Mass marketing: 10 Bins Binmind MVP via Brainstorm and Windows Emacs Dired

So far, my Cyborganize documentation efforts have focused on smoothing the path for a second me, so that he can slingshot ahead, and take up my work, outpacing my cripple's limp.

However, it is now apparent that there is no second me.  Otherwise I would already be surpassed.

So instead I should focus on popularizing Discyborg's most transmissible elements, to bootstrap the mass education engine.

The first step must be reducing info overload.  Educating already overloaded students is an exercise in futility otherwise, a filling of overflowing teacups.

The simplest way to accomplish this is with the 10 Bins system, which can probably even work with paper.  But the easiest means of teaching it is file management.  It requires no special software but existing file managers and a mouse.  Once the method is learned, it provides a motivation to learn Emacs Dired on Windows and start using Treefactor for rapid sorting.

Simultaneously, I can let users begin using 10 Bins for Textmind in Brainstorm, to encourage them to eventually transition to Emacs Org-mode.  Interesting.

It's all coming together.

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