PSA: Don't be obnoxiously intellectually dishonest in the comments

I understand that few people can think clearly, so I'm willing to be patient if there's hope for you.  But I have no patience for obnoxious pedantic dishonesty.

My patience is greater on topics that are useful and interesting.  COVID19 was a hopeless clusterfudge that is mostly over and should've had minimal controversy.  My tolerance for the subject is low and my patience exhausted by sustained willful public stupidity and evil.

The USA is still split between denying COVID's existence and rejecting masks vs locking down the economy and churches.  These two sides deserve each other.

Maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's an impression that explains my exhausted patience.

Commenter Gerardin came over from Voit's site and got himself banned arguing about COVID19.  Now he can't ask questions about Emacs.  That was stupid and pointless.


If I'm downvoting your comments and being rude, it's a suggestion to stop.  Don't expect more warning than that.

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