Imagine the techno-cognitive gradient

On the primitive end, the hunter gatherer lacks written language. His history is oral, his cognition embedded in his habitat, the stars his calendar.

In the middle, dating from 1516 to 2001, homo bureaucraticus attains the apotheosis of paper: zettelkasten and Getting Things Done.

Barely before anyone had a chance to adopt GTD, however, the era of accelerando brought us the personal computer and the Internet shortly thereafter. Paper is obsolete.

AI thinks in a way wholly alien to human cognition. Has humanity peaked? Or is there a cyborg style of cognition towards which we can aspire, like the Terminator's red-hued thermal vision?

Cyborganize is a cyborg's complete cognitive algorithm. It is an OODA loop like GTD, and an filing system like zettelkasten, but adapted to digital. Cyborganize uses touch-typing and Emacs to achieve sufficient bandwidth between brain and computer to sync the exomind.

Together, brain and computer achieve far greater things than either can separately. In fact, it's no longer worthwhile to think seriously away from the keyboard.

Cyborganize focuses on results: communication, publication and action. Users do the minimum sync maintenance necessary to execute the next action. Action generates feedback, restarting the OODA loop. Iterational velocity is paramount.

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