Itchy balls relieved by terbafine and resinol; castor oil contraindicated

Normally, a shower a day keeps the swamp crotch a day.  I use soap on armpits and groin, and conditioner only on hair.  Works well.

Winter arrived, and I started wearing sweatpants at my computer desk.  This overheated my balls, causing sweat, causing jock itch.  (In this case, keyboard jockey itch.)

My usual cure, terbafine hydrochloride cream, couldn't overcome the increased ball-sweat output.  So I tried anti-itch powder.  Big mistake, made it worse.  (Maybe because numbing permitted more fungus to accumulate while I stewed in sweat; maybe because the powder further irritated the skin.)

Now it was interrupting my work and sleep.  I wised up and started minimizing ball sweat by ball thermoregulation.  Boxers not briefs.  Shorts and jacket, not sweatpants.  Thick socks and fuzzy slippers.

A brief aside for context: Recently I replaced tea tree oil with castor oil in my facial regimen.  This worked great.  Cetaphil moisturizer and castor oil are enough to keep my complexion in check, and castor oil is 10x cheaper than tea tree oil.  I apply it with a badger-hair brush.

Castor oil is antifungal, so I tried it on my scrotal torment.  Bigger mistake.  Perhaps I used too much, because I caused a skin peel.  (Unless it was the later resinol, which I doubt.)  In any case, the pain only increased.  Minor sweat or leftover urine droplets caused pain on cracked scaly skin.  A scrap of toilet paper left in the boxers for a bit after urinating absorbed the latter.

So I switched from castor oil to resinol, and found blessed relief.  Upping the terbafine dose helped too.

n=1, and I can't be certain of all the causal claims, but I'm too relieved to care.

May thy balls hang contented and chill.

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