Pondering how to bootstrap the Cyborganize business

Textmind documentation has been developed to a point that would have been tremendously helpful to my past self. The answers are out there for someone truly motivated. However, I've already incurred some rework due to ongoing Textmind development. Partly that was stimulated by writing the docs and getting feedback, which is pure gain. Rework isn't the real issue. It's that Emacs Textmind is too much all at once for my target audience, preventing enough adoption to be worth prioritizing.

Instead I need to look at the ways to ease prospects along to eventual Textmind adoption. File management is a popular and much easier starting place. I can do the same as I've done for Textmind - create a tech stack progression from paper to git-annex.

At paper tech, Binmind overlaps with Textmind. The distinction is between normal notes and those too large to fit into standard storage. Oversize documents are stored separately in a bulk storage area, with a Textmind note linking to them. I haven't worked out the details yet, or don't remember them now.

Evernote scanning is an obvious next step. I used xplorer2 on Windows for years for rapid file sorting. I'll need to develop the intermediate stages further.

There are many ways to manage personal info, many gurus and tools. The advantage of following my recommendations will be the safe upgrade path. The real chaos occurs when one's current system fails and then one changes to another. Having a lifetime upgrade path prevents this.

Given the critical production nature of one's personal knowledge management system, users must be able to upgrade a la carte and at will.

I'll need to do something similar with Dbmind. The eventual goal is probably Postgres, but maybe I should be using something like Filemaker Pro now. Another thing to investigate

There's too much to do alone, so I must focus on bootstrapping to buy time with money.

Perhaps Forte's BASB could reduce my workload, if the course is good enough to recommend. I certainly shouldn't start writing mine before reviewing his.

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