Putin cooks Ukraine in the Khinzhal cauldron

Some argue that the Russian blitzkrieg has failed due to manpads and drones:


That assumes blitzkrieg was the objective in the first place. The USA assumes the Iraq invasion is the model of a successful war, learning nothing from the subsequent disintegration of the country. Russians have a vastly more intelligent model of warfare, because they must live next door to the results:


Into this cauldron, the US media sends its lies and the US military-industrial complex sends its supplies. Russia blew up both with the debut of its hypersonic missile Mr. Khinzhal. Timing is everything:


Russia wants to negotiate with Ukraine to achieve its security objectives. It has always wanted that. Now it is achieving its goal. The Ukrainian people are experiencing the consequences of their choices, and this is changing hearts and minds. No reason to hurry the process; Slavs can be stubborn. Mr. Zelensky has plenty of comedic material left!

Meanwhile, Putin consolidates his grip on Russia, purging his enemies and decoupling with a hostile and insane West. Planefuls of oligarchs flee to Israel while Putin tells them good riddance. Please, Brer Fox, anything but that briar patch.

There are two bright spot in the West's performance to date:

  1. The US Left-Middle has intimidated China into not invading Taiwan thus far, out of fear of insane and overwhelming sanctions. To win at at a game of chicken, drink a bottle of vodka and rip off the steering wheel.

  2. The US Right has so far helped to disarm the Ukraine CIA dirty bomb without any terrorist WMD attacks by Azov, ISIS or Democrats. It is better to be lucky than good.

Azov makes its last stand in the Mariupol steel mill, like the Russians at Stalingrad. Let's have a moment of silence for all the Nazis finding their way into mass graves. They're probably still mad about the Holodomor. Tough to understand from a pampered American perspective, but don't worry, our continent is due for a repeat of the Civil War soon enough. Immigration equals war, usually when everyone's forgotten the last one.


Stalingrad : Battle Outside The Factory (HQ)

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