Malnutrition leads to solving Textmind demo problem

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malnutrition to plenty

I recently came off a period of malnutrition. The supplements I was trying probably weren't working, perhaps because long expired. I caught bronchitis off an upper respiratory infection. I'd stopped smoking for quite a while, and was relying on Vicks Vaporub, which wasn't effective. Bronchitis takes too long to clear naturally, and my mucosa is compromised. As usual, the drainage caused IBS-D. I cut back to a diet that was maybe barely sustainable, trying to stop the IBS-D cycle. It has positive feedback due to Circadian disruption. Lots of orthostatic hypotension. I grew concerned I wasn't going to make it to the Cyborganize finish line.

Resuming light daytime smoking cleared the bronchitis by stimulating mucosa. I don't inhale; only nose and mouth. I discarded the old supplements and tried folate. It made a significant short term and long term impact. I expanded my diet to include plain yogurt available at the downstairs grocery, which I haven't been eating for years due to intolerance.

I also started eating more and more peanuts, which was unwise, but a response to hunger cravings. Over the weekend I paid for the peanuts with IBS-D. Wasn't too painful, but the fatigue greatly reduced productivity. I'm not that hungry now.

The peanuts are clearly excluded. A question remains about the other food I reintroduced before the IBS-D. It was a pressure-cooked pot of shrimp, rice, garlic, tomato and peeled potato. I had grown disgusted by plain shrimp and rice during the bronchitis. The body can "learn" to associate foods with sickness, correctly or not. Adding the tomato, potato and garlic makes it palatable and delicious, but might be too much.

My mornings now start with plain yogurt, eaten outdoors in sunshine, followed by a walk and smoke. This is a huge quality of life improvement, if it proves sustainable. I'll know soon.

Update: It appears to be sustainable. Appetite and activity are way up. Regimen infractions are punished gently now. Methylfolate is revolutionary for me. [2021-07-15 Thu 22:03]

procrastination to productivity

During recent ill downtime, my preferred procrastination recently is Heroes of Might and Magic 3, with addons and HD mod, campaign mode. The game is naturally restful and interruptible. To avoid stress, I play each scenario at least once per difficulty level, from easy to impossible. Of course I capture my notes in Textmind.

I am only on the second scenario of the first campaign. Yet I noticed that I already understand fundamental strategic dimensions which escape the still-lively veteran PVP expert community. This is highly improbable, and I'm likely wrong to some degree, but then again I do crack game metas quickly. While I'm surely not competitive in PVP, a PVPer's skills are good enough to beat the campaigns without actually learning how they should be played. It's possible that there are lessons taught in the campaigns that PVPers have never learned. OpenAI recently demonstrated the weakness of the Dota PVP community, despite it being massively competitive.

For example, in HOMM3 the orthodox view is apparently that only one primary hero should be leveled, that magic Hero Gem is garbage due to her First Aid specialty, and that one should skip Rampart's Dwarves for Elves.

My heterodox view is that at least two primary Heroes should be leveled, one might and one magic. The magic Hero leads slow units with low Morale and defends sieges and clears zones around mana sources such as Mage Guilds or Wells. The might Hero leads fast units with high Morale, patrols the frontier and besieges towns.

Gem is thus an excellent magic Hero, since she can start with Dwarves and sustain their HP with First Aid, later doing the same for Dendroids, who are great in sieges for plugging holes in the Castle Wall to Entangle foes in the Moat. Foes tend to cluster around the Dwarves or First Aid Tent, allowing Gem to cast Frost Ring on 2+ targets.

Meanwhile the might Hero ranges with Centaurs, High Elves and the rest of the Rampart army. Acquired units from other Factions are sent back to reinforce the magic Hero, who is less impacted by Morale failures.

However, on the first scenario of the campaign, Gem should be leveled after the might Hero, due to a starting zone that places critical early battles distant from mana sources and versus wandering creatures too difficult to develop a mage Hero's firepower. The best video walkthrough I found ignored these considerations.

All this sounds like a waste of time. But as I was considering how to record it, I realized I had solved my longstanding Cyborganize demo problem.

Textmind videogame demo

The fundamental problem with all my recording attempts, I realized, was that I wanted to add too much commentary, too much thought. There are several ways to mitigate this problem.

Firstly, perfect the skill so that there is no second-guessing. Not entirely possible with the procedurally-generated DCSS, but entirely possible with HOMM3, which is also a beautiful game to watch, with enduring audience appeal – perfect.

Secondly, write the whole guide before producing any longform video. This minimizes the pressure to commentate, by rendering most thoughts redundant.

Thirdly, record gameplay, and pause recording as needed to capture written thoughts. Video timestamp the thoughts. Then record the audio commentary from the notes. Include the notes with timestamps in the video description.

I can do no-audio screencasts of myself creating the HOMM3 guide on my securely-isolated Bibliodemos MacOS account. HOMM3 is an easily understood, universal topic that I can show myself "cracking" from start to finish. That's what I've been missing for a Textmind demo.

I needn't bother to archive the bulky raw Textmind screencast files for later use, because there is always more videogaming content to organize, if I need footage of any particular stage of Cyborganize.

Only once I have the Textmind documentation in proper shape should I do audio-commentate Textmind demos. Otherwise I will overload the commentary.

This may sound like a lot of work, but it is actually quite easy, because Textmind is good at procedural organization. However, delivering quality live audio commentary while skillfully screencasting is too difficult logistically and biologically.

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