with other cognative beings? Well, its my hope that this course will effectively change your mind. It is my contention that we are being studied on a consistent basis by other species and that we should, in kind, return the favor. It would be rude not to. These studies will need to consist of three components in order to be effective.

  1. We always maintain an open mind. Many of the processes and ideas discussed in this discourse will seem "alien" (no pun intended) to many. It is of paramount importance that we not get cluttered with hows and whys and what ifs until at least the initial course is complete. Think of it this way: If you were to take someone in the 19th century and explain the concept of a jet airplane, they'd be completely baffied. "How can something that heavy possibly fiy??" they'd ask. After you had explained the general principles of aerodynamics and propulsion to them, they'd begin to not only understand the basic concept and accept it a viable possibility, but they'd also begin to formulate more logical questions as you went along.

  2. We dissolve the notion here and now that humans, or homo sapiens, are the "top dog" on this planet. We're not. We're not scraping the bottom, but we have nothing to base our comparison on other than our own, diluted experiences. Just as the theory of relativity clearly explains, we cannot make an accurate assessment on something if we are viewing it from only one (in this case skewed) perspective.

  3. That we are a species that did not evolve from apes, but neither were we placed here by a specific diety. We are, as we shall discover, a collage of many things, many species, and there is infinite beauty in our own "fiaws". Life, in its purest form, is the only truth. Everything else is just circumstance and juxtaposition. To put it simply: You're going to have to unlearn what you have learned (stolen, I know, but a great way of putting it nonetheless) and think from a clean slate. To effectively absorb this information you'll need to open your mind to areas you never knew were (or, more accurately "are") there. Let's begin with a bang.

Chapter 1: The Big Bang

If everything once existed in a speck of matter both infinitely small and infinitely dense, we can safely say that everything is, truly one. This theory, commonly accepted on Earth as the "Big Bang" theory, is a very clever, advanced way of thinking about the universes as we know it. Stephen Hawking, a human physicist and astro-physics guru, has developed this theory into a beautifully complex, yet simple, package. The essence is this: Everything that is the physical once existed in a space that was both infinitely small and infinitely dense. It, at some point billions (if not trillions or more) of years ago, exploded into an ever-expanding series of matter that makes up, now, all the planets, life, galaxies, stars, nebula, etc. that fills our universe. It is expanding at a rate that can be tracked by using our primative telescopes and, taking the theory of relativity into account, our perspective. We see something in the sky, we measure its postion relative to our own. We look at it again. If its moved, by how much? We can then, using geometric equations, estimate how far its gone "away" from us since we last checked. Now, its also part of this theory that the stuff is going to go out to a certain point, reach a state of "critical mass" and then implode on itself once again. Contracting into another speck of matter both infinitely small and infinitely dense only to be "reborn" by another "Big Bang" event. I content that this is wrong for two reasons.

  1. There is no end to the universe. It must be infinite. If there is a "border", what could possibly be on the other side? Another universe? That would be illogically redundant.

  2. There is not inherent gravitational pull or other outside "third party" force excercising itself upon it. I think that the "Big Bang" could have started all of this, but I don't agree that it will eventually implode upon itself and start again. This, I believe, is a one-way street. The good news: We go on forever. The bad news: We don't get any second chances to do it all again. Starting from this theory is crutial for this course because we have to realize that we have, all of us, been aprt of the same thing at one time and that we are, then, connected on a level that can't possibly be explained, but can be "felt" by anyone on there base level of emotional knowing.

Chapter 2:

The First Ones

They were nothing special. At least not as far as other species go. They existed in a state of semi-consciousness. Surrounded by a soft, warm glow that accompanied everything else in the early times. The universe was much smaller then. About a billionth the size it is today. Everything was still VERY active in a physical sense. If you can imagine a merry-go-round at a park. (not the mechanical kind. The ones you just push) If you sit in the very center of the merry-go-round, you feel like you're just turning around in a circle. Its nauseating. But, if you sit on the edge you feel as if you're moving. And, in fact, you are. You're moving at a finite rate based on how fast the center is "spinning" As the merry-go-round begins to increase its speed, you're travelling faster and faster. Centrifugal force is pulling you outward with a force that increases expotentially as the speed of the merry-go-round increases. The person sitting in the center, however, only feel sicker and sicker because they are not being pulled out, they are just spinning until, with any luck, they get off centered, out of the center of the ride, into the pull of the centrifugal force, and are jettisoned across the playground. The same principal applies to the early members of our cosmic family. They were at the center when everything was happening. Immense heat, and forces that we would describe as "crushing" were commonplace and just part of existence for them. That's why they eventually got off-kilter and spanned out across the universe. As they were propelled deeper and deeper into the reaches of space, they became less and less used to the feeling they once knew as "normal" and became less and less reliant upon the crushing effects of immense energy and "gravity" to survive in the physical context. (Is this getting too deep? Should we step back for a minute?) Life, in its purest sense, has always been. There is no beginning and there will never be an ending. We just "are". It just "is". Let's consider an example. A drop of water in the ocean is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Its intermingled with other water molecules and, in essence, just "hangs out". Some of them get close to the surface where, because of energy, get transformed from a solid into a gas. They rise and become clouds, travel across the globe, and eventually fall as rain. They then are funneled, eventually, into the oceans again and the whole process starts over again. To say that the water in your cup had a beginning or an ending is false because it has, for our purposes, always "been". But to say that it was always water is also not accurate. It has changed its form several times, even though its compents have remained unchanged. Any species in the universe can trace its roots back to the same infinite speck of matter. Although we have changed over and over again, we are still made up of the same carbon, water, and energy that we originated from. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change its appearance.

The Early Years…

After primitive life began in the universe, its natural instinct was, of course, to do two basic things: Ponder its own existence and seek to propagate itself. Its natural for any conscious being to wonder how it came to be. You've heard of the old expression, "I think, therefore I am". The next logical question is, "why am I thinking?" I say its natural because every sentient being in the universe has asked this question at some point in their respective existence. On Earth, as in many other cultures, many have devised a "God Theory", or religious belief system. Thus allowing themselves to answer the unanswerable with a simple, comprehensive ideology. The question of whether or not there is a god is none of my concern. It's a completely personal decision. I only mention it because so many species from all around the universe have wondered the same basic question and many have developed similar methodologies to describe their existence. The basic principle remains the same: "Where did I come from" is a universally asked, and universally misunderstood and debated upon, question. I think its interesting, to say the least, that the truth is not placed more obviously in a specie's own "instinct". Its almost as if it was "hidden" from all of us "on purpose". I wonder if the energy that created everything in the beginning had any conscious thoughts like this. Or, if it just existed without asking. I guess I'd have to be open to that possibility, but I'd doubt it was the case. The second part is that every species that has ever existed in the universe, that we know about, has sought to propagate itself and reproduce. Even species that never "die" seek to propagate their species in some manner. This is of particular interest in this discussion because we have to consider that it was an original instinct in the First Ones to expand life into the far reaches of space and that is how we came to inhabit the Earth.

Part 3

Our planet was settled by beings from the center of the galaxy about 14,000 years ago. They came here to just exist, not knowing anything about how they would evolve or what they might end up as. It was, in the purest sense, an experiment in existence. As generations progressed, the descendants of the first ones gradually forgot about how they got here. They replaced the inherent truths that they brought with them with fictitious and, often times, dangerous belief systems about gods, devils, and their own mortality. About 2,000 years ago the rulers in the center of the galaxy sent a messenger to this planet to tell the people of the world that they had gotten "severely off track" and that they had best return to the ways of existences that had kept them alive for over 10,000 years. But, the people of Earth killed this person. In 1947 a small ship crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico in the United States. The foolish humans who investigated the scene maliciously took one of the survivors captive and held him until communication was received from the center of the galaxy instructing them to release him and allow him to be returned home. After much debate and posturing on both sides, the captured anthropologist was allowed to be picked up in the desert in Utah and was taken home. Along with him, they agreed to take a small group of humans to learn more about the galaxy's other species. They were told that they could return home whenever they liked. To date, none of them have decided to return. That's how I got this knowledge. That's why I'm telling you this. They come back periodically to see how things here are progressing, but they never choose to stay permanently. They took me, in 1995, to the very center of our galaxy and allowed me to view the data that they had collected during the past 50+ Earth years. I was astounded. As an anthropologist here on this planet, I have had the opportunity to view most of the cultures this planet has to offer and thought I had seen "a lot". Truth was, I hadn't seen much at all. The galaxy is a big place, we're in a small, slow moving solar system on the very edge of a faint arm of the galaxy. In the grand scheme of things we haven't even inhabited this planet for very long. As this century unfolds, we'll learn more and more about our place in the order of the galaxy and become more and more aware of the rest of our "family". I invite you to explore the one you are and find the truth for yourself. Its in your thoughts, dreams, and inner-knowing. You just haven't remembered it yet.

The Story of Yajweh

A victim of my culture

It all started thousands of years ago. No, wait, it started MUCH longer ago than that, but let's just talk about my existence on this planet, Earth. So, where was I, oh yeah, just getting started. Thousands of years ago I arrived here, wide-eyed and full of innocent optimism as all mortals do, and began to experience the utter cacophony that is life on this wonderfully eccentric planet. As a child, I was amazed at how many things were diluted in cultural myths. Everything from the basic creation to every-moment emotion were clouded, watered-down, and turned into a metaphor. At first I thought it was so that the younger children could comprehend complex thoughts, but later I came to the stark realization that it was much, much more perverse. Somehow, these beautiful souls I had guided here had developed a system of comprehensive brain-washing that began as soon as they could talk. They would tell their children things like, "Its because of this", or, "its because of that" when they themselves had no idea why things would occur as they did. Questions were batted down quickly and the masses employed a system of hierarchy that ensured that only the most conformist of the mortals would ever hold any position of power or authority in any given setting. There were some cultures that decided, collectively, to explore the one, but they were typically thought of as "primitive" or barbaric" and were either absorbed into the collective ignorance, or destroyed altogether. When I returned as the prophet, Jesus, the world was already very diluted with half-truths and out-and-out lies about god, death, and, most of all, who we all are. As Jesus, I spoke to many people, All who would listen as soon as I realized just how far things had gone awry, about the one. Most would dismiss my speeches as overly-optimistic rhetoric, but many of the people with whom I talked were genuinely open to the ideas and consciousness of the one. Some of them wrote my teachings down, and attempted to pass them on to future generations, but from what I've seen, most of the truths were either lost, mis-represented, or changed. Very few of my original feelings have been conveyed by those who would profess to speak on my behalf. That's why I'm here now. That's why I'm writing this. I think the time has come to let the truth be free, let it fly, and I don't care on whom nor where it happens to land! The One In the beginning, there was one. That's the only way to describe this in the English language. It encompassed all things, all emotions, all feelings. It was neither large nor small, it was just as it always was. I have no idea how it came to be, I assume it has always been. But it created me, and I created you, so we're both inexorably tied to it whether we like it or not! There is only one thing constant about the one; all of the emotion, feeling, energy that flows through it is positive. All the intricacies are so random, so varied, that attempting to explain them will make me sound like a bumbling idiot and befuddle you to the point of did-interest. I'll leave it as I have described, if you want to know more, look deeply inside your soul, not from your mind, but from your "heart-of-hearts". I realize that's impossible for many of you, since you've spent your whole life constructing yourself into what you envisioned at one pivotal point in your life as "what you wanted to be", but if you ever get back there, the answer awaits you. We all start our lives here as in touch with the one as we'll ever be, but as soon as you experience your first mortal thoughts, you begin to drift away. It's a defense mechanism I purposefully placed in the genetic makeup of humans to enable us all to experience things from an undeterminable perspective. If I didn't allow you do distance yourselves from the one, and become who your mortal mind thought you should become, I'd never know how you'd do. I would know how I would do, but I wanted to, for lack of a better "metaphor" (hehe), keep this experiment "clean". So, as you progress through your existence here, you develop a mortal's vision of whom you should "become" and you act on that. You react to that. And, most of all, you base your every thought, belief, and emotion on that. My "experiment", so far, is a full-blown success!

What do U think so far? (Email me for part 2)


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My notes

The spelling is authentically bad.

The Disclosure is fictionalized for Legal reasons. The disguise is thin, for those who know Yajweh.

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