Q's Storm is a charged dust cloud our local stellar cluster is passing through. #NCSWIC

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  1. Nearby megaflares
  2. Lue Elizondo
  3. P'nti
  4. European Space Agency
  5. Conclusion

Our stellar cluster is passing through some turbulent space weather, as recent megaflares attest, and Earth will likely be hit, destroying our electrical grid and causing the collapse of the infrastructure necessary to sustain 7 billion humans.

What Damage Could Be Caused by a Massive Solar Storm? | Smithsonian

Nobody knows exactly when this will happen, but the next solar maximum in a few years is a good bet.

Nearby megaflares

Lue Elizondo

254 Lue: "right now - the solar system, the Sun & the planets - are heading into an interesting part of the Milky Way galaxy. In fact, if you look @ the background of your screen right now that u have for your audience, you see these beautiful Magellanic clouds in the background. Image

255 Lue: "Well, that's a lot of dust, that's a lot of matter, that's a lot of STUFF that's making up those clouds. And we are at a point where we are heading into one of those bands. You know? All havoc could break loose, at any minute, anytime. You could have an existential

256 Lue: "issue where, now, all of a sudden, the entire planet is now under threat of being vaporized, right? Now people don't like to think about that, but this is reality. And I think, you know…again, I'm saying this not because I want to scare people, because that's not my


Lue really hiding the turd in that shit sandwich.


Sandia the ET

The bad area of the galaxy we are about to experience that Tlkm has been describing this video calls the "galactic sheet."

It has already dramatically affected Pluto and Neptune.


Solar System Shift | Which Planet Falls Next? https://youtu.be/pPwFwiV7Jso via

Solar System Shift | Which Planet Falls Next?
Both Neptune and Pluto have now had their expected cooling-collapse moment. Which planet is next amidst this galactic-driven solar system shift?

[2022-04-20 Wed 06:12]

The P'nti estimate the likelihood at 95%.

European Space Agency

Ulysses sees Galactic Dust on the rise

Dated 2003. Subsequent details suppressed? Googling found little warning.


Bye bye electrical grid, hello subsistence farming — after a little Mad Max.

Quiet moves may indicate insider knowledge: China's inland ghost cities, billionaire bunkers in New Zealand, Washington DC ghost town. I live in China, where the government has been warning citizenry to prep. This advice wasn't taken seriously until the Shanghai lockdown.

On the bright side, once human civilization collapses, aliens can deliver humanitarian aid without violating the Prime Directive.

Urbanites, buy Soylent and a water filter. Might be a thirsty wait. It's got electrolytes!

(NB: I don't know how the Qanon fans at GreatAwakening.winwould react to this. It doesn't really fit in their worldview, even though the title uses their slogans. I'll never know, because they banned me long ago for saying that masks work. Which they do… too well. Seems we were both wrong. Just goes to show that what you don't know, can kill you!

For those unaware, #NCSWIC means "Nothing can stop what is coming." I always found the slogan pretentious, but it very much fits these facts.)

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