Jesus predicts Earth's electrical grid will soon fail: Ongoing gradual pole shift reduces Earth's magnetic field 80%, then solar storms destroy irreplaceable transformers

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Some readers are surprised that I describe transformers as "irreplaceable". There is a notorious terrorist concept to bring down the US electrical grid by shooting transformers, because replacement stock is critically low and manufacturing lead time is long. You can Google to verify that, if you don't mind being on an FBI watch list.

You may have noticed a giant sunspot is currently aimed at Earth. Giving the deepening threat of nuclear WW3 over Lithuania's blockade of Kaliningrad, one could interpret this as a shot across the bow by a higher power. The stewards of our solar system might prefer depopulation by starvation to the destruction of Earth's biome by centuries of nuclear winter.

Supporting this interpretation, the following post is by Geoff Cutler at the Divine Love Sanctuary Forum, a 100-year-old sect of Christian pacifists that has recently received a series of apocalyptic messages. I have only edited the title.

2 The sunhammer falls on Earth's electrical grid

Two messages[1] from Jesus have indicated that we are about to experience a magnetic pole flip. And that this will shut down many electricity distribution grids across the world. I am going to use this post on this forum to collate my thoughts and research.

Science is aware of the issue of the pole flip. It's about 800,000 years since the last one, and it's overdue. Added to that the North Magnetic pole has moved 400 miles South and West of where it "traditionally" was. There is also a huge magnetic anomaly in the Southern Hemisphere. Now you may be thinking one morning you will wake up and the compass will point 180 degrees differently? Not at all. The average duration of pole flips that science has discovered is 6,000 years to complete. It can obviously be longer, and it's duration varies by latitude. So Canada would have a different duration to Mexico as an example. I am very pleased it is slow, because animals use the magnetic field to migrate and there is even a small bird that migrates every year from Tasmania to Alaska. We would not want to see these birds die out in one year because they can't find Alaska or cant get home again. And a great many land animals also use the magnetic field for their movements. So is there an issue? There certainly is.

The problem is once the magnetic poles start to move, the magnetic field collapses by about 80%. Now as things stand, right now and in the last several hundred years for which we have detailed records, the events coming out of the sun (there are three different types) have damaged electrical infrastructure, and it's far more common than you might think. I have found an incredible scientific paper looking at the issue for the US grid, written in 2007.[2] As of 2007, the grid was basically running at near capacity, and no infrastructure of note had been added in the prior ten years. It had very little ability or flexibility to circumvent a major catastrophe. It's now 2022 and I expect that comment is still true. What we have had recently is Texas being forced to disconnect from the US grid because they refuse to maintain the standards mandated for the US grid. So Texas is going to be in a very high risk position, but frankly so is the entire US grid, and grids elsewhere in the world. In Australia two weeks ago we were very close to a shut down although the issue was the cost of generation of the coal plants and their desire to force prices unsustainably high so the government intervened.

So what actually happens? The sun events (I wont be specific because it gets complicated) cause magnetic fields to occur on the surface of the Earth, and all areas of high conductivity get exposed to a potential current caused by the voltage across it. So this impacts railway lines, pipelines, and of course the cross country network of very high voltage power lines. Now the voltages and currents are not necessarily high, although they can be 100 amps and a few hundred volts, but these are DC (Direct Current) not AC, and the systems are very exposed to even small DC currents. This is because the DC currents cause the massive transformers (over 100 tonnes) to overheat, or to vibrate to death. Apparently even 5 amps DC can destroy a huge AC transformer that might be operating at thousands of volts and amps - but AC. The overheating can be so fast that its literally 2 minutes and its cooking. Way too fast for an energy operator to work out what is happening and shut things down. The vibrating takes longer but 8 hours can make a transformer permanently wrecked.

The next problem is replacement. If a spare is available, its several days or weeks to get it there and installed. But if it's unserviceable, and a new one has to be made, the paper quotes 2 years working top priority to replace the transformer. The issue is that the really big transformers are the ones we need running, and they simply don't carry spares. Naturally the transformers at the lower voltages are more easily replaced, there are a great many more of them and spares are kept. Now if this is a simple local area issue, as has typically (but not exclusively) happened which are not even reported, you can see its a problem, but it might or might not be too bad. But take away the Earth's magnetic field, which repulses these sun events, and you can get the entire country of the US hit at the same time because the previous minor event is now effectively enormous. Historically such huge events have occurred, the so called "Carrington Flare" being the biggest, but Quebec was shut down not that long ago.

A geomagnetic storm three times smaller than the Carrington Event occurred in Quebec, Canada, in March 1989. The storm caused the Hydro-Quebec electrical grid to collapse. During the storm, the high magnetically induced currents damaged a transformer in New Jersey and tripped the grid's circuit breakers.

Add to the destruction of say 30% of the main transformers across the US and you have a situation where the grid will be down completely, and with it any ability to co-ordinate repairs and build new transformers. Because instantly there's no fuel available for trucks, no computers, no money, no food in shops and no cell phones. Every employee of the power grid companies will be at home trying to save themselves. The computers in our cars are at risk, but it will take a big event to destroy those I suspect. But imagine no cars!!! Horse and buggy days? If you have an old classic it is far less likely to have a problem, but how much fuel do you have?

Will we get any warning? Many places in the world probably will suddenly in the night sky see the Southern or the Northern Lights. That is the time when it's nearly too late. Fill your car with gas, do a mega shop (not perishables) and stock up on firewood and make sure you have water and a plan where you can get fresh vegetables. If nothing else get a tent and sleeping bags and prepare to move. Buy those straws that let you drink polluted water too. I just hope it's not midwinter wherever you are. And if you are in highly populated areas, it's going to be impossible for most to survive there. They have to move, and many will not be able to.

Reference. 1 The two messages, and all subsequent messages from Jesus - he is being quite prolific at the moment - are available as soon as transcribed on this website: Book 3 of Jesus' Messages to the World

Reference 2 The paper is located here and is a pdf. The original title is 'Solar Storm Threat Analysis - Impact.pdf" written by James A. Marusek.


Other relevant links:

https://www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers monitors the incipient geosolar crisis

https://twitter.com/SandiaWisdom monitors solar activity from an ET perspective

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3.1 r/Conspiracy

u/Material-Ad7911 · 1 votes

Have you ever read The Adam and Eve story on the CIA website? It discussed this subject in more detail.

MaxwellHillbilly 16 hr. ago

This is a fantastic post thank you 👍

It's amazing to me that there's not more people within the Christian church that can't see the mechanics of everything taking place currently and how it's lining up with prophecy.

3.2 r/SoulNexus

kcils24 8 hr. ago

Consider studying book The Secret Teachings of Christianity in the Revelation or Apocalypse of John https://glorian.org/books/the-aquarian-message from late Gnostic Sage Samael Aun Weor.

Book was written over 50 years ago and has shocking match with major events that have recently occurred. Information on China, Australia, tower of Babel is more convincing and matching with times.There's a war going on in astral world. As above so below.

Humanity has been given 1000 year of extension to identify qualified ones who will be spared to start new cycle after big reset (earth reset after 1000 years). Something like who will be allowed in Noah's Ark. Water element destroyed last humanity (Atlantis .. Read madam Blavatsky).

It will be fire this time.

As per Sir Issac Newton arrival of Jesus (in everyone's heart) will be around 2060 .. In about 40 years or so. We are about to enter Golden age of 1000 years.

Plausible? Maybe worth reading book.

3.3 c/TheDonald

magapotus 3 points 1 hour ago +3 / -0

Since when are transformers Irreplaceable?

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We only have so many, another 1859 storm, we are overdue, would wipe out most of them, many parts of the world will be living in the stone age for the next 15 years.

The current sunspot cycle is way outperforming the models and the next few months are likely to be crazy. There have already been a few eruption's that were fortunately not earth facing that could have been very interesting if they were..

Add to that the pole shift and our magnetic shield is weakening, the thing that protects our atmosphere from the Sun's continual bombardment..

Ben is legit, published, has completely debunked "climate change" and runs a channel which provides so much great information on this.


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