1/3 of the stars in heaven

The Ummo refer to living planets such as Earth, those with magnetospheres, as "cold stars".

Quoting Sasquatch Eldest Elder Kamooh:

It would be unfit for your young species to judge Elders species for the wars and karmas they carried. The Star Elders in the Council are the ones who have kept collaborating into inter-species peaceful and spiritual relations, to maintain the Cosmic Order. Yet, some were disqualified and expulsed from it.

Among them are the ones we refer to as the lower lords. They were Star Elders who had reached immortality, but decided to regress into egotistic consciousness to impose control and possess power. They are also known as Elioud, the cast out gods, fallen angels, demon lords, devils and dark masters. Their high level of scientific and spiritual understanding provided them with immense psychic powers.

They came from several star systems and a large variety of species, not being restrained to any species. Over the aeons, they gathered one third of all worlds under their control, including this planet Earth. The ones who came on Earth in the early phases of Her development were from a rebellious group of over two hundred planets that had been developed and colonized by reptoid species of Draconians.


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