Shadow people vs false radiant masters: Sasquatch teaches to discern intent.

''Appearances can be deceiving. Whatever it looks like to the eye in the physical plane, it is consciouness that matters first. When we appear to you as shadows, the more we lower the frequency and amplitude of our vibrations, the darker and denser you see us. This is how we can easily be perceived from the physical plane, showing up in thought-forms without requiring too many efforts from us. When we appear to you in clear and detailed images of our traits through astral projections, we have to focus our thoughts more intensely sending more information in waves of broader amplitude, shining brighter. It is like a movie, which is only moving light images projected on a physical plane screen. A similar phenomenon happens in dreams, when thought-forms are projected in the Alter-Universe, then capted and interpreted in your brain. Usually the clearer is the information received in a dream, the brighter and more vivid are the memories, images and general environment of the dream. Those clear images use a broader amplitude carrying more information.''

''Do not confound us with the ones many of your Native tribes call the shadow people. They are rather Human souls that have slipped into a spiritual lethargy due to karmic loops and they keep erring around in search of purpose and direction, needing guidance. They appear as dense shadows because they vibrate at a low frequency keeping them close to physical density, and at a low amplitude, keeping them undefined and unclear.''

''There are also interdimensional beings who can show up as radiant ones and trick you by projecting all kinds of bright images pleasant for the senses, without clear intention. You have heard that the lower lords like to call themselves by names such as 'bearer of light' and 'illuminated', and that they will most often try to appear as bright shining beings. They imposed themselves as gods to your ancestors and are now trying to seduce Humans into believing that they are ascended masters, to usurpate the role of the Star Elders Council. Notice that they need to refer to famous religious figures to get credit.''

''They ask you to submit to their will, while on our side we ask you to awaken to your Soul memory and spiritual consciousness inscribed in your DNA star seeds, and to help in the great cosmic healing and dharmic process of evolution, by caretaking this home-planet called Mother Earth and all the life She carries, as it was intended to be your mission.''

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2_ Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders

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