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Vince, thank you for posting this on YouTube for me.

To give you guys a little bit of background on who I am, I am a doctorate of interstellar anthropology. I was a special consultant to the CIA and the NSA during the late 90s on a project they dubbed Red Rock. The US government had somehow come into possession…information that…in Iraq in the ruins of the ancient city of Ur, Sumerian city, the archaeologists working there, some French archaeologists, had found a device, and I was brought in as an expert on this culture, as an expert on these ancient artefacts to basically tell them what I thought it was and what I thought it would do. A very strange device, it was really cool though, it had crystals and let’s just say a lot of moving parts for something that was at least 4,000 years old. And what I told them was that according to legend, this was a device so powerful that only kings were allowed to know how to use it, and those kings passed down this knowledge. It was a very complex series of basically procedures that had to be met, and the machine would then create a very low frequency of sound. This was capable of moving large stones, this was capable of destroying your enemies, this was capable of creating rain, this was capable of creating earthquakes, this was basically the most powerful device ever to be on this planet, and the US government was very concerned that Saddam Hussein was going to get his hands on this, figure out how to use it, and the rest would just be, you know, utter hell. So I was brought in to figure out how we could get in there and find the device. If they could come up with some pretext to get us into Iraq, was what they said, would you know where to look for it and how to remove it. I explained to them what they would need, from just a pure physics standpoint to remove the device and transport it. After about five minutes of them discussing it, they said that could be arranged and they’d get back to me, and indeed over the next few years I was called in on multiple occasions to consult with them and for them to get my insights on some of these legends.

Now it’s important to note that these people were not typical employees, they were very well dressed, very well-manicured, very well-mannered people. It was pretty obvious to me from early on that I was dealing with folks from the global power structure, old money if you will.

Now the legend goes that long ago existed on Earth some proto species of human beings, the Anunnaki came to Earth, they genetically modified them to be smarter and more capable of being their slaves there to mine gold for them, and the Anunnaki would check in

from time to time and whoever had the most gold would get these great, what they would consider, presents from the Gods. That could range from anything from the destruction of one’s enemies to maybe a good harvest that year because the rains would come, and indeed this device that they found in Ur was believed to have been one of those presents. It was something that was very powerful and that when used correctly could be aimed in the right direction to control the weather, it could cause an earthquake, your enemy’s city could literally be swallowed up into the sea, you could also transport yourself back and forth to Nibiru on certain occasions to give them their homage, you know, pay them their tax so to speak, and I was brought in on one occasion because they couldn’t figure out basically how to use it, and I was very upset. I said they had no idea what they were messing with, and they sat me down and basically told me off. They said that, listen I had no idea who they were and what right they had to use it, and if they couldn’t figure out how to use it before December 21, 2012, that everybody on Earth would be dead, we would be wiped out, and they were deathly serious, and these were people who had never missed a meal, they had never done without, they, I don’t think they’d ever had a bad thing happen to them in their lives, and they were scared to death by the prospects of what would happen if they couldn’t get this to work.

So, they asked me to take a look more carefully basically, and after some convincing I said that I would. Now, it’s important to note here that the global power infrastructure has been in place for millennia. It doesn’t matter who’s President of the United States, it doesn’t matter who’s Secretary General of the United Nations, it doesn’t matter what Hugo Chavez does or what Vladimir Putin does or doesn’t do, and it doesn’t matter how many treasury bills the Chinese buy up from the US Treasury, what matters is that a select few on this planet control a vast majority of the wealth, and they’ve done this since the beginning of time basically, because they were the ones that were favoured by the Anunnaki, they’re the ancient kings of the Sumerian civilization, and my being an expert in this, I was asked basically to figure out if I could translate some old tablets that are the instruction book on how to use the device, and to make a long story short, I did and it does work. Now, the US government already had some of this type of technology figured out by retro engineering “UFOs” that they had found. A great example is HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program up in Alaska, has caused several earthquakes and freak storms and a lot of people blame it for Katrina, and so the information, they had bits and pieces of it, they just basically couldn’t figure out some of the words that needed to be said, because this device is something that you can speak to, it’s actually like ancient voice recognition software that runs this device.

Now, it’s important to note something else, and I will send Vince more of these videos and try to get the word out in bits and pieces as I make my way around the world and try to avoid being captured, but for right now, suffice it to say that there is a reason that everybody wants to buy your gold. Right now they’re doing everything that they can, the powers that be, to keep a lid on one of the biggest heists in history, which is the fact that Fort Knox is empty. The US gold reserves were looted and taken to France, from France they were taken to Belgium, and currently they reside, I believe, somewhere in Russia. The gold reserves in China, however, are very attractive to these folks, and they are planning a series of attacks. The Stuxnet computer worm virus that attacked Iran’s nuclear reactors was designed by this group. I’ve always just referred to them as the powers that be. The mainstream media is controlled by them, they don’t report on them. The stories that come out about them are quickly shuffled to the side or laughed off as just being silly. But these folks do control the world and the reason they want to try to keep things from going bananas is they want to be able to buy up as much gold as they can, and so they’re trying to get everybody they can to send in their little gold trinkets, their old necklaces, they’re smelting them down and they’re getting ready for when the Anunnaki come back, and now that they’ve got the device working, they feel like they can complete this plan. Because I know what they were trying to do, they want me dead and they’ll stop at nothing to see that that happens. They blew up an entire wing of my university, destroying my lab, destroying my records, destroying my work, just to try to kill me, and unfortunately for them, there is a piece of information that I did not tell them about the device, a trump card, if you will, that I decided to keep in my back pocket just in case they tried to somehow double cross me, and I’m gonna end this for right now, I will tell you all about it in Part 2. I won’t tell you where I’m going, but I’ll talk to you next time. Over and out.


Today is Monday, October 4, 2010. Vince, thanks for posting this for me on YouTube.

The last video got a lot of response. Thank you for your interest. I thought I would answer some questions that I have been sent.

The first question is from Stuttgart, Germany, and it asks, who is it that you are running from exactly, the CIA or the NSA? The answer to that is neither. The people that I am trying to avoid contact with use the CIA and the NSA as, you know, kind of as a liaison between them and the government. Listen I, I obviously can’t go into detail here, this is a very tenuous situation. Right now I am actually getting ready to leave. I have been actually at McMurdo Station on Antarctica. I thank the people here for playing house to me, most of them have no idea who I am, to them I’m just a research assistant, but regardless, the people that are looking for me are doing so because I hold a key piece to a puzzle that they desperately want to complete. This puzzle will allow them to basically control the world, and they will do anything to get that answer. Now, I’m only good to them alive, which is good for me, but the world has become a very small place. Indeed some of the means that I’ve used to transport myself from one place to another are pretty creative at times, let’s say that.

So next question was from Keansburg, Colorado - how have you managed to evade them this long, can you even tell us? Listen, there are places in the world that are very much off the grid, there are places in the world that are very much on the grid. You can survive quite nicely off the grid. What you have to be aware of is that although government spies are…you don’t run into those very often, a lot of corporate America now has entrenched itself throughout the world and a guy in my line of work, where I’m often brought in as the anthropological consultant, it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly who you’re dealing with when you go into a meeting, so I’ve just had to exercise some caution and basically live off the grid, it’s really not that hard.

Pensacola, Florida – what is 5SKS.com and why do you always mention it? Never heard of them. That’s just a group of guys in Salt Lake City, Utah, that make records in a basement. They write about stuff that I’m particularly aware of. I know for a fact that these gentlemen have been guided in their music creation by several members of the Bilderberg Group. Apparently, they’re just waiting to roll them out. So, I actually like their music because they’re pretty balsy in what they talk about, they try not to cross lines as far as being profane or rude, but they’re pretty upfront in the fact that it’s coming and here’s what…here’s what it is and here’s what you need to do to get ready.

Next question, oh and by the way, anything that you download on that site, they always send me a nice little stipend every month to try to help me keep going, they’re good folks out there, so stop by and donate at 5SKS.com.

Form Goobies Station, Newfoundland, Canada – why don’t you come clean about HAARP? We’re trying to get the word out and your information was useless. Well, in regards to HAARP people, HAARP is a very scary thing, my God, you’re messing with the ionosphere in ways that you can’t possibly comprehend, and a lot of the folks that have been involved in that project have left, that’s why there’s so much information out there, because they know what’s going on, they’re uncomfortable, to say the least, with their participation in it and they don’t want to be a part of it anymore, and so that information is readily available, and I’d support anybody who wants to find out more about what they’re doing. There’s a website called weatherwars.info that a meteorologist from I think Idaho quit his job at the local TV station being the weatherman and started up a website about how weather manipulation is a very real thing. It’s being used all around the globe, especially in China, not so much in the US right now, but it could be at a moment’s notice, and that will be the next big weapon people, that’s going to be something that’s very hard…it’s very hard to pin a freak storm on your enemies. It’s scary.

From, I hope I pronounce this right Leicester, in the UK, this one’s good (laughing) – trump card, my ass, tell us what you know or bugger off. Alright, I’ll tell you what I know; I’ll tell you exactly what I know. I’ll try to be as brief and as to the point as I know how. A long time ago on Earth there existed a species of basically proto human beings, along came a race of aliens, extraterrestrials, whatever you want to call them, called the Anunnaki, and they were from a planet named Nibiru that has a very long wide elliptical orbit around our sun, and comes in contact with the Earth approximately every 3,600 years. Now, through genetic manipulation they basically engineered this species of proto human into homo sapien, sapien, what we have today are human beings for the express purpose of being good at finding and mining gold for them, and every 3,600 years these folks come knocking and they want their gold, and those who are able to supply them with gold and convince them that they have a reasonable expectation of obtaining more gold for the next time around are left standing, and the others, bad things happen to the others. And that’s why they all want to buy your gold, because the powers that be on this planet are trying to accumulate as much raw gold as is humanly possible, as is conceivable so that on

December 21, 2012 when the Anunnaki get here, they have something with which to barter. Now, a lot of you are going to say that’s absolutely insane, that’s so and so’s theory. Listen, this is not my theory, this is just translation from tablets from Sumeria from 8,000 years ago. This information is readily available in Wikipedia or at your local library, or go talk to an ancient history professor, one that really deals a lot in prehistory, and this information is indeed out there, it’s just…it contradicts what the Judaeo-Christian myth of basically the bible is, and please, people who are Christians, don’t take offense to what I just said, but the bible is a book of faith, not a book of history. The bible is not the same as it was when it was written. Even through translating, you know, from one language to another, it loses some things, and then of course there’s been revisions and different translations. So, I don’t want to offend anybody by saying that, I honestly don’t, but when you look at ancient texts, you are looking at something that…first of all you‘ve gotta be able to decipher the writing, a lot of it’s fragmented, some of it is, you know, the way it’s, you know, pushed into the clay, very difficult to determine if it’s this letter or that letter, so to speak. You’ve gotta have something to reference it to, and you’ve also gotta understand the dialect that was used at the time, that’s very important. Words that we try to translate into English or French German will get lost in translation, to put it bluntly. But we have other texts that we have a very good idea, we believe, of what they mean, and what those stories were and how that vernacular would go. And so when someone like me was brought in to read these tablets that they had found in Ur, I was pretty shocked when I began to realize what it was that I was reading, and as I tried to convey the scope of this to the people that were in the room…it’s very important for you guys to understand these people didn’t give a damn about any of the possible catastrophic ramifications I was bringing to their attention, they were only interested in one thing.

And that leads me to my last question actually, which is from my hometown of Oakland, California – how do the powers that be communicate, do they use the web, phones, in person or carrier pigeon? Very good question. That is a big part of what this device does is allows them communication basically with another planet. As far as how they communicate on this planet, they…the Internet goes through basically four locations all in the United States, all Internet traffic, and it’s very difficult for someone to evade the US government by using the Internet if the US government is looking for you, that’s why Vince posts my YouTubes for me, thanks again Vince.

Young girl’s voice – daddy, YouTube videos can’t be more than 15 minutes long. Oh, okay, thanks for telling me. So, back in character.

The powers that be on this planet have a very sophisticated and ancient form of communication. I actually don’t know a lot about this one. I’ve seen it, I’ve heard about it, but I’ve certainly never been in a position where I could mess around with one. It’s kind of like a crystal ball, you know, but it’s not round, it’s more like a really polished giant crystal looking gem thing, it’s pretty impressive. The few that I have seen look very old, mounted in, you know, surprisingly portable (laughing) containers, you know, an attaché case or the like, custom modified to contain it and they take it all around the world with them, but you’ll notice they always have it near their person. These folks are…they’ve got very big plans right now being hatched before 2012 rolls around. You gotta remember the time is short here. They have to disclose to the world that they have known about extraterrestrials at least 40-60 years, if not longer. They have got to come clean on the technology that’s been developed, and there’s going to be a lot of very difficult questions asked, especially with the state of the economy right, where people are out of work and our government is haemorrhaging deficits. For the US government to have spent countless billions, at least, developing retro engineering some of this alien technology for what’s a lot of people would consider nefarious purposes, is going to be considered criminal by a lot of people, and they’re worried about a full scale riot, not to put too fine a point on it, but sometime now before, well, I would assume before the first of 2011, so sometime before the end of 2010, I would expect at first some kind of a leak that, you know, this is going to be announced, they think somebody from some division of this government branch is going to blow the whistle on some report they saw in some filing cabinet somewhere, and some other agency is going to step forth and say, we’re actually gonna just kind of going to head this off at the pass and tell you guys this is what we know. They’ve been here, we don’t know a lot about what they’re doing or what their intentions are, but basically, I think the US will do what Britain and France did, which was say that in these rare instances where these things don’t end up being an airplane or something else, we honestly don’t know what they are.

So the folks that are in control are going to have to really accelerate their plans, and over the next month, for the month of October 2010 and November 2010, you are going to probably see some crazy shit go down on planet Earth, and just be ready for it, and I will send another one of these to Vince as soon as I can make it.


Hello YouTubers. Vince Delgato, as always, thanks for posting this video for me. To be clear folks, Vince is my cousin. I record these; he makes the little videos and posts them for me. I am right now in transit in Africa. The rift valley is one of the coolest places on Earth; Lake Victoria is one of those places that truly transcends description. But I’ll get to the point.

I’ve been asked a lot about HAARP. HAARP is High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, work on the HAARP station began back in 1993, it was completed about 3 years ago. HAARP is an ionospheric research program; it’s jointly funded by the air force, the University of Alaska, the navy, and the DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Now, DARPA is an interesting agency, it’s an agency in the United States Department of Defense, responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military, and DARPA goes back to 1958. In 1957, the Soviets launched Sputnik to prevent the technological surprise – like the launch of Sputnik was – which signalled the Soviets had beaten the US into space. They created an agency…right now we’ve got about 240 folks managing a $3.2 billion a year budget, fairly modest actually, but they’re not being paid $3.2 billion a year each, their job is funding cutting edge technology, and often very radical ideas that show promise. Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere, HAARP’s is, and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes, such as missile detection. The HAARP program operates a major arctic facility known as the HAARP research station on an air force- owned site near Gakona, Alaska. The most prominent instrument at the HAARP station is the ionospheric research instrument (IRI), a high power radio frequency transmitter facility, operating in the high frequency band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere with other instruments, such as VHF and a UHF fluxgate magnetometer and an induction magnetometer, I think, are used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

Now, have you seen the videos, the strange lights in the sky in China, in Chile, in Haiti, Norway – that was…that Norway wasn’t right before an earthquake, but that was impressive. My point is is that it’s not just happening and being documented, but look at the amount of views, millions of people have seen this, the people who funnelled the idea of HAARP to the good people of the US military, who by the way are not the ones to blame here, these folks are by and large dedicated scientists, technicians who work hard and are dead serious about the potential good things their tamperings will do, but the ones who can ultimately take over…let me clarify. I get asked by a lot of people, a lot of you, how come if they, you know, haven’t already, how come they haven’t already taken over and done all this stuff? The technology exists now, the computing power, the ease, the user friendliness, if you will, from a small room to run an enormous facility from a climate control booth. This isn’t the 20th century anymore. If the powers that be give the order, rest assured it will be carried out. So how does all this coincide with the upcoming disclosure by the US government and military, their X files, so to speak? Well, first of all, there is classified and then there is classified. You have a folder in the office marked in big red letters TOP SECRET, and then you have the small envelope tucked away in the personal safe of a very high ranking fellow in a very old club, classified. We never get to see the good stuff, we never will get to see the good stuff, I don’t think, but I will tell you what I know.

The texts I was called in to read were beautifully written in a dialect used by priests and astrologers in ancient Sumeria. Everything had some astrological spiritual subtext attached to it, and the trick is knowing why that word is before this, and that one’s after that. When I was brought in, the original interpreter was a very motivated fellow; he was trying to look for a nice sounding translation, as nicely worded and easy to understand instead of understanding that the authors were trying to get across a lot of information on a reasonably small tablet. This wasn’t, you know, type it in and, you know, on a computer easiness of course, this was you get the clay, you make the clay, you roll out a tablet, you let it partially dry, you get a stick, you etch each letter painstakingly in, if you mess up, it’s a pain in the ass to fix it, and then bake it, and hope to preserve it and not drop it and break it one day when you’ve got (?) fingers from smoking too much hashish the night before. Every word counts here, and for that, my friends out there in YouTube land, I am the best.

So I was brought in to a briefing on HAARP - fascinating. I was asked to give my professional opinion as a certified expert on sound. I know a lot about very low frequencies and very high frequencies, and there was an experiment involving…it was really like making a song using inaudible frequencies, if you can imagine such a thing. The men and women I worked with were very accomplished, a lot of them household names, musicians, and when we were done I don’t think that any of them could say they regretted it. Someone on another planet heard our song, if you will. The catch was we were sworn to secrecy. Well bullocks to that, I’m not holding myself to covenants that were broken not by me but by those with whom I had experienced so much. It’s such a shame what’s ended up happening.

Let me tell you, there is a room in the ruins of the great pyramid, and I say ruins because I think the Egyptians have ruined their greatest treasure by pimping it out like a damned Eiffel tower, where you can literally walk through solid stone and you come into a room of light so bright, you cannot see walls or a ceiling or a floor, and in that room you feel so happy and warm and utterly content that you will not want to leave it. Only Pharaoh was allowed in that room because he was the only one who could ever possibly want to come back to this life. Pharaohs had it very good, very good. The technology that we enjoy today is great, it’s bringing you my voice from thousands of miles away, and it’s amazing, both its complexity and its simplicity. 0s and 1s control the planet, if you doubt this, well my friend, you are a Claude. The Stuxnet virus that was released into the internal seamen systems at a nuclear facility in Iran have now found their way into the internal Chinese infrastructure. And let me tell you this, as a Russian who has seen first-hand what his country is capable of doing to retaliating, that not if, but when the Stuxnet gets into the systems of the old Soviet nuclear arsenal, things are going to get very bad, very quickly. You see the Chinese have accumulated a lot of the world’s wealth. The American buy- now-pay-later mentality has tipped the scales because she doesn’t produce enough right now; sure there are segments doing well, but not enough to employ 200 million people.

So here’s what I believe is coming – I think that the people who control the banking system of this planet are about to pull the biggest gotcha in the current era of history. We are about to reach a global tipping point. Sometime around November 8-12, 2010, and as October wanes, expect the 11,000 point DOW from Friday, October 9th to be the top of the hill, right before we plunge down to the 5,000-6,000 range by the beginning of November, then the elections come, a total reshuffle of Congress, a deadlocked 50/50 Senate and a President who, God bless him, has not been the catalyst for change many of us had hoped for. What you need to understand is that the gathering of gold is useless, the Anunnaki are not going to care, they’re going to take what they need, and this whole idea of negotiating their way out of some alien species potential wrath I think is just…it’s foolhardy, it’s tomfoolery.

So what you need to understand is gathering gold is useless, unless you are also stockpiling an arsenal and turning your home into a fortress. Use your senses, having enough food and water, fuel and blankets, batteries; prepare like you’re going camping for a long trip. You need to survive the first few weeks. There is no way to prepare for long-term survival for most Americans because we’re a very urbanized culture. Can you grow your own food; can you obtain a reliable supply of potable water? Probably not. Most, as the powers that be have planned will be rescued by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association), and the camps will be temporary at first, but then…this is gonna get too depressing.

Thank you for listening. I’ll continue on more. Keep your eyes peeled. Vince will post them. If you can help us get the truth out at all, please go to 5SKS.com and donate as much as you can, all the proceeds go towards the Delta Sol Disclosure Organization, and allow me to evade capture and continue to bring you these videos. And the next one I think you’ll find particularly revealing.

Namaste. Yajweh out.


Hello YouTubers. Today is October 15, 2010. Received a lot of correspondence asking me to discuss the supposed sighting, the sighting of an as yet unidentified flying object over New York City on October 13th. Basically, this ties in with a book called Challenges of Change by Stan Fulham, a retired air force officer, saying that beginning October 13, 2010, extraterrestrials were going to start making their presence known by basically, you know, de-cloaking or showing up in ships over major cities around world. Now, there have been a slew of UFO sightings in China, some pretty spectacular pictures. I’m not gonna put any of them up here because I don’t want to make YouTube squeamish about copyright or anything, and they’re all from major news sources. What’s important here to understand is that there’s no easy way to roll out UFO, ET, alien disclosure to the world. The governments of the world, the main governments, the large powers, have known about this for at least 50 or 60 years. I know this for a fact, for the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, there’s several others, Egypt was one that almost blew the cover.

The idea is this – some want full disclosure right away claiming that there’s already been so much uncovered that at this point full disclosure is really just a political formality, saying here’s what we know. Just like the British did with their documents, here’s what we have, and a lot of these cases these things are just normal everyday occurrences, you know, flying things, you know what I mean by that is, of course, helicopters, airplanes, balloons, remote control airplanes, whatever, but there is a segment of these reports that go unexplained by official sources, and that’s basically what it is, we don’t know what they are, we don’t know what their intentions are but clearly there’s something out there, and there are divisions within divisions of any large organization, we all know this, the power structures that rule the world are no different. Obviously there are the various governments on the planet, there’s the United Nations, there’s groups like the IMF that control the global supply of money. Within these groups there are people who are part of, I guess you would call, an elite organization, who do know, they are privy to the information that, yes, there are segments of world governments that know what these craft are, they know who’s on board, they know what the intentions are.

But to make a long story short, there’s no way to roll this out that everybody can agree on. Some want full disclosure, some say enough information’s already been made public through various channels, let’s just come out and say, yes, we can confirm this, this stuff over here we have no idea about, and try to set the record straight with what we know. And then there’s another group that says that will cause mass global panic at a time that this planet is not in a position right now to absorb this kind of a paradigm shift, folks, at least that’s what a lot of the folks who are in power believe. They’ve waited as long as they possibly can. I believe personally that this is why they have orchestrated the global financial crisis, the collapse of a lot of household name institutions, because the wealth has now been consolidated within a few select organizations. Some of the stuff that’s gone on has been above board, some of it’s been behind closed doors, and most of it is available on the Internet. I’m not gonna go into that here because what I want to talk about, again, is what’s coming.

The ships that are going to start showing up over US cities and cities around the world, they’re not here to hurt us, I can tell you that right now, they’re here to let us know that there is a big change to this planet that is coming, a global tipping point that we will reach if we don’t change our actions immediately on a global scale. Now, I myself, as an American, I know that my country has been a huge contributor to the global CO2 level that we did a lot during our own industrial revolution, so to speak, to create this environment, but I also will say this – there are a lot of people in America who are very concerned and very determined to try to fix what’s happened. There is nothing wrong with the rest of the world saying I want a good life for me and mine, I want my kids a better life than what I had, and by creating this factory, by creating these goods, I can give that to them – there’s nothing wrong with that, I want to be clear. But we are reaching a global tipping point where life on this planet is going to be unsustainable unless we receive outside intervention.

Our technology is not anywhere close to being able to filter the air that we all breathe on a global scale, and the mixture of various gases in our atmosphere has varied over the millennia, but for the last, you know, tens of thousands of years, it’s been relatively similar, and that is why people are starting to get cancer. You know, you look at the studies, they have done studies that…the ancient peoples didn’t die of cancer, cancer is a modern era disease, and it’s pretty clear to most thinking people that the reason is is that we absorb an inordinate of chemicals on a daily basis, we eat a lot of processed food. I don’t want to get into chemtrails and things like that, but there are just a litany of sources of artificial inorganic substances going into our bodies daily, day in day out.

So they’re here to help us. They are going to try to introduce technology that is going to allow us to clean up the atmosphere. Now, the way they have chosen to do this is by beginning to appear in their various ships over major world cities. China has seen a bunch of this. China has got to be on board with this because, no matter what Americans like to think, China is the global superpower right now, they are the decision maker, they are the ones driving the ship. So you’ve seen a lot of UFO appearances over China, just Google it or just look for it on YouTube. You’ve seen them over Moscow, Moscow’s going to play a big role in this, Moscow is a very influential…Vladimir Putin is a very influential man over a lot of world leaders in the eastern hemisphere. The UFOs that are going to start showing up over America are going to, I think, frighten a lot of people, and the reason is is that there is a big segment of our population that seems to somehow equate the existence of extraterrestrials with that meaning that there is…the Bible isn’t true or their beliefs in God are somehow shattered.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you God is a universal thing. No matter where you go in this galaxy, people who know, know the truth, and they’re not that much different from you and me, they too want a good life for them and theirs, but they realize that we have gotten to a point, our planet has, where 7 billion people are going to die over the next 50 years unless we receive outside intervention. And over the last…a long time, there have been those among us who are visitors from another planet, that’s the only way to put it, some of you are gonna thing that’s crazy, but they’ve been trying to steer us in a certain direction. I’m not talking about Al Gore and different things like that, more in scientific community.

But what’s going to happen over the next little while is they’re going to start revealing themselves to the people of the world. At first what’s going to happen is…the powers that be are trying their best to orchestrate this kind of behind closed doors. There will be a period of mass disclosure by world governments on their X files, so to speak, their UFO/alien documents. Within the scientific and academic community I know that there are a lot of very large anthropological groups who are ready to kind of pull back the green curtain on some of the files that have been collected on ancient Sumerian culture. The Dogon tribe, some of those ancient myths that have now been interpreted, the legends, so to speak, are fascinating, they answer a lot of questions, actually, and those will all be disclosed.

But what’s going to happen in the short-term is you’re going to start seeing UFOs, you’re gonna start hearing about UFOs, you may not see one. You’re gonna start hearing about it in the news, people are gonna say it might be balloons, they’re gonna say it might be remote control aircraft, and gradually over the next, I would say, 30-60 days you’re gonna see a spike in this activity, you’re gonna see it in the United States certainly, you’re gonna see it in the United Kingdom, across Europe, expect a lot of it in China, again, and what we’re going to end up having is at some point in 2011 an announcement from the United Nations that we have received some formal contact, as of right now. The only thing that allows me to say that these people are here to help us with our CO2 problem is speculation within the community of people who supposedly communicate with these people, myself being one of them. now, those that I have contact with…it’s just like if you’re an ambassador to another country, they know what they know, they think what they think, they can’t speak for everybody, and for all you know, they could be completely misinformed. But I know they are here to help, and I know that these sightings are going to become a lot more frequent, and as we go into November and December and into early 2011, there’s gonna be a lot of people who are going to steadfastly stand by their belief that this is nothing more than a Hollywood stunt or a media ploy or hoaxters and they’re going to be hard to convince, and that’s okay, because having a mind that questions is a good thing obviously, and try to be patient with those people, try to help them along. Eventually so many people…it’s gonna be one of those things where everybody knows somebody who’s seen one kind of up close and personal, and it’s not a maybe thing anymore, it’s a, you know, I can’t wait for me to see one.

And the technology needs to be rolled out by no later than 2015, fully implemented. Now they move quickly, but this is going to take a huge paradigm shift on the part of planet Earth. We can no longer kill this planet and expect to survive. Even living subterranean, going and living underground with filtered air can only help for so long. Nobody wants to do that, and certainly that’s not a solution to a global population of almost 7 billion. So what’s going to happen is as these sightings increase, more information will be made available through me, and I thank you very much for taking the time to listen and check it out, send me any comments. Yajweh out.


The title of this video is A Brief History of Earth, the Powers That Be and The Modern Era. To give you a little introduction on myself, I am a doctorate of interstellar anthropology. I was a special consultant to the CIA and the NSA back in the 90s on a project called Red Rock, in which I was brought in to study some ancient Sumerian writing found in the ancient city of Ur. My particular area of expertise is in what commonly in conspiracy circles is called the powers that be, a group of individuals who have basically ruled the planet for a long time. These folks came to power in the current era, just right around 3,600 years ago. There was meeting called of high priests and scientists of the time, astrologers, on the island of Cypress, and 17 members attended. These individuals were met by a delegation from the planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki, the native inhabitants of Nibiru, sent a representative who informed these 17 individuals that their planet would be passing within close proximity to the Earth and that this would cause a great number of geological disasters to occur and to basically prepare. They were sent to higher ground and holed up in caves actually for a few years until things settled down.

Now, it’s important to note that these individuals did not at this time have a particular “game plan”, they had no agenda, they were chosen…I don’t want to say at random, but by all historical texts, they were chosen based on their merit, not on their ideological leanings, so to speak. These individuals were given information on the ancient history of our planet that goes back hundreds of thousands of years. There have been floods, a lot of floods. Floods always come to mind first because, of course, the legend of Noah, great earthquakes, volcanic activity that literally blankets the Earth for years without summers. During these times over the eons, our species has survived because a group of individuals has always been given by the Anunnaki, this kind of core set of knowledge, and within this “set of knowledge” there is information that is very advantageous going forward as far as knowing, I don’t know, what areas of the world are gonna be hotspots economically. It’s very easy to make money on this planet if you know what the next big thing is going to be, and that’s been the same throughout time. The shipping industry back in the day was…The East India Trading Company ruled the planet for a while, and now in current era it’s the banking industry.

Everyone is subject to a small group of individuals who control the global monetary system, and for a long time the American currency was backed in gold. We held gold reserves as a nation and that made us a very safe bet. It allowed us to grow and prosper. We also had ports on both sides, you know, both oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, and things went very well in America. And a lot of these powers that be shifted from the old world to the new. But I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s go back about 3,600 years.

So the powers that be, when they first gained this knowledge, they were smart guys, they were all men, sorry ladies, that’s the way the legend goes at least. And they formulated a plan that would basically allow them and theirs and those that they chose amongst themselves to retain this set of knowledge throughout the ages until the Anunnaki came again. And this information had to be passed down exactly. And it’s interesting that nowadays the wars that go on against the people of Islam, who…the holy Koran is recitation, it’s the exact words, and the powers that be use something similar, it’s almost like a song. The story goes that this was created by these original 17 members because it was…it was something that stuck in your head, and Vince’s YouTube account I’m sure won’t allow me to ramble it on out here, but suffice it to say in the ancient tongues it’s a very powerful message. Now the information began to be passed down through first Greece, then Rome. During the Roman times it was very easy for the powers that be to operate, the power construct in the Roman Empire was such that once they were ingrained, they were ingrained forever. Then that shifted afterwards to Constantinople, where then it shifted to France and then to what is now the UK, Great Britain, and then finally to the United States. Now, the word on the street in the community is is that it is shifting away from the United States to, actually, Russia.

In Russia there is a very old organization, that I will not go into detail with because I value my own life, that has a lot of control over what companies get what contracts in the former Soviet Union, and that organization very much envies the wealth and resources and, indeed, industrious nature of the Chinese people. They look to the Chinese as literally, a golden opportunity. They see the Chinese secretly buying up the world gold reserves. The gold reserves in the United States, ladies and gentlemen, are no longer in Fort Knox. They were transferred probably to France and then later, as I understand it, to Luxembourg, where I don’t know what happened after that, I’m just gonna be honest, but they’re no longer at Fort Knox; the thing back in the 60s or 70s when they invited the press in and stuff, that was ridiculous, so much pageantry. The United States government for a long time was ruled by these powers that be. They love the United States of America because in America it’s very easy to get the people, who are by all means a very prosperous and industrious people, to get them beholden to the banking industry – buy now pay later.

After World War II, the American public…everybody got a house, everybody got a couple of cars, everybody had a wife and kids or, not everybody of course but, it was a good time and people worked hard and were industrious. During the 60s and 70s a great thing happened, we became an integrated society, and during that time, America literally became the most powerful planet that has existed, at least within the modern era. Now, there is a big problem with all of this and that is that the American system has got this quirky thing called the stock market, and I know the stock market is not an American thing, but where we basically legalize gambling for people who, now it’s been proven time and time again, cook their own books, put together spreadsheets that don’t match what’s actually going on with their companies’ finances, and it enticed a lot of Americans to invest a lot of money and a lot of that money has been…it’s just evaporated, and you wonder where it’s gone, well I’ll tell you where it’s gone. When you know who’s going to be investigated and to what extent and what the outcome in most cases is going to be in said investigation, you can put puts on stocks and you bet that they are going to go down, and that’s what happened right before 9/11 with the airline stocks. A lot of the money has been moved to China. Now a lot of it has not had…it wasn’t…it didn’t have to be so sneaky. I mean, the United States has been allowing China to buy its debt now for a long time, and if the Chinese decide to call that tab, the United States is going to be in a very awkward position. The only possible way the US could get out of that predicament would be just to print a bunch of currency, cause hyperinflation, and that would be the end of the US, the legal bankrupting of the US. Now, Chinese don’t want that to happen, all that debt that is owed to them is no good if America implodes, but behind the scenes there is a third party that is pulling the strings that very much wants that to happen ladies and gentlemen. That third party has been…they are the heirs of the people who have been pulling the strings for the last 3,500 some odd years. They want this to happen because it will allow them to instantly gain access to all the world’s gold reserves. The reason they want gold is what I’ve explained before. The Anunnaki, when they get here on December 21, 2012, are going to want as much gold as we can give them. Those people believe that they can retain their hold on power if they control the supply of gold on planet Earth. That’s why everybody wants to buy your gold.

Now, I gotta finish it up here. So, here’s what’s happening right now. There’s yet another party involved in all of this, another species from a very near star, which I will go into on my next video, I promise, in infinite detail, who are here, who are going to start making themselves noticeable to Earthlings, basically, they’re going to start appearing over major cities around the globe, the first one was in New York on October 13th, just like the retired NORAD official predicted. A lot of people knew about this, this has been talked about in the UFO community now for several years; this is no big news to anybody. What is gonna be big news is that a lot of people are going to be going into hiding or at least seclusion, a lot of very high profile leaders and business leaders around the world I think are gonna start kind of dropping off the radar. As far as them getting themselves ready for what’s coming, they think they are prepared. I can tell you right now, the gold is not going to matter to the Anunnaki. As Yajweh of the Anunnaki says, and I’m sure most of you have read his writings, if the Anunnaki really want gold, they have the technology just to come here and get it themselves.

So, I’ll see ya next time. Bye bye.


Hey Vince, thank you in advance for posting this video for me. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been at sea now for about 10 days. I believe I am somewhere off the coast of northern Japan. It’s very cold is what I know, and myself and the crew are both mentally and physically exhausted at this point.

Yesterday we met with some dignitaries from Russia and the United States, folks that were telling us basically how the election was going to pan out on November 2nd, the shift in demographics of power in the United States and what that would mean basically for the planned events coming up. And one of the things they told me in particular that kind of sticks in my craw is in how it relates to Hillary Clinton being half way around the planet during the time of this election. Ladies and gentlemen, the election results that you see will not represent accurately the ballots cast by the American public. What you will see is the company Diebold manipulating the elections for the powers that be. The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations right now are working diligently on a plan. They have met with FEMA and gotten the kind of tertiary blessing from their contacts, both at the CIA and the FBI. And what’s in store over the next basically two months is a fleecing of the American treasury under the guise of corporate bailouts. You are going to see within the next couple of weeks something disclosed that if I went into it here, it would take up more time than YouTube will allow Vince Delgato.

Basically, the United States is broke, it’s a bankrupt country. The options before it now to climb out of this hole involve unsavoury options like printing a bunch of currency and letting hyperinflation kick in for a short period of time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not going to be a merry Christmas for the people in the United States of America, there is going to be a lot of discontent. Now, in certain areas of the globe there have been camps set up much like the ones that are on the docket to be put into place in the United States that allow people who have lost their homes, lost their way of supporting themselves to come and live in basically a tent city. Their needs are on a basic level taken care of by NGOs and different groups that are backed in large part by the folks that I met with last night.

President Medvedev said to me that the only thing that could stop this right now is if Barack Obama himself blows the lid off what’s about to go down, and Barack Obama, unfortunately, has become so beholden to those he swore he would fight against that he is a man impotent in his ability to construct any kind of necessary change in the United States. And change is going to be just what the doctor ordered, unfortunately for you folks back

home. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, this is not going to be easy for you guys to understand this. The gold that was once held at Fort Knox was transferred to France decades ago. The United States has sold off more of its debt, the rest of the world believes, or is coming to believe, than it can repay under its current system. Countries like China, who are in a good position to call the loan, so to speak, countries like Japan, who are in the position of necessity to cash in some of their government treasuries. The United States is going to face reckoning unlike anything in recorded history, and what that’s going to cause happen is the federal government is going to allow itself, as orchestrated by the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations…the global banking elite, so to speak, love seeing this coming. The Federal Reserve has been their piggy bank, they’ve used it for what it’s worth, it’s no longer a useful piggy bank, so it’s time to let it just implode.

The United States of America will cease to exist sometime in early 2011 as each of the states respectively begin to break off, some of them in chunks, in groups, to form their own sovereign governing bodies to take care of their own affairs. California is probably going to be the one, I think, that they hang out to dry. It’s the obvious candidate, its troubles are well documented, the gubernatorial race going on right now in California highlights their utter despair, their lack of ideas, their lack of accountability at what’s happened. A state that’s enjoyed a very high standard of living is now faced with the spectre of not being able to pay even its most basic bills, and that’s hard for a lot of people to comprehend, how something that large can go basically bankrupt. And let me explain to you how that happens. In the United States, we are given basically two choices at the poles, Republican or Democrat, of course there are third parties, there are riding candidates, etcetera, but by and large around the country, people choose between two options. Those candidates are brought to that position because they’re willing to play ball, they’re willing to play ball with the people who broker power deals in back rooms, that we’ve all heard about, and that’s how they get their name on the ballot. Now, when you go and choose between one or the other and you think that you’re really making a choice, you’re not. Very few of you go to caucus meetings; very few of you participate in the primary process. I know some of you do and you’re going to write me angry e-mails, and go ahead, but the rest of you, you’ve taken everything that your forefathers have fought and died for, everything that made America great and your apathy has bled it away into nothing. And now what we’re faced with is every two years we’re going to throw the bums out and we’re going to replace them with a new set of folks who are ideologues and whose ideology reflects that of the populace, which is take back control, get this thing under wraps. You guys are qualified leaders who have done nothing to stem the bleeding, to save the patient, and this is going to happen frequently now, every two years when there’s a general election, you’ll see a shift between the Republicans and the Democrats. Each presidential election you will see…excuse me, I said general election, every four years for that, of course. You’ll see a different party’s nomination for president become elected. The Electoral College picks the president in the United States, not the voting populace. The only thing you people can vote on is your local officials, the primary process is the only part of this that you have any kind of a say in and you ignore it.

I’m sorry if I sound frustrated. As someone who just spent some time in Russia, who is trying…those people want so desperately to know what democracy tastes like and it’s just out of reach, it’s just slightly out of reach no matter what they do, no matter which direction they run, and yet they keep trying, and their personal motivation in the process is such stark contrast to my brothers and sisters in America, who sit on their couch and watch the play- by-play on CNN or MSNBC or, bless their hearts, on FOX, as if it’s some kind of a spectator sport.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you it’s too late to change anything in America. The best you can hope for tomorrow is that a lot of people get a crazy wild hair up their ass and vote independent and pick neither, none of the above, write in Homer Simpson for God’s sake. These ass clowns are going to bankrupt our country, and the new flock that’s coming in is just as bad or worse, and let me explain to you why. Joe Miller up in Alaska is a thief. He is a thief and a thug, and I know him pretty well. I would not want to cross that guy and then go out on a hunting trip with him, let’s put it that way. Joe, you know who I’m talking about. Sarah Palin is…there hasn’t been a puppet like Sarah Palin since Jim Henson stuck his hand up Kermit the Frog’s ass, ladies and gentlemen. Sarah Palin is there to be eye candy for the masses who are closet racists and didn’t like Obama. They couldn’t put their finger on it, well their finger was on the fact they didn’t want a black man being President, but they didn’t want to say it, but now they’ve got all these other reasons to dislike Obama. So yeah, we gave him a shot, now let’s bring in the ladies and let them have a shot. And then four years after Palin takes office, we’re going to have something completely different. My best guess is it’ll be Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’ll push the boundaries by allowing someone who is not born in the United States to be nominated and elected President. Why, because people love listening to The Terminator talk. If I could do a good Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation, you guys would believe every other word I said, but I can’t, so I sit on this boat, off the coast of northern Japan, listening for, I guess, the end of the greatest country in the history of Earth, the United States of America, because its citizens don’t want to participate in their own democracy that they’ve invented.

Americans like to think that they live in a democratic society; they like to believe that their choice matters. One good example, I think, in the United States is alcohol. Alcohol is a common problem all around the world, but in the United States alcohol has been taken, the abuse of it, has been taken to a whole new level, in that alcohol was made illegal in the US back in the 1920s under prohibition, and the underground criminal element in society flourished during that time. It was made legal again because the United States functions better when it’s slightly inebriated. We’re like that crazy uncle that comes to the family party and he’s kind of a jack ass until he gets a couple of beers into him and then he’s a little bit easier to be around, and that’s what America has become, and the reason America has become this is because we have forgotten why our country was set up. Our country was set up, ladies and gentlemen, so that every two years, every four years we could throw the people that were running it out, and put someone new in there, and they should be naïve, they should be inexperienced, because those are the ones that are going to approach it with a fresh mind, those are the individuals that are going to go into congress, that are going to go into senate and vote because they think it sounds like that’s what the right thing to do would be instead of, well I’ve got twenty special interests on this side telling me this and twenty special interests on this side telling me that, and I have to make a decision based on which one of them has the nicest corporate retreat in the fall.

YouTube’s going to cut me off if I go any further. God bless America, it’s been a good ride. Yajweh out.


Hi everybody, Yajweh here. Vince Delgato, thank you very much for posting this for me on YouTube. Today is Sunday, November 7, 2010. I am in the mountains of North Korea. Three days ago, we got into…I guess two days ago…Dandong in China, went up the river a few kilometres and crossed over. I gotta say, I didn’t see any military border patrol on either side, but the folks we were with seemed very nervous escorting us across. Something’s very tense around here and that port was extremely busy. We went via vehicle a few kilometres south til we came to a river and then continued kinda southeast, I guess, up into the hills, following the most beautiful river of white, almost luminescent, water. Very strange country North Korea is, maps are basically useless, they point to villages that look like they were started and never finished, signs pointing to farms that don’t look like they exist anymore, and it’s just kind of a lot of blight here.

We are staying…the group that I am with was brought here to try to negotiate with the folks that are, I guess, have now taken over the reins. Kim Jong Il is, by all accounts, basically incapacitated, he’s lost the confidence, the loyalty, of some within his inner circle who are basically running the government right now. His son, the third son that’s being groomed for leadership…it doesn’t sound like…it almost sounds like they’re preparing someone for a role in a play, not to lead a nation. The power has shifted here, and they are sitting on top of a weapon that was given to them by the Iranians. The Iranians got it in Qom, and there was an earthquake there a couple of years ago, the Iranians are convinced that the United States somehow can manipulate tectonic plates using subsonic frequencies and generating waves through HAARP, that they are causing earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Iranians have built an absolutely extensive elaborate underground system of, I don’t even know what you’d want to call it, I guess almost a sub civilization there in Iran. They are convinced that at any time Israel or the United States is going to attack, they’re going to seal off the Straits of Hormuz, and kinda hunker down and see what happens next. My sources tell me that the Russians and the Chinese stand behind Iran should push come to shove, the United States, Israel and Britain would be on their own and France would (laughing) once again be brokering the peace. I shouldn’t laugh. So we were brought here to discuss with the North Koreans what would happen should they deploy this weapon.

I gotta take a break real quick and get a drink of water. Okay, I’m back.

The North Koreans have no idea what they’ve got their hands on, and the Iranians now feel very embarrassed and, quite frankly, scared shitless that they gave this to a rogue regime who’s almost got a death wish. The folks that are in power right now in North Korea have been in power for a long time, ladies and gentlemen, and they’re going to die soon. They know this, I’m not making any threats, they’re old men. They would like to see the fruits of their labour all thrown on the table and see who wins – very scary situation. Ahmadinejad in Iran feels a lot the same way. When Bush was in office, I for one was very nervous because those two had almost an apocalyptic death wish going at one point personally.

So what happens here is we have to talk to the North Koreans and explain to them that if they try to turn this weapon on – and they know that it’s a weapon but they’re not entirely clear how to use it – that they are going to rip a hole in space time, and when they do that they’re going to create, in essence, a wormhole right here in one of their underground facilities. The North Koreans have spent the last 60 years digging deep into these mountains, convincing their entire population…there aren’t many North Koreans old enough to remember what things were like before the days of, you know, Junche (spelling?). The North Koreans…if you do something here to offend the state or break a law, it’s not just you that goes to prison, it’s your whole family, sometimes it’s your whole section of your neighbourhood or something, it’s crazy, and they send you to these mountain prison camps where you work digging these mines in these horrible unsafe, just ridiculously awful conditions, it’s literally a hellish sentence. But the North Koreans are prepared for an all-out confrontation with the United States, and their nuclear program is not going well.

The North Koreans, in their rush to please the dear leader, have cut a lot of corners, and they have had some catastrophic underground, you know, worst case scenario events going wrong over the last 6 or 7 years, and when they had the opportunity to take this off of Iran’s hands, Iran was afraid that, you know, they couldn’t store it above ground, that they couldn’t store it below ground because the United States was going to trigger some giant earthquake, and they couldn’t risk collapsing something around one of their other facilities for this, and North Korea would give it back, they had the word of Kim Jong Il. Now, Kim Jon Il is, for all points and purposes, basically just a figurehead right now, he’s still feared, but he’s only feared because of the power structure around him. Those that actually dictate power in North Korea – personally, this is my personal opinion, I can’t speak for obviously anybody else – but they almost talk about him as if he’s the crazy uncle that just, you know, people bring out for family reunions and appearances, but all the rest of the time they keep him locked up in the back room with a Nintendo.

So I told them that if they try to set off this weapon, or try to aim and turn on this weapon, first of all, they’re not going to be able to aim it at the United States. This weapon would need to be basically placed somewhere in the heartland in the United States of America, and I for one would never ever, ever, let anything like that happen. These guys are…the North Koreans are the scientists that don’t know how to make jello. They really do try here to please those above them, but as is true with all failed communist states, people have to have some kind of an incentive to want to work towards a better tomorrow. They want to have nice things, they want to, you know, drive a nice car, live in a nice house, have a pretty wife, provide for their family well, and when there’s no chance of that happening, your lot in life, your station in life has been determined, and regardless of whether you do a great job or a just-get-by-and- keep-your-ass-out-of-the-prison-camps job, you’re gonna have the exact same job until the day you die, people don’t ever go the extra mile in these types of societies.

And as I will explain one of these days to you guys, I have been on this planet for a long, long time. I guess in American (laughing) you would say, I was part of a scout team sent here a long time ago, and over the years I have developed a great love for the people of Earth, for humanity. I think that everywhere I go I see infinite small acts of kindness; I’ve also seen unchecked rage and just complete brutality that I won’t ever discuss. When I send Vince these recordings, I don’t want to talk about the negative. There’s only about 2 years left to get the house in order on the planet Earth. The way that is going to happen is by all the cards being laid out on the table for all 7 billion, however many of you there are, to see. That’s why the Internet was developed.

When the Internet was developed or worked on at MIT, there was a group that when they wrote up the initial proposal for the Internet…that a guy that I knew that was like me, here to coax things along, so to speak…we can’t control every outcome, we don’t pretend to, or pretend to try to, I guess I should say, but there is certainly things that we can bring to the table, let’s say, in certain situations when someone is on the cusp of technological advancement that perhaps our expertise or knowledge can push them over the edge, and the Internet was one such idea that was…the paper was written up, the proposal, with my colleague in the room, kinda telling them – say this, say that, maybe they’ll go with this, tell them it’ll cost this much and do this – and the rest is history, but the people of Earth have to know this.

The people of Earth have got to…I don’t want to say get their act together, that’s putting it too plainly…all you need is love, all you need is…when you’re…next time you’re angry about something, stopping and counting to 10. The collective energy on any planet is an amazing thing to study, and as an interstellar anthropologist, and I know a lot of you have laughed at my title, and right now there is a veil that has been begun to be slowly lifted and soon will be lifted at a more rapid pace, and the people of Earth will be welcomed into the community within our galaxy, and myself and others like me, who are ambassadors for first contact will be there to answer questions and explain, you know, the history, the real history, of your planet. A lot of questions will be answered and a lot of new questions will come up, and it’s a very slow, long, delicate process, but we cannot have madmen setting of 16,000 year old weapons that are going to rip a hole in the space time continuum before 2012. We have just a little over 2 years left before December 21, 2012.

The Mayan calendar wasn’t predicting the end of the world…

Alright, I’ve just been informed that my 14 minutes are up, so next time 3 things: number 1, post your questions next time, I will try to answer each and every one of them on my next audio clip I send to Vince. Number 2, I will explain what the Mayan calendar means when it talks about December 21, 2012 and the Gregorian calendar. And number 3, I will explain exactly what this weapon the North Korean’s now have does and how it rips a hole in the space time continuum and creating a little wormhole and why it’s so important myself and my peers do not fail in our mission here to dissuade them from its use. But the people of America, please, know that you’re safe. I have been protecting you for many years, and I will die protecting America.

Peace, be wild, Yajweh out.


Hello ladies and gentlemen out there in YouTube land, Yajweh here. As always, I wanna thank my cousin, Vincenzo, for posting these for me. I record the audio from various locations where I’m at at the time around the world and send them to Vince who does what he does and puts them up on YouTube for me.

The group I’m with…we were in North Korea, we left there a couple of days ago, made our way out of the mountains down to a port city, got on boat, sailed south through the south China Sea along the west end of the Sulu Sea, down into the Java Sea to Indonesia. We are heading down to see what we can do in regards to Mount Merapi. The volcanoes in Indonesia, as everybody knows from history, can be…they can have catastrophic eruptions from time to time that have global impact on both the climate patterns of the world as well as the actual physical make-up of the atmosphere.

Received a lot of questions from the last video in North Korea. The North Koreans, at the end of the day, decided to give us the “weapon” that they had received from the Iranians. The questions, I’m getting a lot of them, are tell us the name of the weapon and what does it do? The name of the weapon, I don’t know how to translate it, it would sound like gobbledegook. It’s not intentionally designed to be a weapon. The original intent of this device is it uses a very strong localized power source to tear a little hole in the space time continuum, for lack of a better explanation, it is a…kind of operates on a certain frequency, there is a receiving end, so to speak, in another part of the galaxy. These devices, there were originally 9 of them, they were used to relay information back and forth by myself and my original 8 colleagues. The reason that these are thought to be potentially, you know, weaponized is you can…it’s difficult to describe…you can turn the device on and not power it up all the way. What it does is instead of creating a little tear in the space time continuum, it generates an electromagnetic pulse that’s strong enough that it creates kind of a vortex or a swirl, and it’s not localized at that point, it kind of expands out. This can be used to disrupt molecular structure of just about anything, whether it be, you know, vegetable, mineral or animal.

The North Koreans, at the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what the average person out there in the world thinks of the average North Korean. To be truthful, I don’t know what the average North Korean thinks of the rest of the world, but these people are doing the best within the construct of the society in which they live. There are very few old people in North Korea, is one of the things you notice. A lot of the people there have never known anything else. There are those who do understand that there is a world outside their borders. Where I was up in the mountains, the group of people were a lot of very interesting artists and kind of a bohemian crowd, so to speak. These people told us that legends and myths from, you know, ancient Korean times and some things about a couple of the ancient dynasties in China that were fascinating, and the information, the knowledge still exists in the, kind of the, the under culture in North Korea, but these folks are…if they show promise at a young age, they’re culled from the flock and taken to a special school, they’re treated very well, they’re given better food, better accommodations than other people, and everything in North Korea is, you know, how can it be weaponized? But the people in North Korea don’t have any specific bone to pick with the rest of the world, they just wanna survive. I guess what’s important for me at some point is to tell my story, and I know these videos can’t be very long. Vince always tells me to keep the recordings 15 minutes or less, and I set a timer today so…

I wanna tell you, I’ve been on your planet now for a few thousand years. My name is Yajweh. I am called Yajweh of the Anunnaki but I am not from Nibiru. I am from a planet near the centre of the galaxy. The gravitational forces near the centre of the galaxy are very intense; they’re much different than they are out here on the edge, and consequently, time is perceived differently by my species, which lends itself particularly well to my field which is interstellar anthropology. And I went to school on Nibiru where I studied different cultures throughout our galaxy. My specialty, so to speak, is in religion. I learned a lot in school about the proto-culture going on on Earth, I wanted to come and study it first-hand. There were 9 of us originally that came here, each of us were given one of these devices. They’re made from stone that’s taken from a planet that’s very near the event horizon of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. The rock, I guess you’d say, it’s the best way to describe it, does produce power, it’s not radioactive, it wouldn’t show up on a Geiger counter or anything, but it does produce power, and when dialled into a specific frequency, produces a lot of power. That is coupled with some very intricately carved and very ancient wood from a tree, granted, that’s probably…was a couple hundred thousand equivalent Earth years old when that was taken. There is no digital display, it’s not fancy, it doesn’t look like, you know, a really cool iPhone or anything, but it was used to communicate back and forth. And I along with 8 others was sent to Earth, we were each sent to different locations around the planet to integrate ourselves into different cultures and our purpose was to assist with logical technological advances, and what I mean by that is that we couldn’t say, “Hey, why don’t you invent one of these.” But if somebody was on the cusp of inventing a technology that could be deemed beneficial to the rest of mankind, we were instructed to provide the little pieces of information to expedite the process, let’s say.

Number 1 went to the Mayans. Another went to the Egyptians. The 3rd was sent to a place that doesn’t exist anymore. 4 was sent to China. And number 5 was sent to Machu Picchu. 6 was sent up north and never seen again. 7 is who I am. Number 8 was sent to Africa to a city that used to be very important called Timbuktu. I would love to send a recording, Vince, of just explaining a little bit about what Timbuktu was like several hundred years ago, an amazing, amazing place. And number 9 was…number 9 was Jesus. Now, I’ve told people this and been accused of blasphemy, and I can assure you it’s anything but. I knew Jesus very well, or who you call Jesus. One of the strongest presences I’ve ever been in, he literally had…(laughing) I say this, I’m serious, a magnetic personality, people were drawn to the man because he had this innate ability to listen and tell people things about themselves that they didn’t think anyone else knew, certainly not as was the case many times a stranger.

We were sent here to assist in the development of the species on this planet. And the reason was simple – the Anunnaki like the planet Earth, they come here from time to time and collect gold. On a galactic scale, as a reference, gold is readily available on Earth and relatively easy to get to. So Earth was of much value to the folks on Nibiru and I was, I guess the equivalent would be, knighted and given a spot on the team and sent here. About 200 years ago I lost my device. I was in Russia at the time. I came to the knowledge that it was being held by the Romanoffs. I was about to retrieve my device when the February Revolution abolished the crown and the rest is history. I now do not know exactly where it is, otherwise I would do everything within my power to go back and get it. That’s why I went to North Korea, that’s why I volunteered to go there, because there was a chance that that one was mine. There’s no way to identify said devices. There is no one on the receiving end, so to speak, anymore; the department that we were with that sent us here does not exist anymore on Nibiru at the “university”.

Everybody out there needs to understand that I appreciate the donations that have been given at 5KSK.com, I really do, they’ve allowed me to evade capture and kinda live on the land for the last little while. But I do not seek fame or fortune or glory. The purpose in me telling you guys this is not to scare you, it’s not to entertain you, it’s not even to educate you. I say that because to really explain everything you would need to know, I would have to sit down in front of you, and I wish there were some way that I could do that. I wish that there were some way that I could get up in front of a group of people and explain to everybody first-hand who I am, why I’m here, why I’m coming out with all this right now, with, as I’ve said before, about 2 years left, not until the end, 2012, ladies and gentlemen, is not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning of a new age, it’s a period of transformation we’re coming into, one that will be turbulent, that will be at times violent, but the particular skill set and knowledge base that I have will allow me to help a lot of people, and I desperately want to do that.

I’ve gotta cut this short I guess, my timer’s going off that I’m running out of YouTube time.

I’ll try to answer more questions and I’ll try to explain more about what I’ve seen since I’ve been on this planet. I’ve seen at times infinite compassion, the depths of humanity, and I’ve also seen things that are too sick to describe. So I’m gonna sign off now. I’ll try not to fall in the volcano. Vince, please give everyone my best and tell them thank you very much for their love and support.

Yajweh out.

9 – November 15, 2010

Hello everybody out there in YouTube land, Yajweh here. As always, Vince Delgato, thank you for posting these videos for me on YouTube.

I am right now in Mecca for the haj pilgrimage. Went to Mount Arafat…an amazing time here. The people here in Saudi Arabia are so kind and so polite, very open, generous with both their time and their resources; they’re just a wonderfully unique people that live here on the peninsula. It’s interesting as I spend some time here in the Middle East thinking back on my time on this planet, and someone that I knew personally that I have gotten now a lot of e-mails and questions about, and that was number 9, you knew him as Jesus.

It’s interesting to me people because right now in the world there seems to be this big Christian Judaeo Muslim divide going on, and I don’t think sometimes people step back and look at their own beliefs and their own faith and realize how similar their belief system is to those they profess to hate. All religions preach peace and love, and those of you who try to site certain seras in the Koran or try to site certain passages in the bible or in the Torah that would indicate that people are being somehow taught hatred by their religious leaders in their respective faith, is…folks, it’s destructive, it’s counterproductive, it’s tearing this planet apart at a time when more than anything we need to somehow find a way to find common ground and bridge our differences and realize that we really are…the people of planet Earth, really are one race, the human race, and we’re going to go through a period of time, right now with disclosure being unveiled Sunday in New York, that we’re gonna start finding out as a race that we have a unique culture, an Earth culture, that from an anthropological point of view is very unique and fascinating and beautiful and all the other adjectives you want to attach to something, but we’re not alone in the universe, you’re not alone in the universe, I’m not alone in the universe. It’s time for Earth to take its place in the galactic community, and by that I mean among world’s who have agreed to share technology, who allow their people to come back and forth with the equivalent of a passport.

You know, a long time ago, war was wiped out, so to speak, in a galactic sense, and the reason why it was wiped out is…think about it this way – if I develop a weapon…if my civilization becomes so advanced that I develop a weapon that can completely annihilate the opposition, how long is it before their spies or their own technology catches up to mine and pretty soon we can wipe each other out? On Earth you call it MAD, the mutual assured destruction theory. On a galactic sense, that was realized on the umpteenth degree. Weapons were available that could destroy whole planets. No one used them or has used anything like them for hundreds of thousands of years, at least. Now, that’s not to say that those weapons, the “blueprints” don’t exist perhaps somewhere, somebody doesn’t know how to make one, but the rest of the galaxy, at least a big chunk of the galaxy has grown to the point as a collective that they realize that we’re all in this, in the grand scheme of things, together. Let me give you an example. Several thousand years ago, there was a planet that is on the other side of the galaxy from where Earth is, that was going to be hit by a gamma ray burst, everything on that planet was going to die, the entire planet needed to be relocated. We call them, I believe, M Class planets on Earth that are suitable for carbon-based life forms like humans. This species was very similar to what we would call proto humans or cavemen; although, they had become very advanced.

It’s interesting also, if I could just have a quick side note here, cultures around the galaxy that have embraced the spiritual side, so to speak, of knowledge, what on Earth people maybe refer to as witchcraft or…I’m not talking about devil worshipping, and please don’t write me nasty e-mails, I’m talking about people who understand, they understand the force, for those Star Wars fans out there, there’s something, there’s an energy, a life force that runs through each one of us that connects us all, and it kind of has a mind of its own and it kind of follows predetermined rules, almost like physics or mathematics, and by learning a lot about that, just like the Mayans did with astronomy, you can start to predict certain trends.

I want to get back though to my original point because I know that I digress. Vince always tells me that I really need to write some kind of a script, and one of these days I will, but…

The differences in the religions on planet Earth are miniscule in the grand scheme of things. Let me give you an example. Jesus and the prophet Mohammed, peace be unto him – Jesus said that people needed to basically experience life. That was the opposite of his “brother” in the story Lucifer, Satan, who said that they should be made to follow God’s will. Jesus said that we have to have free agency, we have to be able to choose between right and wrong because that’s what makes us grow on a spiritual…as a soul, that’s what allows us to progress, with the Hindus, coming back, reincarnation, you progress and you learn on a spiritual level deep down inside you. That’s why some of you when you hear my voice on these crazy YouTube videos, it’s not like you’re discovering something, it’s like you’re remembering it on a deep, deep level. You remember that this is actually true, that’s the feeling, not one of learning something new, but of remembering something old.

And Jesus was the best at explaining to people why it’s important for them to choose, for them to make the decision. There’s cultural differences in every society between what is “goo” and what is “evil”, but on a base level, every human being is almost hardwired with a moral compass, and Jesus believed that everyone had to make their own choices, and that nothing happened without reason, and the prophet Mohammed, who I never knew, I never met, I’ll be honest, but obviously I have read his words, time and time again, and he understood that too. What he said was I don’t…and please, I’m not trying to be blasphemous here, this is me saying my opinion, I’m not trying to in any way interpret the words of the prophet Mohammed, but what I believe is that he said this is exactly what God wants you to do, here’s to the letter the instruction on how to get to heaven, now it’s up to you whether or not you want to follow these. Their messages were so similar, they both want you to get to a place after this existence that is a good place, where you feel warm and safe and secure and you’re around everyone you’ve ever loved and ever known, and nothing bad can ever happen to you, there’s no need for money, for possessions, there’s no greed, there’s no jealousy, there’s no hate, no betrayal. It’s like that feeling you get when you’re a kid and you’re driving home and you’re in the back seat and you fall asleep and it’s a long drive, but when you wake up, you’re already home and your mom or your dad or your grandma or your grandpa or whoever is carrying you in the house, that feeling of safety and security and contentment, that’s what we strive for when we pass on on this planet, or what humans do, and that’s what I specialize in showing people how you can attain that in the next life. I’m not a preacher, I’m not a rabbi, I’m not, I don’t represent any faith other that the soul that we all share. There is a balance in the universe, a yin and a yang, a polarity that exists out there, there’s positive energy and there’s negative energy in everything. Polarity is, from the ancient times, ingrained into everything in this universe, every single thing out there, there has to be some sort of balance, nature strives for balance, just look at the weather, high pressure rushing to low pressure, trying to equalize out, heat trying to transfer somewhere where it can equalize out, it’s everywhere in nature and it exists inside of us as well, and we each have a choice, we each know inside of us what’s good and what’s not, and on a moment-by-moment basis in our lives we make choices that will determine where we go after we leave this existence, and it has nothing to do…I’m sorry, again, I don’t mean to be blasphemous or offensive, but it has nothing to do with God, it has nothing to do with heaven or hell. What is inside you is inside me, is inside your neighbours it’s inside your parents, it’s inside your children, it’s inside everyone, everything, it’s inside your dog, your cat, to some extent, it’s inside the computer that you’re watching this on.

You know, it’s interesting always when I get asked about computer technology, does is exist elsewhere in the galaxy; it’s just a system of 0s and 1s. Yes and no. Binary computing, no. Quantum computing, yes. Earth is just now getting to this level of technology where, you know, something could be on or off or both, and that allows computers to go very quickly, let’s say.

I saw a movie one…and I’ve got a…I set my timer now, and I’ve got like a minute left I guess, but I saw a movie once where a guy was lost in the desert and because he was a sailor, he knew the stars and he knew which way to go to get out of the desert, and I remember thinking, you know, what an interesting paradigm of this guy who is in this alien surrounding, he has no idea which way is up or down, but there is familiarity above him in the things that have been taught to him that he knows on an inner…he knows them down so deep, it’s like the saying he knows them like the back of his hand.

I hope people like my tapes that I send to Vince. Vince, thanks a lot for posting them. I got a lot of flak for asking for donations so I’m not going to, I just think 5SKS does a lot of good, and the messages encoded in their songs, if you don’t get it yet, listen again. Alright, just because everybody seems to give me shit about this too, this is going to be my little catch phrase at the end. Yajweh, over and out.


Alright, this is Yajweh. Sorry if I sound flustered, I have started and stopped and restarted this recording now at least 17 times. I can’t get what I need to say out in the 15 minutes allowed by YouTube. Does anybody know how Vince can get more time allotted to him on You Tube, if so, somebody tell him.

Left haj in Mecca, it was awesome as always. Went to Mauritania, cut across Mauritania into Mali, I am right now in Timbuktu. I figure it’s fine to say that, I’ll be gone by the time this is up on YouTube I think. Over a geographic formation, I guess it’s called the Great Eye of Africa. If you’ve never seen this, go to Google or wherever you go to and look it up, The Great Eye of Africa. From high above the Earth it looks like a giant shock crater in the earth, it’s just one example of the…kind of the arrogance I’m up against I guess in humans right now on this planet, folks who believe that the human race has reached the pinnacle of technology, the pinnacle of knowledge, and that nothing that has come before you could have reached these levels. Some people try to tell me that, oh there would be evidence of this, that and the other. The whole Sahara desert covers the evidence of this, that and the other, my friends. My God, a few thousand years ago, the Sahara was not…it was a lush area that was teaming with life, it was teaming with cities and city states, and the people were very well educated. The science that was going on in Timbuktu 1,000-2,000 years ago, a lot of it could rival anything going on at CERN or any of the other large “cutting edge” labs or think tanks around the globe right now.

But this is where I keep getting sidetracked and I want to and I’m not going to allow myself to do that. I’m sorry, I’ve got something very important to say, and Vince, please when you get this, I need you to title this please The Arrogance of Man Must Stop, and a black background with my voice for YouTube. Actually, do this – right in the middle, put up a picture of John from 5SKS because (laughing) I’ve been listening to the new record, Disclosure, or is it Subliminal, is that the new one that you sent me? Anyway, awesome stuff; the Do You Feel Them song, that’s (laughing) pretty funny.

I have been on this planet now for a long time. I was sent here by the Anunnaki of Nibiru, my bosses, so to speak, along with 8 others to different areas around the globe to influence society in a specific capacity. We weren’t sent to change the course of history, we were sent to allow the human race to progress enough to be ready to adapt to the changes that are coming in a couple of years when the alignment of the galaxy occurs. There is a large well of dark matter that’s formed, almost like an eddy in a stream, off

Jupiter. The Earth is going to start experiencing some very strange phenomena. I would be very careful out there if you start to see a lot of coronal mass ejection activity, solar activity, just exercise good judgement, be prudent. I’m not trying to be a doom crier and scare the hell out of anybody, I promise, I’m just saying that the human race is very close to being able to survive what is coming, and that is the case that I have been pleading.

When the plans were set into motion thousands of years ago, after the last passing, the people of Earth were deemed too inept to ever be a candidate for welcoming into the galactic community, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes I go to use words that are going to make sense to nobody but me and I don’t have enough time to give definitions.

When the human race…how do I say this politely…when the human race got started as it is now, there was a sense of humility about the human race as a people that comes from when 90% of your population globally was wiped out through a catastrophic event, that’s kind of a natural side effect. Over the last, you know, 3,600 years, people have gotten very cocky again, I guess, is the American way to say it, that’s what Vince always says is cocky. As an individuals it becomes very difficult to feel like you can affect any change out there in the world, what can you do, you’re just one person, no one believes you, you have these things that you know on an inner level, just like you know that the sun is going to rise in the east and set in the west, that night’s going to be colder than day, you just know these things, that when you get thirsty, having a nice glass of water is going to hit the spot, you know that, the same way you know these truths. That’s why when you hear my voice and when you hear me talk about some of these things, some of you say, this is not me hearing this for the first time, this is me remembering this again. And I have been pleading this case to the Anunnaki, because they, among all others, yield great influence.

The Emperor on Nibiru who is the 7th of his house, personally sent myself, my companions here to Earth because there is a love on Nibiru for this planet, not just for the gold here, which of course they…I don’t want to say prize above all else, but…people always joke around about, you know, you love your job, you do it because you love the work, you’re in it for the money – the Anunnaki are in it for the gold, but they don’t want to live here, they can’t live here, the Earth is not a hospitable environment for them, another point of arrogance of the human race, that if you don’t exist in this Goldilocks zone of planets, and are a carbon or silicon based life form that there’s just no other possible form of life, it’s very disrespectful.

Think about what you knew as a race at the time of World War II; think about how that paradigm changed between then and the “computer age” of the 70s and 80s, and now you look at…do this – next time you see a rerun of an old TV show from the 80s and you see a computer on someone’s desk…we take for granted now that everyone has a computer on their desk, school children have computers on their desks, folks I know have computers in their bathrooms, they carry around these little iPhone/iPod deals. That technology is great, it’s cool, it’s what I’m gonna to get into more, it’s what’s allowed me to make this argument. Oh my God, I’ve got 6 minutes left.

Okay, here’s the deal – I went to the Anunnaki and said basically this: I think that because the Internet has been brought into being on the planet Earth, you have got a population of, instead of one out of every ten people being made aware of, you know…the powers that be both on the planet right now and within the galactic community, so to speak, believe in the concept of free agency. People who are forced into doing something are not gonna do a very good job of it. That’s why communism doesn’t work. People have to make their own free will, they have to choose to do something, and then they will be invested in this, and then they will be empowered to affect change, and instead of maybe one in ten people on the planet being made aware, through whatever means were available at the time, that there is something else beyond their physical flesh and bone body, now it’s more like maybe half the people on this planet feel something outside themselves. I’m not talking about God or a religion or heaven or hell, I’m talking about an interconnectivity that you feel towards the people around you, a place that you feel at home, maybe a time of day or doing a particular thing that makes you feel at ease, and you all of a sudden have this realization that the reason why you feel this is the place you’re meant to be is because the vibrations within your body and the vibrations that occur in every other speck of matter in the entire universe harmonize at that point of space time, and because of the Internet people are learning more and more about the…basically that everybody on Earth, for the most part, has the same core set of wants and needs – we all want to be liked, we all want to have a roof over our head, we all want to have food in our belly, we’d like for ours and those around us to have a pleasant, peaceful, happy existence, and my argument has been that…now first of all, let me say, no one’s coming to Earth to take over the Earth. These movies and things like that that you see, this is folly. What good…as an example, and I apologize I’m stuttering, but I keep looking at my timer and now it says I’ve got 3 minutes left.

If I’m a country and I take over another country by force and I’ve got those people, now what do I do with them? It’s a lot of work to kill them. I don’t mean to sound cold in saying that, and I’m not trying to be, you know, coy or anything. What are you going to do with all those people that you take over? Are you just going to put them up in prison and feed them and take care of them forever? No. The best way to do it is to have them want to be taken over, to have them welcome this “liberation”. “We’re liberating you from the current regime on this planet”, is what you’re gonna hear.

The powers that be on the planet Earth are a bunch of sick and twisted families who have held for generations the secrets that have been passed down to them through the millennia that they have chose not to share for the benefit of everyone else on this planet, because they have a very big problem with greed, they love their lavish lifestyle, they love the fact that their blood is different than those around them, they love the fact that at any time they can go anywhere and do anything within the realm of earthly pleasure, and they want nothing to affect that. And that’s why I have been arguing against them with, I guess you would say my department heads on Nibiru; don’t let these people represent the people of Earth.

I’ve been made aware of something that I have to close with, and I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I can. I wish I had more than 15 minutes to talk.

The reason Obama has been travelling so much is he’s trying to broker a new deal, letting the groups that believed that he was beholden to them know, I guess, that he has been in contact with some of the entities from around the galaxy. He feels he is protected and that his family is protected, and he is now able to negotiate from a position of power, and he is doing this, I believe, on behalf of the people of Earth. I think the man has descent intentions. I have never met him, I know a lot of people who have, I’ve heard a lot of conflicting reports, but I know that what’s going on right now is he’s sidestepping a…by all accounts catastrophic domestic situation in America to travel the globe and plead with these groups, these governments, not only for full disclosure, but to not let the powers that be be the ones that dictate, don’t let the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations be the ones that dictate the terms of integration, of disclosure.

Please people, make yourselves aware. Make yourselves aware and (ringing sound), there’s my timer.

Alright, Yajweh over and out.

11 – November 18, 2010

Hello YouTube, Yajweh here. Vince, double thanks this time for both posting these videos for me and allowing us to speak and get our little tiff behind us.

I am using a different recorder tonight, I’m actually using some equipment from the band U2, that’ll give you a little indication as to where I am, just find out where U2 is on November 18, 2010.

I want to do an experiment tonight, that’s what Vince and I talked about, that’s what we’re going to…people want to know some answers and I want involvement in the outcome. This is not just about me, if it was I would go home and live on a beach somewhere. The choices before me that I received back, basically I have 9 choices, that’s right, 9 choices, because number 7, me, is what I can use. There’s a bylaw in the books, an ancient law that says basically I could swap out myself or my spot for someone of my choosing, I could appoint my own successor, so to speak, and then name them as my partner on this little endeavour I’m going on over the next two years. So, I want to do two things tonight, well three things actually. Number one is Vince’s videos; I don’t see that they’re getting enough hits when I look at them. I’m kind of shocked by this and folks that know about YouTube have told me that we need to do a couple of other things.

So, number one is I want everybody to please either like or dislike this video right now. Right below the video box, there’s a little thing that says, you know, I like it or whatever, click on like, if you don’t like my stuff, click on dislike, and next we’re going to start on voting. There are 9 choices friends, for who is going to work with me to negotiate with both the powers that be here on Earth and I guess kind of act as a liaison to the human race.

Our choices are as follows. Number 1 was a…someone who went to the Mayans hundreds of years ago. The Mayans were experts at astrology, and that’s where this individual’s expertise lay. Number 2 went to the ancient Egyptians. Now I have been asked in comments and in e-mails or messages or however they do it now when Vince forwards them to me, you know, how do these 9 different entities come to Earth at seemingly nine different times, and the answer is simple and complex. It’s simple in that there is a…time travel is, of course, theoretically possible, but time travel has been done. It’s not like what you may imagine, where you get into a little box and have a swirling vortex appear around you and end up in a, you know, different time period exactly where you left off, you travel through space and time. It’s basically the same principle that I use to, or used to use, before I lost my handy dandy communicator to talk with the folks on Nibiru, creating a small wormhole, that is what CERN has been working on now for the last decade, at least, is this technology. So going to a different spot in time is not necessarily impossible, it’s just not done very often. It’s the same reasoning behind mutual assured destruction theory on a galactic sense that I talked about the other night.

I set my timer, I’ve got ten minutes left, I’m trying to hurry.

Number 3 was sent to a place that doesn’t exist anymore, we know it as Atlantis. This individual was an expert in crystals and very strong, I guess you’d call them, alternate or alternative power sources. The gal that went to…I call her gal…that went to Egypt was known as Nefertiti. Her expertise was in, I don’t know, I guess being a courtesan, maybe would be an appropriate way to put it. Number 4 was someone who I was in school with on Nibiru, sent to China, and I believe the Han Dynasty. You guys will have to forgive me; I have a lot of things bouncing around in my head tonight. Expertise there was, I guess, military strategy would be the way to put it, not in how many people you can kill, but in how you can get your enemy to choose not to fight you before the war has even begun. Number 5 was sent to Machu Picchu. The Incans and the Mayans and the Aztecs all were very in tune with what was going on in the galaxy. For “primitive races” their understanding of, in particular, the Dog Star Sirius was of interest to the folks on Nibiru…sent to Machu Picchu. When Machu Picchu was wiped out by smallpox…the Europeans did catastrophic damage in the new world. So number 5 is someone whose expertise lie, not just in I guess astronomy, but in the astrology aspect of that, how the stars play into past, present, future interpretation. Number 7, or excuse me, I jumped 6. 6 is…I’ve had a lot of people ask me about 6 – sent up north, never seen again – that’s what I always say.

I went to Russia initially looking for number 6. I was referred to the Nordic kingdoms. The Vikings were a very advanced society. They don’t get a lot of credit for their advancement because they weren’t great note takers. But the individual that was sent up north, that person or being’s expertise are in survival in extreme conditions. That’s why all of us, the rest of us have always…never said, you know, he died, or he was killed, he just has never been seen again. I can’t imagine anything could’ve happened to him.

Number 7 is who I am, and as…again, there’s a caveat, I can basically name a subordinate, an apprentice, a paralegal, if you will, and that individual could theoretically be partnered with me for my new assignment.

Number 8, sent to Africa. Africa, as I talked about last night was not always this barren, you know, desert. Northern Africa, the Sahara now covers ancient civilizations. There are ways to access them, there are still people living in these ancient cities underneath the Sahara desert. They take satellite imagery sometimes that is looking for ancient riverbeds underneath the sand, and they have come across…not…they don’t look natural, they don’t look like a natural traverse of a river, it looks almost like something manmade, a canal or a, you know, something linear and symmetrical. That individual’s expertise were very similar to mine, not an interstellar anthropologist like myself, but a cultural anthropologist from his respective planet. I use the pronoun he a lot. There are beings in the galaxy who are not gender specific, please folks, I’m not trying to be overtly sexist here, it’s just a, you know, let’s pop it out in my 15 minutes of fame here. He was originally sent to Timbuktu which, as we discussed, was a very important city and centre of learning in ancient times, and is in a place easily locatable now.

Number 9, Jesus, Yeshua, this is the one that I wanted to get to. I guess I got four minutes and twenty seconds left here. If I choose Yeshua, Yeshua and Yajweh united again on this planet could be the best thing that’s ever happened or the worst thing that’s ever happened to the human race. We are like brothers, we’re close, dear, dear friends, either of us would, I think, say that we would gladly lay down our life for the other one, but we do have differing opinions on certain key components. His level of compassion, that whole business about turn the other cheek is not an old wives tale, Yeshi would…laughing…Yeshi and Yaji, that’s what they used to call us. I got into a lot of fights, I guess you would say, on his behalf, I believed it was on his behalf, and later I found out that was the exact opposite thing that he wanted me to do, but it’s amazing what a lot of time spent with an individual that you’re kind of thrown in the mix with you either deeply love them afterwards or deeply hate them afterwards, and I deeply love the one you call Jesus. And I worry that my saying this…that I could pick to have the “second coming” occur, three things, number one: is this going to make religious nuts hate me, send me threatening message; number two: is this really something that I want, this aspect of what I’m going to try to do now for the next two years, do I want that in the mix, because is that going to mean that the world’s 1 plus billion Muslims are now not going to listen to me, does that mean that people who consider themselves agnostic or even atheist are now not going to listen to me; and then number three is that: I don’t want to do anything that’s going to hurt anyone. What’s coming is not your annihilation as a species, it’s you assimilation, and my belief is that the human race is advanced enough, is good enough in spirit, is intelligent enough to have a say in their own destiny, and that’s all I want.

So please make a comment on this video, everybody please

1 through 9. I’m going to try and do a recap in 3 minutes, here goes, or 2 minutes. 1 is the individual that was sent to the Mayans, expert in astronomy. Number 2, individual who went to the Egyptians, commonly referred to in our history as Nefertiti, expert in seduction and being nice to folks, making people do what they (laughing) do because they feel like they’re doing it because they want to do it, not because they’re being manipulated. Number 3, sent to Atlantis, but he is (ringing sound) still very much around…and there’s the alarm bell…expert in crystals and alternative forms of high output energy. Number 5, the individual that was sent to Machu Picchu, expert in astrology aspect of understanding the stars. Number 6, sent up north, never seen again. I believe he made away maybe to the new world with some of the Vikings, but that’s just my personal opinion; expert in war strategy basically. Number 7, who I am. Swap out a replacement. If you want to pick number 7, do this, I don’t care if you pick Vince, I don’t care if you name yourself, but name someone serious, who do you think that I could pick that’s a human that’s on this planet right now, put number 7 and put a name. Number 8, sent to Africa, Timbuktu. Number 8’s expertise were in cultural anthropology, understanding deep-rooted superstitions and myths and lure and how that presented itself and worked itself in the day- to-day workings of certain societies on planet Earth at the time and since. Very useful to me number 8 would be, and number 9, we all know number 9 is Jesus. If you think you want to initiate the second coming by making a comment on YouTube then type number 9 in the comment box.

Alright, that’s 15 minutes. Yajweh out.


Hello YouTube and the world, this is Yajweh. I’m at Paisley Park today. Good friend, Prince Nelson, has allowed us to use the studios here in Chanhassen, Minnesota to record a couple of tapes, I think we’re going to try to do two. As always, I want to thank my little cousin, Vinny D for posting these videos for me on his YouTube channel, Nibiru TV. Vince, happy holidays to you, brother.

Listen, a lot to talk about today, that’s why I think I’m going to ask Vince if we could just do this in 2 fifteen minute segments, I don’t have my timer with me, and Prince doesn’t believe in clocks for some reason, so yeah, he’s a friggin’ vam…yeah, you are a vampire (laughing), I don’t care what your Jehovah’s Witnesses say about it, we’ll have that discussion later.

So, the big topic in the news today is North Korea, South Korea, the artillery shells that fired the island of Pyongyang (mispronounced)…yeah, Yeungpen, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correctly, guys shut up, stop it. They got me in this little stupid booth and they think it’s hilarious to draw stupid pictures and hang them on the glass. Did people do this to you Prince when you’re making your records, I bet they don’t, no, I bet you they bring you vegan cupcakes and things, don’t they? Let’s get to the point.

I was in North Korea a few weeks ago. I was there with a group of individuals. North Korea was having trouble. The official story was they were having trouble with one of their nuclear reactors. The, of course, real story that folks who have been following me know is that North Korea had become the proud owner of a, what they believed was a weapon, they had obtained it from the Iranians, the Iranians didn’t know how to activate it, they had found the weapon when they were…this is a long story, I don’t want to get into all this. Everybody knows this story already. The issue is one of us in the group was delegated to go back and basically blow the cover to distract attention. It was an American scientist, an expert in the field of nuclear fission who was brought in under the guise that he was going to be looking at these reactors. He came back with a story that we’d all kind of agreed upon, which was North Korea is much more advanced than the west had imagined as far as their capability of creating nuclear material. They thought they had enough plutonium for, you know, I don’t know, 5 or 10 bombs, now maybe they’ve got enough for, you know, several dozen. Obviously that is a concern. My contacts in Russia are calling this a colossal danger what is happening today. The potential for escalation is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the peninsula, at least for 50 years, and the reason is is that as Kim Jong Il passes the reins of power down to his son, Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Nam is going to need to consolidate his respect, so to speak, within the ranks of the North Korean military. The North Korean military…people who are in the military in North Korean live much better than the common people. Those who do well in the military live, especially by North Korean standards, a very lavish life, and these folks enjoy their power, they enjoy the impunity with which they act in their country. They can do anything, they can go anywhere, the laws do not apply to them, so to speak. The young Kim Jong Nam wants to show them that he can make brash decisions. This is an island on the western side, not the Pacific side. I’ve never been there but I’ve been by it, so to speak. It’s just a small community, small villages, the people there live very meagre existences, and certainly didn’t deserve to be, you know, bombarded with artillery shells first thing in the morning. The reason that this has the potential of, not just going nuclear, but going globally catastrophic is because the North Koreans now, with what they had gleaned from this, what they believed was a weapon, it was actually a very old walkie talkie. The information that they have gleaned now from the weapon indicates to them that the western powers may be much further advanced than they initially believed. The North Koreans believe that in obtaining a nuclear arsenal, they would be on par with the United States, with China, with Russia, with France, with the UK. They desperately want to see Japan, I guess the term would be, something bad happen to Japan, to just put it bluntly. There’s a lot of hostility and animosity there. As far as South Korea goes, most of the people that I met and spoke with in North Korea still view Korea as one; there is no North and South Korea. They firmly believe that the peoples of North Korea and the peoples of South Korea being one people will eventually win the day, and I tend to agree with them. These people have a very rich, old, beautiful culture, really unlike anything else on the planet Earth. A lot of it has been dissolved over the last 50-60 years. Where I was at when I was in North Korea, in kind of a bohemian community, up in the mountains, I was very impressed with the level of creative knowledge that has been retained by that society in certain segments. So, let’s…I keep side tracking…let’s talk now about what is going to happen next, because it’s very important people, especially my friends in Australia, in New Zealand, certainly anybody in, you know, east Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia. I am going to be in Bangladesh sometime in time within the next 6 months, I cannot tell you why, but the gist is they are preparing for an evacuation there with the global sea level change and the freak tide that’s coming.

We’ve got little, I guess, just a little more than 2 years, everybody says 2 years, to prepare for what is commonly termed on this planet galactic alignment. There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding December 21, 2012. Let me explain to you very quickly, because I get a lot of questions about this, what the real deal is with that. Our solar system aligns with the galactic plane. Jupiter is a very interesting planet, as we all know; anybody that knows anything about the astronomy of their solar system understands is the reason why Earth exists. Jupiter not only acts as a giant vacuum cleaner for the small fragments and the large fragments that exist in the asteroid belt and that float around in the Kuiper belt that come in from time to time, that could devastate this planet, but Jupiter’s well of what you would call here dark matter, ebbs and flows and creates almost a tidal effect on the dark energy surrounding the Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field goes without saying, it’s very important. What happens every 3,600 years is the planet Nibiru comes near the Earth. The planet Nibiru has an elliptical orbit in our solar system; it’s a lot of times referred to as Planet X. US scientists I know, as far back as like 100 years when they were looking for Pluto, thought there must be something else out there because of the gravitational effects that they could see exhibited on other planets that were easier to see. The South Pole Observatory right now in Antarctica has all the tracking data on Nibiru but it has been deleted. If you go to Google Sky, you can see this if you know where you’re looking, go and look and you’ll see a big black box on Google Sky, and this has been exposed on YouTube at least a dozen times that I’ve seen. It’s very commonly joked about in the scientific community, but when I was at McMurdo Station a few months ago, they were scared to death to talk about it, they really were. The edict had been passed down through the ranks at McMurdo that because Antarctica was not under the jurisdiction of any country per say, that when winter came and folks could, you know, and this was the tail end of winter when I found out about this, but they had said months prior, when winter comes you guys are going to be here, you’re not going to be able to get away from here if bad things start to happen, if those who supply our stocks in perpetuity decide to cease that activity, we’re all going to be in big trouble, so we do not talk about these certain coordinates, these are left kind of off the table, and I would expect that within the next year or two you’re going to see a lot of people coming forth that were down there at the time, that were down at south pole observatory coming forward with, you know, this is what they told me, this is what they said I could not say. It’s…anybody with a descent telescope in the southern hemisphere can see Nibiru, a lot of people have seen Nibiru with the naked eye as it gets closer.

The Anunnaki, they’re not coming to destroy you people. The time of assimilation is here, that means that the Earth has been deemed acceptable to the galactic community, Earth will be integrated into that society. As the people that have been listening to me well

know my argument has been for the last little while, and what I’m trying to put together is: I believe that when the time comes for this information to be laid completely bare, the powers that be on this planet, the ancient families, the ones who control your banking systems, who control your governments, who control your police force and your militaries, that they will desperately want to retain power, they will feel that it is their right, that it is their inheritance to do so. Your governments are powerless against these folks; these folks run your governments. In the democratic governments, they’re the ones who fund the campaigns that get these folks elected. In the totalitarian governments, they’re the ones who wipe out the competition and groom people, brainwash if you will, in both western and eastern societies, so to speak, that if you don’t tow the line, bad things will happen to you and your family, and why would you want that to happen when you can have this life of luxury – all the power, money, women, men, food, drugs, whatever you want can be yours, just keep your mouth shut about what little bits you find out about. And only those in the highest echelons of these ancient societies know everything. My experience is that very few of them know much.

I get a lot of grief…one of the folks that comments here on Vince’s channel, Liz in Florida, says that, you know, my going to the Bohemian Grove, I’m dealing with devil worshippers or, you know, evil people.

Folks, let me tell you what happens at the Bohemian Grove. It’s a bunch of rich old white guys who play pretend, they dress up, they have silly rituals that they think are ancient that aren’t, it’s just a big meeting of the powers that be, and…sorry, I had to edit that because we’re coming up on 15 minutes, but basically Bohemian Grove is just…I go, number 4 goes, number 8 goes, and number 1 goes, and you know, we’ve got one guy that looks South American, we’ve got one guy that’s Asian, we’ve got one guy that’s African, and we’ve got one white Russian, me, and they just think we’re business people, which I guess in some sense we are.

But tape 2 is coming. I’m gonna do a couple today because I’m tired of being cut-off by YouTube, and I don’t understand…Vince says he doesn’t know how to do the YouTube partnership, or it costs him money, or what is it Vincent? Oh, okay.


Okay, are we ready? Alright, this is tape number 2 from Chanhassen. This is Yajweh talking today about what’s going down in the Korean peninsula and what’s coming December 21, 2012, and I’m hoping I can meld those two together and make some sense out of this. Both Vince and Prince… (laughing)…I never noticed that – Vince and Prince. Both of them said, you know, I’m kinda rambling here. But, let’s just say, you know, Prince, that brother, he don’t do drugs, he don’t drink, but he’s got some whacky stuff to eat. Some mushrooms that…we’ve been tripping now for like 2 straight days.

Okay, North Korea, when I was there. North Korea has in their possession a small device that…I know what they are. This was wasn’t mine. I’ve lost mine about 200 years ago in Russia, I’ve been looking for it ever since. I went because I thought this one may be mine. North Korea decides that they think they can somehow retro engineer this device to power one of their weapons facilities. I don’t think they had really figured out how to tap into the device, that’s why we were brought in. We were brought in under the guise that they were having problems with some nuclear centrifuges that created some concern in the scientific community, and got them the best minds on the planet to look at this device. When we got there, myself and 3 of the others knew, there were a total of 12, and we knew what it was, none of us, of course, said anything, least of all me. Although, I tell you what, I was immediately looking at the doors thinking what would be my chances of just grabbing this and just making a run for it, you know, I’m old but I can run really, really fast. The North Koreans, in the end, decided to give us the device in exchange for some assistance, not with anything that deals with nuclear weapons people, please don’t send me angry e-mails that say I’m helping the enemy, because that’s not the case.

And I’ll tell you right now, the North Korean people are not your enemy, they’re not. They’re ruled by a brutal regime who…those folks, they get a piece of meat once a week and they…if they were allowed to thank God, they would be doing so. It’s horrible there. These folks don’t look at the west with anything other than brainwashed animosity, there’s nothing real there, and it could be quickly changed. As new information comes forward on this planet about what’s coming, you will start to see a lot of societies who have been forever at war putting down their guns, putting aside their disagreements, because in the next 2 years folks, the Earth is going to have to stand as one, you’re going to have to figure out a way to set aside your disputes and speak as one people. I realize that sounds insane for 7 billion people to somehow be able to come to a uniform agreement on what to do next, but from my past experience, which is significant, planets in similar situations, those multiple, polycultural societies do become one, and the reason is a lot of people have felt this was the case, this was what was really going on for a long time, this is an affirmation of those beliefs of what they assumed to be the truth. People are always asked for proof, most tell them just to look up in the skies for a day, serious, go to the park, lay on the grass and look up at the sky, just look around. You will see them, I promise you. It’s not that you have to be in some…you don’t have to go to Area 51 in the middle of the night to see a flying saucer or a UFO, or whatever it is you want to call them, just look up above your heads.

You know, one time I was at university and they had an experiment where they hid the eraser for the chalkboard. This was at Oxford and it was years and years ago when they still used chalk and chalkboards, but they hid the eraser on the top of the chalkboard, and they asked the students to look around and find the eraser. Very few people will look above them, they will look below, they will look under things, they will look behind things, they will move desks and tables, but they very rarely look just above them, and it’s just not human nature to. For thousands of years there was nothing much worth looking at in the skies. Those who did, the astrologers, the astronomers, that was their job, not the common mans, and we live in a society now on the planet Earth, where people who believe in “extraterrestrials or UFOs” are considered nut jobs. Fortunately for you planet, there are enough brave men and women who have served in the armed forces and seen this first…


Alright, this’ll be tape 3. Vince and Prince, both of you, thank you for helping me with this. Prince, thank you for you hospitality here in Chanhassen. Paisley Park, ladies and gentlemen, Studio D is a thing to behold. I don’t understand how this could’ve been built by earthy hands, to be honest with you.

Conversation today is the conflict going on on the Korean peninsula and how this relates to what’s coming. On the end of tape 2 I mentioned, you know, powers that be are trying to instigate a war. They’ve been trying to negotiate somehow the spat between Iran and Israel to, you know, one side attacking the other. They have negotiated through their folks at the Pentagon in America the sale of advanced jet fighters to Israel, capable of reaching the targets in Iran with bunker busting, is what they call them, bombs. They have given the Iranians everything they need to cut off the Strait of Hormuz through their contacts in Russia and China, and neither side will budge. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad craves war with Israel, much the same as Benjamin Netanyahu does with Iran, but their people do not. The Iranian people do not wish war, just like you go to Israel; the Israeli people do not wish war, so they struck out there.

The second option that they had was between Japan and Russia, because they figured that there are some islands that are the subject of debate as to who owns them. They figured that by starting something there, they could begin a conflict involving China and Russia and Japanese, American and South Korean forces, and North Korea held out on that. North Korea was given the device from the Iranians, not as so much a gift, but as more of a, you know, thank you for buying so much of our technology, here’s a gift, we don’t know what it is, we don’t know what it does, but some of your scientists who have access to the ancient texts may be able to figure it out. The ancient texts do exist, yes they are real, I’ve read them hundreds of times over the centuries, and anything you want to know, just ask me, I’ll tell you. At this point, I don’t see why they don’t put them out at the, what’s it called, the Barnes and Nobles.

So, what we’ve got is a situation where North Korea has been given technology, now not by the Russians, not by the Chinese, not by the Iranians, but some of whom are Americans, a great number of them are citizens of Great Britain who have given the North Koreans access, if you will, to ancient knowledge pertaining to the end of days. Now, the end of days has been discussed in a lot of religious texts, some of it’s mildly accurate, some of it’s wildly inaccurate. Basically the ancient texts describe the end of days as a time of great conflict on the planet; brother killing brother, a breakdown of common decency, I guess would be the translation, where people no longer look to someone who is suffering with pity, as Yeshua taught you, but they look at someone who may be suffering or who may be going without as being lazy, as being somehow a bad person, maybe they’re an addict, and you look at them and you judge and you say they deserve to live in squalor, they deserve to sleep in a box, because they’re lazy or they’re a drug addict. That’s what the ancient texts describe; the human race forsaking what it is that makes you human, which is your compassion for one another.

Other species in the galaxy don’t share this personality trait that you humans do. There are some species who are very similar to some of the cultures I’ve encountered on this planet, who pride themselves in being unemotional, who pride themselves in being unaffected by death or tragedy, or conversely, by good things or joy. What makes you human, people…I want to be careful what I say next cuz this is important…what makes you human is that you’re all connected on a base level through one common facet of your souls.

Let me pause this while I take a drink. Is that going to be too loud if I turn that on? Can you hear it? I’ve kicked on the little space heater here in…Minnesota is a cold place in November, believe it or not.

I don’t know how to describe this accurately and I’m gonna do the best I can. The movie Star Wars (laughing)…Prince and Vince are laughing again; stop it you guys, it’s impossible to keep a train of thought when you guys are doing that, it really is, come on, we’re trying to finish up here and get outta here.

The movie Star Wars had the thing called the force in it, and I used to see all these t-shirts that would say May The Force Be With You, and I would laugh when I would see that because I would think, you know, of all the different religions and philosophies and avenues of ideology that have existed on this planet, none has ever been so a à propos, none has ever been so right on the numbers, so simple. There is something that binds you, it is not shared with other beings in the galaxy, it is only shared with people who have lived on the planet Earth. I’m not going to get into a discussion on reincarnation here, because it exists for some and it does not exist for others, and those who have not experienced reincarnation will think this is just a bunch of hoopla, but those who have understand very clearly what I just said.

Now, in the time I have left I want to be very clear, again, in saying that the Anunnaki are not coming to annihilate the people of Earth, they’re not coming here to destroy you, they’re coming here because every…for the last 200,000 Earth years, about once every 3,600 years, they swing by, they pick up their gold, they negotiate a few treaties, I guess would be the term. There’s typically a long period of peace afterwards. But right before they come, a lot of times there will be great catastrophes on the Earth. The dark matter that is thrown off by Jupiter, in conjunction with the gravitational pull that occurs when galactic alignment starts to happen, will cause your magnetic field to experience interruptions, coronal mass ejection, solar activity will increase, you will see an increase in the polarity shift of your planet, I’m not talking about your planet flipping sideways, people, I’m talking about the magnetic pull will begin moving even more quickly than it has been, it has been speeding up, most of you know this, you will see what I like to call freak tides on the planet, that’s why I need to get to Bangladesh and work with them.

Bangladesh is a country that stands to be the tipping point, much like Haiti is becoming in the west as the tipping point for the catastrophe that’s coming. In regards to…people, you’re going to see a global sea rise over the next 2 years of a couple of feet maybe, mean average, but you’re going to see localized tidal activity that will increase exponentially – that’s incorrect – that will increase several fold in seemingly sporadic unpredictable patterns.

How much time have we got? Five, okay.

This is going to signal, to those of you who are looking for the signs, that the ancient passages are being opened up. This is gonna be a tough one to explain in five minutes. Throughout the world there are entrances into, I guess you’d call them, the ruins, the remnants of ancient societies, ancient cities. Throughout history the human race has been forced to go and live subterranean through a wide variety of events. The people who knew this was coming in the old days would instruct their people to either go very high into the mountains, which was why Machu Picchu was built, or they will do something like, you know, we need you to go deep under the earth, which is what happened in Egypt and in the Sahara. Those people still exist. There are societies who have indeed been able to go and live underneath your oceans, who are responsible for what…they call them USOs, unidentified submersible objects, I believe is the term I’ve seen. These different societies are going to start revealing themselves over the next 2 years, passages into their realms are going to opened up because of earthquakes, volcanoes, freak tides, large storms, category 5 hurricane typhoons are gonna be the thing of the past. Because in America alone, the city of New York stands to suffer catastrophic damage if a category 5 hurricane came up the Hudson River, basically. Do you really believe still, after all that’s happened, that there are not those that who can control the weather on this planet? I’ll leave that open for the end of this week, okay? In the US, it will be around the time of Thanksgiving. What’s the Islam holiday coming up? I’m trying to hurry and I’m losing my train of thought, and it’s freezing here, and I’ve gotta get going.

Thanks for listening to me, I guess. These tapes have been rambling today. We thought it would be fun to do 3. We’ve recorded the 9 full length volumes, is what Vince is gonna it, The Secret Yajweh Tapes. I give everything out there and I’m horse from talking. I don’t ever get sick, I’ve never had a cold, I’ve never had the flu, but after talking for a long time, my voice does tend to wear out, and I’ve been talking straight now for about 3 days. So, thanks everybody for listening. Please help those around you, this is not a time for hate, this is a time for love. I’ll tell you who I’ve decided to partner with on this, and that’s number 9. Yeshua is here, not here in Chanhassen. Yeah, Prince and Vince’s eyes just perked up. No, Yeshua is on the planet Earth right now. In the bible they talk about someone called the antichrist, the antichrist is also on this planet right now. Do you wanna know who it is? Do you really wanna know who it is? How much time have we got? We’ve got 1 minute. Alright, I’m gonna give you a hint and I’ll reveal it next time, it’ll give you something to tune in for next time. There is really a mark of the beast. The individual who is what you would call the antichrist, you’ve never seen him not wearing a jacket. Some people always say, “Oh, it’s Vladimir Putin.” No, he’s always going around bare- chested or in a Speedo, it’s not Vladimir, he’s a dangerous man, but he’s one who is easily controlled through women and power. The one that many of you Christians fear, I’ll reveal that next time, and if I can, I’m gonna have Yeshua right here with me. Yeah, yeah, I’ll have him say something or do a whole tape. What would you think of that? The second coming of Jesus right here on YouTube.

Over and out.

15 – Yajweh’s Christmas Message 2010

Hello YouTube, this is Yajweh. As always, I want to thank Vince for posting this for me.

I thought it might be interesting to relay the true story of Christmas, so to speak, to those of you in the western cultures that celebrate the holiday. For those of you that don’t know, I was sent to the Minoan civilization about 1,500 years before the Common Era, at what would be termed the first part of the late Bronze Age. I got to Crete about 5 years before the catastrophe – the earthquake, volcano, flood kablamo. I thought originally they’d tried to get me like they got number 3 in Atlantis, but Renatuk (spelling?) survived, of course, and went to the Azures for a while. But then I went to the holy land, and Jerusalem was run in the Egyptians by those days. I spoke Akkadian so I fit right in for a while. Control of Jerusalem changed hands over the years, but there was a period of a few hundred years ruled under the house of David that things were pretty good there.

The temple was magnificent, and one of these days I will have to tell you more about the holy of holies, that was where the ancient texts were kept back then, the instruction manual to the human race, you could say. I was spending a lot of time in Sapar, Sumeria, it was the cult sight of the sun God, Sumerians said Utu, in Akkadian it was Shamash, and the home of his temple, Ibabara. Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian King, had me as consult in what would be about 1,017 BCE for the Common Era. I mainly worked as a translator for the ritual surrounding solar activity, kinda boring job actually, most were nonsense and the few that were really ancient rituals were rarely conducted with the sobriety required.

And I was in Jerusalem around the time the Harrods ruled. Now, the father Harrod was a cruel, awful man, but his son, much like Kim Jong Il of today, was a spoiled, twisted, deeply evil pest of a human, he took personal pleasure and much personal involvement in what would later be referred to as the Massacre of the Innocents, but I don’t want to get sidetracked.

This is the story of the birth of my friend, Yeshua, the man many of you refer to as Jesus of Nazareth. You know, he wasn’t supposed to be born originally in Bethlehem, Judea. As is customary, Joseph was sent a message in a dream. Now you know why I ask so many of you about your dreams. He was afraid for his life so he was instead instructed, reinstructed I guess, again by a dream, to go to Galilee. Joseph and Mary were good people. The Immaculate Conception is such an unfortunate blasphemy. Jesus was biologically, genetically the son of Mary and Joseph, but the whole thing didn’t go down like you hear in the movies. King Harrod has asked me and two others to go find the birthplace of Jesus, Yeshua, he had been told the king of the Jews was going to be born and he had a conniption fit about that, and…I was the one that brought the gold, hello. The other two brought dried sap that had been bled from trees and smelled good while burning, not something traditionally given to babies, but that’s how Gabriel, when he came to us, knew who to give the scrolls to – to me.

Since Yeshua was the 9th, the last one of us to get here, his arrival was special. When the 7th Emperor asked me to be the one to go make sure the arrival went as planned, I was honoured, but mostly just so excited to see my old friend. If I had known then what was going to happen to him, I’m not sure I would not have acted foolishly or selfishly that day, that night. I would have just taken him and ran away. But it’s true, Jesus was born in a stable and he was laid in a manger. No one was looking for a king to be born at that place that night, no one. Number 2, who had been studying trade routes as an Egyptian sheep herder, was there. I was there with the two buffoons, who were convinced by me…I have no need to apologize, they were weak men, they were animals, and I treated them as such, but they went along with my story in the end.

The menacing Greys, ugh, fools, they had to show up, springing a whole sub story about the star of Bethlehem, which was really just three bright planets lined up close, but it’s because it is their nature to interfere and seek attention. They were bringing gifts of crystals, they were allowed to present and leave as the 7th Emperor had given them permission, but I was sure to have them gone within, I guess, an hour of time. I wanted to stay but I was told to leave and return to Harrod and concoct a story before I got there.

I didn’t fear Harrod. I tried to spend as little time in his presence as possible. Truly evil people can have adverse effects on my energy. But Joseph was, again, given a message in a dream to go to Egypt, and number 2 escorted him there, and the rest they say is history, and my friend, the man I call my brother, Yeshua, was not given an easy task. Of the 9 of us, his was perhaps the hardest, because he was given the task of being contentious, if that makes sense. To a man who…or a being who feels nothing but compassion has been my experience. He’s the nicest person you would ever want to meet. Jesus is…he embodied goodness on this planet, and so it’s such a great thing that his birth is celebrated, and I know that it’s, you know, pulled from various other old rituals and homogenized into the spectacle that takes place on December 25th with Santa Clause and stockings and all that stuff, but whether you celebrate Christmas or Kwanza or Hanukah, or any other holiday that I’m not going to spend my time mentioning because I’m limited by YouTube’s 15 minutes, but not certainly out of any disrespect for any of the faiths out there.

Please, from Yajweh, try to take into your heart what the spirit of the season is supposed to mean, the spirit of not just giving, but giving in the true sense of the word, without need for acknowledgement or even thanks. You know, if you walk by a beggar on the street, and he or she asks you for something and you give it to them and then later brag to your friends, yes I…sorry about that, my recorder malfunctioned. Vince, I need you. Where was I? Charity at this time of year is so important, true charity people. You can’t do something nice and then take credit for it, I don’t care about your tax deductions and things like that, I mean take credit for it among those you know. You must give anonymously this year, you must try harder than ever to channel Yeshua’s message, which was simple, love one another, you’re all brothers and sisters, why not? The differences that you think divide you are small. Even those of you who profess to hate others, surely could find common ground if the situation dictated that necessity, surely you could find a reason to help a fellow man if your survival was somehow inexplicably linked to theirs. I’m sorry; I get emotional talking about this. It’s one thing for people to call themselves Christian; it’s another thing for people to actually live like Jesus lived. The old story of Jesus and the temple, losing his temper with the moneychangers, the reason that story is important is because it didn’t happen. That story was concocted by the equivalent today of the mainstream media at the time because they needed some kind of division in the society, they needed some kind of controversy to polarize the people, to make them choose one side or the other, thinking they were choosing between good and evil, but they were choosing between the same sides of a very old coin, one that has now been tossed into the air by the powers that be on this planet.

And I‘ll tell you, the divide that this planet has right now between the Judaeo-Christian culture and the Islamic culture is manufactured by people who profit from war, they profit from misery. They cannot function; they cannot maintain their high standard of living if peace reigns. The United Nations of this planet may be one of the most corrupt organizations in the history of the world. The things that go on there in back rooms would shock you, the discussions that happen. This Wikileaks revelation about the US diplomatic cables, that is a tiny speck of a chunk that fell off a big ass iceberg people.

We don’t live in a free world, we think we do but we don’t. But this time of year something overtakes many of us, we forget that, we forget that we are subjects, for a time we’re just people, brothers and sisters all trying to get through this together. And when you give to

someone this time of year, do it thinking of not how this is going to benefit them, but how it’s going to benefit you if you keep it to yourself. Give anonymously this year. Walk up to someone who is struggling that may not know you, that you may not know them and give them something. It doesn’t have to be money; it could be a peanut butter sandwich to a homeless person that you see every day. Grab an extra cup of coffee for a dollar at McDonald’s and give it to someone on the corner that looks cold, because what you will gain from that is a piece of your soul that you will desperately need over the next 2 years. All good people will come together. There are very few truly evil people left on this planet, those that are will ban together and they will try everything, they’ve kept the trump card in their back pocket for a long time, they’re about to put it on the table. I need everybody to try to follow Jesus’ example and turn the other cheek. This is going to be very difficult for some of you; you feel revenge is your birthright (sound of ringing). Well there’s my timer.

Merry Christmas. Please don’t use X-mas when you write Christmas. Don’t do anything else to take the Christ out of Christmas, enough has been done already.

I love you all. Yajweh out.


Hello, my name is Yajweh. Vincent, if you’ve found this tape, congratulations. This is tape 1. I’m gonna make you a slew of cassettes. I’ve got a Tandy microcassette recorder here with built-in microphone. Got a slew of cassette tapes in Baghdad when I was there last week, and I’m going to record some things and when I have a few tapes put together I’m gonna send them your way and see if you’ll post them on YouTube for me.

For those of you that do not know me, I’m going to introduce myself really quick, for those of you that do, go get a snack or, you know, a refreshing beverage and come back in a couple of minutes.

My name is Yajweh. I am often times referred to as Yajweh of the Anunnaki. I am not from Nibiru; I’m from a planet near the centre of our galaxy, your galaxy, called Ibania. Very different gravitational field and magnetic field on my planet, which translates into my aging much slower out here on the edge of the galaxy where gravity and other physical forces are very different than they are where I’m from, so to speak. I have been on your planet now for about 3,500 years. When I got here I went to the island of what is now referred to as Crete and what you would call the Minoan civilization. About 5 years after I got here that whole island was wiped out by a series of natural disasters, it wasn’t just one thing. After that, I went to live in the holy land, and spent most of my time here on this planet, in what you now refer to as the Middle East. Over the last 3,500 years, as you can imagine, the landscape has changed, the people have changed, culturals…cultures, excuse me, have changed, I guess the thing I was going for there was the cultural ramifications of how kind of society blends with government, that cultural interaction has changed very dramatically in this area over the last about 1,000 years. In Earth years I guess I would be about 117,000 Earth years old. That may sound completely unbelievable to many of you that are listening. Don’t know how to explain it other than to say I age very slowly on your planet.

I was sent here by the7th Emperor of Nibiru. The 7th Emperor of Nibiru was a classmate of mine at university. We were in a group of students, there were 10 of us altogether, and we were taught be a professor who…she was a very unusual being, she was not empathic and she was not telepathic, but with the exception of my good friend Yeshua, she was the most intuitive being I have ever met, someone who could find the facts through the maze of data in a relatively efficient manner, and our class was on what you would call, or we’ve called, I don’t know if you call them this or not – the unknowables. Things like God myths, creation myths, things that deal with abstract numbers in mathematics, the concept of infinity, for instance, or the concept of pi, and it was very interesting that we were all together in this class, for the simple fact that each one of us…on an individual basis, we were I would say nothing special, but the 10 of us together were 10 of the brilliant minds in the galaxy at the time. That may sound arrogant for me to say something like that but those of you who know me well know that I do not speak out of arrogance or humility, I just speak what I need to say.

The 6th Emperor of Nibiru was a very, very cruel man, very cruel being, I guess you would have to say, not human of course, worse I would venture than any of your tyrannical leaders here on Earth, simply because the technology that was at his disposal to do with as he so chose was very advanced, dangerous technology when put in the hands of what I would consider a madman, an insane person. The 7th Emperor of Nibiru took over after the 6th passed, and he immediately wanted to change the paradigm within the galaxy about how the Anunnaki were viewed. A very powerful, a very ancient species, but above all, I would consider their dominant trait within their culture to be one of pride, and pride is a very…it’s a…the reason you have on this planet your seven deadly sins is because each of those can be…the reason they are deadly is each of those emotions can be taken one way or another. With pride there’s nothing wrong with doing good and being prideful about trying to be a good person, but at the same time, pride can get the best of you when you feel like maybe somebody has damaged or insulted you and you lash out at them with vengeful motives, and it’s…there’s different words for what you would call the seven deadly sins here throughout the galaxy, but it’s interesting I think from a human perspective, at least I would assume it would be, that these seven sins are uniform throughout all sentient beings in our galaxy. Every being deals with conflicting emotions from time to time, and it is how you deal with adversity, as well as how you deal with success that will in the end define how your soul is “judged”, at least that’s what I’ve been taught.

I want to get right to stuff. I don’t know how much people on Earth know about the 5 ages of humans that have been around on this planet. There were 5 different periods over time that humans were able to kind of rise up as a great society on the planet Earth, and right now we’re at the, what I believe is, the tail end of the 5th age of man on Earth. This is, as we study it, this particular epoch of existence in Earth terms would have lasted about 14,000 years. So about 14,000 years ago is when people on your planet began what we would term the 5th age. Now, it’s very interesting to me because there’s a cycle within the galaxy that certain members of my team studied, obviously there are people who devote their lives to this because it’s so fascinating, but our galaxy, our what you would term universe, has been moving at semi-constant rates for many, many millions of years, okay. You can tell as you start to study these patterns, just like humans on Earth study weather patterns, you can start to see what different things have happened on planets that you would term natural disasters, how often these occur on what kind of a regular basis. Comets, asteroids, things like that are not uncommon throughout the galaxy, and here on Earth your scientists have actually done a very good job with the technology that’s available to them, they are some brilliant, brilliant humans. In trying to track what you would call near Earth objects or objects like comets that may pass from time to time within the orbit of your planet.

On December 21, 2012, I know that’s a big date for your species, and it’s a big date for a very important reason. There’s…about once every 3,600 years, there’s a certain alignment that takes place within the galaxy…I’m gonna grab my cup of coffee…okay…about once every 3,600 years there’s alignment that takes place that affects your planet specifically, your solar system specifically, and in particular in relationship with how your planet Earth deals with the planet you call Jupiter. There’s quite a bit of actual physics that I can honestly say I don’t really understand, I’ve never really ventured into the realm of trying to understand dark matter, is what you guys refer to it now I believe here, and the reason is simple, I am very much interested in living beings and culture. I refer to myself in discussions and introductions as an interstellar anthropologist. I get a lot of comments about that. I do have what you would call a doctorate in the field from university on Nibiru, and I have been studying your planet since I was, well since I was quite young, but you’ve gotta understand that in human terms I’ve been studying you about since this last 5th age began, and I understand that there have been interferences or influences by different beings throughout the galaxy on your planet over the years from time to time, and during these periods of galactic alignment, people on Earth have to be very careful, especially in your society, because of how reliant you are on satellite technology and kind of an electronic infrastructure that keeps your planet going. Because there are going to be a lot of probably increased solar activity, and strange things happening with your magnetic field during the next 2 or 3 years. Because of this, because this is known by other species in the galaxy, this is what happens to Earth about once every 3,600 years, after the last one, a team was sent here, different than my team, but the team was sent here with a similar purpose and that was to go to different cultures around the world and give them this knowledge that, you know, in X amount of years this same thing is going to happen again and we need you to somehow document this in a way that future generations will be able to find and decode. They were sent to different areas of the Earth to different cultures for 3 very important reasons: number 1, if something happened and that culture was wiped out, the knowledge would not die with it; it was a redundancy clause I guess you would say. Number 2, they had different ways of archiving or, you know, writing down their information, some carved it into stone, many told it kind of in oral tradition that was passed down, there were different methods of receiving and documenting this information, and they felt like that gave them a better chance of making sure this information was able to survive the actual, you know, historical time, as well as to be found and interpreted into modern dialect by those who may find this, and that’s why so many of your cultures around the world have these myths that kind of centre around this December 21, 2012 date as some kind of a, you know, an end date. And it’s very important, I believe, for people to understand that the preachings or the teachings that many of you have learned at your church or from your respective religious leaders is actually a very accurate depiction of what’s coming. It’s very common knowledge, through many people that I speak with, that as December 21, 2012 nears that the Earth will experience a very high peak in what you would term natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, droughts, which will cause things like famine, disease, diaspora, things like that, and it’s important now because the Internet was given to your species so that the globe can be connected so that information could pass quickly around your planet, not so that you could all have quicker access to your credit cards, but so that people would be able to, without having a book, you know, something that they had to buy, the theory was that people would be able to interconnect and gain this knowledge, because what’s coming ladies and gentlemen, is not something that necessarily has to mean the end of your age, we believe it will be the end of your age because your cultural, your mac…

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18 ~ Tape 3 of 3

…of you who have been alive for a few years, ask yourself this – do you have more time now in 2010/2011 than you did back in the 1900s, honestly. Those of you who were alive in the 70s and saw the advent of computers, and how computers were going to be able to do everything for us, yes, they do amazing things, but are they not in a small way now your master? Look at people who have these, I don’t even know what the technical term of the fancy cell phones that you can do things on that have a screen you can touch, these folks, when you have a conversation with them, are constantly looking at their phone, every question you ask them, they pull out their phone and say, let me Google that for you. It’s…to a person or to a being who has seen different technologies, different fads come and go over the last 3,500 years on this planet…and I don’t know if fad is only a word that’s used in America or not, I know that Vince always joke around about it because the common joke…well, I’m not going to get into that.

You’ve got to at some point wean yourself from technology. Now I know this sounds crazy coming from your computer because you’re probably going to be watching this on YouTube or, depending on who Vince gives this to, maybe just downloading it as an audio file onto your computer, but it will be computerized at some point. I asked, the technology exists, Vince I can’t tell you how to do it, but the technology exists out there. I chose these cassette tapes for a very specific purpose, I like something physical, I like the idea that what I’m saying is small specks of iron ferrite being pulled up on a magnetic tape to record and later playback what I’m saying as opposed to a series of 0s and 1s. When societies previous to the one that exists now on the planet have risen up and become prominent, they have recorded, for the most part, things of importance to them in stone, in something that they felt like would…or gold, you know, or a metal that they felt like would ware for a long time, but most of them…I want to keep on point here, carved these things in stone. Now, right now on the planet speech is easy to come by. It’s very easy to find out what your neighbour thinks or what, you know, the celebrity that you happen to like is doing right now because of all this technology that exists, correct, am I wrong, no, of course I’m not.

We have been trained over the last 3 decades to be reliant on these devices. I remember when the Internet got going and there was a service called…ugh…it was like…I think the term was Prodigy or AOL, A…yeah, A…America Online was what it stood for, and people would get this and they would begin receiving e-mails, and it would play a little speech that said, you’ve got mail, and I would ask them, do you not hear the other thing that is being said, whenever it says you’ve got mail? Very few humans could hear that subliminal undercurrent in that small little audio player, and what that does is very similar to when humans go into what you would call a casino, lots of blinking lights in succession and sounds that are all put together to coax you on almost a subconscious level to want to stay there, to enjoy that place, to enjoy that device, to enjoy that sound, that feeling, you get that feeling of anticipation and excitement that so many of you get from your electronics. The first time I saw anybody line up to purchase a computer device, it was very interesting to me because I don’t think that most of the people in that line waiting to buy this new phone…they didn’t…everyone I saw had a phone, they had technology, they wanted the next best thing and they wanted to be the first one to have the next best thing, and they were willing to take a day off work and stand there in the freezing cold or the blistering sun with all the other nerds and wait for this technology. And I thought to myself, you know, at the end of the road for these people, just like every other being in the galaxy, you get to the end and you realize that the most important asset, the most important thing really is time, because time allows you to develop relationships, to fall in love, to seek out things that excite you or that are of interest to you, things that you want to do, things that you want to have and possess, and when you get to the end you really cannot take any of these physical possessions with you. It’s very interesting to me because people who develop this technology so that they can have more time, so they can be more free and have more free time.

Sorry about that clip there, I had to grab a cup of coffee. It’s actually very cold here today. I don’t know what the temperature. I’m…for those of you that know me or who heard the long tapes that I did, you understand that I have never really felt what you would consider warm on your planet. This is a very cold place out here on the edge.

So, my point with all the technology stuff is just that you have to be prepared. Maybe 2012 will come around and nothing will happen, maybe, but experience and history has shown otherwise, and those of you who understand the concept of odds or statistics, let me put it to you in that context. The chances of something catastrophic happening to your planet over the next thousand days are pretty close to 50/50, okay. That means something that would cause mass extinction of humans, about 50/50, over the next about thousand days, okay. The chances of something happening that would disrupt a large area of your planet, I’m talking about the size of a continent, are about, over the next thousand days, the probability is probably north of 90%. Now, it’s only prudent with those statistics, with that research, with that historical data, that so many of you have researched on your own, that it’s only prudent to take certain precautions, and that’s all I’m trying to say. If nothing happens, you can blame me.

So, the point to all this, to everything that I do in these tapes, is 3 key points I have always tried to make in every single recording I’ve done: number 1 – I’m here to help you people. There are a lot of beings on your planet, above you in the stars, waiting to help you, wanting to help you as a species come to this next level. The problem is is that so many of you are still unconscious about what reality really is, and yeah, that’s a bold statement for me to say but it’s true. I run into very few truly conscious people. A good example is, I will hear people say to someone, hi, how are you? and the other person will say, fine, how are you?, and they’ll say, fine, how are you? It bounces back and forth, sometimes a couple of times. People very rarely say to the other person I’m doing horrible, do you really want to hear how awful my life is right now? No one wants to hear how awful anyone else’s life is right now, because especially in these days most people have a sob story of some sort. It’s part of your nature, it’s part of the reason why you’re on this planet, it’s part of the reason why all of us exist, is to make choices.

How we deal with the good and the bad determine where our souls will go after all this, and that’s not religion talking, ladies and gentlemen, you all know this to be true. Any of you who convince yourself that there’s nothing after this existence, it’s like a candle being blown out, you know in your heart of hearts, in the depths of your soul that that is not actually the case. You feel yourself growing on a spiritual level and shrinking on a spiritual level on a day in day out basis, that ebb and flow is particles of the Ones, of who we all are, that part of our planet that is not of physical make-up, that is not of matter, but that is of spirit that connects us all and binds us and gives us free will, and makes us sentient free- thinking beings. Connects us all, isn’t that interesting? The exact thing that makes us different or individuals is the exact same thing that binds us all together, as what I like to term brothers and sisters. Because in a grand scheme, there is no mother or father, we’re all brothers and sisters, we’re all trying to do the best that we can within our own context of what we believe is right. Yes, I know that sounds iffy to say, but think about it this way – those people you know who are real jerks, who go out of their way to treat people poorly and make other people feel uncomfortable, which is the common trait I find in this type of individual, is that they enjoy making the other person feel defensive or uncomfortable by saying rude or inappropriate or mean-spirited or things that might come off as a double entendre or something in the hopes that they will make people around them uncomfortable, and that in turn makes them feel comfortable. They’re doing what they believe is right. Now true, they may know that they’re being a jerk, but they’re doing it because that’s the only way they’ve learned how to deal with people.

Many of you that I run into us curse words, as you call them. There’s some in the music community who use…they speak of things that I think are…they just should not be spoken of by descent people. In my experience, again, is that at some point in their life acting like a spoiled brat got them what they wanted, and now whenever things get difficult, or whenever they’re in a position where they really need something, that’s the only way they know going about getting whatever it is they’re looking for. Now unfortunately, over history or what it’s shown me on this planet in my 3,500 years here, is that a great many individuals who have risen to power display that particular trait in their personality – spoiled brat syndrome.

When people become powerful, one of the first things they do if they become rich or influential or what I call powerful, I don’t know if other people would think of just having a lot of money as being power, but one of the first things they do is lash out at people who have criticized them during their life, they cut ties with anyone who is going to tell them, hey you’re stepping over the line, you’re acting unreasonable here. And there are plenty of people waiting in the wings to be their yes men or yes women, you know, yes, absolutely that idea is great, that’s spectacular, if the people don’t like it, they just don’t understand your wisdom and your knowledge, and sometimes leaders have to act without explaining themselves.

Now, it looks to me like on this little cassette like the tape’s gonna run out, so I’m gonna try to finish for this side and then I’ll just flip it over I guess and just hit record again.

But it’s important I think for people to understand that on a base level, the leaders, those that you would consider the powers that be on your planet, especially those in the banking community who feel untouchable by both law and morality, will have nowhere to hide over the next couple of years; they by and large are individuals who really can’t fend for themselves, they live very extravagant lifestyles, many of them can’t cook their own food, they can’t properly care for themselves, they can’t maintain their own vehicles, they can’t maintain their own living quarters, they hire others to do all these things for them, and it‘s going to be particularly difficult for them, for a lot of these rich people who have always felt like no matter what happened, their money…those fools who have been collecting gold, that their gold will keep them safe and provide them with the sustenance that they need – it’s preposterous.

Alright, this is gonna…the tap’s gonna end, I can see it; it’s like at the end. I’m just gonna keep recording.

I am going to tell you everything I know about the Lyran wars. I’m gonna tell you everything know about the pyramids and the sphinx and Giza in Egypt. I’m gonna tell you everything I know about the Mayans. I’m gonna tell you everything that I know about the lost cities of Lemuria and Atlantis, as you call them here on Earth. I’m going to tell you about Nibiru. I’m going to tell you about Anunnaki legends, and lure and myths, and I am going to hopefully…


…I’m sure I went over this, I’m gonna just go ahead and talk about it now. Basically the ages of humans, of man on Delta Sol, Earth, your planet, because it’s a very interesting story, one that I don’t know infinite details on, that’s not my area of expertise, but I know some things, and most humans that I run into find this topic fascinating, so I’m gonna talk about it for a minute.

There have been 5 ages of man as recorded by folks from my world that have existed on this planet for about the last 300,000 years, now that’s not to say that man didn’t exist here in some form before 300,000 years ago, but what I’ve been able to study, what’s in written record, and most of the written records are from a species that most people refer to as the Ancients. They’re from a planet that I know as a planet called Han. One of my coworkers that came on this mission with me, Locare, he was actually sent to Atlantis and then moved to the Azures years later and then now lives in France, he works at CERN…they have the most information on early humans because it’s commonly accepted that at some point about 300,000 Earth years ago, the ancients made contact with the humans that were living on Earth at the time and taught them agriculture, animal husbandry, things like that. I realize this may contradict what some of you have heard in other places, and I would invite you to investigate this for yourself and come to your own conclusions and seek your own truths, if you will, rather than take mine or someone else’s word for it. I’m going to tell you what I know.

The 1st age of man existed on Earth, in Earth time, about 300,000 to about 200,000 Earth years before the current era. Now the Earth looked much different then, not much remains of what existed 200,000 to 300,000 years ago. During that time, basically Mother Nature had just ravaged any, I guess, remaining artefacts that may be found, but I wanna throw this out – I always remind people this when I discuss ancient Earth topics and they say, well, you know, we haven’t found any proof, we haven’t found any archaeological evidence. I always remind them that dinosaur bones were not discovered by you people until I think the late 1800s, and in the last 100 years your museums have become full of dinosaur bones, and you’ve figured out so much about what may have happened 65 million years ago to end that species’ rule of your planet. Be open to the possibility that over the next 2 years archaeological digs in certain areas of the world, that I don’t want to draw attention to for obvious reasons at this time, may come forth with some findings that will change the paradigm of the global community in this regard.

Now this 1st age was ended by, what the record shows as swollen oceans, seas, like a global flood. This is not the Gilgamesh flood or the Noah flood, anything like that, not the deluge you’ve heard about, this is something entirely different. The records show that somehow new water was introduced to the atmosphere very quickly and it created basically a global flood, but of course, some survived, and the 2nd age of humans would be approximately 200,000 to about 150,000 years before the current era, and the 2nd age was wiped out by what the record shows as a snake of fire. When I say the record shows, that means what I studied on Nibiru at university. That’s what’s commonly accepted as fact throughout the galaxy. Snake of fire – all the records say something similar from that time, this is because… what our scientists know…a great comet skimmed the atmosphere of Delta Sol, of Earth, it didn’t impact Earth, but it came close enough to where it disrupted the atmosphere, it created a lot of friction, I guess, in the upper atmosphere and it created very quickly a very intense flash fire, not you know, thousands of degrees where everything instantly incinerated, but the temperature on that side of the planet rose by a couple of hundred degrees very quickly, and about 80% of the globe was affected by this comet skimming your atmosphere. But, of course, some survived.

Now, the 3rd age took a while for recovery, really those who could…who were living subterranean survived the great fire snake. The 3rd age emerged about 125,000 Earth years before your current era. They were very good at building stone structures, many pyramids. The sea levels had fallen. So much water…remember there was a lot of water, and then the comet when it skimmed the Earth, evaporated a lot of the oceans on that side of the globe, and the atmosphere became very steamy, I believe would be the word you would use, vaporized water in the atmosphere, which went around the globe and, of course, settled everywhere. In most places it, you know, went into groundwater, flowed down rivers, streams, back into the ocean. It took thousands and thousands of years for things to normalize back, the records show about 25,000 Earth years for things to come back to a point where at least humans could again survive on the planet. Now, because so much of that water had been evaporated, it tilted…the atmosphere was heated up very hot, and the pendulum swung very wildly one way and when it swung back, it also swung very wildly in the other direction. That led to large icecaps that grew and grew, and people were pushed near the equator, about 77,000 years before the current era…making sure my math is correct…yes, it would be about 77,000 years before the current era…would be the time when they would consider…there was no mass dying between the 3rd and 4th ages, but that’s when they would consider probably the end of the 3rd age and the beginning of the 4th age.

The 4th age, ironically, ended by climate change in their quest to manipulate weather. It really proved fatal for humans during the 4th age. Because of what had happened during the 3rd age, humans were obsessed. Within, you know, the community of scientists who had survived, to retain enough knowledge to somehow manipulate the weather and keep things in balance. What they didn’t realize, of course, is that what you would refer to as Mother Nature or this Natural symbiotic relationship that the Earth has with its atmosphere is best left alone. You can’t understand…even the most sophisticated computers you have right now, even those at CERN, which are amazing, cannot calculate on a quantum level what weather is going to do on a global scale, it’s best for humans to leave it alone. Weather manipulation is very dangerous.

My good friend, Sun Tzu, argues often with his peers in the Chinese government, and indeed within their military ranks, that their weather manipulation is playing with fire, because they have been doing a lot of it.

But the 4th age ended through climate change in their quest to manipulate weather. It brought devastating storms and an eventual cooling period. Now, by this time man had spread back out around the globe, and so much had been retained from the 3rd age that as the 4th age passed into what we now call the modern era, the 5th age, much of the knowledge and culture, respectively, had been retained in these different areas around the globe, that’s why as we study now…we study cultures that have survived in areas of Africa and in the South American rainforests who still retain stories of the ending of the 4th age. Cultures that have been able to live subterranean have obviously fared better because most of what seems to affect the human race, as far as these types of incidences, is climate change, dramatic climate change. It’s really too bad that the phrase global warming became the catch phrase instead of global climate change or global climate shift, as some would argue, because it’s desperately important that…folks, there’s nothing much you can do about it right now, there really isn’t. You can’t shut off factories around your globe; you would have people literally dying because of it. I don’t mean to sound dramatic when I say that, but your infrastructure is built on an industrialized economy and especially in what most in the west call the 3rd world. It would be unfair of you to pass that kind of unilateral judgement on these people who are just now beginning to enjoy some of the spoils of life that your societies have been enjoying for the last century, or two or three, depending on if you’re in Europe or not. When the 4th age passed on this knowledge there was a group of individuals that started up on Earth about 8,000 years ago, it’s what I commonly refer to in my conversations, what is kind of the accepted, I guess, pseudonym for this group, this shadowy group that nobody knows about, as the powers that be. I want to talk about them because if people hear nothing else from me, its’ important for people to understand why certain people in control of your planet are keeping key points of information out of the public view or out of the public record, why they have distorted history.

You know, when history is written – and a great example is the crucifixion of Jesus, of Yeshua – when history is written, often times these places become very sacred to people within this organization, or these shadowy organizations, as my conspiracy friends like to call them. They don’t want it to be common knowledge where these things took place, so often time history is pushed and rewritten to move the geographical location of an event. For instance, I can tell you that the place where Jesus was tried and crucified was not where so many people make their pilgrimage. Right now I am in Israel and I have walked this path that many believe Jesus carried his cross upon, and there would have been rioting in the streets if that would have happened. If they would’ve…if Ponchus Pilot would have paraded Jesus through the streets, it would have just been an unnecessary riot on his hands. Jesus was executed in a city by the sea. I am not going to disclose the exact location because I understand from a scientific point of view why these locations must be kept secret.

You know, there’s a society down in Australia, the aborigines, who believe that within the rocks and the trees and the ground and the sky, when you go to a certain place, that place itself remembers events that have transpired there. Humans sometimes will refer to that as a haunting or, you know, a possession. These places, they are very sacred from a scientific standpoint. This is considered pseudo-science or junk science by many people on Earth, but in the next few years it’s going to become much more mainstream, and that is the study of very small particles that make-up what some believe might be the soul of humans, what I believe George Lucas meant when he called the thing in Star Wars the Force, the thing that runs through us all.


You know, I always use Star Wars as a comparison. When Star Wars came out, a group of friends and I went to see it, and one of the friends that went to see it with me was Sun Tzu, my good friend that was sent to China in our group, and he found it absolutely hilariously entertaining, as did I, but not so much the movie we found entertaining, it was the way the audience reacted to this science fiction that to us…was so entertaining to see humans delighting in the prospect of jumping around from planet to planet and things like that. We left saying that this would create a whole generation of humans whose paradigm was now shifted towards the possibility that space travel is not something of science fiction, but something that is almost their birthright, and that’s very important because most people right now that I run into on your planet believe in aliens. It’s a question that I get asked a lot, ironically, is if I believe in aliens, extraterrestrial beings. Now, those of you who know me, know, of course, how silly a question that is being posed to me, but I’m often asked by people who are very high ranking, when I’m brought in as a consultant, you would say, and we begin to discuss some of the more interesting archaeological and anthropological finds that have been unearthed on your planet over the last about 16 or 17 years. I always answer the question the same way – absolutely I do, and proof is coming – and I say this because it’s very important for me to speak truthfully to these people who are in positions of power.

As democracy has taken hold on this planet and become the government of choice for so many of you, it creates a quandary for people like me. What happens is I go in and consult with one leader, I am able to tell them certain things, obviously I cannot disclose the whole story to anyone, but I tell them a lot of stuff and then a few years later I’m brought in and it’s somebody completely different. Now, so far to the best of my knowledge, none of what I discuss with these world leaders has ever been made public. I believe that ninety plus percent of what’s discussed with world leaders, not by me but, you know, by other world leaders, is not made public.

When that character from Sweden or Australia, that Assange guy with his Wikileaks site made all this public recently, what actually goes on, that was a very small tip of the iceberg what he released about what’s really said. It created a very unusual ripple effect or bump in the road, what’s the word to use, a hitch in my plans, because I’m mentioned in those Wikileaks documents, not by name, you folks are the only ones that know me by my actual name, which is Yajweh. I am always referred to formally as Yajweh of Nibiru or Yajweh of the Anunnaki, I am Director, would be the word, or Captain or, what would you say, Pope, is that a word for leader, of the Delta Sol Project, and I’m Special Envoy to his Majesty the 7th Emperor of Nibiru, whose names cannot be written, Lord of the Anunnaki. But when I introduce myself to people or when I’m brought in, I’m typically told the name that they’ve been given up front. It’s usually a very generic name, you know, Hans or Steve or Liam. The last name would be equally as forgettable, but they set the table for me well because there are people in positions of power around the world who are not affected by your democratic swings back and forth. The people who really run your country, no matter where you live, their names are not listed on the high rolls of government; they’re not even listed probably on any of the large financial institutions that they sit at the helm of. Nevertheless, they exist. Men and women, mostly men, mostly strangely enough, Caucasian men who have had passed down to them over the last tens of thousands of years secret knowledge about how to manipulate the human animal. When I say human animal I don’t mean any disrespect by that, I just mean that…surely you’ve seen the mice experiments, where you put one of your mouse, mouses, mice, I’m not sure how you say that in English, in a maze and if they go the correct way and earn their reward, their small snack or food stuff, they remember that. The same thing applies to many mammals, humans being one of them, where you are susceptible to programming.

Humans right now around the globe are being programmed by the very device that you will probably eventually listen to me on, because I’m going to send these tapes to Vincent, and he’s going to put them, I hope, on YouTube or put them up for download as the audio files themselves. But computers have been very effective at programming the human species. Humans are very susceptible to lights and sounds and subliminal suggestions. Some people have accused me of being somehow capable of implanting subliminal messages in the minds of those with whom I speak, because I have a very unique way of convincing people to go along with what I need them to do. Now this is no magic and this is no subliminal trickery, this comes from being on your planet for 3,500 years and knowing a lot of humans. Humans are very predictable; you’re driven by one of 3 things: your heart, your mind or your sex organs. All of you seem to fall into one of those 3 categories. There are some who are emotional, who follow their passions, they’re driven by their heart, there are some who seek power and intellectual dominance, creature comforts, those are driven by the mind, and there are those among you who seek nothing more than sexual gratification.

It may seem weird to say that, but many of the world leaders right now have worked so hard to come to power because of their insatiable appetites for extreme sexual encounters.

I don’t want to name names, because I may end up in their country, respectively, or countries over the next little while and I want to be, for the most part, a welcomed guest there. But the information comes out every once in a while, it’s just usually suppressed, as are most things. Humans are also very susceptible for some reason to the media, newspapers, radio, television, and yet very distrusting of word of mouth. If you read something in the newspaper or hear it on the news said or written by a stranger, you’re sceptical, you don’t know if that’s really true or not, yet if your friend shares a personal experience, let’s say your friend shares an experience with you about something that you find illogical, let’s say they say to you I feel like I somehow had an encounter with a UFO or an ET, you would call them. Your first reaction might be to be sceptical from someone you’ve known all your life. It’s very interesting with humans, humans are sceptical by nature except on things which they are programmed not to be, and let me explain that because I probably butchered that sentence. Humans very much like mostly to have a routine, they like to know what’s going to come next, even people who say they like surprises would not like to wake up tomorrow and find out they were unable to eat for the day. So people like to have routines in their lives, they like to have experience…humans are all about experience and expectations. You’re born, you start having experiences, what happens in your life creates programming within your mind that gives you expectation when new experiences happen. You have expectation of what you are going to experience because of what you’ve experienced before; I hope that makes some sense. So based on your previous experiences, that will determine your expectation. Now, since so many people have been introduced to the mainstream media’s propaganda machine, TV, Internet, radio, many of my friends in the music industry for instance, never considered myself a musician at all, but I think, you know, Vince would probably agree and I think that Prince would also agree, and Bono has told me this on several occasions, that there are people in the music business who seem almost to fall from the sky, serve a certain purpose, they didn’t write this song they’re singing along to or on TV playing along to, they’re pulled up from the ranks, tossed out to the public, fed upon for a few months, then cast aside for someone new, and there seems to be no limit to the line of humans waiting in line for that opportunity, for their 15 minutes of fame.

Guys, ladies and gentlemen, my friends, most people I know who are what you would consider famous, don’t enjoy the famous aspect of their career. I think most of them enjoy the money. Most of the ones I’m friends with I can honestly say have done very good things with a big chunk of the money they’ve earned, and they’ve worked very hard and they deserve it, but the fame aspect…there are special counsellors, what you would call behavioural counsellor, I believe, a coach, behavioural coach, not sure the exact term to use here, that specialize in when someone becomes famous, sitting down with them and explaining this is what to expect, this is how others have found an effective way to handle that type of situation, or handle that type of, you know…what’s going on with transition into having people recognize you, and strangers wanting to ask you nosy questions, and people feeling almost as if they’re entitled to a glimpse into your personal life because they’re adoring you in your career. Fame can be a very uncomfortable thing for humans, and most people seem to have a misconception that famous people are by and large happy. Most of them that I have met are not, they live lives that are not what they had expected, you might say, they don’t have the freedom that they once had, and that may be because they fear going places and being recognized and being hassled, but mostly what I mean is that people don’t treat them the same anymore. They feel as if almost they don’t have many real friends a lot of them will tell me, and I think that’s why so many of what you would call celebrities end up as couples together, is because they feel like that’s the only type of person that can understand what they feel, which is you never really know if this…because so many people are telling you they love you and everything you’re doing is great, is that also going on in your friendships and your personal life.

That’s kind of a sidetrack there. I can imagine Vincent listening to this tape. As I look at the counter, it’s going on 30 minutes, so this would be the end of his second YouTube…rolling his eyes at me, saying, oh Yaji, why do you sidetrack, but Vince, the most important asset that we have on this planet right now is time. I enjoy every second I am on your planet; I cherish every person I get a chance to meet, with very few exceptions. Humans have been so good as a species.


…I don’t know what other word to use that’s going to be understood clearly in all languages. Most humans are good. Now, the powers that be on your planet are not necessarily good, they’re not necessarily what you may call evil, but they definitely do have an agenda, and their agenda is quite simple – they want a continuation of their respective families’ lives of luxury, lives of opulence, and they want to ensure that for generations to come.

They have created financial chaos around the world recently, and are gearing up right now for a new program, one that many of you will be very enticed by. This is a program by which a new global financial institution will be born, a global bank will be born, where anyone from anywhere on Earth can, I guess the phrase would be, open an account, use one specific kind of currency that’s the same the world over and to introduce, they will say, humans to this new global banking system. You will be offered a credit, you will be given money – they’re manufacturing out of thin air anyway, why not give people some – you’ll be given the opportunity to…one of two things will happen; number one is that you will have an RFID chip implanted in your body, a radio frequency ID chip that will identify you as you, and you’ll begin to be able to pay for things with that chip. An example would be, this morning while I was down doing laundry where I’m staying, there’s a, what you would call, a vending machine, and someone walked up and put their money in and it gave them a carbonated drink, a cola, and I was thinking, you know, in the future what people will be doing is…this is what the plan is…is people will come up to that and they will just pick what they want and it will deduct it from their account. Within a certain radius, these machines will know who you are, it’s very scary technology. When you go to the store, the stuff that you buy will be registered as you taking possession of it and those respective prices deducted from your account.

That’s the first way, that’s the way they’re going to go after the first leg, because this technology is readily available. It’s used all over the globe, it’s very safe for humans to have this implanted in you, it’s subcutaneous implantation, it goes underneath your skin. They’re arguing right now about which area of the body, probably somewhere in one of the hands. The second option though that people will be given is an iris scan, and that technology is a little further out. A lot of people I see on their computers, especially in the old days, had little cameras attached to the top of them, they would chat and speak with people and they could see them.

Camera technology for humans has really advanced quite rapidly over the last, I would say, two decades, and iris scan technology is becoming very commonplace for highly secured facilities. I know because I visit them often. I have never ever been scanned, and I never ever will, I won’t allow it to be done. That’s one of the preconditions many times for me meeting with people is that they don’t get to ask me a lot of nosy questions, they’ve basically supplied me with their questions beforehand and they’re going to sit and listen to what I have to say without asking any additional questions. If that sounds arrogant then so be it, that’s the terms I have set.

I don’t have time to waste with unimportant insignificant humans at this stage of the game. Now when I say that, I don’t mean I only ever have dealings with people in power, in fact, quite contrary, most of my dealings are with people on the street, is the term to use I believe. The common people, those are the people I find most fascinating, as an anthropologist those are the people that I want to study. I don’t care what the global elite’s…what the new fancy cuisine of the month or the year is, or what the fancy vacation trendy spot is right now, I don’t care about these things, I’ve seen them come and go over the years, they don’t provide any interest to me, with a very few exceptions, there are people who have become so driven by one of the 3 things, either their heart, their mind or their genitalia that they’ve lost track of their soul, they’ve lost track of what’s inside, to me it’s like speaking to a void, is that the correct word, an empty chasm?

I don’t dislike humans, quite the contrary, I very much like humans, I’m frustrated by humans on a frequent basis because you possess so much potential and you limit yourself by your own self-doubts, you second guess yourselves to death. So often when I’m meeting with individuals, they come up with the idea, the solution to their problems, instantly then begin to talk themselves out of action. Lately, since what was perpetrated in America on September 11th, 2001, since all that happened, government have been very much trying to satiate the general population – buy now, pay later, let’s get everybody comfortable. You know what it’s created? It’s created a bunch of people who now no longer have employment. Everywhere I go in the world people seem to tell me the same thing over the last 18-24 months – the unemployment situation in my area is going to lead to social catastrophe or similar.

In Tunisia, it’s getting to the point where it’s untenable. Most people in the west don’t think too much about Tunisia, most people in the west don’t seem to think much about anything other than where they live and that’s fine but these 3rd world catastrophes, a good example is the earthquake in Haiti, that country was destroyed, destroyed, it’s never been fixed to this day. Those that I know that work in non-governmental organizations that have been to Haiti recently, because I have not, but I trust their first-hand account relayed to me, say the situation there is horrific, everywhere you see death and disease. In America and in Latin America and Central America people feel as if Haiti is this 3rd world offshore dilemma that doesn’t concern them.

But there’s a phrase that you should all become very…or a term, excuse me, a word with which you should all become very familiar. It’s called diaspora. In English it means mass migrations of refugees from one point of the globe to another. Over the next couple of years you’re going to see a lot of this, you’re going to hear this term a lot. People need to be mobile to some extent. The disasters of this year, of 2010, will be nothing like the compared to the disasters in store for 2011, and I can tell you the disasters of 2012 will be worse than those in the year prior, and this is because your Earth is going into a period of galactic alignment, and your neighbouring planet, Jupiter, is throwing off a lot of dark matter, and it’s interfering, or it’s going to start interfering with both the rotation and axis of your planet and your magnetic field. It’s not going to kill you all instantly, I’m not preaching doom here, I’m saying adjustments need to be made.

One of the things that always interests me is the society that existed in Afghanistan several thousand years ago in the mountains of what is now Afghanistan - very advanced, very unique civilizations that lived completely subterranean in the mountains there. In Afghanistan you can get lost in the mountains very easy, as anyone has ever been there can attest. It’s a very wild country, very unforgiving country, Afghanistan is. So it’s always been no surprise to me that those who found these initial entrances to these caves in these mountains decided never to come out again. They expanded on what was there originally and built a network of underground cities that span hundreds of kilometres in the mountains of Afghanistan. They’ve been explored to some extent by modern societies. The Russians desperately wanted in in the late 80s. In the late 1980s, the Russians wanted more than anything to get inside those caves and find out what was there, because they believed that it was a secure place to basically have a trump card, I think you would say, in the event of a nuclear war. They could take their leadership there and it was a premade bunker unlike any other. The Americans have been after it ever since. The people in Afghanistan, by and large, I think they’ve just heard the legends, I don’t think many of them believe it, but I don’t say that out of any disrespect. The people in Afghanistan have been ravaged by war for decades now, it’s one of the saddest places you’d ever want to visit on your planet, a beautiful, vibrant population has been in many places just been decimated by war. The people of Afghanistan are by their very nature very hospitable. Those areas can be very inhospitable to humans and, for as long as I can remember, if you showed up at someone’s camp hungry and tired, it was just common courtesy to invite you in and provide you sustenance. In most of the world this was the case.

Oh, I’m gonna run out of…there’s almost no tape left. Alright, well this is the end of my first 90 minute cassette. I like this Tandy recorder I’ve got here. I wonder what Tandy means, I wonder if it’s a name of a company or if that’s what this is actually called, a Tandy, ah regardless, it seems to be working. And I’m going to try to expand more on everything as I record these. I’ve got a lot of spare time right now. I can’t send them as I record them because, for the most part, I’m really trying to stay off the Internet. The Internet for me ended up being a mistake. I understood how the Internet worked, what I didn’t understand was the lengths to which, in particular, the United States has their fingers in the backbone of what you call your worldwide web or you Internet. Anything that you do, the United States government knows about if you do it online, if you do it via computer, unless you’re an isolated network. If you’re connected to the worldwide web, the US government can find you quite quickly, and so I have decided, while I’m not running from anyone anymore per say, I’m still…I don’t seek fame, I don’t seek fortune, I have no interest in being on the news, but I enjoy speaking to people and I feel that this is the easiest way that I can get my “words out” to as many people as possible.

Alright, this is the end for now. Bye.

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