Paintings depicting Ra (from the Law of One) as Tall Grays

All paintings are by the same UFOlogy artist, Olof Rockner.

First we see a circle of Grays remote-viewing a human neighborhood. The experiencer praised his accuracy:


Then a painting of Egyptian symbols with the Gray-human hybrid pharoah Akhenaten, whom Ra claims to have inspired:


Lastly the tarot card of the Hierophant, as a Tall Gray. Law of One teaches Egyptian tarot:


Olof Rockner seems to bring some psychic insight to his paintings. His depiction agrees with the Sasquatch Message to Humanity trilogy that Akhenaten was an intervention by insectoid grays.

With the historically recorded invasion of a large fleet of shining disks, like a cloud of locusts, the insectoid greys tried to impose their dynasty over Egypt, the most advanced and powerful civilization of that time, through the lineage of their hybridized pharaoh Akhenaten, whose reign abolished the ancient pantheon and imposed the monotheist cult of Aton, the flying shining disk. He and his queen Nefertiti had abnormally long skulls, large eyes and slim bodies and limbs, from their grey insectoid genes, that are depicted on hieroglyphic inscriptions of that period, along with technological crafts and devices. But the ruling reptilian bloodlines did not tolerate this affront which was soon subdued.

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2: Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders

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