Paranormal activity and Fermi paradox solved by small metal balls

The vast majority of paranormal activity is caused by the small drone orbs responsible for enforcing Earth's quarantine by intercepting and shooting down alien vimanas that violate Earth's airspace without clearance.

These orbs go by various names: foo fighters, will o wisps, spirit orbs. They are in fact merely AI-controlled metallic spheres capable of the usual UFO flight characteristics such as immateriality and invisibility.

Most "haunted" areas are simply ground bases for these spheres, where they land and transmit. They land to conceal the intense transmission burst. Basements and tunnels are ideal.

"Spooky" activity is designed to warn humans and animals away from the radiation hazard, and to keep the spheres secret from humanity, so that humans may freely develop their own religious beliefs.

Paranormal investigators have failed to reverse engineer the mystery until now because of the strong "spookiness" countermeasures, which employ radiation that directly degrades one's emotional equilibrium. Investigators receive follow-up visits to ensure they get the message.

Despite knowing what to expect, IT reverse-engineering expert Patrick Jackson needed a year to get over the psychological trauma from his multi-day haunted house investigation. Extended stays are NOT recommended.

But he eventually recovered his powers of dispassionate analysis, examined the collected data, and reached the correct conclusion.

Now we know why we appear to be alone: Earth is a no-fly zone.


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