Smooth gradient between employment and entrepreneurship

So I challenge you kind reader, can you buy a set of pencils, and successfully sell them for a profit? That is a small (but massive step) you can take in your entrepreneurial journey, maybe you won't actually create a multi billion dollar company just selling pencils……….

But you will learn the process of how to build a multi billion dollar company

-- sparechange

Dropshipping a commodity with no market insight is a bad idea.

FLF talks about entrepreneurship, but there are prior degrees of freedom.

First sacrifice lots of freedom to become useful quickly:

  1. Zero-learning entry-level hourly job
  2. Hourly job that teaches you something useful
  3. Performance compensated job (professions, sales)

By now you've seen enough to have ideas on how to improve an industry or fill an underserved niche. So sacrifice some pay upfront for about half your freedom back:

  1. Flexible hours (vacation, commute, part-time, etc)
  2. Flexible location (WFH, geo-arbitrage)
  3. Multiple employers (create first company as freelancer/consultant)

Then invest (time * expertise) to create profit and value:

  1. Business is worth more than sum of parts (not just a shell to sell your time)
  2. Business can function without you
  3. Scale or sale

Some of this is from WSP's Efficiency and Ebizfacts. The latter recommends starting with a remote job or freelancing to learn Internet business before trying affiliate or dropshipping.

Entrepreneurship used to seem like jumping off a cliff to learn wingsuiting to me, but now I see employment-entrepreneurship as a gradient that can be as smooth as one desires. Which greatly reduces anticipated stress and risk. Just as there's a smooth gradient possible between human walking and flight.

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