Use Goodreads to Manage Book Reading Pipeline -- Split business and pleasure accounts -- Legally change your name

Goodreads is the best ebook search and recommendation engine and social network. Use it. It's a high-IQ social network.

Amazon also does a good job of showing related books. Use it to supplement Goodreads. Goodreads should be your primary book interface.

I prefer to have separate accounts for the technical-objective-business versus the humanities-subjective-pleasure. The former is much more compatible with others than the latter. This reflects my general Cyberthal Littlebook persona split.

Most people use a pseudonym to disguise their controversial views, whereas I use one to package my compatible views. That's because I view the humanities as my real identity, and the technical-objective as a subset in which my personality is suppressed.

It's a different way of doing things, but one I think makes sense. When we go to work, we leave much of our individuality behind in order to interface frictionlessly with the global economy. One's patronymic carries duties that extend well beyond being a cog in a machine, but these obligations are rarely of interest to employers and clients.

Then again, most people don't have independent opinions, but rather received ones. So they do not perhaps deserve the distinction of an independent name. Adopting heretical dissidence as one's core identity is probably a decision best left to the maturity of one's 30s rather than the rashness of one's 20s.

Under Biblical law, each man would be bound to his inheritance by patrilineage, giving his name aristocratic meaning. Tax serfs merit no such distinction.

If you use your real name to conduct your business, then you're apt to be financially ruined if your conscience demands real-world heresy. This is a corrupting conflict of interest.

The business world is traditionally intolerant of pseudonyms, but these strictures have loosened in the woke dotcom era. It is much easier to pick a pseudonym that fits one's work persona, than one that fits one's humanities persona. The latter is likely to evolve, whereas the former can be discerned from high school temperament and interests.

One way to handle these issues would be to legally change your name after high school, while it won't create much life disruption, to something more brandable. Then retain your original name for personal use, and if desired change it for something more apt as your personality evolves.

This has the benefit of clarifying that your government name is not one's true name, and that you are not a slave in spirit, whatever claims the state may make on your flesh.

Certainly nobody can object to a name change, after 8 years of Barack Obama / Barry Soetoro.

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