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I wrote up a small report about the sun and the potential issues going forward with solar cycle 25. I think I've posted it here before, but I'll go ahead and copy and paste it again just in case somebody here hasn't seen it yet. I would also love any feedback. Good or bad I don't care:

Two scientists have been putting together an idea at the University of Maryland, they released a paper in December 2020 that looked at over 270 years of sunspot data. Our sun has vast bands of magnetism emanating from the northern and southern poles. When oppositely charged bands collide at the equator, it's called a Terminator Event, kickstarting the next solar cycle. The interval between terminators varies from 10 to 15 years and is key to predicting the next cycle. The longer time between terminators, the weaker the next cycle, the shorter amount of time between terminators, the stronger the next cycle. We are now in the midst of a terminator event at only 10 years since the last, previous solar cycles with short intervals have been among the strongest in recorded history.



41,400 years ago the Laschamp Event occurred, a geomagnetic excursion where the magnetic fields of earth reversed. The reversal lasted for approximately 440 years with the transition occurring over the course of 250 years. The reversed field was 75% weaker than today's current field, but during the transition it dropped as low as 5% it's current strength. This resulted in more cosmic rays reaching the earth, making it easy to identify cosmogenic isotopes, ozone levels decreased and atmospheric circulation changed. The loss of the geomagnetic shield possibly caused the extinction of megafauna, the extinction of the Neanderthals and the appearance of cave art. The magnetic excursion has since been demonstrated in geological archives from many parts of the world, even though there is debate on the cause of the extinctions.



Our geomagnetic north pole has moved approximately 1000km in the past 20 years, in the 20 years prior it moved less than 500km, it is accelerating at a rapid pace. From the end of World War 2 up until the mid 70's, it was a meandering leisurely line. Starting in the mid 70's it began picking up pace, heading across the arctic, out of northern Canada. The south pole on the other hand has moved approximately 600km over the past 100 years. Our magnetic fields are shifting.


Our magnetic shield is changing, in the southern Atlantic Ocean there is a weakening of the field, tripping radiation sensors on satellites, and it's growing. Scientists at the European Space Agency recently reported that in the last five years, the anomaly may have split in half. One half over the ocean southwest of Africa and the other half east of South America. According to one 2018 study, when spacecraft pass through the anomaly, they — and the humans they carry — are exposed to "several minutes of strong radiation each time."

https://www.businessinsider.com/earth-magnetic-field-weakening-satellite-problems-2020-5#:~:text=1 Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from,malfunctions in satellites and spacecraft. More items...

I believe there is potential for a solar event to occur in the next 10 years. I believe we have gotten lucky, like in 2012 with a near miss by 9 days. Had we been hit, we likely would still be recovering today, at a cost of trillions. This was during solar cycle 24, which was substantially less active than other recent cycles, down to a level that had not been seen since the 1800's.



I believe McIntosh and Leamon when they say cycle 25 "could have a magnitude that rivals the top few since record-keeping began". I believe our growing magnetic shield instability in the south Atlantic has the potential to complicate matters going forward, possibly sending life underground yet again to survive as the Neanderthals once did.



Source: Corruptimeline's Reddit comment.

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