I'm looking for work, not war

Miraculously, I'm well enough to exercise, socialize, and code now.

Dietary staples:

  • Soylent with cholestyramine in plain yogurt 400g daily
  • Soylent in rice gruel.

The dilution permits digestion.

I feel smarter than I ever was before, maybe due to a cleaner vitamin-rich diet. I'm now looking for work to pay some medical bills.

My published racism and misogyny has been largely motivated by recognition that the USA's universal suffrage and open borders lead inexorably to global nuclear war. Recent events in Ukraine and Taiwan render this more of a fact than a prediction. However, in the last year I've been de-radicalized on race by my contact with certain individuals who make me look like a pre-teen Boy Scout, and by Padgettite Jesus' anti-war pacifism.

Evil attracts evil. It is always best to minimize one's violence against sentient souls, and allow the laws of karma to work instead. That is how the cycle of violence ends. The lesson David's betrayal of Uriah teaches about vengeance is: The wicked ought not, and the righteous need not.

Wartime is obviously the hardest time to embrace pacifism. I do not pretend to have expunged myself of violent impulses. However, I take comfort in the fact that the revisionists lied: On the cross, Jesus never asked his Father why he had been forsaken. It is only we who have forsaken Him.

The Heavens can and do take part in earthly affairs. We should include their regard in our cold calculations.

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