The True Crucifixion of Jesus Christ: Reconciling Farsight Institute, Padgettites, Sasquatch Message and Yajweh

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Shroud of Turin
    1. Padgettites endorse
    2. Shroud of Turin: March 2020 Time Cross - Farsight
      1. transcript
      2. Negress seers
  3. Crucifixion Ruse
    1. Intro
    2. Seth's lies
    3. Six targets
      1. Intro
      2. #1: Jesus at death
      3. #2: Judas at betrayal
      4. #3: Jesus during the arrest
      5. #4: Judas at death
      6. #5: Jesus at crucifixion
      7. #6: Arrestee at crucifixion
    4. History isn't science
    5. The gray agenda
      1. Cosmic Explorers, by Courtney Brown
      2. Sasquatch on the grays
      3. Yajweh on the grays
  4. Fin
    1. Discrepancies
    2. Self-indulgence
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Sifting through disinfo on this lynchpin historical event answers many of the questions central to UFOlogy, such as which aliens are lying and why. It's a lot to take in, and nobody is expected to believe any of it before reading the relevant books.

Here's a brief orientation:

The Padgettites are unorthodox Christians. (I call them Padgettites after James Padgett; they don't have a brandable name.) They say that Jesus is the Master of the Celestial Heavens, which are above the Spirit Spheres of Earth's normal afterlife. Before Jesus, no human had reached the Celestial Heavens, in our long history across multiple planets over millions of years. Followers of Jesus can become celestial in a few years, before or after death, through the gift of Divine Love. It is also possible to achieve the same through the purification of natural love, but the process is so long it is unclear whether anyone in our galaxy has completed it.

The immediate reaction of orthodox Christians to Padgettites is to cry "heresy!" because Padgettites say Jesus was the biological child of Mary and Joseph. Padgettites say it was Jesus' soul, not his body, that was fashioned by God for his unique purpose. Peter's declaration of faith is sufficiently strong for anyone not insistent on a virgin birth, as is to be expected of the "rock":

I know now beyond all question of doubt that he is the true Master and the true son of God, and the only one in all God’s universe that has the Divine Love of the Father to such an extent as makes him almost like the Father in goodness and wisdom. He is your friend and saviour, and even more he is your brother and companion in this great work which he is doing for the salvation of mankind. I, Peter, tell you this, and I tell you it with all the authority and faith, and more knowledge than I had when I declared him to be the only and true Divine son of God, and you must believe what I say.

Confirmation by St. Peter. | via Padgett

The best place for orthodox Christians to start is to read the Padgettite demolition of the traditional theology and apologetics of the Bible. (I started with this book, but now prefer the main website.) The authors obviously possess perfect command of the material, it being of personal interest to them. My theological and apologetic expertise is what allowed me to recognize the Padgettite texts had orthodoxy not just beaten, but effortlessly crushed. Thereafter it was only a matter of determining whether there was any corroboration. Spoiler: There was, and it gets very weird.

In this document, I rebut Farsight Institute director Courtney Brown's incorrect conclusion that Jesus was not crucified. Remote viewers do not deny any creeds; they merely provide low-level descriptive data. (This data is by dictionary definition both evidence and new.) Farsight viewing is conducted blind; viewers do not know what the target is, only its code.

I rely on two additional sources:

  1. Interstellar anthropologist Yajweh, the leader of the 9-being team from Nibiru that included Yeshua, sent to start religions basically. Yajweh is a near-human tree-hugging psychic, not a deity, and arrived on Earth just before the Minoan eruption. Yajweh is a common name; he is not the Biblical YHWH. He was however Moses' adviser. God doesn't talk directly to mortals, but aliens put on a convincing lightshow at need.
  2. The Sasquatch Message to Humanity trilogy (summary). The Patterson-Gimlin footage is real. Sasquatch are non-technological, non-linguistic interdimensional telepaths, and our shaggy Elder Brother. Sightings of them continue to increase as we approach Open First Contact (the lifting of Earth's Quarantine).

Padgettite and Sasquatch texts are channeled. Yajweh texts are transcribed from YouTube audio, but much is either unavailable or not transcribed.

The goal is to find agreement between these four independent and obscure sources, and the historical record. Such an improbable agreement, absent collusion, strongly indicates truth.

All four sources have many powerful marks of authenticity, which must be discovered by investigation and corroboration, as I have done and most readers have yet to begin. My own approach, documented on my blog, has been to steelman plausible Disclosures and then demolish them using factual hardpoints such as the astronomical ratios of the Sun-Earth-Moon system. These four sources are the survivors, and they stand back to back.

This document will show that the Farsight remote viewer data actually supports the testimony of the other three sources.

Buckle up. The road to Calvary is hard.

Shroud of Turin

Padgettites endorse

The Padgettites endorse the legitimacy of the Shroud of Turin. From the New Birth website:

The miraculous Jesus portrait also matches the Shroud and Padgettite portraits:

Jesus and disciples | portraits and physiognomy | corroborations | by Cyberthal

Shroud of Turin: March 2020 Time Cross - Farsight

Shroud of Turin: March 2020 Time Cross - Farsight | YouTube


  1. Courtney's intro

    1. transcript

      hi everyone welcome to the March 2020 edition of Farah Sites time cross-project. Thank you so much for tuning in.

      I'm Courtney Brown director of the Farsight Institute, and we have an incredible report for you today: the Shroud of Turin. that's right.

      The Shroud of Turin is a length of linen cloth that is often considered to be a Catholic relic.

      now on the Shroud is what appears to be an image of a man who looks remarkably like the biblical interpretation of Jesus after he was crucified.

      It is kept in the Cathedral of Turin, which is located in northern Italy.

      now the Catholic Church has not formally accepted or rejected any specific view of the shroud or its image, but officially the church has approved the image to be associated with the public devotion towards Jesus.

      [Skipping ahead]

      so the obvious question is:

      • what is it
      • who was wrapped in the shroud
      • and if somebody died exactly how did the person die
      • who it was and how and where did it happen

      so that is what we have investigated here at Farsight using the talents of four of the most highly trained remote viewers

      beginning with princess Renee, then Kamiya Dunson, Melina Hall and finally
      Trudy Benjamin,
      here is what we found out about the origins of the Shroud of Turin

    2. notes

      The above four questions are the closest to the target descriptions that I can find. There aren't any associated project documents, or even a separate web page for the Shroud of Turin edition.

      The Farsight Institute | Time-Cross Project

  2. Princess Renee

    1. transcript

      nine four eight one zero zero four six
      94810046 [blind code for remote viewing]

      My gestalts here are land, structures and subjects.
      There there is a structure on land; mountain or hill in the background.
      Movement amongst subjects.

      My immediate focus is on one subject, male.
      Seems to be white or tan tan skin maybe, not exactly brown.
      Average male height.
      His hair is real shaggy.
      Like the man seems to be frantic, stressed-out, untrusting or running from something or someone.
      He's sweating.
      Has a very large nose bridge, bridge nose [fits shroud reconstruction, Jesus portraits]
      Hard breathing, very spastic.
      He seems to be in trouble, or maybe a troublemaker.
      He's got trouble on the mind.

      I'm gonna do a deep mind probe of the main subject.
      Here he seems to be slouched over, wearing a jacket or overcoat
      Very tall, lanky, really lanky arms, just long, a long person
      He's not fat, but he's not skinny.
      Looks very disheveled, distraught, kind of boxed in.
      Not, just not okay. He's, he's, he's mentally not okay.
      He's all over the place, very anxious, rocking, fidgeting.
      He's thinking too much. His mind is just, it's racing.

      I want to move an hour to see to see kind of what's going on here,
      because this, I'm not understanding where I am, or what I'm seeing.
      He's all messed up, not together though.
      I really don't like this feeling.

      Just moving about, I'm gonna move around here in time.
      I don't know where I am, what I'm seeing, what I'm doing.
      I'm moving an hour forward, and he just seems to be all messed up.
      As I keep going along here, I don't, I don't like this feeling.
      My mind wants to block it out.
      I just, it's very uncomfortable; it's a very uncomfortable feeling.
      I keep wanting to shut down.
      I think this guy's dead.

      He seems to be shaking, like a fish out of water.
      He's, my arms go numb every time I probed this guy.
      He seems to have died in a crumpled over, crouched over position.
      Very limp, arms underneath him, pain, agony.
      I, this really doesn't feel too good to me, it doesn't feel good at all.
      He's on his face, or his front, or his back.
      He seems to be… he's on his face.
      I don't see any blood though, and that's bothersome, because of the pain he's in.
      I don't understand why I'm not seeing any blood.
      This is a death event.

      Um, it seems like he's hanging. [raises arms in crucified posture]
      It seems like he's hanging from a pole of some sort.
      Um, pain on his sides. [from the flogging?]
      In the beginning, it starts, he starts out feeling very cold, and then he's freezing. [hypothermia?]
      Now he can't breathe, and he just slowly, it just dies in pain, in agony.
      People are around him surrounding him, like a ring, like they're watching him.
      This is sick.

      There are two other subjects, one in front and back or side, that's,
      that are around him in closer proximity than the people within the ring.

      The primary subject seems to have been hit in some way shape or form. Maybe beat up.
      It just seems very ritualistic, cult-like, creepy, rude, disruptive,
      This is very disruptive to me, to all of me.

      This is not…
      The primary subject is much more… [sigh]

      I want to move around again.
      I want to know how you…
      I don't know how you got here, the type of person that he is.

      Moving back.
      I'm gonna go back in the timeline, before this event, about two weeks maybe.
      I thought he's been here for a while.

      The primary subject isn't, has a much more calm appearance.
      He appears to be part of something very well-known.
      He's not completely crazy here.
      There he's completely crazy, he's lost his shit.
      Can I say that?
      He's lost his cool.
      Um, seems more normal here, but very paranoid.
      He does not trust people.
      Like, he's looking over his shoulder
      He's very fidgety, like a person with ADHD.
      He's very paranoid, and watching his back.
      I don't trust, questioning, his mind is always questioning.
      This is a very disturbing situation, I don't like it.

      This is what I have.
      My mind keeps blocking all this out.
      I don't know how he got there.
      I don't know why those people are doing whatever they're doing to him, or if he did this to himself…
      I don't feel like he did this to himself.
      I think he had a right to be paranoid.
      I don't like it.

    2. my notes

      1. Chronology

        The viewer begins with Jesus the beaten chained captive, in the hours before his execution. He is wearing an overcoat, perhaps the one the soldiers mocked him in.

        She moves forward until he's dead, then backs up to his crucifixion.

        At the end of the session, she rewinds time by two weeks to see him before death. He is not mentally ill, so the insanity was obviously a result of traumatic brain injuries.

        Jesus is however paranoid about the conspiracy to have him executed. He is obviously intent on evading capture: a fugitive in a sea of potential spies.

      2. Imprecise diction

        Princess Renee's diction is weak and imprecise, and she is obviously overwhelmed by the intensity of Jesus' torture. Which, to be fair, would challenge most combat veterans.

        When she searches for a word, take the context into consideration. Watching the video to add facial expressions helps.

      3. Jesus was tall

        He is muscular and tall (various experts have measured him as from 1.70 to 1.88 m or 5 ft 7 in to 6 ft 2 in)

        Shroud of Turin | Wikipedia

        When I called at the door, I found Jesus gathered with his disciples. How impressive was his physique! His stature of more or less six feet infused respect. Yes, I know, six foot is not unusual today, but then he appeared like a true giant. I was also quite tall, but Jesus surpassed me.

        Judas meets the Master.

        I say to you as you well know, that my stature was tall and straight, that my appearance was not unpleasant to look upon, and I was taller than most. This is because my father was a tall man and as for my mother, her face was very pleasant to look upon. I thereby inherited many of these traits and walked the earth with a measure of beauty and grace. Indeed my eyes were blue, my hair was auburn.1 Many were drawn to me because of my physical appearance. I had the stature of a leader. I utilized these gifts given to me by the Heavenly Father to impress upon those who were curious as to my teachings.

        Jesus comments on mediumistic experiences

      4. Jesus died of hypothermia

        Instead, Bergeron proposes that a mechanism called "trauma-induced coagulopathy" played a key role. Over the past decade or so, emergency room physicians and others have described a combination of factors that occurs in about 25% of trauma patients and dramatically increases the risk of rapid death. The "lethal triad" includes a rapid drop in body temperature (hypothermia); a failure of the body's blood-clotting ability, leading to uncontrolled bleeding; and abnormal blood acidity, which causes a range of biochemical reactions to go haywire. "Even today's best trauma centers can't control [the lethal] cascade of events," Bergeron says.

        Jesus' hypothermia could have been caused by his naked exposure to the cold temperatures of early April, when religious documents say the crucifixion occurred, Bergeron says. And trauma-induced coagulopathy would also explain why Jesus died so rapidly—and "how blood could flow from Jesus' corpse when his chest was impaled," because the condition can cause fluids to pool.

        Did an Unholy Trinity Kill Jesus? | Science.org

      5. Jesus died crazy

        This sounds offensive. However, speaking from personal experience with a chronic illness, a major component of biological suffering is the associated degradation of mental faculties. Anyone who has had a feverish delirium should understand this.

        There are two likely causes for Jesus' deranged mental condition on the cross:

        • traumatic brain injury from beatings
        • possession (or oppression, obsession) by the strongest, most evil spirit Farsight has ever encountered (that I know of)

        This spirit will be encountered and described in the Kamiya Dunson viewing session. It may also have interfered in this session, without the viewer noticing. That may explain why Princess Renee gave up in distress.

        The way Jesus was executed within a circle of watchers sounds like an occult ritual, but that is speculative.

        Here is what Padgettite Jesus says about his condition on the cross:

        I am here tonight to explain some material in the New Testament dealing with a subject that is quite unpleasant to me, for it deals with my crucifixion and is one which I would fain forget, or at least not to recall it when there exists no reason for recalling it. But I would like to say a few words concerning the circumstances surrounding it, and first of all I would like to say that I did no talking while on the cross because of the pain and exhaustion of my body physically.

        Revelation 50: The words supposedly uttered by Jesus on the cross.

        No talking at all is suggestive of brain damage.

  3. Kamiya Dunson

    1. transcript

      Exploring target three three two one eight five four three

      Okay my basic gestalts here are land, mountains and subjects.
      Okay, I have overall level topography, with some irregular topography,
      and I hear like a lot of loud noises and natural sounds,
      and it smells like something's burning here,
      and there are subjects here.

      An activity feels like it's like, kind of pushing, in all different directions,
      and the subjects are marching, or they seem to be marching in like a straight line,
      and overall it feels like very chaotic here,
      but it feels like all the activity is controlled.
      So it feels like it's very, you know, all over the place,
      but also centered to, like a single area.
      It's kind of like, it came from one place, and is moving to another.
      So it's just moving around, the activity here.

      Okay, I also sense that there is a primary subject here,
      and I feel a lot of pressure around me when I stand next to the subject.
      The energy here also feels kind of like malicious or even dangerous.
      You know, either this is a bad subject, or something bad is happening to the subject.

      There are other subjects here with my primary subject,
      and just again energy here feels very off, it feels like, like something is off here.
      The subjects inside of here are either doing something to my primary subject.

      I also sense that there are multiple surface structures here,
      but not like in this area, they feel a little like nearby, distant,
      and it feels like a city as well.

      I also feel like my primary subject is a male.
      But it's like, I also hear, like, another voice talking like at me, like they're talking to me.

      So probing this primary subject, and it feels like intrusive thoughts are coming through.
      It's almost like, someone's trying to enter my headspace,
      and like I really, like this, everything here, this target is, like, kind of creeping me out.
      So try not to be creeped out, but energy just feels so off,
      and the fact that I've got this voice, like, in and around my head, talking to me, it's just very chilling.

      The activity here feels very like low-key as well.
      It feels like this is, like, a secret, or it's like, something hush-hush is going on,
      and even I'm being kind like, I'm trying to be like pushed or moved away, so that I can't like hear or see anything.
      That's what I think that voice or whatever is trying to like do to me, and like tell me.

      The primary subject feels alone, but I feel like there's like subjects nearby,
      but like the primary subject does feel like they are alone physically, but like mentally,
      it feels like there's like something else or someone else like in their head.
      You know they're definitely connected to something else, that I feel like has some sort of control over them,
      or he's trying to, you know, get something out of this primary subject,
      and that's why I feel like very unwanted here.

      The general environment feels very natural.
      I see foliage here,
      and I see like the target subject is very like shaped like a like a bowling pin.
      So they have a very a slim face kind of like broad shoulders, but also very like slim.
      They look like very slim subject.

      And it's like this whole time, I've got this voice like talking, talking at me,
      and and it's like, I probed it to feel it's here, and I feel it, and then something else tells me something else is there,
      like I'm being like played with, and this is this is a game, like this, you know, this is a game or something.
      This isn't funny.
      I very much, so like, hear them, just telling me, you know, like random things.
      It's like, things that don't even have to do with what's going on here.
      It's just like, they're trying to distract me, and it's working, I feel like.

      And the surrounding activity here is just very forced and abrupt and heavy and barbaric.

      I'm going to move to the event that involves the target subject.
      Okay, I'm inside of a structure, and I hear like loud roars,
      and the primary target subject feels very distraught, like mentally chaotic.
      Okay so I'm inside a structure, and I hear a lot of loud noises,
      and the primary subject feels very distraught,
      and I sense an overall like heightened emotions, you know,
      they're either like very anxious or very angry.
      I just feel like their emotions are very prominent,
      and they're, and it's like, they can't really hide it.

      I sense my primary subjects, like their head hurts, and like my heart feels very heavy.
      You know, like I've witnessed, like he's witnessed a tragedy.
      I think that pitting your stomach feeling, that's what I have right now.

      Okay the subject has like a big head and a big nose,
      and he feels mentally unstable.
      He does feel like, he's not there all the way.
      He's wearing these thin clothes, and he has pretty fair skin.
      He's uh an older man with like very short hair on the top, like a brown grayish color.

      You know I, and again I can't shake this feeling like, he feels like he's like mentally not there.
      Like you know, he's aware, but he's like, in his head, like crazy, you know, like schizophrenia or something, like feels paranoid, and he feels distracted, and he feels very just trying to decipher his very mind jumbling.
      Again I just feel like you know, there's um my primary subject here,
      and he feels like, he's you know, capable of causing harm,
      but he does feel like the victim here.

      I feel this pressure on my body like like he's being abused or beaten.
      He feels like like he's on death row,
      like you know, like he capable of causing harm here,
      but he does not feel like he has caused harm.
      He feels like the victim here.
      I feel like, I kind of feel like bad for him, yeah.

      So there's subjects here as well, surrounding my primary subject,
      and it feels like they're very calm and cold,
      like they don't feel like they're necessarily affected or worried about the primary subject.

      Okay the primary subject feels very like still and stuck,
      like he's there against his will ,
      like he cannot you know move,
      like he's tied down or or you know chained or something,
      and I hear just a lot of things crashing around him.
      It feels very chaotic.
      Feels like my main subject is like stuck here,
      and there's people around that are subjects around that you know are,
      they're not really affected by what he's going through,
      and then like outside it sounds like things are crashing and being destroyed and thrown about.
      A lot of manmade noises.
      It's like, it's it's a lot going on here.

      Now I'm really interested in like, what and who is chit-chatting in my face.
      So I'm going to move to what is playing with me.
      Immediately it feels like everything goes still,
      like their presence is so strong and negative.
      I feel like danger, like this is dangerous.
      This subject feels like it's very like dark and dangerous,
      in a way you know, like gives me, like those like demon, like just full of hatred energy,
      and it talks like it hates, it talks like it hates me.
      Like it has like a personal vendetta against me, and the subject, and most things that aren't it?
      You know this subject or this thing feels like it needs control,
      like it wants like everything, very greedy, very mmmm!
      You know, you know what I mean, they feel like, look I think they they make me feel like,
      they're very just the epitome of evil.
      Sounds so weird to say, but yeah, the epitome of evil.

      The the primary subject feels like a doll, like a puppet.
      It really feels like this thing that is talking to me,
      and it's like telling me, like no no, you're wrong.
      Like it's telling me that I'm wrong.
      But it definitely feels like my primary subject here is a puppet,
      like this being controls him.
      He he has him mentally insane,
      to the point where like my primary subject is being controlled.
      Yeah it just feels like he's got some sort of control over his mental, over his physical, over his soul.
      Like I'm telling you, captive prisoner, that's what the primary target subject feels like.

      Prisoner to this being that won't shut up.
      Over all the energy is just like, this this thing does not want me here.
      But now it feels like the energy is changing,
      like it, but now it feels like it wants to like invite me in.
      But I'm not going over there, cuz they creep me out.
      So I'm I'm gonna stay over here.

      And now it's kind of like, that was kind of like, it's changing again.
      It went from being like this evil hatred thing, to like a very nice sweet thing, to like a evil angry thing again.
      This being feels very childish, it feels like manipulative.
      It feels like it wants to manipulate me, and it can't, and so it's making him angry,
      and again I just feel all this hatred and like evil exuding around me again.
      It's like oh, it's like hair-raising.

      I feel like the more I try to focus in on the on this thing that's playing with me,
      I feel a lot of pressure like around my head,
      and it feels like something is like pushing in on my temples,
      and like telling me that I don't see these things,
      and like that this isn't happening.
      Very manipulative, very manipulative, very manipulative!

      And yeah that's all I have here.
      You know this, I feel like really bad for my target subject, for some reason.
      I feel like they're, their soul is like trapped to this evil manipulative being.
      And yeah that's all I have.

    2. my notes

      1. Chronology

        1. Scene 1

          The first scene appears to be a complicated black magic ritual at a sacred grove, with incense burning and sacrifices supporting the victim of the spell, Jesus. The intent is to allow the archdemon or lower lord to possess or obsess Jesus. The ritual is secret because it would offend the Jews.

          Druids Committed Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism? | National Geographic

          The archdemon interferes with the viewing successfully.

          The general environment feels very natural. I see foliage here,

          The activity here feels very like low-key as well. It feels like this is, like, a secret, or it's like, something hush-hush is going on,

          This line indicates that the demon is present:

          and I feel a lot of pressure around me when I stand next to the subject. The energy here also feels kind of like malicious or even dangerous.

          And the surrounding activity here is just very forced and abrupt and heavy and barbaric.

          Sacrifices supporting the ritual of possession, perhaps?

        2. Scene 2

          The scene shifts to the Herodian hippodroem:

          Okay, I'm inside of a structure, and I hear like loud roars,

          Jesus witnesses the bloody entertainment, a good way to instill despair in the condemned:

          You know, like I've witnessed, like he's witnessed a tragedy.

          and then like outside it sounds like things are crashing and being destroyed and thrown about.

          Extremely heavy psychic interference from the archdemon succeeds in cutting the session short.

      2. Jesus the "bowling pin"

        Kamiya Dunson describes the primary subject awkwardly, but he is still recognizably the same tall Jesus with the long face and broad shoulders of a carpenter (builder, stoneworker).

        "Slim" probably refers to his height. Her diction is weak, and she has active hostile interference. "Bowling pin" is a very strange way to describe any man's shape. It is only used to describe women online: THE BODY TYPE : SKITTLE

      3. Jesus' mock mullet

        He's uh an older man with like very short hair on the top, like a brown grayish color.

        Some graying of Jesus' hair is plausible at Jesus' age, especially considering the stressful years before his death.

        "Very short hair" seems to contradict the Shroud, which clearly shows shoulder-length hair. However, "on the top" is a curious qualification. Why only short on the top? What is it, a mullet?

        One explanation is that the Roman soldiers rudely lopped off his hair on top in order to ensure the crown of thorns was maximally painful, and to make him look ridiculous.

        (Hair is excellent armor. That's why land mammals have fur. Try scraping a knife across bare skin versus a scalp protected by long hair.)

        There is too much fluid leakage atop Jesus' scalp to tell what length the hair there was, and it would be hard to tell anyway, with his hair neatly combed down for his burial. It certainly doesn't look thick, though.

      4. Herod's hippodrome

        "Roars in a structure" sounds like an arena or coliseum. Googling confirms the existence of the Herodian hippodrome in Caesarea maritima. Presumably the roaring is either lions or crowd cheers or the sea, which is directly adjacent.

        Jesus is grieved to witness the cruel entertainments that preceded his own flogging. Afterward he is chained again, and sounds of a crashing like a gladiatorial combat are heard.

      5. Obsession vs Possession

        What orthodox Christians call "demonic possession," Padgettites call "obsession". The difference is that no spirit can truly own another. Instead, "obsession" refers to the intense focus and intrusion of one spirit against another:

        The influence of these discarnate entities is the cause of many of the inexplicable and obscure events of earth life and of a large part of the world's misery. Purity of life and motive, or high intellectuality, do not necessarily offer protection from obsession; recognition and knowledge of these problems are the only safeguards.

        The physical conditions permitting this impingement are varied; such encroachment is often due to a natural and predisposed susceptibility, a depleted nervous system, or sudden shock. Physical derangements are conducive to obsession, for when the vital forces are lowered less resistance is offered and intruding spirits are allowed easy access, although often neither mortal nor spirit is conscious of the presence of the other.

        This encroachment alters the characteristics of the sensitive, resulting in a seemingly changed personality, sometimes simulating multiple or dissociated personalities, and frequently causes apparent insanity, varying in degree from a simple mental aberration to, and including, all types of dementia, hysteria, epilepsy, melancholia, shell shock, kleptomania, idiocy, religious and suicidal mania, as well as amnesia, psychic invalidism, dipsomania, immorality, functional bestiality, atrocities, and other forms of criminality.

        A précis of "30 Years Among the Dead"

        Clearly, Jesus was more vulnerable to obsession after being tortured prior to crucifixion. The viewer testimony that he had been obsessed and controlled to insanity is consistent with the Padgettite theory of spiritual obsession.

      6. Jesus "possessed": blasphemy or TV Trope?

        1. Blasphemy

          The typical orthodox Christian will be greatly offended at the insinuation that Jesus could be "possessed by a demon", because Christians consider possession to be a sign of personal wickedness. However, many discarnate spirits are encountered in the Bible, and the orthodox pattern of moral culpability is not generally visible. In some cases, such as the epileptic boy, there is no plausible moral basis.

          I do not intend to survey the Bible's demonological passages to prove this point. Instead, I will turn to the beloved children's allegory, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the scene of Aslan's execution. This scene is similar to Jesus' actual execution; in both cases the "Devil" shows up to bind and torment.

          Lucy and Susan held their breaths waiting for Aslan's roar and his spring upon his enemies. But it never came. Four hags, grinning and leering, yet also (at first) hanging back and half afraid of what they had to do, had approached him. "Bind him, I say!" repeated the White Witch. The hags made a dart at him and shrieked with triumph when they found that he made no resistance at all. Then others—evil dwarfs and apes—rushed in to help them and between them they rolled the huge Lion round on his back and tied all his four paws together, shouting and cheering as if they had done something brave, though, had the Lion chosen, one of those paws could have been the death of them all. But he made no noise, even when the enemies, straining and tugging, pulled the cords so tight that they cut into his flesh. Then they began to drag him towards the Stone Table.

          "Stop!" said the Witch. "Let him first be shaved."

          Another roar of mean laughter went up from her followers as an ogre with a pair of shears came forward and squatted down by Aslan's head. Snip-snip-snip went the shears and masses of curling gold began to fall to the ground. Then the ogre stood back and the children, watching from their hiding-place, could see the face of Aslan looking all small and different without its mane. The enemies also saw the difference.

          "Why, he's only a great cat after all!" cried one.

          "Is that what we were afraid of?" said another.

          And they surged round Aslan jeering at him, saying things like "Puss, Puss! Poor Pussy," and "How many mice have you caught to-day, Cat?" and "Would you like a saucer of milk, Pussums?"

          "Oh how can they?" said Lucy, tears streaming down her cheeks. "The brutes, the brutes!" for now that the first shock was over the shorn face of Aslan looked to her braver, and more beautiful, and more patient than ever.

          "Muzzle him!" said the Witch. And even now, as they worked about his face putting on the muzzle, one bite from his jaws would have cost two or three of them their hands. But he never moved. And this seemed to enrage all that rabble. Everyone was at him now. Those who had been afraid to come near him even after he was bound began to find their courage, and for a few minutes the two girls could not even see him—so thickly was he surrounded by the whole crowd of creatures kicking him, hitting him, spitting on him, jeering at him.

          At last the rabble had had enough of this. They began to drag the bound and muzzled Lion to the Stone Table, some pulling and some pushing. He was so huge that even when they got him there it took all their efforts to hoist him onto the surface of it. Then there was more tying and tightening of cords.

          "The cowards! The cowards!" sobbed Susan. "Are they still afraid of him, even now?"

          When once Aslan had been tied (and tied so that he was really a mass of cords) on the flat stone, a hush fell on the crowd. Four Hags, holding four torches, stood at the corners of the Table. The Witch bared her arms as she had bared them the previous night when it had been Edmund instead of Aslan. Then she began to whet her knife. It looked to the children, when the gleam of the torchlight fell on it, as if the knife were made of stone not of steel and it was of a strange and evil shape.

          At last she drew near. She stood by Aslan's head. Her face was working and twitching with passion, but his looked up at the sky, still quiet, neither angry nor afraid, but a little sad. Then, just before she gave the blow, she stooped down and said in a quivering voice,

          "And now, who has won? Fool, did you think that by all this you would save the human traitor? Now I will kill you instead of him as our pact was and so the Deep Magic will be appeased. But when you are dead what will prevent me from killing him as well? And who will take him out of my hand then? Understand that you have given me Narnia forever, you have lost your own life and you have not saved his. In that knowledge, despair and die."

          The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

        2. Lower lords

          The Padgettites tell us there is no singular Satan or Devil. Sasquatch explains that there are many fallen lower lords, who pretend to be gods. Earth must have at least one, and it was there to gloat and torment at Jesus' execution. Why wouldn't it?

          Among them are the ones we refer to as the lower lords. They were Star Elders who had reached immortality, but decided to regress into egotistic consciousness to impose control and possess power. They are also known as Elioud, the cast out gods, fallen angels, demon lords, devils and dark masters. Their high level of scientific and spiritual understanding provided them with immense psychic powers.

          The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh

          Yes, Jesus had a powerful band of spirits supporting him. But Jesus was brought into the (regional) heart of the Cabal's evil power, at Caesarea maritima.

          Sasquatch writes:

          …the Rakshasas implanted their reptilian hybrid bloodlines in Egypt, Sumeria, India, China, Japan, Mexico and elsewhere, showing themselves as gods requiring Human sacrifices.''

          Yajweh writes:

          Now the information began to be passed down through first Greece, then Rome. During the Roman times it was very easy for The Powers That Be to operate, the power construct in the Roman Empire was such that once they were ingrained, they were ingrained forever.

        3. Grand theft soul

          So Pilate was probably more than a mere man, and a Cabalist. What can black magic do with a bright soul like Jesus? Ask Princess Diana:

          The House of Windsor are Rakshasa hybrids who ritually cannibalized Diana and Dodi's unborn child

          Sasquatch writes:

          ''One of the most tragic fate souls can know is when their subtle alter-bodies get trapped and compressed into dense matter, either through their own obsessive karmic bounds to the physical plane, or if so-called 'dark' matter is extracted through interdimensional portals, whether by dark cabal practices encapsulating souls in material objects acting as karmic prisons, or by anti-nature technologies extracting alter-bodies in the form of highly dangerous and unstable black goo. Predator entities hunting for soul possession capture their preys in such material receptacles in order to control and own their destiny. Souls can remain trapped for aeons in such formless dense material bodies, until by some divine miracle of destiny they are freed by a dharmic intervention of spiritual redeemers. Fortunately, not all souls know such a dark fate. For evolved souls, death is a liberation.''

        4. Spell backlash

          Whatever evil spell the Cabal tried to cast on Jesus' soul, obviously it didn't stick, because Jesus immediately went down to preach to the hells.

          After the tomb was sealed Jesus arose, and without his body of flesh passed from the tomb and descended into the lower spheres where the dark spirits lived in their ignorance and sufferings, and preached to them the rebestowal of the gift of immortality.

          Luke: Explains dematerialization of Jesus’ earthly body.

          Why would Jesus immediately descend rather than ascend, after his death? Why was he still in his body when it was placed in the tomb? This is not the normal sequence of events. The answer is likely Cabal black magic.

          The spell backlash may explain the Cabal's tremendous grudge. It may have crippled their "god".

          This is so mythically true, it's a trope: Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth | TV Tropes.

          I speculate that the magical backlash from the broken spell injured the lower lord, making his servants permanently vulnerable to Jesus' name. Perhaps this is why dark spirits flee when the faithful utter Jesus' name. (Doubtless there are multiple reasons.)

      7. Did Jesus die for our sins?

        So you see, Jesus did not "die for everyone's sins", but he nevertheless broke "Satan's" power on Earth.

        It is more precise to say that Jesus incarnated to show humanity the way back to God the Father, in the process taking a risk that led to his execution, which was deliberately orchestrated by the lower lords, who desperately wish to keep humanity enslaved.

        One can assume that Jesus' Higher Self knew the risks before incarnating, and therefore in a sense it is accurate to say that Jesus "died for our sins". We owe him the blood debt either way.

      8. Revolutionary implications

        Jesus was obsessed by a lower lord via Cabalist Pontius Pilate's black magic.

        Why is this so secret, so hidden? Because it's so explosive. It threatens revolution against the regime of the Cabal's reptilian hybrid bloodlines.

        These great families are incredibly vulnerable due to their tiny numbers. They cannot expand without letting slip their carefully-guarded secrets, of psychic powers and human sacrifice.

        Once it becomes public knowledge that a tiny minority practices black magic to enslave humanity, the perpetrators become readily identifiable. Secrecy is their only defense from the wrath of the righteous majority.

        Who are these reptilian hybrid bloodline Cabalists? Such families today include the Vanderbilts, Windsors and Rothschilds. Others can be readily identified from this pattern.

        Who are their chief agents? The Clintons, Obama, Soros, Klaus Schwab, Dick Cheney, etc.

        As you can see, the neck of the dragon is pencil-thin, thus vulnerable to decapitation.

        But desperate dragons are dangerous. Even the Padgettites do not Disclose these details, to avoid provoking retaliation against their tiny church, presumably. Only Sasquatch, champion of Mars, vanquisher of the Demon-King Ravana, has the fearlessness to tell it all.

      9. Sasquatch on Jesus

        Though Sasquatch is much older than Jesus ben Joseph, Sasquatch nonetheless echoes the Padgettite message of Divine Love:

        "One of the regular things that you experience are those among your people who beg you to pray to Jesus for salvation or redemption from the evils of my people as if we are demons sent to deceive you. Those with these beliefs are actually the ones who have been tricked or fooled by man and do not know what Divine Love truly is otherwise they would not make a judgment on something they have no knowledge in. What they fail to realize is that my people know the prophet known as Jesus, as we worked with him and guided him throughout his incarnations on Earth. Jesus was a Shaman who healed using energy and natural tools such as crystals, herbs, and roots. All these healing methods are now considered to be evil or pagan according to the very people that look to Jesus for salvation and for most of your man-made religions, but in reality, these shamanic practices are a way of cooperating and connecting with nature as intended."

        "My people were here millions of years before any humans, but Jesus is what you call an Ascended Master; a soul that is pure and has never lost connection with ancient universal knowledge and truth or with the Star Elder Councils. Christ has incarnated many times on Earth to be a teacher and example of love for humanity, yet he is usually only recognized as being Jesus, the man born of a virgin, rather than all of his incarnations that he has dedicated towards raising the spiritual consciousness of humanity."

        "When you hear prophecies about Christ's return to Earth, it is a reference to a higher state of consciousness of Unconditional Love and Respect, not a dead man raising from the grave as many believe. As you all know, energy does not end and cannot be changed, it just is; never ending, but temporary vessels like bodies do have an expiration. Looking to any particular person for salvation or redemption will always bring disappointment as there are none that qualify for this job. Only you can change yourself and your experiences through your own consciousness and allowing the lessons to be learned. As stated, we are often humored by these theories but not in a disrespectful way. It is like watching a baby take their first steps and then fall down on their bottom; it is cute, not tragic. There will be many more opportunities to master it and that time will come when it is best for that soul."

        Mentioning Divine Love as Jesus' true message agrees with the Padgettites, whose core message is embracing Divine Love.

        Padgettites explain that entities are best able to accept Divine Love either at the beginning or pinnacle of their spiritual journey. Those inbetween are distracted by the unfathomably vast spiritual journey within Creation. So we should not expect our Elder Brother Sasquatch to follow Jesus in the same way we do, but be thankful for the shortcut offered to the Celestial Heavens.

  4. Melina Hall

    1. transcript

      Today I'll be exploring target for three one six five eight four two.

      I have irregular topography, moderate temperature,
      lots of surface structures, water in the distance.
      This is an urban area.

      [whiteboard 1]: Herodean hippodrome?

      One structure looks very old but fancy as well, has an open area.
      Lots of subjects forming in crowds, walking in this area.
      I'm seeing a line of subjects here, standing in front of this crowd.
      Most of these subjects looks homeless, just by their clothing.
      The subject in front looks dangerous.
      Feels like a town meeting, very chaotic crowd.
      Loud noises and roaring sounds.
      Just a lot of, a lot of harsh voices and cheers.
      I'm also hearing a bell sound.

      [wb 2]: Jesus on trial?

      There's a main subject here with tall dark hair.
      Seems like he's trying to escape the situation.
      He feels different, not better than everyone, but he's religious.
      So he's he doesn't have that same aggression.
      This is an old town with religious people.
      There's another subject, call him subject one.
      Seems like he's standing on something.
      Nothing unusual, just just standing making sure people notice him.
      Subject four looks like they're in their late 40s.
      He's just standing there, standing on the surface. He stands alone from the rest.
      If I go 24 hours later, this subject is in pain.

      [wb 3]: Crucifixion before a cheering crowd.

      I'm picking up another subject.
      This subject seems very old and sick.
      He looks exhausted.
      This subject also lost his mind, seems to be everywhere.
      Subject is suspended above surface.
      He seems to be on a pole standing there.
      In 24 hours, he feels delirious.
      48 hours later, possibly dead. I don't feel anything.

      People are cheering this subject, like they're in a circus,
      but there isn't a circus, it's a punishment that is going on,
      and people are cheering on the punishment.
      Subject is badly bruised.
      One week later, subject is dead.

      [wb 4]: Pontius Pilate

      Moving to the architect of this whole event.
      This is a male subject that's running this show.
      He seems like a ruler or something.
      Something supernatural or not physical about this subject.
      Had a very snide personality about him
      he's used to everything going his own way, and the subject is definitely in charge.

    2. notes

      1. Pilate's character

        The Padgettites write much about Pilate and Sejanus:

        Melina Hall's "in charge" certainly fits; snide also seems likely, as Pilate's mission was one of extraction to abet treason.

        Pilate's paranormal aspect suggests he was from an hybrid reptilian bloodline, and an awakened Cabalist. It seems reasonable that the lower lords would send a warlock to oversee Jesus' execution. Otherwise the angels might dissuade him.

        Unfortunately no true portraits of Pilate survive, AFAIK. Apparently did not mint coins bearing his likeness. However, some of the coins Pilate minted did appear on the Shroud:

        Shroud of Turin coins may finally have been identified

      2. Money the motive

        I was always skeptical of Yajweh's stated reason* for Jesus' execution: that Jesus threatened Rome's revenues with his non-materialistic spiritual message. However, Pilate's mission of extraction and later ruthlessness towards another messianic group (of Samaritans) that got him recalled, render Yajweh's version plausible.

        Pilate's mission from the traitor Sejanus was to skim from the Temple treasury, so Jesus' attack on Temple money-changers was ultimately an attack on Pilate. Caiaphas, the corrupt high priest, was Pilate's partner in crime.

        Padgettites say that the Bible is incorrect: Jesus did not overturn tables. Here is the account: The Temple Incident

        How big was the Temple business? 33 tons of silver per year! The coin in the fish's mouth.

        *I can't find Yajweh's quote to that effect in my notes now, so perhaps I misremember. But I recall my strong skepticism, which made me discard the point instead of recording it. A pity; it could be in any of the audio tapes. Forgive my lack of faith!

      3. Crucifixion in Caesarea maritima

        The likely location of Jesus' execution was Caesarea maritima, Judea's provincial coastal capital. No sense holding it in rebellious Jerusalem.

        Padgettites say the Biblical narrative was rewritten to blame the Jews, in order to defuse conflict between the Church and Rome. In truth, Pilate masterminded Jesus' crucifixion.

        Yajweh confirms that Jesus was executed by the sea:

        You know, when history is written – and a great example is the crucifixion of Jesus, of Yeshua – when history is written, often times these places become very sacred to people within this organization, or these shadowy organizations, as my conspiracy friends like to call them. They don't want it to be common knowledge where these things took place, so often time history is pushed and rewritten to move the geographical location of an event. For instance, I can tell you that the place where Jesus was tried and crucified was not where so many people make their pilgrimage. Right now I am in Israel and I have walked this path that many believe Jesus carried his cross upon, and there would have been rioting in the streets if that would have happened. If they would've…if Pontius Pilate would have paraded Jesus through the streets, it would have just been an unnecessary riot on his hands. Jesus was executed in a city by the sea. I am not going to disclose the exact location because I understand from a scientific point of view why these locations must be kept secret.

        The roaring repeatedly mentioned by Farsight viewers could be lions caged by the Herodean hippodrome, or the roar of the adjacent ocean waves, or the roar of the crowd, or all of the above.

  5. Trudy Benjamin

    1. transcript

      Today I will be exploring target coordinates 4 2 5 6 4 3 4 6.

      [whiteboard 1]: Looks like a cloud of spirit witnesses surrounding a ziggurat. Bizarre. Or it could be Rome in political turmoil.

      Basic Gestalt for this target is structures, subjects and land.
      There's multiple structures and multiple subjects, and I'm noticing a lot of crowds.
      There's a big, focused gathering of people, male and female subjects in this crowd.
      There's a difficult situation going, on a difficult conversation.
      I'm hearing it's a lot of chatter, and subjects watching something, or focused on something specific.
      I'm sensing a very serious or difficult situation going on, or difficult, a difficult conversation that is being held, or justice issue.
      Just a situation that is complicated or difficult.
      I'm also sensing subjects watching something, a crowd of subjects, multiple subjects watching or observing something, and focused on something serious.
      There's a lot of, there's a lot of chaos in this crowd, of multiple people, I don't know, there's a lot of subjects in one area in front of a big large structure.
      This is in an urban environment.
      I'm noticing a lot of structures around this main structure.
      The chatter is very loud, coming from these people.
      It's just too many loud sounds.
      There's a lot of loud sounds coming from this group of focused people in this crowd.
      It's a lot of hectic, hectic, this going on, frantic or serious actions.
      There's a group of people, there's a lot of chatter, there's too much chatter going on.
      There's a group of people that they're also focused on, as well.

      [wb 2]: Looks like a long board table, with big wall squares like windows or flatscreens or tapestries. Men and women.

      There's a group of people inside of this large structure, they're both male and female.
      These groups of people are also having a difficult or serious conversation.
      They're talking or discussing something.
      There's one particular subject that keeps coming to my forefront.
      This this subject is pale and is very hairy feeling. Lots of hair going, I don't know, I'm thinking of hair.
      This subject is very hairy, very humorous or facetious.
      Nothing about this is funny, but I'm sensing funny emotions or something humorous from the subject.
      This situation isn't funny, but this subject is weird, and is is funny, or is finding something funny, or is very facetious.
      They have facetious emotions, I should say.
      I'm going to move to the target event.

      [wb 3]: circle containing a box at top and people below. Vague.

      There's a focused gathering, a crowd of people, or a crowd of subjects, male and female.
      This crowd of people is inside and outside of a very large structure.
      I'm sensing very dark rooms.
      For some reason I feel nauseous. I don't know why.
      There's a lot of chatter and talking situations, where there's a hard conversation.
      The primary subject is not nice, um anxious, and I don't feel very good.
      This primary subject isn't nice.
      Getting the concept of, I'm getting the concept of subjects helping people, or someone needing help, or someone who is hurt.
      There's way too much chatter going on in this dark room, or these dark rooms, in this large
      There's a concept of a murder.
      I'm going to deep mind probe this murder

      [wb 4]: Facetious murderer portrait. Modern-looking clothing and haircut. T-shirt and jeans. Artistic convention or period info? Presumably just weak art skills.

      Man the more and more I do this, I get more nauseous.
      Um this subject is weird, very weird.
      When I say weird, I'm describing him as very facetious.
      Like this is a serious situation, but he's internally laughing, or finding something about,
      Something about this is just not right, and unusual.
      And as the murderer, he's so calm, and still.
      I feel like something is planned, like something is, like something in his mind planned the situation out before it happened,
      And he's just calm and Zen about it, like,
      Internally, internally I'm sensing fear, I'm sensing him being scared.
      No, there's no fear, this dude is happy.
      This dude is really happy, like he's just facetious.
      This murderer is calm, and something about him ain't right.
      Mentally he's not okay.
      He's just like watching people and,
      I don't know how to describe it.
      I'm trying to, I'm trying to show it, but it's just weird.
      This is a dark area, he's seated, he's watching, like voyeurism type.
      I don't know, he's just mentally disturbing, uhm creepy, that's the word, creepy.
      I don't know, so, whenever I think of this subject I want to laugh, but I don't want to laugh at the same time.
      Hmmm, his thoughts are unorganized, it's negative.
      His thoughts are very negative, it gives me chills.
      Like, he's had a weird childhood.
      Oh, like he's had a weird childhood, or he's just mentally disturbed, and psychopathic is a big word, but man, deduct psychopathic.
      But this subject is unusual.
      He's ill. I'm sensing death, and dying, and someone is dead
      And this subject is, so this subject is the murderer.
      But he is mentally ill, and he's dying as well.
      I'm going to I am going to deep mind probe the murdered subject.

      [5th wb]: Room with rows of people and two in front. Plausibly Roman Senate chamber. Seljanus up front.

      The primary murdered subject is very, is calm. They are seated too.
      Man this primary subject is ha…, is,
      This primary subject is calm, they're seated.
      They're in the same room as the murderer. They are still.
      Having a hard time, having a hard time watching this.
      This, this primary subject is un… they don't expect anything.
      Before their death is, there's nothing expected about the situation.
      The way it goes is, the way this goes is painful.
      The way they are murdered is a very painful thing to watch.
      But this primary subject is still, he's seated, he's calm.
      Something about this entire situation seems planned.
      I keep seeing something structured or planned out.
      And I'm unaware of how this plan worked, but it seemed like it was timed or planned.

      [wb 6]: 3 people below a box

      I'm going to probe who the planner is, or the designer of the situation is.
      The planner the designer of this event, or the designer of this situation, meant for this to all happen in a timely manner
      I'm sensing that subjects were sitting, the primary subject before his death was sitting for about an hour before his death, and the murderer was told specifically what to do.

      [wb 7]: crude cartoon corpse

      The murderer and the murdered subject are both dead,
      and I'm sensing that the murderer was psychotically ill,
      the concept of a brain aneurysm continues to come to my mind.

      And that is all I have for target coordinates four to five six four three four six.

    2. notes

      1. chronology

        Whiteboard 1 could be the political chaos surrounding the deposal of Sejanus, from the perspective of the crowd outside the Senate building.

        Whiteboard 2 is Tiberius Caesar.

        This this subject is pale and is very hairy feeling. Lots of hair going, I don't know, I'm thinking of hair.

        The latter concerns the fates of the "hairy ones" (i.e. The Caesars – from the Latin word "caesar", meaning "a fine head of hair") who are to rule Rome.

        I, Claudius

        Tiberius Caesar is in council, discussing his amusing barrage of contradictory letters, and the plan to depose and assassinate Sejanus by one last deadly joke letter.

        Whiteboard 3 introduces the terminally-ill assassin. The assassination is being secretly plotted in these dark rooms.

        Whiteboard 4 is the assassin, delighted to assassinate Sejanus as his final act, probably holding a family grudge.

        Whiteboards 5 and 6 emphasize the timed nature of the hour-long letter read to the Senate, while Naevius Sutorius Macro secured the Praetorian barracks.

        In whiteboard 7, Sejanus and the assassin are both dead. Contrary to the official account, recorded much later, it appears Sejanus was strangled on the spot. That is the sort of embarrassing detail history often forgets.

      2. the long letter

        This historical account of the death of Sejanus is essential to understanding the session:

        The story is dramatic, but the version we have in Dio (58.4-14) is somewhat incoherent. Tiberius began to send mixed signals about Sejanus. He then claimed to be ill and refused to leave Capri. The illness was prolonged, making people think that he might die. A successor was needed. Sejanus was in Rome and he sought permission to come to Capri. This was refused since Tiberius was intending to come to Rome. Tiberius appears to have sown enough doubt in the minds of the Romans that there was a nervousness around him. Then, a letter came. It was delivered by Macro. Macro assured Sejanus that the letter confirmed Sejanus' elevation to co-emperor. Sejanus entered the senate meeting to await the letter being read. Macro had already given instructions to Memmius Regulus, the other consul, and to Graecinus Laco, who was prefect of the vigiles (a small military force stationed in Rome to keep order). Laco summoned the vigiles and Macro went to assume command of the praetorians.

        The letter was now read out in the senate. It was a long and rambling letter by all accounts, presumably because Tiberius wanted Sejanus detained in the senate while Macro charged about Rome. It began with faint praise and ended with condemnation. The senate was in uproar.

        Death of Sejanus

        Tiberius' blizzard of epistolary misdirection was amusing to both himself and the assassin, the viewers report.

        The whiteboard 5 seating looks plausibly like Sejanus sitting up front in the Roman Senate chamber to hear the emperor "promote" him.

        "but it seemed like it was timed or planned" — Sejanus' last hour hearing the letter, while Macro secured the Praetorian barracks.

        The history of the death of Sejanus is recorded 200 years after the event, and likely changed. The official version has Sejanus imprisoned and executed the next day. Farsight implies that instead Sejanus was executed on the spot. That is certainly a safer method of preventing a coup.

      3. disposable assassin

        Using a crazy dying psychopath to strangle Sejanus is logical. No normal person wants that kind of political heat.

        Presumably the assassin was someone important enough to sit in the Senate chamber, perhaps at the back. And it seems he had a grudge that caused him to delight in killing Sejanus. Hardly surprising, considering Sejanus' purges. Presumably his family was promised a reward for the assassination.

        This explains the nausea Trudy felt when she probed the assassin: It's a symptom of his terminal disease. He would certainly have some gallows humor about the upcoming assassination, an attitude that Trudy would naturally find disturbing.

        The assassin was killed immediately afterward, to ensure his silence and give the appearance of justice, defusing potential retaliation. No loose ends. He wanted to die; brain aneurysm.

      4. parallel deaths

        The deaths of Jesus and Sejanus are psychically linked.

        Both men died in the early AD 30s. Sejanus' treasonous ingratitude caused Jesus' martyrdom. Sejanus was a would-be false emperor, whereas Jesus can be considered humanity's true king, in a spiritual sense. (Note that aliens treat spirituality with the same seriousness that we treat physics.)

        Remember the prompts given by Courtney:

        • and if somebody died exactly how did the person die
        • who it was and how and where did it happen

        This is probably vaguer than the actual prompts, but it is all that we have. "Somebody" could apply equally to Sejanus and Jesus. "How it happened" certainly involves Sejanus.

        The Padgettites extensively discuss Pilate and Sejanus in order to explain Jesus' death. Farsight corroborates this link.

        These sort of symbolic links are not merely human interpretive imagination, but real "magic".

        The remote viewers never delve into the technical details behind the creation of the Shroud, because they are distracted by the vastly more dramatic passion of the Christ and execution of Sejanus. They sense the extreme emotions of victim (Jesus) and assassin (of Sejanus), then follow that trail to the death scene.

  6. Courtney's conclusion

    1. transcript

      Okay, so what can we say about the Shroud of Turin?

      Well, to begin with, someone clearly died and was wrapped up in that piece of linen.
      Second, that someone was clearly not Jesus.
      Whoever died apparently was suffering from mental problems.
      He may have even been mentally disabled, in our modern definition of that idea.

      Third, he was killed in a manner that involved the observational participation of a great many people.
      This was no private slaughter.
      This was humanity when it was not at its best.

      But there is another element that I think may be really important to all of this.
      Some of the data that we have gathered suggests that there may have been someone behind the scenes who may have manipulated the events to some degree, possibly by messing with the mind of the person who was killed.
      This appears to have been an event that someone did not want us to witness from the inside, so to speak.

      I can only speculate at this point, wondering if there was an attempt to create an event that would assist in the future manipulation of humanity by affecting the devotion and faith of many followers through the creation of the Shroud.
      Having a "spill the beans" so to speak would potentially interfere with the effectiveness of this manipulative element.
      Again, this is only speculation, but some of our data do make me wonder about this.

      Well, that is it.

    2. notes

      Courtney's conclusion is simply lazy. The idea that the Shroud of Turin is a forgery, created via a real execution, is logically preposterous. It would be far simpler to paint wounds on a person, wrap them in the cloth, and then unwrap. The sophistication of medieval forgery hardly rises to that level, even.

      I suspect Courtney approaches the subject with the preconceived notion that the Seth Material's version of the crucifixion is correct. This causes him to prematurely halt his analysis. As we shall see, Seth's version of the crucifixion was probably designed specifically to misdirect remote viewers.

Negress seers

(Let me begin by rebutting the fad that "negress" is a slur. We are now supposed to say "black woman". That is twice the words for half the accuracy, since negresses are not black, except for their pupils. "Negro" literally means "black" in Spanish, so this change accomplishes nothing, except to continually euphemize the politicized. Cease this Orwellian degeneracy. Mexicans may call me gringo all they like; I am not ashamed of what I am.)

I was initially contemptuous of the negress seers' frustratingly poor diction, assuming it was to blame for Courtney's inaccurate conclusions.

However, over the course of correcting their YouTube auto-generated transcripts, I came to a different understanding. I realized that the dominance of my rational mind has locked me away from my psychic abilities, and that their superior soul-sight reflects spiritual qualities I lack. I also enjoyed the eye candy, which kept me on points.

I conclude that Courtney's inaccuracy is due to the complexity of the subject, and to malicious obfuscation by the grays and lower lords. The seers themselves were quite correct.

I have no opinion on the ranking of the Farsight seers, but was impressed by Kamiya Dunson's handling of the lower lord. She saw right through a being of supreme evil. If that's not a strong soul, I don't know what is.

I don't want to try my luck at that game, so I will stick to my comfy keyboard and Emacs — a devil I know.

Crucifixion Ruse


So far, I have corrected Farsight's interpretive errors in the Shroud of Turin Timecross edition. However, Farsight has another project that reaches the same conclusions: The Crucifixion Ruse. Courtney commits similar systematic error of interpretation, caused ultimately by the grays and the complexity of the subject.

Here are the two main links for the Crucifixion Ruse project:

The Crucifixion Ruse | A Remote-Viewing Exploration | Home page

This home page advertises a DVD, however the full version is now available on YouTube:

The Crucifixion Ruse (full version) | YouTube

Unfortunately, the video lacks subtitles, so I will not provide an edited transcript, nor will one be necessary.

Seth's lies

Courtney quotes from the Seth channelings during the video introduction:

Christ, the historical Christ, was not crucified.

He had no intention of dying in that manner; but others felt that to fulfill the prophecies in all ways, a crucifixion was a necessity.

Christ did not take part in it. There was a conspiracy in which Judas played a role, an attempt to make a martyr out of Christ. The man chosen was drugged — hence the necessity of helping him carry the cross — and he was told that he was the Christ.

He believed that he was. He was one of those deluded, but he also himself believed that he, not the historical Christ, was to fulfill the prophesies.

Mary came because she was full of sorrow for the man who believed he was her son. Out of compassion she was present.

Christ was a great psychic. He caused the wounds to appear then upon his own body, and appeared both physically and in out-of-body states to his followers.

He tried, however, to explain what had happened, and his position, but those who were not in on the conspiracy would not understand, and misread his statements.

Peter three times denied the Lord, saying he did not know him, because he recognized that that person was not Christ. The plea, "Peter, why hast thou forsaken me?" came from the man who believed he was Christ — the drugged version.

Judas pointed out that man. He knew of the conspiracy, and feared that the real Christ would be captured. Therefore he handed over to the authorities a man known to be a self-styled messiah - to save, not destroy, the life of the historical Christ.

Seth's session #5, quoted in the book Seth Speaks, channeled by Jane Roberts

That is as much as Courtney quotes. The narrative is preposterous, and only grows moreso as one continues reading Seth's version of events.

I believe "Seth" is actually the grays. "Seth" has the same glib deceptive quality that Yajweh describes, and the same spiritual themes as the Law of One. The grays always attempt to revise human history in line with their spiritual teachings of complacent eusocial sanctimony. It is characteristic of the grays to counterattack the Padgettite channelings by producing a counterfeit. The timing of the Seth Material suggests this to be the case.

As a rule, gray lies do not withstand skeptical scrutiny. Their version of Jesus' crucifixion is no different. However, I now realize that the grays must be optimizing their lies to confuse the interpretation of remote viewing data, rather than to defeat skeptical logical analysis. This makes sense: They are telepaths without spoken speech, for whom remote viewing is an everyday matter. The grays are accustomed to deceive through misdirection rather than outright lies, when speaking to telepaths or empaths, who can easily detect outright lies. (Direct lying is almost nonexistent among starfaring nations, Yajweh says.)

In the above quote from the Seth Material, I have bolded the statements that are completely true. Many others are partially true. This is typical of gray deception.

Compare to Yajweh's account of gray lies about the Bethlehem birth:

The menacing Grays, ugh, fools, they had to show up, springing a whole sub story about the star of Bethlehem, which was really just three bright planets lined up close, but it's because it is their nature to interfere and seek attention. They were bringing gifts of crystals, they were allowed to present and leave as the 7th Emperor had given them permission, but I was sure to have them gone within, I guess, an hour of time. I wanted to stay but I was told to leave and return to Harrod and concoct a story before I got there.

A remote viewer would have great difficulty distinguishing a bright star from a planetary alignment.

Six targets


The lone viewer, Daz, had six targets:

  1. Jesus at his physical death, "…which for this target means the moment when his physical body ceased to function in the normal manner as a living, physical human."
  2. Judas Iscariot leading the authorities to arrest the person the authorities presume to be Jesus.
  3. Jesus when Judas is leading the authorities to arrest the person the authorities presume to be Jesus.
  4. Judas Iscariot during the time of death for Judas Iscariot.
  5. Jesus during the time of the actual crucifixion.
  6. The subject who the authorities presumed to be Jesus when they arrested and killed him during the time of the actual crucifixion.

The full wording of some of these targets will be crucial.

#1: Jesus at death

  1. Links

    Table 1: Expectations and Results for Biblical and Seth Crucifixion Hypotheses — Target #1

    Target 1: Jesus at his physical death, "…which for this target means the moment when his physical body ceased to function in the normal manner as a living, physical human."

    Session 1 for Target 1: Scanned, Typed

    When reading a session, read the typed text first, then the scanned to see how the text should be arranged. The handwriting is poor.

  2. What really happened

    The problem with the target's wording is that the Padgettites say Jesus had two physical bodies. He dismissed his corpse after three days, creating the image of the Shroud of Turin as a photographic negative. However, he created a new body for himself to share a meal with his disciples, thereby proving he is not a ghost:

    When he appeared at the meeting of the apostles, where Thomas, the doubter, was present, he recalled to his form, as you will better understand by my using such expression, elements of the material, so that in appearance the body was as much like flesh and blood as when it was placed in the tomb, and before he disseminated these elements, as I have said.

    Luke: Explains dematerialization of Jesus' earthly body.

    Seth claims that Jesus left the flesh at ascension, surrounded by his disciples. Padgettites confirm this. Farsight viewed the second "death" rather than the first.

    How can physical flesh be created by the will of a spirit? Shapeshifting is a paranormal property of multiple races, including the Sasquatch. Even some humans can do it:

    ''Each group has a collective karma and every nations likely have wise healers, as well as evil sorcerers. One night, while driving alone across the wild desert, you got to see, walking by the roadside, one of those shape-shifters that the Navajo call 'skin walkers', who wore disproportionally large hairy arms and a hairy face, under human clothes. This frightening scene left you with an eerie feeling of gloom, and you learned afterward that skin walkers, also known as the werewolves elsewhere, gain their power to shape-shift into any random mammeloid beast, from the sacrifice of close relatives and cannibalism.''

    ''This very ancient witchcraft practice introduced to Humans back in the days of the Lemurian downfall, has caused much confusion between these evil shape-shifted sorcerers and my hairy Sasquatch People. It is the main cause why the Ancestral Puebloans and Navajos lost their connection with us Sasquatch. They have mistaken those beasts for us, saying that if you look in Maasaw's eye, you can die instantly. But, it is those skin walkers you must avoid to cross eyes with, since they would try to steal your soul. If you know their name and call it out when they are shape-shifting, it breaks their spell and brings them back suddenly into their Human form; and if they are attacking you, this can cause their death.''

    ''Most of the cases reported of people being attacked, killed or devoured by large hairy beings are in fact the doings of those evil beastly shape-shifters, contributing to make a bad name for us Sasquatch. Your great mentor and teacher, the Anishinabe Elder and Peacemaker William Commanda, Keeper of wampum belts and of the ancient prophecies of the Seven Fires, pointed out to you that my people is not to be confused with the shape-shifting Wendigo cannibal sorcerers of ancestral oral lore, but is to be known as Misaabe, the 'Big People', dwellers of the forest and keepers of sacred shamanic wisdom.''

    The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3: Earth Ambassadors Cooperation

    To clothe itself in flesh, a spirit draws matter from… elsewhere, via a process I lack the technical competence to describe. The Sasquatch Message books are a good place to start. The important thing to remember is that consciousness created matter, not the other way around.

  3. What the viewer saw

    Page 5 identifies a high-tech monitoring station, possibly located inside of a volcano.

    Sasquatch writes:

    ''This way, ships or beings shielded with plasma are unaffected by surrounding elements. Being one of the most abundant energies in the cosmos, plasma can be tapped from many sources: oceans, waterfalls, earthquakes, thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions, minerals, stars, as well as from power plants and power lines, designed to leak most of their power. This is why star ships are observed recharging over such places, or plunging in volcanoes. But plasma is present just about everywhere and can be tapped directly out of thin air, or from outer space, with the appropriate knowledge, although some sources are favored.''

    ''Some accounts from various witnesses describe strange machinery sounds like humming, buzzing or pulsations coming from under mountains, where Sasquatch and Star Elders maintain such receptacles. Some have survived previous downfalls and are still protected; most were destroyed by lower lords. One night spent high on the Misti Volcano in Peru, you heard noises of heavy machinery and engines coming from underground, but you knew from local Native teachings that this is a city of lower lords.''

    So an alien base in a volcano. But why would Jesus be in an alien base when he's dying?

    The answer is that there is more than one Jesus. (There is also more than one of you. You exist on many alternative timelines.)

    Jesus was part of Yajweh's 9-person delegation, sent to Earth by Nibiru to uplift humanity. Jesus is an ascended master, a renowned spiritual teacher in our Milky Way galaxy. He was the last of the team to arrive on Earth, so we remember him best.

    There are two ways a delegate may interact with Earth humans. Firstly, he may visit in his own (alien) body. In that case, he must stay behind the scenes, not intervening directly in events.

    The other way is to incarnate as a human. In that case, he will forget his prior life, as do we all. But he will be able to lead and teach directly, as Jesus did.

    The target specifies "The viewer is to focus only on the actual person in his actual historical reality". This creates an ambiguity. Both Jesus' are actually named Yeshua. Which is the real one? The original who is monitoring, or the incarnation who is dying?

    Humanity's soul decided to show us Yeshua of Krotea, tensely overseeing the death of Yeshua ben Joseph. That captures both targets nicely.

    To disambiguate two Jesuses, I will call Yeshua of Krotea "Yeshua", and Yeshua ben Joseph "Jesus".

    Page 13 makes clear that Yeshua is in an underground facility.

    While one cannot be certain the event supervised is the crucifixion rather than the ascension, the negative emotions make the former seem likely.

    However, the viewing results from target #5 contradict this, showing Yeshua of Krotea above ground during the crucifixion. So it seems that Jesus' ascension was alarming to Yeshua. This is understandable for two reasons. Firstly, Krotea's spiritual fabric was rent by excessive polarization between good and evil spirituality. Second, the Padgettites explain that Jesus' reintroduction of Divine Love is unprecedented, certainly on Earth and probably in the galaxy.

    The spiritual consequences of such an immense power injection would be shocking and alarming, equivalent to a spiritual nuke. Reflect on what happened to Rome after the introduction of Christianity. The possibility exists to precipitate another galactic war. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Reflect on what happened to Judea (Earth).

#2: Judas at betrayal

  1. Links

    Table 2: Expectations and Results for Biblical and Seth Crucifixion Hypotheses — Target #2

    Target 2: Judas Iscariot leading the authorities to arrest the person the authorities presume to be Jesus.

    Session 2 for Target 2: Scanned, Typed

  2. What really happened

    The Biblical account that Judas was a bitter thief is implausible and wrong. Judas was actually a zealot trying to precipitate Jesus' military rebellion.

    Padgettites explain that Judas knew Jesus had supernatural power and charismatic leadership. Judas intended to precipitate a confrontation with the authorities that would oblige Jesus to lead a revolution against the corrupt Jewish priesthood and perhaps Rome too. In this he was similar to Peter; both were Zealots.

    Because the Biblical account is wrong, Courtney wrongly assumes that Seth's account must be correct. He is unaware of the Padgettite account.

  3. What the viewer saw

    Judas is angry, frustrated. He has made a bad decision, says page 2. This contradicts Seth's version, that Judas protected Jesus through his betrayal.

    It seems Judas was taken into the Temple for interrogation, from the smoke, architecture, ringing, etc.

    The distant people he is trying to help are probably related to the goals of the Zealot cause. Perhaps he is concerned with developments in his hometown of Kerioth, which is fairly distant from Jerusalem. Limited resources reminds me of sending remittances home, something that Mexican and Filipino expats do diligently.

    Courtney claims Judas' concern for distant people supports Seth's version of the story, but it does not. The data supports the Padgettite version, that Judas was a zealot. Jewish rebellion against Rome was a multinational movement. Many "God-fearers" respected the Jewish scriptures without taking the final step of circumcision, and thus had theological objections to Roman imperial polytheism. Regional wars of rebellion resulted.

    Page 7 focuses on an organizer, probably the chief of Temple operations. Presumably he interrogates Judas and organizes the capture attempt.

    Page 8 is about Washington DC, which may be a metaphor for Jerusalem or Rome, both of which are capitals next to bodies of water. This indicates the operations chief is a major national leader.

    Page 9 describes an earthquake that caused deaths in a city. So perhaps Kerioth suffered an earthquake, and this Temple chief diverted the relief funds as part of Pilate's graft, intensifying Judas' Zealot fervor.

    Judas Iscariot was from Kerioth:

    You have read the opinion of some scholars that "Iscariot" is a corruption of "sicarius", that is dagger-man, or assassin. They claim that Jesus had formed a highly political movement, and that many radical elements had joined his ranks, including Simon the Zealot and Simon (Peter) bar Jonah. The Talmud mentions the "barjonim", political extremists, but this word is a far later invention, and bar Jonah simply means "son of Jonah" in Aramaic. Simon the Zealot was a zealot, before he met Jesus, and I was an ardent nationalist, too, like many of Jesus' disciples, but Jesus' movement was not a political movement, as you understand the term nowadays. So you understand that the root of Iscariot is the name of the town of Kerioth.

    On Divine Love and Judas' background

    Page 10b seems to describe a modern office building with government workers monitoring a situation. This seems out of place! Did some technically advanced group cause the building collapse that drove Judas to action?

    Page 11b describes a probably Semitic building collapse. Judas is grieved by it.

    The viewer's references to dark-skinned people does not indicate negros, since none of the action occurs in Africa, and dark-skinned is also used to describe people in Jerusalem. Rather, Daz means darker than himself and other Englishmen, which tanned Judaens certainly were! (Daz does not appear to spend much time outdoors.)

    Page 15 typed has no scanned counterpart. The scans stop at page 13. I suspect careless error. Page 15 typed appears to belong to another target altogether.

    We really need multiple remote viewers looking at these targets in order to draw detailed conclusions on points of secondary importance, especially since careless errors may be mixing target data!

#3: Jesus during the arrest

  1. Links

    Table 3: Expectations and Results for Biblical and Seth Crucifixion Hypotheses — Target #3

    1. Jesus when Judas is leading the authorities to arrest the person the authorities presume to be Jesus.

    Session 3 for Target 3: Scanned, Typed

  2. Notes

    Page 1 is a park, which fits Gethsemane. However, the subsequent pages diverge. Yeshua seems to be alone in a natural sandy region by water, and to have a ship, maybe a vimana. He is communicating telepathically or with a long-range communicator device such as Yajweh's. Salt flats suggest Dead Sea region or Sinai peninsula.

    It makes sense that he would monitor from somewhere reasonably nearby in the Middle East, since telepathy does degrade gradually with distance. The P'nti define "close range" as the distance one can walk in a day. (Obviously Yeshua is exceptional.)

    Yeshua is confident and relaxed.

    There is no difficulty in interpreting this data, once we understand from Yajweh that Yeshua of Krotea incarnated as Jesus ben Joseph. Once again, Seth has told a lie designed to fool remote viewers, the modus operandi of the grays.

#4: Judas at death

  1. Links

    Target 4 Expectations and Summarized Results

    1. Judas Iscariot during the time of death for Judas Iscariot.

    Session 4 for Target 4:

    The actual historical figure of Judas Iscariot at the target time specified below. The viewer is to focus only on the actual person in his actual historical reality, regardless of any culturally accepted historical view or interpretation of this reality, and regardless of any written historical account of this reality. Regardless of any and all popularly accepted views or interpretations, the viewer is to locate the actual person of Judas Iscariot during the time of his death. The viewer is to describe the surroundings of Judas Iscariot during this event. The viewer is to perceive the manner of physical death for Judas Iscariot.

  2. Notes

    1. 4a

      The key to this session is that, in Courtney's words:

      In the second session, he did perceive that there was a loss of life, but he was unable to perceive the manner in which the target died. This often happens with remote viewing, especially when the method of death is particularly traumatic.

      The Padgettite and Biblical accounts agree that Judas hurled the silver back into the Temple, then went and hung himself after Jesus' capture. Daz was unable to view the suicide.

      So that leaves two options: Judas at Gethsemane, or Judas at the Temple. Daz viewed Judas at the Temple, being interrogated. This expands on the results from Target #2.

      Daz's video description of Judas fits someone trying to double-cross the Temple authorities. He's trying to lead them into a trap that will spark a Zealot rebellion. Of course he will keep his Zealot connections and loyalties secret. The Temple authorities seem similarly cagey, moving him about in a paddy wagon to conduct their clandestine nocturnal raid.

      Page 4 suggests the Temple had some electrical components. The Ark of the Covenant had electrical properties, suitable for shielding humans from the emanations of an ultra-terrestrial or lower lord, perhaps.

      What Courtney interprets as long-term imprisonment appears rather to be protective custody. Judas' emotions do not indicate long-term imprisonment, which was debilitating in those days.

      If the Temple authorities really thought Judas knew something of the crucifixion ruse, why would they execute him rather than continue interrogating him? If they didn't think so, then why would they execute their own informant? Courtney's version makes no sense. Shouldn't the authorities be glad that Jesus is officially dead and gone, regardless of how it was accomplished?

      Page 8 confirms this is the Temple.

      Judas is worried about family, another suggestion that his hometown of Kerioth suffered an earthquake.

      Page 11 "A LITTLE LIKE THE FEELING YOU GET BEFORE A FIRST MEETING WITH A NEW CONTACT," is strongly suggestive of a double-agent meeting his mark.

      Page 13 map seems to point towards the Western Sahara; looks inaccurate.

      Page 14 shows a tower or space rocket, with a strange machine. Wtf?

      Page 15 typed does not match Page 15 scanned, which is just a "done" page. Page 15 typed is identical to Target #3. This is another careless error again in the publication of the supporting documents.

      However, Yeshua of Krotea could easily have been monitoring the situation in Target #3 from the Western Sahara.

    2. 4b

      The Temple boasts an impressive vault door, natural for what was essentially a regional state bank. It is far more elaborate than what one finds in prisons.

      Judas is interrogated for intel, then secretly transported in a paddy wagon. This is to prevent anyone from warning Jesus of the impending raid.

      He is scared at first, but grows confident. "IT FEELS LIKE A FRIENDLY SHARING OF INFORMATION." This is Judas confident his double-cross is working. They intimidated him at first, a good practice to make informants crack.

      Page 10 is an abrupt non-sequitur. Suddenly the dates 1960s, 1982-3, and 2001 are mentioned, and 9/11. To me, these dates suggest alien disclosure and TPTB (The Powers That Be) attempts to maintain secrecy and control, against an awakening public.

      Judas is plotting revolution against Rome, which was controlled by TPTB. Perhaps this indicates that Judas' revolution was premature, and only beginning today!

      Page 11: Ok, wtf!? Daz draws a convincing map pointing to Area 51 as the current location of the target.

      Perhaps this means there is another entity like Judas who is trying to spark a revolution against modern-day "Rome" by playing double-agent to the interrogators in Area 51?

      Well, maybe the prisoner at Area 51 is Yajweh. He betrayed his superiors on Nibiru to warn humanity about the coming dangers from 2012 onward. He certainly has knowledge that is sought. And he has mysteriously disappeared, after losing his diplomatic immunity. I suspected Putin killed him, but maybe the USA snatched him first.

      This target is about death. So maybe the USA executed Yajweh at Area 51 after he refused to talk. Ouch.

      Anyway, Judas definitely wasn't interrogated at Area 51. This is more psychic symbolic-connection stuff. sigh

#5: Jesus at crucifixion

  1. Links

    Target 5 Expectations and Summarized Results

    1. Jesus during the time of the actual crucifixion.

    Session 5 for Target 5: Scanned, Typed

  2. Notes

    This is not the first time that Daz has avoided a traumatic death to view something else instead. It makes the ability of the negress seers to bear witness to the crucifixion all the more impressive.

    Instead Daz views Yeshua of Krotea during the target time, who is arguably the "actual person" of Jesus ben Joseph.

    (Don't think about it too much; your eyes will cross. Linear time is an illusion carefully maintained for the convenience of us simple mortals. Why? To spiritually evolve through the trials of separation, ignorance and suffering. That's the short answer. The long answer is, History.)

    Yeshua is intensely engaged, which is appropriate given the extreme suffering and spiritual oppression to which Jesus is subjected.

    He may still be at his comfortable isolated base in the Western Sahara, a beach shack. Long-range telecommunications indicate alien technology or telepathy, in this era.

    Page 9 portrays Yeshua as serious, determined, but otherwise unemotional. This may surprise you, but Padgettites also portray Jesus as curiously absent emotions about the crucifixion, except a desire to forget it and never revisit it. This is how an ascended master deals with his own pain, I suppose. From a Buddhist perspective, it does minimize suffering.

    It seems incredible, but Judas writes that Jesus ben Joseph knew he took a risk of capture by staying at Gethsemane. He was warned, and could've fled Jerusalem. But his disciples couldn't understand his message of Divine Love, conflating it with the messianic Zealot cause. Their faith was too little. Jesus knew that the resurrection could reach them, and kindle their faith into a blaze.

    This level of toughness is superhuman.

    Hawaii is mentioned as location. This also fits the previous map that I interpreted as Western Sahara. There are certainly volcanos to host a base in Hawaii. I conclude my Western Sahara guess was wrong, and that Yeshua monitored Jesus from Hawaii.

    Daz emphasizes that Yeshua is so driven and focused that it makes him feel uncomfortable. This is similar to the personality profile of surgeons, who must be slightly sociopathic to dissect live humans under time pressure. Yeshua is essentially sacrificing a version of himself to operate on the spiritual fabric of humanity. There is no time for emotion during a surgery. Yeshua's emotions are more gentle and friendly during the Gethsemane arrest.

  3. Why Jesus deliberately risked capture at Gethsemane

    Judas writes:

    Jesus took the warning seriously. You can read in the Bible that he obviously camped on the Mount of Olives, or rather, in the Garden of Gethsemane. He could have found lodging easily in Jerusalem. It was also possible for him to spend the night in the house of his good friend, Lazarus, in Bethany, just a few miles from Jerusalem, right on the opposite side of the Mount of Olives. But he did not. Why? For reasons of safety.

    It was my betrayal which gave the high priest's henchmen the hint concerning his whereabouts, and so they located him and took him prisoner.

    In short, Jesus had the opportunity to escape, to get away, and he received the warning in time, but he didn't take advantage of it. He took certain precautions, but he stayed practically in the city, or very near to it, fully AWARE of the danger. He did not seek death, of course, but he understood that after several years spent with us, after continuous preaching, even we, his most intimate disciples, did not understand well, and that our faith was little.

    He knew that each event, although seemingly fatal, bears opportunities, and he took a risk. The consequence of his attitude was his death, certainly, but further on, also his resurrection, and as you will understand, it was his resurrection which finally convinced the disciples.

#6: Arrestee at crucifixion

  1. Links

    Target 6 Expectations and Summarized Results

    1. The subject who the authorities presumed to be Jesus when they arrested and killed him during the time of the actual crucifixion.

    Session 6 for Target 6: Scanned, Typed

  2. Notes

    The setting fits Caesaria maritima, at a wasteland spot for crucifixions.


    This fits demonic oppression. Perhaps Jesus is resisting telepathic attempts to mind-read his secrets or brainwash him.


    Jesus certainly had a mission that went wrong. He attempted to infiltrate and convert Earth while it was ruled by the lower lords. Gary Powers is a good metaphor. It does not fit the insane deluded man of Seth's version, however.

    Something about the site is hidden. Perhaps Golgotha had occult or ritual significance. It would be a wonderful place to harness the energy of brutal human sacrifice for the black magic of the lower lords.

    Daz complains his painkillers are interfering with his accuracy. That's the end.

    This session is so weak that I hesitate to infer anything from it. We get no clear indication that a crucifixion is occurring. However, thanks to the Shroud of Turin episode, we know this session's data fits with the others, despite being vague and brief.

History isn't science

Courtney uses a hypothesis -> result framework to present his conclusions, but this is merely a fig leaf covering his speculative interpretations. As we have seen, history is not science.

To make historical remote viewing into a science, one must perform more experimental tests than Daz provided.

The strength of the Shroud of Turin episode was that multiple viewers covered a single target. Even so, there was still substantial variation. Moreover, none of them saw the actual target: the creation of the Shroud by Jesus' dematerialization of his old body!

Why the variation? Perhaps Humanity's collective soul is telling us what we need to hear, rather than exactly what we ask for. That would be very human, wouldn't it?

The gray agenda

Who are the grays, and why do they lie so much, especially to humans?

Cosmic Explorers, by Courtney Brown

In his book Cosmic Explorers, Courtney gives the best description of the gray agenda and motives that I have read. It is corroborated by multiple other sources, including the grays themselves, but most comprehensively described in Courtney's book, AFAIK.

I summarize starting around page 107:

The grays were once more like humans. They fought a nuclear war that destroyed their planet's biosphere, forcing them to live underground. To adapt, they shrank their bodies until live birth was no longer possible. Instead they gestate feti in vats, artificial wombs.

The grays blamed runaway emotions for their nuclear holocaust, and used genetic engineering to render themselves dispassionate.

Thereafter, they experienced tremendous growth, expansion and progress, including spiritual. But as their understanding approached God, they were turned back. A higher being informed them that their evolution had reached a dead end. They must learn to embrace emotions again.

The grays are desperate to to so. They do not understand things we take for granted, such as beauty. Earth is on the periphery of their interstellar empire; a stunning ocean-rich planet suitable for the semi-aquatic grays. Not only is Earth desirable, but also her inhabitants, humanity. The grays wish to engineer new bodies for themselves, hybrid gray-humans, with positive emotions only.

Such incarnative opportunities are among the most highly prized opportunities in the galaxy. Clif High calls the reward for a life incarnation the "clear drop" of intuition, spiritual wisdom that stays with the soul throughout future incarnations, as one evolves on the infinite journey towards God.

The grays brought their colonial proposal to the (loosely organized) Galactic Federation, but it was rejected. Although lying hardly exists in the galaxy due the prevalence of telepaths and empaths, the grays are renowned as deceivers, and have often quarreled with others. Hence their insecurity that they would be allowed access to humanity by the other parties.

In response, the grays invaded Earth, fighting a great war in subspace, outside human perception, against the current inhabitants. The grays are afraid to go back to their old genetic nature, terrified they will destroy themselves again. They must have humanity… but only so much of it.

And only so many of us. Their plan involves depopulation of 90% of Earth's current human population, to ease the ecological strain causing the catastrophic Anthropocene extinction.

The grays have no hierarchy and no individuality. They are like a hivemind in their conformity. A close analogy to their synthetic nature would be Star Trek's Borg, but passive aggressive. They have supported Communist movements on Earth. They always try to confuse and deceive humanity, spinning false tales to divide us while preaching their dispassionate spirituality. Their goal is assimilation.

Courtney gets his conclusion on page 114 wrong, I think, because of unfamiliarity with gray emotions, or lack thereof. Aggression is a strong reptilian emotion; dispassionate amoral sanctimony the default gray state. However, the reptilians can still be the defenders and the grays the invaders. Other sources such as Sasquatch and Yajweh confirm this interpretation.

''With the historically recorded invasion of a large fleet of shining disks, like a cloud of locusts, the insectoid grays tried to impose their dynasty over Egypt, the most advanced and powerful civilization of that time, through the lineage of their hybridized pharaoh Akhenaten, whose reign abolished the ancient pantheon and imposed the monotheist cult of Aton, the flying shining disk. He and his queen Nefertiti had abnormally long skulls, large eyes and slim bodies and limbs, from their gray insectoid genes, that are depicted on hieroglyphic inscriptions of that period, along with technological crafts and devices. But the ruling reptilian bloodlines did not tolerate this affront which was soon subdued.''

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2: Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders

Sasquatch on the grays

Sasquatch describes the consequences of Roswell:

''But the conquest of space flight had just started, it was not yet to come close to an end. In 1947, the year the term 'flying saucers' was created and became popular, the famous Roswell incident happened as the result of microwave radar technology being developed with the Nazi scientists at the White Sands military secret base, which caused the crash of a flying disk. The alien beings recovered were described as the well known small greys. New deep underground military bases, like the infamous Area 51 or the Dulce base, started to be built to study the captives, their biology, psychic powers and technology.''

''This was only the first one of a series of spaceships that were crashed and recovered in the next few years by the United States, Russia and China, to try to back-engineer their technology; their total number amounts in the dozens. Most of them were of the same type of the small greys, their ships being vulnerable to the gigawave death rays that were being newly developed and tested on alien space crafts. Until then, the small greys had stayed mostly outside of Human affairs, without interfering in earthly realms, apart from flying between their underworld and moon bases. But this wave of crashed ships caused serious and justified concerns among them and their allies, the reptilian tall greys, about Humanity's attempt at space conquest without even being able to fly off its planet. This explains the massive waves of UFO sightings in the late forties and early fifties all over the world, including above major cities like Washington, as a warning to Humans.''

''By then, the small greys abducted by Human governments and kept captive in top secret underground bases had proven their psychic superiority and managed to negotiate meetings between their leaders and the Human governments secretly abducting them. This is how, after a series of meetings held in the deepest secrecy, some United States government agencies under Eisenhower, signed in 1954 the top secret Greada Treaty, a code name for 'Grey Agenda', in which they agreed to surrender a large part of Human sovereignty on Earth in exchange for some technological advancements and advantages. The deal has promoted the United States and a couple competing powers like Russia and China into a frenetic technological race for the conquest of space flight and time travel.''

''It is no coincidence if that President nicknamed Ike ended up denouncing, at the end of his career, the threat posed by the conspiracy of what he defined as the military industrial complex, out of remorse. Fifty years later, another Icke with David for his first name, himself of reptilian bloodline, explained partly his apparent immunity, became notorious for exposing publicly the reptilian agenda as part of his own dharmic redemption process, to warn Humanity of the dangers and help it evolve out of slavery, showing that anyone can play a role in the disclosure of truth regardless of their origins or background, as whistle blowers and repented insiders do for the evolution of all souls.''

''The Grey Agenda involves, among other things, plans for ecocide and mass depopulation to make room on Earth for the ancient hybrids that have lost their control over this home-planet; mind control of the masses through ignorance and disinformation; gradual and continual pollution of the environments and atmosphere; raising the carbon level in the air as it used to be in aeons past; poisoning of food and water supplies through chemical additions, genetic modifications, spraying of chemtrails with toxic cocktails and nanobots affecting Humans and all biological life, but not ancient hybrids or their cyborgs robots. The goal is to gain back power over Earth, with the ten percent of Humans serving them.''

''The Greada Treaty also holds responsible the Human governments for preventing any disclosure of information about extraterrestrial or non-Human intelligence, by the creation of fake research commissions producing false reports, such as Project Blue Book, which was meant only to deny, explain away or turn to ridicule accounts of sightings and witnesses. The treaty also stipulates that Human governments must submit to a global dictatorship ruled by the tall reptilian greys, that must be kept in total secrecy until time is deemed ripe to establish openly their tyranny. A global secret psychic police corps, operated by the greys themselves and known as the Men In Black, started appearing in the mid-fifties, to intimidate and threaten witnesses disclosing their UFO experiences.''

''You met them yourself once, guarding one of the secret underground meetings of the elite, where non-Human interdimensional entities manifest or attend. You noticed that they did not feel quite Human themselves, but more like robotic shape-shifters, like strong psychic soldiers, used for mind control wars. Their dark reputation is well earned.''

''The name Grey does not apply for a skin color as you are often misled to believe, but rather for the color of their auras, which carry many heavy karmic loads and old wounds. The tall and small greys, whether of insectoid or reptoid origins, are not necessarily evil or malevolent; they have their own very long history of karmas and wars to evolve from. The small greys themselves did not bother with Human affairs until they became targeted and abducted in the 1940's by your unconscious power hungry Human governments that threw the first stone and engaged in hostilities, forcing the small greys, who had survived several near extinctions before, to require help from their powerful allies the tall greys.''

''This idiotic, inconsiderate gesture from your governments, was equal to a frog trying to crush down a bull, or a small angry child attacking a veteran warrior. As a result, it brought the submission of Human societies into a harsher slavery than ever, speeding up the coming of a global tyranny, attempting to deprive Humanity of its spiritual sovereignty.''

See also: Paintings depicting Ra (from the Law of One) as Tall Grays

Yajweh on the grays

Below is Yajweh on the grays. These are my raw notes, transcribed from his audio tapes:

menacing gray modus operandi
create a plausibly natural disaster
then offer services to all sides
love to take credit for resolving conflict, but all they're doing is consolidating power

[that's consistent with zetatalk mission!]

grays mathematical, non-hierarchical
not exactly telepathic or empathic
very frank
overwhelmingly numerous, would take whole quadrant of galaxy to stop them from infesting earth, if they wanted to
ongoing war
no spoken language
no beauty in their eyes, though they strive to see it, curious when mentioned
thought projection to communicate. no deceit.
numbers continually growing, reached capacity in their system
venturing out to colonize
encroaching on area of earth
say they see earth as potential trade, interaction partner, as they do with others
have exclusive tech: curing disease, genetics
galactic order: blend of capitalism and socialism
don't want earth destroyed
when jahku experimented with atomic weapons, grays became very invovled in your doings
los alamos crash almost caused a war

grays want jahku to build ships to leave earth, not build bombs
helped ussr, usa, uk, france, not germany, now china and india.
given up on nasa. think russians too arrogant.
russians outpacing US for space usability
private industry will take it to the next step, grays say

like being in north korea
minder caught him recording his monologue

grays have gills, can live in water on earth for several days
hide in earth's ocean, dark side of moon, and antarctic
not so much arctic, cuz unstable and inhabited by inuit



Much work remains to be done. The four main sources of Farsight, Padgettite, Sasquatch and Yajweh do not agree on everything. Each has its own perspective, as is characteristic of genuinely independent sources. Some points of note:

  • Aliens generally believe the Source to be God, whereas Padgettites teach that the Heavenly Father is separate from the Source creation. Big news from our little planet, and it could kick off a galactic war!
  • I suspect the Padgettite medium Al Fike is partially or entirely compromised by a disinfo campaign similar to that which imperceptibly corrupted the Urantia channeling.
  • Yajweh doesn't believe in alternative timelines, but then, there's a lot he doesn't know outside his narrow specialty. Or it may be terminology.
  • Padgettites don't believe in reincarnation, whereas everyone else does. Yajweh is coy about it, saying it doesn't happen for everyone. Other sources indicate that Earth's afterlife of Spirit Spheres is not the rule among aliens, who often reincarnate directly, rather than first rejoining their Higher Self in eternity. Padgettite Jesus merely says that nobody in the Spirit Spheres has ever reincarnated, which is perfectly plausible. Humans stuck in 4D linear time cannot understand the Well of Souls.

Less-reliable sources can be useful in resolving such discrepancies. For example, Ra's Law of One is gray disinfo, but contains much genuine gray spirituality, due to their desire to assimilate compatible humans. It elaborates on difficult topics that Sasquatch Message mentions only in passing.

You are invited to discuss these matters further at r/Jahku or c/Jahku. ("Jahku" is the galactic name for Earth humans, according to interstellar anthropologist Yajweh.) The other three sources have their own discussion fora:


Now, if you will indulge me, a few moments of reflection:

As a teenager, I defended crucifixion apologetics using Josh McDowell. It's been a long road.

The above revolutionary info will threaten a radical shift in the worldview of most readers. This is frightening.

Nobody gave me the answers when I faced doubt. Only with great effort, perseverance and luck did I find them — or was I guided?

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I shall fear no evil,
for the Lord is with me.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures,
and teacheth me to poleaxe with both hands.


Is remote viewing dangerously occult?

RV is pretty safe, AFAIK. Astral projection is much more dangerous.

RV is not reliable unless done under blinded scientific conditions, however.


Moderators deleted the post, after two negative comments:

Democrats only?

level 1
1 hr. ago

This is some truly wacky Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory Qanon Christian stuff. Really weird. Very telling that they only blame Democrats for this lol.

Qanon is not mentioned. All of the primary sources abhor the US Republican party, for its evil wars, among other reasons.

However, it is true that Republicans hide their Cabal ties better than Democrats, to appeal to the Christian right. Few know that Dick Cheney is a Cabalist, whereas Hillary Clinton openly belongs to a coven. I will add Cheney for bipartisanship.

Very telling that they only blame Democrats for this lol.

Perhaps, if it were true. Rockefellers contribute to both parties, and are the source of the term, "Rockefeller Republican". The Windsors are allegedly apolitical. One suspects the reptilian lower lords lean Nazi, or Genghis.

In order to control a two-party system, one must control both parties. But I strive to only name Cabalists with certainty in this document. Even the families named contain innocent members.

das rayciss

44 min. ago

My favorite part is where the author implies calling him racist for using the word “Negress” is just a fad and that we should accept it as the more accurate word and “cease the Orwellian degeneracy.”

I do not care what you call me. However, in the South we use a different N word when we wish to offend. I find it unfortunate there is no white equivalent such as "blanco". Gringo and gringa just don't cut it.

Yes, fad. Google Ngram reports that the abominably-recent "African American" is in steep decline, whereas "negress" is making a dignified and feminine comeback. Can't keep a black woman down.

I find it incredible that "black" is supposed to have better connotations than "negro", but some people no habla engles. Tupac makes clear that black is a masculine adjective. That said, don't let me interrupt your pursuit of the Current Thing. You're too near me to see it clearly.


3 hr. ago

Trash website with a trash message, complete with trash formatting, trash arguments, and trash sourcing.

Peddle your nonsense conspiracy theories elsewhere, if you don't mind.

I love your work, Oscar the Grouch.

Use a browser reader mode for long documents.


he wrote

SwampRangers1 points2 hours ago

I see that you have a lot of material on this topic and I can only begin to scratch the surface. It appears that "Jahku" means humanity as defined by "Yajweh", who is apparently a sentient being that made some voice recordings that were posted to Youtube by one Vince Delgado. It is clear that these people (if they are different) want to associate the Jahku forum with the Biblical God Yahweh, so on that note they deserve enough attention for their claims to be reviewed.

The OP comes from "Cyberthal", who at its end states, "As a teenager, I defended crucifixion apologetics using Josh McDowell." Interestingly, I've just been using McDowell data, supplemented by Craig, to support theism at c/Atheist. However, following McDowell's methodology does not lead to the suggestions buried in the OP, with its conclusion "The above revolutionary info will threaten a radical shift in the worldview of most readers." Rather than get specific we need to first deal with the threshold issue of whether the info is revolutionary.

McDowell would tell us to adopt the best explanation. The simplest explanation for the claims of Yajweh and others who make extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence is that the claims are inaccurate and brought to us by humans who have a demonstrable interest (fame, money) in making inaccurate claims. This would be the presenting hypothesis of both the skeptic and the open-minded person who weighs the evidence against other, especially contrasting, extraordinary claims. For instance, my link shows extraordinary evidence demonstrating that Jesus claimed to be Yahweh God, i.e. so united with all the power and attributes of the cosmos that he could use any of it at will. However, the Yajweh tapes speak of Jesus and Yajweh (obviously an adjustment of Yahweh) as two of nine sentient beings who are here from other planets. These two claims cannot both be true. Further, the presenting hypothesis does an excellent job of dispatching all the claims of OP that I have skimmed, while a similar hypothesis about Jesus (that he was not extraordinary) fails for the reasons McDowell and Craig have shown.

So the threshold question would be whether Cyberthal shows that the evidence he relied on from McDowell has been superseded by even more extraordinary evidence. I see no such evidence in a quick skim of OP; instead I see the ordinary imaginative narratives that any average author could construct in time with nebulous assertions and coherent story format. I sometimes indulge the idea of constructing such narratives myself, from other standpoints, and it's quite easy to do if one sets oneself to; there is no need for the story to be true or false, merely for it to have enough cogency and occasional environmental validity to pass muster and enough ambiguity on any serious point to be backtrackable in case of an alleged contradiction. So there is no obvious evidence (and despite the topical organization of OP the entire post and probably much context would need to be scoured for it) that anything out of the ordinary has been represented by any of these individuals.

Now it's probable that one or more of them has attempted to perform a demonstration of understanding unknown laws of the cosmos (a "wonder" or "miracle"). This would bring the evidence question beyond the first threshold level to a second threshold, namely the review and significance of the wonder. This might take the form of either scientific inquiry or direct spiritual testing. But I don't even see the first threshold being crossed so as to indicate the direction of the second.

Given all that, I have no direct comment on the crucifixion at this time, beyond my link.

my reply

It is clear that these people (if they are different) want to associate the Jahku forum with the Biblical God Yahweh, so on that note they deserve enough attention for their claims to be reviewed.

I'm not sure how true that is. The YHWH of a substantial portion of the Old Testament is not Yajweh. He arrived in Crete just before its volcanic destruction. Yajweh did guide Moses behind the scenes, but did it as Moses' friend. It does however seem likely that the charade of alien technological miracles as signs of the divine was continued, at Mt. Sinai for example. Yajweh's superiors are one likely suspect; the grays are another. The conflict between Moses and the priests of Aaron may describe a conflict between two alien-backed factions.

However, following McDowell's methodology does not lead to the suggestions buried in the OP, with its conclusion "The above revolutionary info will threaten a radical shift in the worldview of most readers."

I do not remember what McDowell's methodology is.

The simplest explanation for the claims of Yajweh and others who make extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence is that the claims are inaccurate and brought to us by humans who have a demonstrable interest (fame, money) in making inaccurate claims.

I am not particularly interested in debating generic skeptical reactions. All four of the sources are minimally monetized and obviously altruistic. There is clearly no collusion, yet an undeniable correspondence.

The best place for you to start is to read the Padgettite demolition of the traditional theology and apologetics of the Bible. The authors obviously possess perfect command of the material, it being of personal interest to them. My theological and apologetic expertise is what allowed me to recognize the Padgettite texts had orthodoxy not just beaten, but effortlessly crushed. Thereafter it was only a matter of determining whether there was any corroboration.

For instance, my link shows extraordinary evidence demonstrating that Jesus claimed to be Yahweh God, i.e. so united with all the power and attributes of the cosmos that he could use any of it at will. However, the Yajweh tapes speak of Jesus and Yajweh (obviously an adjustment of Yahweh) as two of nine sentient beings who are here from other planets.

"Yajweh" is just a common name among humanoid (Pleiadian) aliens in our galaxy, like "John".

It is possible for Padgettite Jesus to be closer than all other humans to GodFather, by virtue of first being an ascended master in our galaxy, then incarnating on Earth, unlocking supernatural powers through training via angels, and then ascending via Divine Love to the Celestial Heavens. The indwelling of Divine Love is that which brings a human closer to GodFather.

All four sources have many powerful marks of authenticity, which must be discovered by investigation and corroboration, as I have done and you have yet to begin. I must say I am not impressed by your method, which is long on formality and light on intuition and legwork. My own approach, documented on my blog, has been to steelman plausible Disclosures and then demolish them using factual hardpoints such as the astronomical ratios of the Sun-Earth-Moon system. These four sources are the survivors, and they stand back to back.

he wrote

SwampRangers1 points50 minutes ago

I appreciate your having done such hard legwork for all of us. Oddly, "Padgettite" is an almost unsearchable term as if nobody is using it but yourself. I see blogs where Littlebook and Cyberthal admit to being each other, but I see no organizing structure.

Thus I have no referent for "Padgettite demolition". I've been doing public apologetics a year now based on my preparation, and so I'd be open to, but initially inclined against, an idea that another system would effortlessly crush the Biblical words of Jesus on their own face. It's not particularly impressive if four people, given the wealth of material about the crucifixion from mainstream theist and atheist sources, came up with loose agreement without collusion. OP doesn't seem to demonstrate anything sigma-breaking about that.

Interestingly, I was just studying the destruction of Thera in Minoa and came up with several lines of traditional Egyptology evidence that gave me the exact date and year of the explosion (my Krakatoa study had prepared me to apprehend the reality quickly). I had never studied Thera and within hours I had received such a treasure of information that I posted it for Easter. But of course this means that anyone so minded can do the same research and create their own narrative too. So counterfeiting is easy, and how much easier if aliens exist. If Yajweh has been around all this time, one might surmise he must have been very lazy to have achieved so little, to have no corroborative data ready for his defenders to present. Really, he lost his comms device?! The proffered explanation doesn't rank first on the likelihood chart for the scientific method, and that may be intentional to weed out the "narrow-minded".

My link provided one of the core demonstrations of McDowell's method, based on C.S. Lewis. By contrast, the claims of the existence of Anunnaki and gray aliens presented here is largely in the skeptical category broadly described as self-deception. I am glad you've taken the effort to determine marks of authenticity and compare and select from competing systems; I have too, but it's only strengthened my commitment to the core of orthodoxy and the classic creeds. Building on that core I only need two sentient species, human and angelic, and anything that claims more complex systems can be judged heuristically, and so far all of it has pointed to nothing more than factions of these two species competing over apprehension of truth. I don't need ascended masters and alien wars, I have one Creator (if you wish to call him GodFather) who has always come as Jesus even before he revealed that name. That's different from merely being closer to God than any other human.

Given that contradiction, I'd trust that your approach would make you committed to pursuing the truth wherever it leads. If your sources disqualify themselves as others have, or refuse to commend themselves when challenged, I would imagine you'd be prepared to abandon them after testing an alternative fully for superiority. The same is true for me. I can be informal but while we're still getting to know each other we need a threshold approach to ensure the most important communications come first. Because of the vast propensity for deceivers to make inroads on this topic, of which you indicate you're aware, it is essential that we prepare by recommitting to truth above all things so that we are not swayed by either testimony or action for their own sake but only by the holistic Answer in which all is explained. Again, thank you for understanding.

my reply

I appreciate your help writing an introduction.

Oddly, "Padgettite" is an almost unsearchable term as if nobody is using it but yourself.

Correct. They are terrible at branding, and want to call themselves "new birth" or "Divine Love" or something.

I see blogs where Littlebook and Cyberthal admit to being each other, but I see no organizing structure.

I can write structured documentation. However, this document is still at the rough draft and feedback stage.

Thus I have no referent for "Padgettite demolition".

Just start reading: http://new-birth.net. Also see the "The Secret Second Coming: What If the Church Got It Wrong", by Patricia Doyle.

I'd be open to, but initially inclined against, an idea that another system would effortlessly crush the Biblical words of Jesus on their own face.

Not all of the words of Jesus are corrupted, obviously. Parables are difficult to subvert.

It's not particularly impressive if four people, given the wealth of material about the crucifixion from mainstream theist and atheist sources, came up with loose agreement without collusion.

The agreement isn't loose, and it's many more than four people. Just in the four main sources, there are five remote viewers, multiple Padgettite channelers over decades, two main Sasquatch authors, and yeah Yajweh is just one (dead) guy, but he built a group of witnesses around him, doing psychic dream meetings with them. These people are still around, one can talk to them.

Like I said, start with the Padgettite texts. Your mind is closed, and I won't waste time trying to open it with the wrong can-opener.

If Yajweh has been around all this time, one might surmise he must have been very lazy to have achieved so little, to have no corroborative data ready for his defenders to present.

He violated the terms of Quarantine by oversharing info with close followers to attempt to avert catastrophe around 2012, got fired, lost his diplomatic immunity, and was hunted down and probably assassinated. Basically martyrdom for humanity. Before that he was highly productive as an anti-war international negotiator, on Earth and in our galaxy.

Really, he lost his comms device?! The proffered explanation doesn't rank first on the likelihood chart for the scientific method, and that may be intentional to weed out the "narrow-minded".

Listen to the tapes, and it becomes quite believable. He's a hippie rockstar academic who got in way over his head. Can't type, doesn't understand the interwebs. Always breaking his tape recorder; can barely use it. Old as dirt. Virgin. Aliens are weird man.

I'm hearing a lot of unnecessary blather that means you haven't read the Padgettites, which I will ignore. The website has a nice Google site search bar.

he wrote

SwampRangers1 points8 hours ago
Well, I'm disappointed that you so quickly conclude my "mind is closed" and you will ignore my "blather". Compared to the reception you got at Conspiracies (where I'd have thought you'd have gotten some welcome), I'm interacting with your data and asking for help, and you're giving it, and I'm grateful. I apologize for misreading, as it appears you mean you have four sources for different material, and one of them (Farsight) used four mediums in your OP, so I got a bit confused about the breadth of your sources.

But no, I've looked around at auto-handwriting before, and although there is some overlap here in your thoughts with ACIM and Urantia I don't recall hearing about James Padgett and Daniel Samuels. I appreciate your pointing out that someone in Sydney is taking responsibility for organizing the movement and putting up a statement of faith. Having been asked directly about the universalist umbrella by several others I was compelled to organize and publish some of the study I'd done on it last year at c/Christianity and the mod board had to take an official position to clarify how to proceed. So you might argue that I'm closed-minded about universalism, but the fact is that I'm always open to discuss it if there is a common understanding on the nature of the discussion.

New Birth also has an FAQ that I find telling:

Hey I just visited www.New-Birth.net and was just wondering, do you believe in demons? I mean fallen angels, cast down to earth by God for their pride and rebellion. I was reading the stuff by James Padgett, and if he’s not just making all that stuff up, its exactly the kind of stuff that demons masquerading as angels of light would whisper in his ear. What do you think?

This is a good question, as it is important to understand who can communicate. In fact any spirit can communicate, be they dark (devils or demons) or light. And there are many spirits of light that do communicate, and yet they are not possessed of all Truth. There are also plenty of dark spirits, and they can be every bit as evil as you might imagine.

Many folks seem to think that “demons” can communicate, but not spirits of light? Surely that is illogical. It is really very very easy to tell the difference. Just read the message. If it is all about Love, and God, HOW can it be a demon? Remember they accused Jesus of casting out devils using the power of the devil. And he answered that the devil does not work against himself. That advice is as good as it gets.

Dark spirits know nothing, and they certainly have no spiritual knowledge. They are simply unable to communicate the knowledge that was received by Padgett and Samuels and now the contemporary mediums. So, no, demons CANNOT masquerade as angels.

But Paul warns me: "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light" (2 Cor. 11:14). Sounds pretty contradictory. To the question presented within the answer, I'd reply it's possible for a message about love and a god to be from a demon if love and god are subtly redefined from what the Creator God would say. Nor did Jesus say the devil does not work against himself, but he implied that when the devil does it is a failure: "And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?" (Matt. 12:26). So the fact that New Birth has re-glossed this verse to say something it doesn't, on an important issue that they themselves recognize as a threshold by making it the second FAQ, is indicative of method.

It is certainly the right approach to test everything, as the site itself says, but when I've tested before I've been confirmed in the truth of the Bible alone, and your links have not so far yielded much that incites me to want to read Padgett at length. I couldn't bring myself to make it through more than a few pages of Urantia at a time because wikis were better at distilling the info, but good wikis may not have happened for Padgett.

So, using Wikipedia as a rough measurement of reception of ideas, I find that Farsight Institute redirects to Courtney Brown; the main Padgett reference is in the Divine Love article (A.J. Miller), a source that New Birth distances itself from; and Messrs. Sasquatch and Yajweh don't seem to have merited notice, though the latter's face is the aforementioned Vince Delgado who is also nonnotable. So like I said, if these beings have been around for thousands of years it seems they're pretty badly organized to have so little notice of their best representatives. Meanwhile we have a credible claim that Jesus is consistent and uncorrupted from a group of orgs that represent billions of people and are not lightly brushed aside with "what if they got it wrong", and we have a credible claim about Muhammad as well from another billion people that are pretty well-organized. Someone like Bahuallah trying to put all this together still has yet to make a serious mark, suggesting his recency, and your own sources smack of even more recency.

By the way it's very easy to take your material onto Wikipedia as long as you can demonstrate coverage in reliable independent sources. Certainly for Padgett that should be straightforward, and nobody's bothered to yet meaning the ground is virgin.

So (TLDR) my initial review shows (1) your four sources are interesting but not extraordinary; (2) the New Birth theology of Padgett follows known universalist tracks; (3) its site challenges its claims to be verifiable based on their content being about "Love, and God", but this has the potential to disqualify them if their definitions of these concepts should fail. Those are tentative but indicate where I'm starting from.

If you'd like to continue by presenting specific extraordinary claims, or challenges to the classic creeds, I'm interested in working with you on refining your drafts, but we may end up agreeing to disagree on things. But I'd like to hear your specific commitment to the truth as I have given you mine, because I'm not hearing you say you're prepared to abandon any nonaxiomatic assumption if the evidence of experience requires it, as I am for my assumptions. As it stands it's hard to set you apart from the people who seize multiple genres and "canons" and write fanfiction tying them all together in an attempt to smooth over discrepancies. I have one canon, the Bible, and it's always proved itself sufficient.

my reply

Your mind is obviously closed and unable to cope with the new influx of data. That will change in time, and it is not my business to hurry you along.

Obviously I was initially skeptical in my evaluation of this information. It's a process of months, if not actual generations. Death is the great remover of cognitive error.

But Paul warns me: "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light" (2 Cor. 11:14).

Sasquatch comments on this phenomenon. It is quite possible for higher beings, good and evil, to generate lots of light:

''There are also interdimensional beings who can show up as radiant ones and trick you by projecting all kinds of bright images pleasant for the senses, without clear intention. You have heard that the lower lords like to call themselves by names such as 'bearer of light' and 'illuminated', and that they will most often try to appear as bright shining beings. They imposed themselves as gods to your ancestors and are now trying to seduce Humans into believing that they are ascended masters, to usurpate the role of the Star Elders Council. Notice that they need to refer to famous religious figures to get credit.''

''They ask you to submit to their will, while on our side we ask you to awaken to your Soul memory and spiritual consciousness inscribed in your DNA star seeds, and to help in the great cosmic healing and dharmic process of evolution, by caretaking this home-planet called Mother Earth and all the life She carries, as it was intended to be your mission.''

So like I said, if these beings have been around for thousands of years it seems they're pretty badly organized to have so little notice of their best representatives.

A rude attitude will get you nowhere with higher beings. Yajweh's team succeeded in their mission of starting religions all over Earth. The reptilian lower lords who rule this planet succeeded in corrupting them. Humanity is Quarantined as a result of our free will decisions to rebel against Divine Law and the Cosmic Order. If you think your Bible is working for you, continue to experience the consequences of living in a house built on sand.

By the way it's very easy to take your material onto Wikipedia as long as you can demonstrate coverage in reliable independent sources. Certainly for Padgett that should be straightforward, and nobody's bothered to yet meaning the ground is virgin.

Someone more masochistic can play with the Wikipedia wokesters.

If you'd like to continue by presenting specific extraordinary claims,

I have no interest in your process of admission to the other part of your community. I will continue to develop the content in my own way, and challenge larger communities on Reddit next. At this point I have plenty of material to write a book without further feedback, and lack only time. I have many megabytes of processed notes to prepare for publication.

he wrote

SwampRangers1 points13 hours ago
So now you suggest my attitude is rude and unhelpful to my goals. But I am content, I am everywhere I want to be with higher beings. The Bible is the foundation of rock, and if something is even more solid then it will commend itself.

Hypothetical: If the Bible is true and entities wanted to subvert it, what would they do? They would propose that multiple religions were started equivalently by the same team, including the Judeo-Christian view and several other contradictory ones; they would suggest that man's inability is something they can assist with resolving as middlemen rather than directing them to approach the Creator immediately; they would propose that a message about God and love is automatically approved based on its words prior to its analytical review by the skeptic; they would speak in ambiguity and claim inability to prove assertions via various exigencies; and so on.

Hypothetical: If the Bible is partly false and entities have a message that is more true, what would they do? They would not take offense at inquirers or judge them as closed-minded; they would be quick to demonstrate both the extraordinary events they claim and the superiority of the theology by direct expositional comparison of the two systems; they would work to present the simple introductions to newcomers first and the developed study after providing the introductory material; they would not be concerned what Scored or Reddit think but would be content with the fact that the truth will commend itself; and so on.

Interestingly, Geoff Cutler of New Birth seems to meet several, but not all, of these marks. Your sources are not otherwise generally commending themselves by these commonsense tests that everyone of every IQ uses to filter out less likely propositions. I think I've had some acquaintance with Farsight and Sasquatch before, but not Padgett and Yajweh; I greatly appreciate your showing them to me in more detail. The tabloid Farsight homepage is full of other things than double-blind study, and instead I see at the very bottom one link to "Latest, peer-reviewed, published research" that dates to 2012: its abstract says "prediction using remote viewing has a long and spotted history" and it goes into great detail to propose that no control group is necessary due to its methods. We could talk about that data, but if the approach is to hurl an elephant and then to discourage people from eating one bite at a time then that wouldn't be the same.

So the fact that you're not getting great traction at Conspiracies, which usually listens to this type of content, and the fact that you have someone here professing to be a sincere inquirer that you are pushing back against, suggest that there may be more work needed on both our parts to approach each other better. Perhaps you're looking for me to be more free to abandon what I've grown up studying than I've professed (i.e. I will back up from any tenet except existence itself if the evidence of experience indicates otherwise); and perhaps I'm looking for you to communicate in ways that don't come naturally to you. I trust this will resolve.

There is no admission process at Scored. There are communities that each have their own content rules, some are Wild West (all legal speech), and some have limitations (civility or support of a particular position), and a couple are very narrowly directed. Yet even though your topic is relocated to the Inquiry Forum of Christianity, you've still gotten two other people interested in RV who have continued the discussion as well as started a new thread. This should be regarded as a success. I've pointed out a couple cases where you've had difficulty taking words at face value and where you've taken impressions from them that are not present, and this is a very important ability for clear communication. I'm sure we'll have more opportunity to explore this.

my reply

They would not take offense at inquirers or judge them as closed-minded…

That is what the Padgettites do. I am busy writing technical apologetics. They will be happy to talk your ear off.

Authors are busy, underpaid people. Get used to it.

To debate Farsight methods, try r/RemoteViewing or Courtney's books.

I am an icebreaker, not a networker. I aim to collect and crush worthwhile or common objections. Nobody will believe before reading the books.


he wrote

[−]bolodefrutas (deleted by user)1 point3 hours ago

(This post turned out rambly. I apologize.)

I respect your fearless ventures into the unknown and your general disregard for the Normie Catechism of Acceptable Beliefs. I have arrived at eccentric opinions of my own after studying certain subjects with the utmost attention to evidence and logical rigour, and I know what it's like trying to present them to normies. They don't think twice before trampling on your pearls.

They ask for peer-reviewed studies, i.e. for approbation by the thoroughly corrupt establishment of contemporary science. They tell you about Occam's Razor, which to them seems to essentially mean that the conventionally accepted opinion on the matter is always right (they are used to it, which means it's the "simplest" explanation). They talk about replicability and falsifiability, but if you present them a constellation of sources they ask you if they're peer-reviewed.

But I have something to falsify your perspective. The "new birth" website says that Jesus' crucifixion does not save us. That that is a barbarous, primitive doctrine. A regular Christian would call that heresy, but you already know that. What you don't seem to have considered is that countless exorcisms across the last two millenia would contradict that assertion. Pleading the blood of Jesus seems to be particularly effective with demons.

Exorcisms are an important phenomenon, a phenomenon with enormous implications, and woefully understudied (but then again so are morphogenetic fields and all sorts of other subjects; science today is a total sham). There are even videos of exorcisms on Youtube, and many of them. If you gather material from different exorcists, patterns emerge. I wonder why so few people have studies these patterns. Very few people have read books by both Protestant and Catholic exorcists and looked at the patterns.

Demons fear the name of Jesus. They also deeply fear the name of Mary. I wonder what a Protestant would make of that. But again: the blood of Jesus. Mentioning it in an exorcism drives them nuts. His sacrifice is salvific. His sacrifice is the center of Christianity. The crucifixion is the crux. It tears reality open. It points in all directions. It is the opposite of the Buddhist symbol of the circle within which we are endlessly trapped. It breaks through the circle and sets us free. (Here I am borrowing what Chesterton said on the subject.)

I'm done rambling. I'm not a big fan of Christianity. I wish it weren't true. I have real bad scrupulosity OCD and being an orthodox Christian doesn't help matters. Peering too much into the subject of demons doesn't help either, it's too much of a "staring into the abyss" or "fighting with monsters" thing (the Nietzsche quotes are banal but feel apt; Nietzsche was a neurotic and a specialist in neurosis). The gist of what I'm saying is the testimony of exorcisms confirms the orthodoxy of plain regular orthodox Christianity, and there exists a constellation of exorcism reports, transcripts and videos from which the same picture emerges: orthodox Christianity is true.

(Oh, and the cryptocrats who rule the world seem to know this full-well. MK-Ultra is basically the photographic negative of deliverance ministry: it is the study of demonology, but not with the intent of exorcizing demons from people, but rather of making them as demonized as can be.)

my reply

Thanks bolo.

The "new birth" website says that Jesus' crucifixion does not save us. That that is a barbarous, primitive doctrine.

Fallen reptilians are hardly primitive, but they are atavistic, and as carnivores enjoy being covered in blood, Jesus' or otherwise. I have been gory while hunting, and it is not something humans enjoy.

What you don't seem to have considered is that countless exorcisms across the last two millenia would contradict that assertion.

No. The OP acknowledges that Jesus' name repels dark spirits, and I have personally tested this truth. Blood has nothing to do with it. Light is what burns dark spirits. The superior brightness of Celestial spirits is why it is so difficult for them to telepathically commune with our own dimmer souls. The Master of the Celestial Heavens is as bright as it gets, presumably.

The death of Jesus may be especially traumatic to earthly dark spirits because of spell backlash and Jesus' three-day evangelism of hell. This is a massive karmic vulnerability for Earth's lower lords. Dark spirits are taught to flee the Light in terror, because their masters fear they will convert and never return — or worse, return preaching.

However, this is still not blood atonement, a principle that does not exist in Divine Law. Blood sacrifice is fundamentally about black magic harvesting life energy, a corruption and inversion of the Cosmic Order.

That's not to say that all animal sacrifice was deepest evil. Fallen humans have had various fallen "gods", and some of them were more benign than others. Yajweh discusses the origin of the human concept of religious sacrifice. Primitive human societies do it spontaneously.

They also deeply fear the name of Mary.

She's a Celestial spirit too. Human faith in higher powers also has its own power.


he wrote

1 min. ago

I am sorry to say you are wasting your time playing with silly rubbish. "Channeled" communication cannot be trusted because the person could be making it up, imagining it, or insane. "Farsight viewing" is the same. Youtube cannot be trusted because we have no way of knowing where the video presenter got their information from. They could be making it up or insane. So nothing you conclude from such sources will be taken seriously by anyone.

Furthermore, you make extreme claims which contradict science, such as one species living on multiple planets, and claiming Nibiru is real. Extraordinary claims require extremely reliable empirical evidence or no one will take them seriously.

At best, your work will be regarded as silly and unimportant. But I am afraid most will simply see you as a wacko. No one is going to give this any serious attention.

my reply

"He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him."

It is clear you have no understanding of the topic. The Padgettite book linked discusses mediumship, which is indeed 85% garbage, just like most human testimony. Our courts and historians are well able to distinguish the difference, your laziness notwithstanding.

You are eager to predict that no one will take this seriously. In this you lie. Many people have taken all four sources seriously. I merely combine them.

Nibiru is not a planet but an artificial moon of the sun, undergoing powered flight, with stealth screens, for military reasons. Earth has its own artificial satellite, similarly stealthed: the Black Knight. UAPs demonstrate stealth characteristics in our atmosphere and oceans regularly.

It seems I was wrong regarding humanity's home planet. I probably mixed in some gray disinfo. Sasquatch writes:

''Our solar system now counts ten known planets, including the newly discovered planet X, without counting the ancient planet Malkut between Mars and Jupiter, turned into the asteroid belt. It was destroyed millions of years before the birth of Humanity in the intergalactic war of the five worlds; my Sasquatch People lived for ages on those planets. This is why you keep finding numerous signs of life and remains of civilization on Mars. The red planet itself saw the mass extermination of its life through nuclear warfare, and this is why its surface is contaminated with Xenon 129, a residue from nuclear explosions. Ancient remains of star nations can be found on all planets of our system and on moons. The war of the five worlds involved Earth, Malkut, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, while Venus was not yet colonized. Sasquatch were an important part of it until fifty million years ago. Let us skip details of the history of our solar system and continue on our cosmic journey.''

I am not sure which planet humans originated on. I doubt it was Earth, but I'll remove that part until I verify.

There may be a discrepancy between Sasquatch and Padgettites on the age of humanity, which can be resolved something like this: There was a mammaloid "Pleidian" human-like species on Maldek, which was destroyed. Those souls migrated eventually to Earth, where a new "Pleiadian" humanity was created from bonobos. There are multiple other aliens who are near-human "Pleiadian" humanoids, as Yajweh attests, originating ultimately from Andromeda.

Since the Padgettites focus on the Spirit Spheres, humanity's history to them goes back to Adam and Eve, who did not live on Earth but probably Maldek, I'm guessing.

Obviously our current human bodies originate on Earth, since we share genes with chimpanzees.


56 min. ago

The Padgettite book linked discusses mediumship, which is indeed 85% garbage, just like most human testimony.

Then you should have no problem with anyone who concludes that your testimony, your posts, are "85% garbage".

Set, subset, bye.


level 3
53 min. ago

Quoting people who claim to be quoting stuff they heard in their head is not evidence of anything so it does not matter what they say. Malkut is a hebrew term from the Kabbalah for the 10th sephirah. It originates from books like the Sepha Zohar around 200AD. To accuse me of being lazy just because I do not believe you is rude. This is a debate forum so you should expect disagreement. And I am the only person who has done you the courtesy of a civil and rational response. Others have simply dismissed you as either crazy or stupid and consider you not worth a response. Your propositions are preposterous and lack even a hint of evidence. For example - There are no signs of life, let alone previous civilizations, on Mars.

"Stuff they heard in their head" covers pretty much all scripture, despite your anti-telepathic bigotry.

I accurately describe you as mentally lazy due to your sloppy dismissals.

Nobody is expected to agree before reading the books. Your distinction is to be the one opining beforehand.

You do not even know the definition of "evidence":

the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid

If a voice in your head tells you to "STOP" as you are about to cross the street, apparently you will ignore it and step into the path of the oncoming truck because there was "No Evidence".

For example - There are no signs of life, let alone previous civilizations, on Mars.

There is no proof of life on Mars. The US government has admitted to finding possible signs, as Googling attests. There are also weathered pyramidal structures next to the face on Mars.

You are correct that I do not appreciate your contributions to the debate, and will cease interacting.


he wrote

[preliminary nonsense skipped]​

level 4
22 min. ago

You said the document includes debate. Sounds like you think you did the whole.

You’re presenting stuff that is not really open to debate because it’s based off pseudoscience (like remote viewing).

This is not appropriate for debate religion. Maybe better for a pseudoscience sub or a fringe religion sub.

my reply

You're the real version of the Monty Python skit where the guy argues with you about whether you want to have an argument.

In the table of contents, under Feedback, there are thousands of words of debate. I am actually considering including yours now, for comedy.

Visions are a major cause and content of religions. How did God use dreams and visions in the Bible? | GotQuestions

The subject of the OP is corroboration of an obscure heterodox Christian denomination. Christianity is a religion:

the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices.


13 hr. ago

Is this suppose to be like a fantasy or real?

It is real, and I do not expect to survive publishing it.

However, I suggest readers take it as a hypothetical and attempt to falsify.

EDIT: As a journalist, I have received various threats over the years, most of which I dismissed. I am not paranoid by nature; reckless, rather.

etymology of Jahku

What is the etymology of "Jahku"? Does it imply "Jah" as in Hebrew for God?

I don't know the etymology, presumably it's too ancient to know. Yajweh said it was a proud name.


is one of the defunct sites of Yajwehites, where I may have first found the spelling, or understood its significance. There is also the 5sks.com site on archive.org, which probably uses the term in some of its summary text.

I don't think it's meaningful to debate whether aliens have the letter J. The word is used much in the tapes, but may be misspelled in the transcripts. Transcription is currently incomplete.

This feels like trivia, but some Christians are paranoid about names of God.

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