Spinster FBI Anon, 2019 | China attempts global conquest to negotiate with aliens in sister timeline

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This may be the most important leaks by a US government agent in history. It is largely dismissed and ignored as fiction; however the claims are well-corroborated. Limited communication between alternative timelines is possible. Aliens prefer to negotiate with a united global humanity. China's Xi seeks global conquest. Nukes are taboo but biowarfare WW3 has begun. Epstein did kill himself… with a lot of help.


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Jesus Christ you incel fucks are annoying. Fine. I am an analyst for the FBI. I am here only to watch for manifestos. I am allowed to engage with you fat, disgusting, hambeasts on a limited basis.

This is probably against the rules. Of fucking well, though.

Jews do not run the fucking world. We do.

Blacks do commit more violent crime.

Hispanics aren't nearly as bad as you people make them out to be.

Asians have better memories and spatial reasoning skills than whites.

Women are less logical than men.

White women have the highest intellectual capacities of all races but are simultaneously the most emotionally driven and compromised.

There have been "false flags" but it wasn't us (the FBI).

They hate Trump because he refused every honeypot attempt and they have nothing on him while he has personal knowledge of numerous powerful pedophiles.

Epstein did kill himself.

We gave him a choice: We expose you and take everything you have or you kill yourself and your wealth can be passed to family and friends.

He chose death.

We did help, though, by supplying advice and materials and drugs to help accommodate his… transition. Surprisingly, he genuinely loved Maxwell and did it to save her.

Half of our agency is dedicated to destroying Trump (for exposing foul play) while the other half thinks he is a hero. I assume that's probably true for all government agencies.

Space is real.

The earth is round.

Time is fluid but malleable.

We have contacted us from different dimensions through quantum tunneling. We were able to send and receive small bits of data to our mirror selves.

China is on the Brink of starting WW3. Xi Jinping wants to be remembered as more than just Pooh the Dictator and Muslim killer and his health is failing.

Israel have their grubby rat paws in all sorts of shit but they're not as powerful as you incels make them out to be.

Israel is like the Romulans of StarTrek. We thought Arabs could integrate with whites. We were wrong.

Anything else?



Sun 15 Dec 2019 23:31:08
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If you have no intention of doing anything "rash" why do you have illegal weapon schematics on your device?

Trump is winning. Impeachment has flopped. Things will not be "peachy" because of Trumps personal knowledge of powerful pedophiles. They want him out because they're scared.


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Hello overweight teenager who jerks off to Arab Male White Female porn.

How do you think satellites work?

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Limited interactions.

Fuck it, here are the answers to the questions I am most likely to receive.

Why are you so angry if you don't believe me?

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Canadian "glowies?" Ha ha. You mean moose fucking snowmen who monitor Russian communications near the Arctic?

Get real.

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I have. Many. There bad compared to whites and east Asians but compared to blacks and mixed race people…

Not even close.

MOST Hispanics are majority white and do not have the MAOA R2 or R3 gene variant and so aren't as violent as blacks and tend to have higher IQs.

The thing is, because so many have white admixture, they're smart enough to form alliances and band together. They have the "teamwork" genes from whites but also have half a SD lower average IQ.

Hispanics are better than blacks in every category. Including negative ones like crime. They're more clever and use violence as a tool for Machiavellianism. Their violence is rarely "senseless" like blacks. They do it to spread fear and send messages. Like whites did 100+ years ago.

Additionally, Native Americans have archaic European genetics. Native Americans and White Europeans have the same ancestors. So they're essentially archaic white people.

How do you think they managed to plot the course of celestial bodies thousands of years into the future?

Hispanics are Archaic Whites with Modern white Admixture.

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Does pol actually concern you guys?

Every White Nationalists shooter in the past 10 years has come to 4chan b or pol at one point. It's not a concern, so to speak, but we monitor here.

China is the legit military threat.

The Ayatollah is alive… still.

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You're not wrong.

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Israel put huge emphasis on espionage. It's at least 50% of their military budget, vastly more than any other developed nation.

I don't make the decisions.

The Chinese are a proud people. They think they're the "Master Race." And Jinping wants a place in the history books. You are right.

The "Big Fish" are more powerful than the patriots and the internal struggle favors them currently.

White Women are smart. That's all there is to it. But that intelligence comes at the cost of increased empathic responses. It's just something I read while going through recruiter training (I am not a recruiter but was going to be). It has to do with psych evals. Smart white women are plentiful but also emotional. The smarter they are the more emotional and empathetic they are. It's difficult to recruit top tier white female talent.

Conversely, black women have less empathy and more emotional control the higher their test scores… but fewer have high test scores.

If I was "their best" I'd be doing something more interesting than sitting on my ass with 40 threads open.

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Gotta give a better rundown on this agent.

It's beyond my paygrade. I only know about it because we get briefs regarding happenstance in our sister reality. China has conquered most of Asia and Africa. Europe is in ruins. Only the US Navy and Spaceforce are holding the Chinese warmachine at bay. Israel has fallen. Eastern Europe is a battleground.

White Europeans are being enslaved by Chinese.

Our analysis suggests our sister reality is 2 years ahead of us, despite being in the same year. World events have accelerated their reality. We knew about a dirty nuke in a US major city thanks to their accelerated timeline and was able to stop it.

The Chinese armed Muslim Extremists.

They killed 3.2 million in seconds.

We stopped it, here.

They didn't stop it, there.

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I don't disagree with you. But I don't make decisions. I follow direction.

But by all measures, Hispanics are superior to Blacks.

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I am a woman. That isn't relevant, though.

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Xi Jinping wants a place in eternal history. He believes that Chinese are the superior race. He views whites as a threat to rightful Chinese world hegemony.

It's a combination of greed, pride, and racial supremacy.

China is on the verge of creating a generation of 200IQ, physically dominant children. They've already started.

The Chinese scientists who leaked their findings was killed and it was memoryholed, but you can still find stories on the CRISPR tech used to amplify the cognitive abilities of a newborn. Just look. You'll find it.

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White women are the smartest women on the planet. And the most emotionally compromised/unstable.

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America is winning thanks to Spaceforce. Once Trump was briefed, he created it immediately.

In our sister reality, they barely gained space dominance and that is single-handedly beating the Chinese.

So Trump gave us a headstart.

Literally briefed and created spaceforce within an hour of the briefing.

I think we will be fine.

It's hard to control a modern military without satellites.

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Q is a legit LARP; thats the only conclusion I can arrive at: why are the subjects he discusses being mentioned? distraction psy-op or legit disclosure? Is Q actually calming stuff down?

We genuinely do not know who Q is but a lot of the shit he has said was straight out of classified docs while other shit he has said was blatant bullshit.

We are legitimately confused about Q and their identity.

China has conquered most of Asia and Africa.

Aggresive economic expansion , full on invasion?

Both. Started with Economic Dominance. Loans that countries cannot pay back. Which leads to China demanding a military presence. Military bases. And, if the host nation doesn't capitulate (due to their inability to repay), China subjugated them militarily.

They're already starting here.

the Jihad started?

Backed by Chinese money, weapons, and propaganda.

Chink super Mutant program? Howe the fuck do you go against the SpaceForce?

Doesn't matter how smart you are if you cannot get out of orbit. Every launch is shot down before the craft enters the stratosphere.

National Spirit never fell, fighting the Muslims?

What of Russia?

Putin died but China allied with Russia. They're a Chinese vassal.

I cannot have children. My parents implanted me with Norplant at 13. It released all at once instead over a time as it was supposed to and killed all my eggs.

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I don't have a team. I work mostly from home in the Northeast part of the country. I report to a White man and it's usually white men in briefings with me, based on their voices. We do conference calls. I rarely see anyone.

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The Chinese are directly responsible for the state of South America. They're sowing chaos as we speak. Arming paramilitaries on both sides. Creating 3rd and 4th factions.

It's easier to gain control in Chaos and it causes an inconvenience for the USA.

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I have no control. I only take direction on where to monitor and give reports. I cannot even give recommendations as it would imply bias.

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The application process is simple. Go to the site and apply.

Your skills will be assessed if your soft background check is clean.

After skill assessment, if you're capable enough, a hard background check will happen. Pass it and you'll be placed where your skills are most appropriate. Process takes 6-18 months, depending on circumstances.

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"Natural Causes" is what was said. We don't know anything more about his death but we believe it to be a heart attack.

Russia is a vassal state of the CCP. Much like Puerto Rico is to the USA. They have no "leader" as they've completely capitulated to China.

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Europe, including the "Joos" (as they're called here) sided with America. America is 70% white in our sister reality because of European refugees.

Muslims are a "3rd party" if you will. They aren't on "our side" but neither are they on the Chinese side.

Apparently they're mostly on the side of America as we are funding their guerilla war in the middle east Asia against Chinese dominion.

The UK is in ruins. WW2 was a paradise. They're starving and isolated. Ireland and Greenland are overflowing with European refugees.

The EU was intended to be something other than it is now. I don't know much about it. It was before my time and outside my scope.

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Trump can and would like to but Chinese money and influence in the Democratic party are stifling his ability. He is fortifying home, instead of wasting resources on a potential lost cause.

I wish I knew more details about it but I don't. I just know Chinese influence is heavy in South America.

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Have you considered that great minds think alike?

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Khamenei not Khomeini.

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Uhm… check again.

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China has operatives literally everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit are their top 3. As for "spot" them… I can only make assumptions and report on it.

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Who Shoah'd Israel?

the Chinks/Iran?

Yes. Iran, China, Russia, and Korea (A united Korea under North Korean dictatorship) are the Big 4. Japan held out but they were bombed into the stone age and are almost irrelevant. Just a Naval Operations point for Chinese and Russian Navies.

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Kim does what China tells him to do. He is a Chinese pawn.

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I'm sorry. I am trying my best to answer. But I don't have them all.

Based on the briefs, Europe is the main battleground. That's as much as I know. My primary obligation is the US. I know little snippets from briefs than tie into relevance to my scope of operations but I don't have details.

I am sorry.

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Crypto was outlawed universally for it's blackmarket functionality in our sister reality. That's all I know about it.

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The War started in March of 2016, officially, when NK bombed Japan and China deflected a US retaliatory force. But it unofficially started when China Armed their man-made atolls in the South China sea.

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I don't know because in our sister reality, it never happened. WW3 started and the entire USA became pro-2A.

There is no "Gun grabbing" that I know of in that reality.

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I mentioned it already. A dirty Nuke was supplied to Muslim extremists via China and killed 3ish Million people.

We were able to locate and stop it here.

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I've answered as much as I am able. Scroll through.

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China has already begun creating a generation of Cognitively superior humans through CRISPR tech. You can find articles about the Chinese scientist who leaked the info a few years back. China silenced him.

The Chinese tech relies on Western Tech to advance, so far as we can tell, they're good editors of existing tech but less capable of inventing new tech.

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Only Guerilla Tactics from remaining Muslim Extremist groups have stalled the Chinese/Russian advance.

Logistics for a Hundred Million Man Army.

But they're overwhelming numbers make land battle almost impossible.

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Xi Jinping is China. It's virtually impossible to get solid intel on the Chinese because they're devoted to him, seemingly to a man. We can only hope he dies and everything collapses.

But we've heard that Anti-Aging gene-therapy has been developed and is sustaining him.

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Israel is scared of China, here. A Chinese backed Iran terrifies them.

They don't control China. China controls them, to an extent.

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Extraterrestrial life exists. We know about it. But they're disinclined to work with us until we've established a 1 world community.

China is trying to make this happen.

Globalists, too.

They don't care how it's done but require a single global community to openly communicate with us.

Many elite know this already. Hence the "globalization agenda."

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I would assume private sector help would be greatly appreciated if vetted throughly enough. The problem with "private sector" is that they're in it for the money and China has a LOT of money.

Susceptible to bribery.

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Nukes ensure world annihilation. No Nukes is the only rule in the current conflict. The Geneva convention has been scrapped and biowarfare is on the menu.

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I am not smart enough. I only know it flows in one direction but that direction can be manipulated. I am not smart enough or educated enough to expand further.

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Australia is subjugated. There are a lot of active resistance cells but the Chinese are ruthless and efficient. The US chose to defend Japan at the cost of Australia and lost both.

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I am not "the lowest level." I am old and on an easy assignment. I have TS/SCI clearance and worked previously in international conflict intelligence.

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Not in our sister reality. The war galvanized Nationalist Pride. There are no race issues in the west anymore. It's Everyone vs. China, for the most part.

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But why the fuck Shoah the Europeans?

Name a single White Man that wants to live under Chinese dominion.

There are none. Even the most progressive white would rather die than serve the Chinese.

That's not ENTIRELY true. There are regular reports of Sabotage and Chinese Sympathizers.

But mostly, whites pose a threat to Chinese world domination and stood against them.

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Isn't that already happening, regularly?

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:02:19 No.236313418 View ViewReport


No. Sister timeline we have communication with.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:04:38 No.236313611 View ViewReport


Curfew. Everyone works. Essentials are provided. Laws are rigorously enforced. Licences for travel mandatory. Possession of weapons is execution on the spot.

Some reports suggest, though, that it isn't terrible for regular joes as literally no one struggles to eat and everyone is housed.

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Battleground. Primary combatants are Russians with Chinese equipment and support.

Anonymous Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:07:32 No.236313892 ViewReport


Refugees from Asia fleeing the mainland ahead of the Chinese advance flooded the country. Eventual chaos as overcrowding and lack of resources became apparent. Enhanced by Chinese propaganda and espionage.

Anonymous Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:09:28 No.236314073 ViewReport


There are more than one sister realities. We are only communicating with on, though, and it's slightly ahead of us technologically. Infinite parallels exist, though. But our sister reality that we communicate with is in the same year but a couple years more advanced as far as technological advancements go. Though we are catching them quickly due to their war.

Anonymous Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:11:28 No.236314238 ViewReport


  1. Explaining how we are able to communicate with alternate timeline.

  2. An assessment of our current geopolitical situation with China based on our own intel and sister realities information.

Anonymous Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:12:27 No.236314317 ViewReport


Children require a license to have under Chinese dominion.



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I'm here from previous thread.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:16:39 No.236314654 View ViewReport


Or because it is the only one we have been able to talk to with.

This. They sent data through a "wormhole" at the same time we did. The synchronized sending somehow made it possible.

I assume this is why we call it "sister." Maybe to be progressive? Maybe it's because we are vain and consider ourselves the "brother."

I genuinely don't know.

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"Battles in space" are more like "Determine trajectory and deploy a mine in front of it."

Space "battles" happen over the course of weeks through mostly unmanned drones.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:22:09 No.236315095 View ViewReport


That makes sense. I am not military.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:32:06 No.236315924 View ViewReport


I don't believe so. Perhaps but I've heard nothing of it. As far as I know, China and Russia are basically the same entity, these days. Two states of a larger, singular whole.

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You're impressive, Israel. Your knowledge of geopolitical affairs probably rivals my own.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:37:57 No.236316424 View ViewReport


Heavily armed, man-made atolls in the South China Sea. Look them up.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:41:28 No.236316708 View ViewReport


Many countries intelligence know about the sister reality. That's part of why CERN is trying to build a "larger collider" to allow for more thorough information passing.

Spaceforce and space dominance are the key, apparently, to defeating China. At least from what we gathered so far from our sister reality. Which is why Trump IMMEDIATELY set Spaceforce into motion. He was briefed and within the hour made it a reality.

As far as I know, gene-editing for super humans has hit a "moral roadblock" in the west.

But we are probably already at it.

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I know nothing about UK + China alliance. As far as I know, the UK is worthless in our sister reality. 3rd world.

So any further assessment on the Q movement?

Q never happened in our Sister reality?

I know little of Q, but I know some of the shit he has said was straight out of SCI/TS briefings and some of it seems absolutely made up. Perhaps he has more access to information than myself. But I personally know very little regarding Q.

The War started officially in 2016 (March) and so Q was likely irrelevant in that timeline.

3 different americas by law

I know nothing.

looking glass

Now known as Pony Express.

secret tech



Irrelevant to modern standards.

Trump president of USA CORPORATION not Nation.

I know nothing.

Anything on Sister pol?

Never thought to inquire.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:48:52 No.236317358 View ViewReport


"God" is less likely in the sense we think of "him" compared to a "Creator."

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:51:15 No.236317565 View ViewReport


It is currently in the process of being built. Look it up.

We are conscripting relevant officers from existing militaries.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:52:08 No.236317636 View ViewReport


Nearing a Billion, overall. Nearly 1/5th of the world population after 3.5 years of conflict.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 03:53:40 No.236317764 View ViewReport


Orbital Mechanics aren't relevant to my position but when you're briefed on outcomes and the timelines involved. I know nothing of orbital mechanics. But I do know we deploy a mine and it hits (or misses) its target weeks later.

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  1. What's the situation in Africa? Mass deaths?

Africa is experiencing a golden age under Chinese rule. Authoritarian rule and strict adherence to law via military enforcement has Africans living the best lives they've ever imagined. They want for nothing. They reap the rewards of abundant resources. The Chinese implemented a Child License and any child born outside of licences is killed when found. Chinese Rule of Africa with an iron fist is the best thing that has ever happened to the entire continent.

  1. Do refugees still swarm Europe? Does it get much worse?

Europe is a battleground. European Refugees flock to the Americas. Resources are scarce. The landscape is a hellscape. Survival is a daily struggle.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:01:58 No.236318459 View ViewReport


I've heard that there are several species United. I don't know about crashes but I am aware that tech has been reverse engineered. Some types of metals that are heat resistant. I don't know about abductions. That is outside my scope.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:02:38 No.236318505 View ViewReport


Probably. We know Muslims did it but the powers that be didn't want to start a holy war so they scrubbed it.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:04:32 No.236318645 View ViewReport


Poland is on the forefront of the battleground.

As of the last brief, the Russians have been held and stalled and even pushed back in some parts of Poland.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:06:27 No.236318790 View ViewReport


Many Europeans fled. The Chinese advance is Hundreds of Millions strong so there was plenty of time to evacuate. They're not Blitzkrieging, they're moving slowly and methodically. Efficiently dismantling everything in their path and reassembling it in the Chinese vision.

Those that wanted out got out.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:09:05 No.236319021 View ViewReport


Stage by stage would take me a month to write out.

China expanded West.

Muslim countries resisted.

China pushed then back, slowly but surely.

Eventually Muslim fighters were pushed into Europe behind MILLIONS of refugees fleeing the Chinese Advance.

Over population, over crowding, lack of resources, and impending Chinese advance led to chaos.

Which is where they are now.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:13:37 No.236319388 View ViewReport


All I know is that the EU and American forces inflict vastly more casualties on the Chinese than they sustain but the sheer numbers are overwhelming and in almost every pitched battle, the Wests forces are pushed back.

Death Toll is sitting at nearly 1/5th of the world population and growing daily.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:17:04 No.236319686 View ViewReport


The UK is worthless. I'm sorry. Their remaining military forces are doing their best just to maintain a semblance of order. The Queen died in 2016 (in the sister reality) and that caused the start of Chaos. Reports indicated that immigrant populations celebrated and that caused massive riots all over the country which became exacerbated by the world conflict and the tipping point was another massive influx of refugees. Little good news comes out of the Britain. I'm sorry, friend. My ancestors were British.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:17:34 No.236319732 View ViewReport


Also… India capitulated to China. They contribute to the Chinese war machine.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:18:39 No.236319817 View ViewReport


Russians on the northern flank and Chinese on the southern, or what?

In a nutshell. It's vastly more complicated in reality but that is the jist of it.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:21:08 No.236320020 View ViewReport


Scotland, for all intents and purposes, is Britain and in very bad shape.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:22:44 No.236320153 View ViewReport


Sister reality. Trump initiated "spaceforce" as a response to intell from our sister reality. Apparently our space success is keeping the USA afloat.


No.236320286 View ViewReport


If this reality turns out like our sister reality…

Jews are the least of our concerns. I promise.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:30:04 No.236320681 View ViewReport


Random militants who refuse to bow to Chinese overlords, so to speak. Regardless of what you think of Arabs and Persians, they're a proud and resilient people.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:31:38 No.236320811 View ViewReport


Their "high IQ superhumans" are children, still. And the American Military is battle hardened while the Chinese military is relatively raw by comparison.

Experience matters. But overwhelming numbers are hard to reconcile with.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:33:08 No.236320914 View ViewReport


200 IQ is 100 IQ above me. I couldn't fathom what or how they would think or what they'd be capable of, honestly. I'm sorry.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:34:33 No.236321040 View ViewReport


The concept was on the table. It has been since Reagan. The Navy and Airforce had begun looking into it but Trump combined them and set it in official motion.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:38:27 No.236321375 View ViewReport


It's not ISIS as we know it. They both dislike European/Americans but have a tenuous alliance with numerous Islamic factions that are actively fighting the Chinese. Though not all factions are in agreement and some Islamic fighters are just reaping havoc on both sides.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:40:14 No.236321525 View ViewReport


China is, even now in our timeline, taking economic control of Africa. They give loans that Africans cannot repay then impose military sanctions to effectively gain control of the countries when they default on their debt.

They own all of Africa and Iran is allied with them.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:41:04 No.236321597 View ViewReport


Nothing. Which is why it doesn't matter if I disclose. Well… it probably matters to some people.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:44:08 No.236321841 View ViewReport


"200 IQ" is not meant in a literal sense. It's vernacular for "greatly enhanced cognitive abilities." Sorry if I've implied otherwise.

Basically: China is making people with CRISPR tech who are vastly more cognitively capable than the current average human.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:47:02 No.236322099 View ViewReport


With the European refugees flooding America, what's happening to them?

It's a burden but most wish to fight and do. The USA has enacted a sort of "Foreign Legion."

Are they fitting in well?

Well enough, I guess. The economy of the USA is strained but holding.

Are their jobs for them?

Not enough. Life is hard. It is nothing like here, anymore. Rations and refugee camps everywhere.

Many would rather fight than rot away, though.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:52:51 No.236322582 View ViewReport


welfare state in Germany etc. collapses and Muslims communities form de facto independent caliphates.

Initially they fight their host nations, but with Russians/Chinese pushing in, they switch sides.

This is exactly right, though Caliphates pop up even before the collapse and entire cities come under Islamic control.

What about the Balkans?

They are in Chinese territory. European and American forces fought helter-skelter ahead of the Chinese advance, giving many Meds a chance to evacuate.

A surprising number chose to stay and live under Chinese rule.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:54:49 No.236322762 View ViewReport


No conscription is really needed as many are more than willing to fight.

The alternative is rations and refugee camps throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States, though the Navy is barely holding Alaska.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 04:57:15 No.236322956 View ViewReport


The control Asia, Africa, and Australia as well as half the Pacific and parts of the South Atlantic.

China is winning, overall.

The US spaceforce and Navy is holding them at bay.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 05:01:55 No.236323356 View ViewReport


"Working together" is a stretch. They're separate entities working towards the same goal… but not necessarily "together."

I don't know about Egypt. Sorry.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 05:04:59 No.236323616 View ViewReport


Sure. It's a role play.

Does that make you feel better?

Believe it or not, it doesn't matter to me. But ask yourself… why are you so adamant that I am lying?

The answer is that you can taste the truth and it's sour.

Mon 16 Dec 2019 05:13:52 No.236324365 View ViewReport


I got demoted and took a massive paycut for some BS that was no fault of mine.

I am here because I was assigned to be here and literally don't care anymore.

Prepare yourself. If we cannot diffuse or disarm China, it's not a matter of "if" it's a matter of "when."

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Entire crops destroyed. Entire communities wiped out. Water supplies ruined for decades. Airborn Rabies type pathogens with a 1-3 day gestation instead of 1-3 months.

They've been employed by both sides with disastrous effects for both sides.

1/5th of the entire globe wiped out in 3.5 years of war.

my notes

Zeta Reticulans backing China?

Sounds legit, doesn't mean her info is correct.
Her security clearance level is obviously limited.
This intel comes through a wormhole, an easy chokepoint to manipulate.

However, a high level of verisimilitude exists regardless. Worth reading. China's rise is no joke. Already expanding.
[2022-03-23 Wed 00:31]

Epstein death story matches Farsight Institute's version.

I believe this is genuine.
[2022-04-27 Wed 04:47]

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