Textmind "Sprint" renamed to "Ramble"

A ramble goes further than a sprint.

Why the tortoise beat the hare: plodding pace > fast flair.

I've been calling a level-one heading in the daylog a "sprint", but that's wrong because sprint already means something else.

So I need a new name for the concept. For a while I tried calling them "walks", but that feels ambiguous and weak. Dogs get taken on walks. They are sterile minibreaks in suburbia.

The task to execute the "sprint" rename just reached the top of the todo list, so I need to make a decision.

I turned to the thesaurus for inspiration, querying "jaunt", which led me to "ramble", which is perfect. It encourages the relaxed feeling Textmind aims for, and emphasizes the disorganized nature of the chronological log. This aids lateral creative thinking.

There's no need to apply severe stressful internal focus, because Textmind already supplies that. What Emacs can't do is be creative, so the human user has to supply that by being in an open mood.

So whenever the user creates a new ramble, he titles the parent heading "Rambling [datestamp]".

Humans are hunter gatherers, and they are designed to wander through the woods and notice and act upon valuable information. Textmind essentially turns plain text into a forest through which the user can accomplish all his life objectives by merely rambling along.

I can already feel this rename putting me in a better frame of mind about working in Textmind! Visualizing my workflow as a forest ramble gives me a sense of enjoyment and progress that I otherwise can't find in the process itself.

Try working to this:

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