The House of Windsor are Rakshasa hybrids who ritually cannibalized Diana and Dodi's unborn child

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  2. Hidden hybrids
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  5. Mind control mafia
  6. Deceiver's delight
  7. A princess chained
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Beyond Icke

A decade ago, this topic was shocking and salacious. Now it is usually met with derision and disgust. The critical consensus is that David Icke's various theories are not biologically plausible.

I do not fault the former sportscaster for his exobiological imprecision. He is a fearless interviewer, and that's what was needed to break the story.

Now we have had time to think about things. It is time to answer the critics.

Icke does not discuss Rakshasas, to my knowledge. However, that is exactly what the Windsors are.

This post will provide an exobiologically-plausible definition of Rakshasa hybrid royal bloodlines. I focus on the Windsors as a well-known public example, but there are other families.

Hidden hybrids

To be clear, the Windsors are mostly human, with only a little Rakshasa DNA. They are not reptilians; they are warm-blooded mammals with a temporary paranormal shifter ability. This is weird, but so is a duck-billed platypus.

Rakshasas are reptilians, not felines. A true Rakshasa is a reptilian shapeshifter capable of many forms. The Rakshasa legend in India is associated with the tiger, a stealthy 300 lb apex predator who favors children.

Picture: Rakshasa Gate Guard Grand Royal Palace

When shifting, a Windsor becomes several feet taller, gaining a fanged snout, scales and clawed hands. Therefore they attend sacrificial rituals naked except for a loose cloak.

The Windsors only shapeshift during rituals or sometimes when their bloodlust is triggered, such as when sleeping or around blood. Maybe someone could trigger one with an aerosolized blood spray.

Noticing someone's eyes flash reptilian on video is probably a video compression artifact. Noticing someone's eyes briefly flash reptilian in person is probably a psychic insight and not actual shapeshifting.

Shapeshifting works on principles similar to ghostly ectoplasm. Rakshasa Cabalists need bloodshed to supply energy, preferably from pure souls such as children.

Hybrid Rakshasas such as the Windsors have only a single shifter ability to temporarily assume the true Rakshasa form. Presumably the ability lies dormant until awakened by ritual and training.

Rakshasa history

"…the Rakshasas implanted their reptilian hybrid bloodlines in Egypt, Sumeria, India, China, Japan, Mexico and elsewhere, showing themselves as gods requiring Human sacrifices.''

''Rama's wife, Sita, was abducted on a Vimana or aerial chariot, by Ravana, the demon-king of the lineage of the Rakshasa, a race of reptilian shape-shifters, with dynasties ruling on Earth. The Vanara built a stone bridge with millions of blocks weighing a few tons each, that were lined up to connect India to the island of Sri Lanka, sixty miles away. This gigantic monument can still be seen today, as a proof of the contribution of my people in helping your Human People to maintain their freedom, although it was renamed Adam's Bridge by the colonialists, still attempting to rewrite history in their own image. Among other feats by Hanuman, he was said to have picked up a mountain top in Java and thrown it on the city of Hampi in India, over which ancient ruins, huge boulders sit. Vanara and Humans sharing victory overthrew the Rakshasa and their giants in Sri Lanka. Peace returned, Sita was freed from her abductor and went back to live with Rama.''

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2: Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders

Why don't the Windsor Cabalists ever crack and confess? Because they are possessed by real reptilians living in the underworld (an ancient lithosphere cavern network) and adjacent dimensions. This ensures multi-generational continuity, as these highly-evolved reptilians have great longevity, which is extended by human sacrifice. Ooparts embedded in coal testify that repterrans once ruled Earth during the age of the dinosaurs, and some have never left. They are banished from the surface but may intervene with human consent.

Hidden realms

Visions of fiery hell where reptilian demons torment damned humans have a factual basis. Repterran civilization destroyed itself in a nuclear apocalypse. Many of their souls are discarnate and dark, forming local hells.

Most skeptics consider extradimensional aliens to be outside the realm of possibility, which is ironic, since mythology has consistently asserted the existence of other realms, for which science now has an explanation:

It turns out that roughly 68% of the universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27%. The rest - everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter - adds up to less than 5% of the universe.


Mind control mafia

It is standard practice in the Cabal to disrupt the formation of nuclear family ties that might threaten loyalty to the Cabal. This is done via arranged breeding, surrogacy and adoption. Abused adoptees lack the crucial developmental stage of bio-parental bonding, making them more sociopathic, reptilian, and dependent on the Cabal. (This bonding begins when the newborn inhales the mother's pheromones at her breast.)

It is a common practice for a brood mother to carry her fetus to 3 months, whereupon it is extracted for ritual consumption. The pregnant mother is especially radiant during this period, which is exploitable for celebrity charisma. To ensure good chemistry between romantic lead characters, actors in Cabal Hollywood films make a baby together. The actress carries the baby for the first trimester, whereupon it is sacrificed. Normal IVF surrogacy is used to create the child resulting from the film, who is raised by the surrogate. This sounds convoluted, but sacrificing the firstborn is an ancient occult ritual useful for improving the odds of a blockbuster release. The blush of honeymooning lovers cannot be faked. One can speculate whether the actress is told about the sacrifice and swap, or simply believes that the embryo has been transferred.

For destined sacrifices such as Diana, mind control, drugs and minders are used to keep her unaware of her pregnancies and abuse. It is an ancient system that has been honed to perfection, cracking now only due to uncontrollable info proliferation over the free(ish) Internet.

(For example, versions of this post were censored despite popularity from the subreddits AlternativeHistory and ConspiracyTheories, and the entire Truth11 website was removed from Wordpress.com within hours of my post linking to their article. Doubtless the House of Windsor has paid good money to suppress rumors surrounding Diana's death.)

Deceiver's delight

One observes a certain sinister mien in the Windsor men mentioned as active Cabalists in the following sources. Prince Harry is not active, for example, but Princes Philip and Charles are. The charisma of the innocent mind-controlled Windsors is used to shield the active Rakshasas from suspicion. Megan Markle is a daughter of Diana, and must be congratulated for leaving the viper's nest.

The sinister nature of the active Windsor Cabalists can best be captured by the darkness of even their genuine smiles, which are hard to find:

Picture: Prince Philip smiles at Prince Charles

A princess chained

Souls can be consumed or trapped to power black magic. The astral and etheric body are both also sources of energy, and can be consumed carnivorously.

Diana's sacrifice in the tunnel was a meticulously-planned occult ritual. She carried Dodi's unborn child, making them a royal family: Isis, Osiris and Horus. The child was ritually cannibalized by shifted Rakshasa royals, along with select organs from Diana. Diana's soul was then sealed to power a dark spell, drawing upon England's grief to cement Cabal rule in the new age.

Presumably her soul is trapped in an artifact, perhaps at the island where she is allegedly buried. She will remain there, suffering, until some Super Mario challenges the Grand Pindar (Dragon Dick King) to rescue the Princess.

Myths are often genetic memory.

NES Game: Super Mario Bros. (1985 Nintendo) | YouTube | Mario rescues the Princess from Bowser



I have no insider info to add to this. I merely summarize the sources. Judge for yourself.

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