Wear some quartz for your health

The Sasquatch Message Message to Humanity, Ra's Law of One and Ummo Disclosure all agree that quartz has energetic properties unknown to our current science. The Ummo recommend wearing a piece of quartz to counteract the harmful effects of our electrical grid.

This quote sounds a bit funny due to Ummo mostly communicating in European languages other than English, but the meaning is clear:

EYAOLOOWA @UmmoOyaa 17 avr. 2016

We inform you that the crystals do not cure the disease, they are not magic.

What some of you describe as magic is synonymous with ignorance of the laws of physics

The crystals are simply a reference exact time for the body to not lose the biological pattern. Having a quartz near your physical body will prevent the cells lose time pattern of division, bringing cancer and diseases appearing malfunction are avoided. The larger is the size of quartz has more range.

At the meeting last Thursday we gave clear instructions to our correspondents to protect human health by this very simple way. Any type of quartz is valid for this effect, no matter what color and origin.

We hope you apply this method in your life, especially in the family.

The operating frequency of the deputy ministers of electricity on your planet are around 50-60hz,oscillating and not accurate. For many years you are involved in a very powerful electric network constantly disturbing patterns of your body. The grid is much more powerful than a wifi or cell phones that are not very strong network. It is inevitable that you are exposed to this grid, but can resynchronize your body system with the use of quartz.

Any type of quartz is valid for this effect, no matter what color and origin.


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