Pubmind's tentative T1 tool unveiled: Neuron Zettelkasten

After reading about the Neuron implementation of Zettelkasten, I've had a breakthrough. Zettelkasten (ZK) is Pubmind's preferred T1 publication format. ZK is liberated from the flat namespace of the wiki and the linearity of a strict hierarchy. It has better link permanence than a T2 Hugo site.

As for how to handle text flow from T2 to T1: the rule is DRY. Text gets promoted from T2 to T1 same as from Textmind to T3. Only blog posts are permanent, because they're chronological by nature. Categorical pages must be dynamic. The T2 Hugo is merely a development zone for eventual T1 ZK graph.

ZK is much easier to learn from than linear hierarchical instructional materials, because one can easily navigate to suit one's preferred learning path, without getting disoriented or missing key info. However, achieving this facility requires more work by the author and greater mastery of the material.

Thus it's ideal to attempt ZK authorship only after reaching the limits of the linear hierarchical medium in a T2 Hugo.

Neuron has an associated Emacs mode, so I hope that Treefactor will work for it as it does for Hugo.

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