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  1. Angel numbers
  2. Fingers and toes
  3. Universal digit meanings
  4. Repeating digits
  5. 911 skip God
  6. From whom?
  7. Objections

Angel numbers

When evaluating spiritual contact, acknowledge repeating number signs, when they are clearly not a random coincidence. This contact method is used because it respects free will, which is one of God's Laws that all wise beings fear to break. You are free to ignore it without changing your spiritual beliefs.

The radiantly-positive Matt Fraser is a legitimate psychic who speaks with the heavenly spirits of the virtuous departed, as they watch over our lives. His explanation of "angel numbers" is decent, but non-technical.

Numerology contains many good points, mostly buried in bullshit. I can't Google a satisfactory explanation, so I've written it myself.

Fingers and toes

Every child begins by counting on his fingers. Thus a species naturally thinks quantitatively in terms of how many fingers it has. Humans have 10 fingers, therefore we think in base 10.

However, the number of fingers a species has is arbitrary. Even human history records individuals with six fingers, for example. A six-fingered human race would use base-12. The Egyptians did exactly that.

Imagine that digits have a universal spiritual meaning. It would have to be independent of the arbitrary shape of our hands. What would each digit mean?

The key is to think about what is universal to the majority of sapient life forms. Presumably they live on planets, and the terrestrial ones tend to be 4-limbed bipeds, since that is optimal for tool use.

Non-prime numbers are factored and treated as a digit sequence, to avoid making assumptions about number base. Multi-digit numbers are interpreted as digit sequences. (This rule is fuzzy. It's a simple vague language that can get infinitely deep, but we just want the basic meanings here. Recognize patterns but realize it has to be simple to be universally compatible.)

Dolphins aren't bipeds, but I hope the above would mostly make sense to them, once we figure out how to talk in sonar.

Universal digit meanings

Zero presumably means void, nothing.

  1. We are all one. Beginnings; hello.
  2. Friendship, trust, partners.
  3. Father, Mother, Child: Family. Masons like 333 because it implies aristocratic unity.
  4. 2*2. Square, stability, balance. Tables are square for a reason.
  5. The upright pentacle is a symbol for the humanoid form: 4 limbs and a head. It means correct: 5 by 5. The inverted pentacle is thus the sign of evil, Baphomet, Satan.
  6. 2*3. Trust in flesh, not God. Materialism, imperfection, danger, death. 666 means Satanic society.
  7. Divine completeness, peace, rest. God the 1 over flesh. 777 means godly society?
  8. 2*4. Stable partnership generates wealth. Trust in stability can be dangerously complacent.
  9. 3*3. Two generations raise the next. Transition, the next cycle.
  10. 1 0 = Unified ineffable transcendence = God.

Repeating digits

11 has two 1s, so it means trust beginning. 111 has three, so it means family hello. 1111 means secure hello. These are vague of course, but you understand.

Repeating digits is also necessary to prove a pattern is non-random. It's like non-verbal gestures. They contain some vague information, but don't overanalyze it. If an entity is powerful enough to insert angel numbers into your life, he can also make them relevant to the context of your inner thoughts and emotions. Take the meaning at face value, and go with the flow.

Multi-digit numbers are interpreted as a series of single digits, because this basic communication protocol lacks punctuation and spacing. The exception is 10, which means God.

911 skip God

Thus 911 is Masonic code for, "Skip God; prayer won't save you; rely on the police state."

  • It violates the expectation of 9 10 11 by skipping 10.
  • 9 11 as digits means "transition trust beginning". The 1 repeating twice counts as a 2. In other words, trust the New World Order.

This Masonic meaning was deliberately encoded into the US emergency phone number 911 and also the date of the false flag 9/11 attacks.

From whom?

If you see "angel numbers" in a statistically improbable coincidence, consider whether it is a gentle nudge from your personal guardian spirits. They are the ones who can talk to you most easily, and are probably your departed family members or loved ones.

Of course, given it's a universal language, it could be anyone, so caveat emptor. Definitely be careful about doing anything occult to seek clarification, as some practices such as Oiuja boards open portals that attract dark spirits. As Matt Fraser says, your guardians don't need a portal to send you messages; it's their job.


I don't believe in God.

10 is vague. It does not contain a gender or specify pantheist vs monotheist.

I don't believe in angels.

"Angel numbers" is the name people use. It does not necessarily mean angel vs any other kind of being. There is nothing intrinsically avian about repeating digits.

I don't believe in gematria.

Gematria is adding number values of letters. I know of no universal objective way to determine the number value of a letter or the spelling of a sound or the name of a person.

Numerology is not a recent invention. When humans first discovered numbers, they did not distinguish between the abstract and the spiritual.

I don't believe my departed loved ones watch over me.

Ok. That's sad.

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