The lazy way to "downgrade brew" to an earlier version of Emacs on MacOS

I updated my brew packages yesterday, thereby inadvertently updating Emacs to version 28, which proved incompatible with my v26 configuration.

Emacs started up in an unusable state, with multiple errors.

This brought my workflow to a grinding halt. I should really have a backup Textmind instance for such situations. (Maybe I do somewhere.)

I googled how to downgrade the package in brew, but that appeared needlessly complicated. Brew did not have alternative versions of Emacs.

Instead I downloaded Emacs 26.3 from Emacs for Macos X. I installed it as Emacs 3 (and Emacs 27 as Emacs 2).

I ran Emacs 3, and everything worked fine. Now I can upgrade my configuration at my leisure, and my workflow is uninterrupted.

My googling didn't highlight this easy answer, causing me to waste time doing questionable things at the Terminal.

I have a complicated setup with Chemacs profiles etc, and it somewhat surprised me when everything just worked. That's why I use MacOS.

Best practices are good, but fast food is forever!

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