Law of One SEO team responds! Or, Ra lies again.

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  1. #1 for 2 days
  2. SEO plunge patrol?
  3. Ra lies again, spirit guide edition
  4. Conclusion

#1 for 2 days

Thanks everyone who made r/Soulnexus | Ra's Law of One revealed as sophisticated disinfo, "opiate of the masters" the #1 search result for "Law of One" on Reddit!

That lasted… two days.

Then we were bumped down to #2 by this search result: r/LawofOne | Personal evidence that the law of one books are legit

Sounds almost like a rebuttal, doesn't it?

SEO plunge patrol?

Especially when viewed in context, the new #1 search result is anomalous. Here's the top 5:

  1. Personal evidence that the law of one books are legit | /lawofone | 7 days ago
  2. Ra's Law of One revealed as sophisticated disinfo, "opiate of the masters" | r/Soulnexus | 9 days ago
  3. What do you guys think of the Law of One? | r/religion | 7 days ago
  4. Law of One article on Wikipedia | r/lawofone | 1 day ago
  5. What’s your opinion of Elon Musk in the Law of One context? | r/lawofone | 6 days ago

Looks like #1 and #2 are having a debate while #3 thru #5 just wander around.

In fact, #1 is the only search result I found after a minute of scrolling that actually defends the Law of One as legitimate or true. Lo1 is mostly anti-apologetics, so its adherents typically don't try to prove anything.

That's why most people don't know that Lo1 predicted Sedna, for example. (I couldn't Google that fact.)

Anyway, the 2-day reply looks like a business protecting its SEO ranking, doesn't it?

No big deal. The author of the pro-Lo1 post was probably just indirectly responding to my critique.

Ra lies again, spirit guide edition

Except… her post is all about her spirit guides pulling her back into Lo1 by telling her many non-public details about her life, speaking through dreams and a medium. These guides identified themselves as Ra.

She writes (non-consecutively):

My akashic guardians gave me the following clues to push me back into believing in the legitimacy of the law of one books: …

The akashic guardians do try to deceive you and prey upon your biases/desires/fears, but so do Ra and all higher beings. My akashic guardians set me up to realize that you shouldn't trust any external entity, no matter how benevolent or honest they may seem. I don't work with them or communicate directly with them anymore. And even though I believe that Ra is a real, external entity, I have detached myself from the contents in the law of one books just as much as I have detached myself from the contents of the Bible.

At one point I asked if I was supposed to do x, and they said x was the wrong path, and I believed them, but later I was getting signs that x was the right path and I realized they had must have been deceiving me. When I confronted them about this, they admitted to deceiving me.


So, we have some pushy "spirit guides" who aren't above fibbing, call themselves Ra, and have superhuman psychic powers. Maybe aliens, she suspects.

Some relevant questions to consider:

  • Is she a hybrid and/or abductee whose spirituality and psychic abilities are being cultivated by aliens?
  • Are others also guided in similar fashion, such as Corey Goode?
  • What is the ultimate purpose of this program?
  • Did "Ra" telepathically suggest that she write an apologetic post for Lo1 listing minor signs and miracles?

I submit there is a method to this madness: Ra's goal is permission escalation. The more influence an alien faction has over humans, the more right it has to intervene, and claim humans — without violating the fundamental law of free will.

Souls are ultimately the most valuable thing in the Universe. Humans, though barely psychic right now due to historical reasons, are a very advanced species, in our fully actualized state. Thus the barrage of spiritual messages from the Beyond is a chorus of eager suitors.

It's a preposterous hypothesis, one that happens to have some evidence:

The essential role of Prime Directive in understanding the alien phenomenon

I think it's a good idea to listen to a variety of sources, and to use discernment. Even the benevolent Others are prevented by the Prime Directive from just giving us the whole truth. Given the errors inherent in translation, what's a little extra mythologization to them? They can probably get away with saying more truth if they mix in some white lies.

One last question: Will this post elicit further signs and wonders from Ra's Reddit SEO team? 🤔

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