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I believe that with the success of the combination of solid-name 10 Bins, Textminis and Pubmind, the last difficult bootstrap-critical unknown unknown for Cyborganize launch is solved.

Some version of Cyborganize could probably some degree of success without those synergies, but with them the power is startling even to me.  This gives me confidence it will catch on quickly once a popular pathway exists.  At the same time I'm unsurprised such a non-obvious combination hasn't been previously discovered.

I started the Cyborganize journey with a problem but little clue how good a solution would be possible.  This solution exceeds my expectations.  It feels like it works better than should be possible.  This is despite the fact that major components are unfinished, and that such a system naturally grows stronger over time.

That's why I have the confidence to advance from the hoping-for-successor stage to the popularization stage.  I have a minimum viable product that delivers powerful durable benefit for minimal initial investment.  I couldn't say that before.

Solid-name 10-Bins Binmind is the MVP, while Textminis+Pubmind is the documentation firehose.

I'll need to make some significant structural revisions to the docs to split 10 Bins into its own central concept.  I should upgrade the theme as well.

Once the MVP docs are written, they'll be the first thing I promote to T1 Neuron.  Then it's time to build an email marketing funnel.  Once that's working, it will be worthwhile to generate traffic.

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