Streetfights: Teep to open, shiv to finish

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  1. Teeps open
  2. Shivs break grapples

Teeps open

The best shoe for streetfighting is a steel-toed boot. However, the most likely is a soft-toed sneaker with a hard rubber sole. Therefore I will focus on the latter.

The teep is fundamental in streetfighting, but it should never be targeted above the knee, because catching the shoe is easy, and losing a shoe is disastrous. The highest kick should be a punt to the balls.

The teep is the long jab of streetfighting. It targets the shin with the hard sole. It rakes the flesh painfully downward, pulls on the pants, threatens to snap the shin and wrench the knee, and disrupts the stance.

It is thus excellent for setting up combos by causing the foe to stumble backwards.

The shin teep is impossible in MMA because shoes are banned. When shoes aren't banned, the shod can't kick. It is not the top of the shoe that makes a kick dangerous, but the bottom. While the sole can do minor superficial damage when striking soft tissue, its real utility is to permit a full-power teep to the shin. This is impossible when barefoot because the shin is much harder and sharper than the sole of the foot.

The shin teep lowers the foe's hands and directs his eyes downwards. The next logical strike is a long jab eye gouge, as one closes into combo range.

Press off the foe's face with the jab, repulsing one's forward shoulder. Lean back into a rear roundhouse lowkick. Just one can temporarily cripple.

Use the balanced repulsion from fore-hand jab and rear-leg lowkick to hop backwards and reset.

It is now much safer to engage at mid-range, which is where fistfights traditionally occur. Mix arm strikes to the head with knees to the groin.

Shivs break grapples

One should not fight unarmed at close range. One cannot maintain situational awareness and risks being blindsided by a second assailant.

Use a shiv to immediately break grapples, due to the high risk of an incapacitating knee to the groin or a concrete concussion.

If one anticipates short-range combat, consider palming a screwdrive shiv and striking with the butt before the foe closes. Then one won't need to draw it to ensure a quick escape.

This is an escalation, obviously, and thus risks retaliation. It may be better to let one's shiv go unseen until felt by his kidneys.

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