Warning of Nibiru Pole Shift, Solar Flash, and imminent Earth Changes

These events were expected around 2012 but have been delayed by the equivalent of alien divine intervention. 2027 is often mentioned as a date of completion, but much will occur in the lead-up. Warning signs are currently explained as Global Warming or Climate Change. Of greatest immediate concern to US residents is the New Madrid faultline adjustment.

Delaying intervention:

The Zetanos are hostile and responsible for most abductions in the USA. They pretend to be friendly. To secure human trust, they attempt to make accurate predictions here:


The Zetanos have a widely-respected predictive track record, and intend to offer warnings of the earliest rather than latest potential dates for Earth Changes.


While the Earth Changes Zetanos describe have been mostly delayed thus far, theirs is by far the most detailed description of the likely outcome of the pole shift. Here are some US locations, ranked from best to worst:

Notice that billionaires are preparing bunkers in New Zealand, which will fare well:

Advice is to prepare for a return to primitive subsistence lifestyle while civilization recovers.


Remember that the Zetanos intend to replace humanity with a hybrid of themselves. Do not seek contact with them; they treat abductees as livestock. Aliens are telepathic and can hear requests for contact, which grants them permission to break human quarantine.

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