Solar Cycle 25 is an overachiever. Will it end the power grid?

WW3 is heating up. From what I understand, the geosolar risk is EMP disabling the power grid. The Zetatalk tsunami scenario was probably exaggerated, but power grid failure is plenty apocalyptic. Good to have a plan. There've been a lot of odd industrial fires and explosions lately contributing to the food crisis, and that's due to increasing geomagnetic turbulence. It's a controlled crash-landing of the global economy. A solar reset has been anticipated. As you can see from the graph, sunspot cycle 25 is aggressively outperforming mainstream predictions:

The relevant events for comparison are Carrington and Miyake.

Keeping abreast of developments:

I keep a stockpile of Soylent and rice, which combine very well into survival food. Just add (filtered) water!

NB: I'm healthy again and able to code. Looking for work. Got some medical bills to pay.

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