Textmind incomprehensible | freelance technical writing | Binmind = Textmind prereq

Textmind is so advanced as to be largely incomprehensible. I'll work on improving the documentation, of course, but a hefty amount of that complexity is irreducible. Thus it behooves me to consider alternatives to the B2C approach.

B2B obviously has a higher tolerance for sales complexity. But Textmind is still too new and unproven to start pitching it to companies. For similar reasons, it's a difficult sell to investors.

What to do with an advantage nobody understands? Exploit it, of course. And what's the best way to exploit Textmind? Technical writing.

So the plan is, start doing technical writing freelancing. Use that income stream to drive further development of Textmind, and build a business around it. I can then sell Textmind as a product to technical writers, train hires to use it in-house, and/or sell it B2B.

Between this and Discyborg, that's enough angles for monetization.

Hm, come to think of it, a Binmind training course would be vastly simpler to sell than Textmind. That's my binary (non-text) file management system. I should teach that before Textmind!

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