How to shower and shave


Soap is a great sanitary invention, but not for your skin, which is your barrier against infection, and made partially of oil. For healthy skin, minimize soap exposure. Humans are not evolved to use soap. Exfoliation, mud and oil are more natural cleaning methods than soap. However, beware clogging your drain.

Long submersion is also unnatural for humans, who are land animals. Keep showers short.

Wet your hair. Use conditioner. Humans have been styling their hair with gunk for a long time. Rinse it down your back to avoid clogging facial pores.

Soap the triangle: armpits and groin. The soap better removes body odor, fecal and sexual residue, etc. The runoff will soap the feet adequately, usually.

Further cleaning isn't normally required unless one is unusually dirty or contaminated.

This method results in faster, cheaper showers, and feels and looks better.


Shaving is unnatural and irritates the skin. However, beards require maintenance to look good.

  • Women find 10-day heavy stubble the most attractive.
  • This length looks good without requiring maintenance. It probably minimizes facial hair maintenance.
  • It is masculine but doesn't obscure facial expressions, which are important for communication.
  • A 10 day period is adequate to allow skin to recover between shaves.
  • 10-day stubble isn't so heavy that it requires too many skin-irritating blade passes.
  • Missing a spot won't look too funny.

Anywhere from 10-14 days is probably fine. Essentially, shave when you feel like it, to look good.

Shaving should also feel good. If it doesn't, you're damaging your skin.

  • Use hot water to soften the beard. Shower, then shave.
  • Only use a single or double blade razor.
  • Ensure the foam or gel provides a lubricated glide.
  • Use no pressure.
  • Use short strokes.
  • Rinse regularly to clear blade buildup.
  • Use a shower mirror to check your work. If fogged, apply soap.

If skin gets irritated, get fancier with equipment, topicals and technique until solved. Be decadent not tough. A little pain leaves a big mark.

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