Racism and reality -- cosmic biodiversity

It is indeed true that most species overcome their racial differences to achieve unity upon ascension to 4th Density, which transition humanity is currently experiencing. However, humanity is unique in its biodiversity. 22 genetic farmer species have altered the genomes of various human races over an existence dating back to the planet Maldek, now the asteroid belt due to humanity's hubris. This pre-Adamite race had elongated skulls and psychic powers, which humanity lost as punishment:


Some of these alien manipulators were evil and sought to enslave humanity by weakening and corrupting us. Others were benevolent and limited our abilities as punishment, for example at the tower of Babel, and after the fall of Atlantis. Earth is a great experiment in which the greatest good coexists with the darkest evil, a fitting stage for the debut of Jesus Christ into the universe. He wasn't kidding when he called the Pharisees children of the devil; there were Edomite elites in Israel at that time, and afterwards. The Nephilim and the Anakim are just two of many examples of alien genetic manipulation. Annunaki is a generic term meaning ETs.

Starseeding is the normal mechanism by which starfaring species elevate animal 2nd Density species into 3rd Density for a Grand Cycle of 75,000 years, during which they make the moral choice of either Positive altruism or Negative egoism, thereby advancing into 4th Density. The Negative path is perilous and painful, and ends at early 6th Density when no further progress is possible without learning Love.

Races such as sub-Saharan Africans are clearly incapable of modern technological civilization. This however is no barrier to spiritual advancement. Earth's prior sapient species, one actually native to Earth, is the lemur-descended Sasquatch. Sasquatch uses no recognizable technology whatsoever, and yet is incomprehensibly advanced. What few tools they produce are shamanic, including crystals, roots and herbs, etc.

Similarly, the "Zulu" are a sub-Saharan 5th Density Positive future-human civilization. They have outpaced all the other Earth human races due to a rapid progression through 4th Density. They have no modern technology and are shamanistic like the Sasquatch, preferring dance to words. The spiritual powers grant them absolute military superiority against lower Densities; however, they are pacifists who merely redirect strikes back to the sender.

Thus racial segregation is a literal requirement for humanity's spiritual evolution. Below is a list of mostly 4th-density future-humanities aiding Earth. They are segregated by race and alignment polarity -- Negative or Positive.


The bottom-most is Lucifer's incarnation, who is not originally human and thus should be ignored.

The pre-print of Corey Goode's graphic novel is available now, and gives a good taste of interaction with advanced human-like alien civilizations of other races, including the Maya and Olmec.


Claiming that modern humans races are all the same is as deeply false as other lies upon which modern Communism is built, such as gender and economic equality. It takes the dishonesty of a Communist to deny what is self-evident. Humans are free to deny self evident truths, as drug addicts continually demonstrate, and they then experience the consequences of their actions, which is death.


Modern humanity's technological achievements are merely the filthy bastardized leftovers available to us after our psychic powers were stripped in the fall of Atlantis, which is why we cannot comprehend the blurry UFOs that zip around our conventional ships and aircraft, but worship them like cargo cultists.

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