Proof of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine. Depopulation agenda.

Proof of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine:

The nice explanation is that the USA wanted to keep ex-Soviet WMD engineers employed after Ukrainian independence, so they wouldn't go to Iran.

The "I can read a map" explanation is that the USA wanted to develop illegal bioweapons targeting ethnic Russians, release them via deniable carriers such as bats and birds, and study the results.


The US funded the Wuhan lab and the same in Ukraine. Why? The answer is carved in stone.


500 million. That sounds like the amount of people that could survive a CME and live comfortably without causing an Anthropocene extinction. Maybe the dolphins were onto something after all.

If you feel lucky, the top 6.5% have nothing to worry about!

I realize this info is tough to come by for those who rely on Google, DuckDuckGo, and MSM, but let's be real, they aren't 6.5 percenters anyway.

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