Texas to drown in pole shift

executive summary


Texas to flood/sink


expected timeframe: this decade, solar maximum


Hi [redacted],

I'm in Shenzhen, doing well. I'm able to eat normally now thanks to cholestyramine. Had I listened to US gastro docs, I'd likely be facing a bowel resection at some point.

Regarding the pole shift:

The electric universe model is more correct than the mainstream model. Our star cluster has passed into a more energetic area of the galaxy. Neighboring stars have begun experiencing super-flares that fry their planets. Our sun is next.

Earth experiences periodic pole shifts or reversals. This causes extreme changes on the surface. Geo-solar electro-magnetic events can temporarily slow the rotation of the Earth, for example. Accumulated tectonic stresses are released by these events, allowing continents to slide into new configurations. Tidal waves ensue, of the kind that drowned Atlantis.

Texas is unfortunately at low elevation and not expected to survive the changes to the region, as South America turns sideways. China has built ghost cities far inland from her heavily-populated coast in anticipation of the Event. Europe is largely expected to drown, and has been trying to take Ukraine as a result. Billionaires build bunkers in New Zealand.

Alien Open First Contact will occur after civilization collapses, with the frying of the electric grid and estimated > 50% casualties. Ships will land to render aid. The US government's treaty of secrecy with the Galactic Federation expired in 2017, so contact is gradually intensifying, with more sightings etc. In the meantime, they are preventing nuclear war to keep the planet habitable for other sapient species, such as dolphins.

In sum, the situation is delicate and one should prepare a backup plan that involves high ground, subsistence living and a tribe.

For the skeptic, a simple exercise: Consider the Moon. We haven't been back, despite its utility as an orbital weapons platform. In fact, the age of discovery stopped just short of the poles, deep ocean and lithosphere. Somehow caves are populated by albino species without connecting to each other?


In particular, the 3.66 ratio means that the Moon was artificially constructed to be a sign to surface-dwellers.

108 is how aliens often refer to Earth. It probably indicates the Earth itself was intelligently designed.


If you think that's weird, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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