How to melee shambler zombies

Man is the top of the food chain, and shambler zombies don't stand a chance.

personal armor

Melee fighters should have a bite-proof bracer and a combination hammer+pickaxe for grappling.

When bracer is grabbed, hammer the fingers to break the grip. Pickaxe the skull when bracer is bitten.

Shields are inadvisable due to shambler slowness, strength, durability, numbers, and short range weaponry.

It's heavy vs light infantry, and line combat favors heavy.


A jogger can defeat infinite shambler zombies with a street and a hoe.

Kite them over the curb, making them trip. Then hoe the lamboid suture.

Motor control disabled. Repeat.


The clubman breaks shambler's hands, then knees, occipital.

The spearman jabs its eyes, then topples, pins.

Clubman and spearman carry identical loadouts for interchangeability.

  • polearm: a hoe with a spear point on the butt
  • midrange: a kali stick with a metal-flanged head
  • short: a pickaxe hammer

The skirmisher overwatches with gun and softens with silent ranged weapons.

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