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Turn your reasoning from a liability into reliability with the Reasoning Regimen.

Mental mistakes plague us all. The smarter you are, the more you're aware of it. But what if you could rely on your reasoning? Or at least know when you're likely to make a mistake?

Enter the Reasoning Regimen. Standardized test writers have been tripping up students for decades. You can use this vast collection of traps to train your brain out of its worst tendencies, making you smarter than the average bear. Even if you'll never be an Einstein, everyone needs a sense of when he's out of his depth. Standardized tests will give you that, with instant feedback.

Discovering habitual mental mistakes that have been holding you back since childhood is a bit like being a smelly guy whose nose suddenly grows sensitive to his own aroma. It's a moment of acute embarrassment and epiphany; a pivot from failure to success.

Nobody's going to see your score. This is between you and God. Before you spend the rest of your life having blind faith in your reasoning abilities, shouldn't you check them first?

Don't worry about a bad score causing self-fulfilling negative beliefs. Knowing your own limits only makes you a little smarter, but it also makes you wiser than almost everyone else. Nine times out of ten, wisdom beats smarts. Nobody's impressed when the tall guy dunks on a defender, but when the short guy does it, /it's because he's amazing/. On the other hand, nothing is more transparently pathetic than a short guy trying to act bigger than he is. Choose wisdom over comforting delusions, and you will deserve the respect you receive.

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