How to Solo Practice Barehand Battery


  1. A light freestanding bag
  2. A heavy hanging bag and kickboxing shinguards

The light bag develops timing since it oscillates more rapidly.
The heavy bag develops power and balance due to its momentum.
Shinguards are necessary to prevent shin bruising on the heavy bag.

Practice barefoot, because shoes won't survive the strain.

Injury prevention

Avoid knuckle blows

Even though some fist blows are superior to palm strikes at certain angles, never practice them. The danger of wrist damage is too high. It literally disarms you.

A sprained wrist is not only useless in combat, but a constant potential source of flinch-inducing pain. Which is the last thing you need in what is likely to be a short fight determined by aggressiveness.

You have enough striking surfaces with forehead, fingertips (gouge), palm heel, knife hand, clothesline, elbow, knee, shin, balls of feet, and heel. You don't need knuckles.

Stop early

Avoid blistering your feet or otherwise overstraining any part of your body.
Stop as soon as you feel something. It'll hurt more later.
To prevent chronic injuries from developing, avoid working out if anything still hurts in the last day. Every time an injury recurs, add another day to its mandatory cooldown.

The goal is to develop combat readiness, not destroy it. A fight will likely exacerbate any preexisting injury, so don't create potential failure points.

Practice a little in your normal footgear at the end of a session, just to keep calibration.

Don't exhaust yourself. Leave a reserve in case you must fight immediately after the workout.
It's not so farfetched. A display of martial ability invites masculine challenge.
It's only safe to exhaust yourself when allies or guns provide cover.

Video inspiration

Be creative and have fun, but discard the impractical.
Watch a video of an MMA fight before a workout for movement priming. Not just UFC, explore other striking rulesets with superior realism in some regard, e.g. lethwei allows headbutts.

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