Textmind beginner's learning sequence

A Pubmind-T2 site such as http://cyberthal-docs.nfshost.com inherently lacks a defined learning path.  Without either a commentated demo or a beginner's learning sequence, it appears Textmind is too difficult to learn.

Here's an attempt at a beginner's sequence:

In the beginning, there was the sheet of paper.  You wrote until you ran out of room at the bottom.  Maybe you started writing in tiny letters to squeeze the rest of a thought into the bottom margin.

Using the ramblog file is like writing on paper with pen.  It's sequential, immutable.  That's the first concept.

The second concept is the dashboard.  It's a mutable outline to support working on the immutable ramblog.

The third concept is processing a ramblog once it gets too long.  One copy is archived.  The other is rendered into atomic headings.  These are like notecards.  Shuffle them and they still make sense.

The fourth concept is filing into 10 Bins with Treefactor.  This is like a filing cabinet.  Org Agenda headings are kept in a separate filing cabinet from bulk prose, to ensure the latter doesn't clog up executive function.

The fifth concept is iterational velocity.  Filing is never done.  Do only enough to execute the next task or write the next essay.

The sixth concept is outbound destinations for text from Textmind.  Pubmind takes longform content.  Textmini repos control satellite git repos for separate projects.

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