"Taking Note" by Gaurav Gada, vs Textmind

Review of "Taking Note" by Gaurav Gada.

I’ve been developing a system to take notes through org-capture

org-capture assumes a non-daylog workflow, which leads to fragmentation of one's core chronological record. No amount of metadata can compensate for this.

I haven't tried it, but org-capture can probably be adapted to a daylog workflow, like Org itself.

while with paper notes, you can draw, scribble and experiment with ease.

A daylog permits the same flexibility, since all meanderings are expressible via chronological sequence of thoughts. One can even doodle with GIMP and then link to the file with git-annex.

I’ve been guilty of making the mistake or organizing notes by topics and not by the context in which I will stuble upon it again.

Not a problem unless one's hierarchical nomenclature refactoring system is broken. Textmind's works. The topic under which something fits is a more stable name than the context in which one will need it again, because the latter depends on plans which should evolve.

instead of filing things away according to where they came from, you file them according to where they’re going.

Notes can be filed according to where they came from as long as there's a link to that location from where one will need the info. The link can be either mental or digital. For example, if one knows an author is relevant to a topic, then one can file the author's words under his name.

with electronic notes, it is hard to draw, scribble, write quick math and move things around without getting disctracted from what you were initially doing!

This is due to his lack of daylog to coordinate his central thoughtstream and defer processing.

Maybe some day Deep Learning will flawlessly index all our paper notes!

You can do it now with the right algorithm - just like you can juggle several balls if you move your hands in the correct sequence. In this analogy, gravity is exponential forgetting.

Sustainable Work

By breaking processing into a detailed checklist, one can listen to music or audio books while doing the easy steps. One doesn't need one's full attention to identify most divisions between one note and the next.

Forte> Ultimately, learning should not be about hoarding stockpiles of knowledge like gold coins. It is about becoming a different kind of person with a different way of thinking.

Textmind's goal is full thought capture and significant thought organization to enable relaxed execution with a "beginner's mind".

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