Georgia Guidestones were demolished at 4:03:33 by an unknown EMF beam weapon | hypothesis FALSIFIED

1 A precision strike

Scroll up one tweet to see the surveillance cam footage of the strike.

Cam footage of the explosion from two angles:

  • A huge dust cloud erupts from the road side.
  • Chunky debris launch from low on the field side.
  • A suspect silver sedan drives away with headlights off on the grass beside the road, for quieter traction and to skirt photography of license plates.

Watch the detonation from :02 at .25 speed:

  • The field light flares in a half-second pulse and a dust cloud immediately erupts and grows.
  • Chunky debris do not eject until the field light has mostly waned.
  • The camera exhibits little or no shaking or vibration consistent with a bomb blast shockwave through air or ground.

Aerial footage of the aftermath shows the debris pattern:

  • There are large chunks of rock blown to the lower left, and an amorphous large dust layer to the upper right.
  • The strike originated from the road, to the right.

Here's what we can infer from the evidence:

  • This was not a bomb or explosive device, as publicly claimed.
  • The field light flared during the firing of the weapon due to the tesla coil effect.
  • The rapid site cleanup was to prevent a thorough investigation of the rock debris, which would reveal a classified EMF beam weapon or portable railgun.

The weapon may have been fired by an operator standing away from the powered-off getaway car. Cars can survive lightning strikes, thanks to the metal body providing shielding. It may have been powered by a capacitor in the vehicle's trunk.

The weapon targeted the base of a slab. It superheated or vaporized the roadside face, billowing dust. Milliseconds later chunks of rock spewed from the other side in a tight arc.

The weapon was fired a significant distance away from the field light, yet caused a very strong brightness flare.

Evidence for portable railgun:

  • tight arc of rock debris
  • known technology
  • lack of visible lightning

Evidence for tesla coil gun:

  • recoil considerations
  • half-second flare, bright despite distance
  • delay in debris ejection
  • rapid coverup site cleanup

I guess it was neither. I suspect an invisible EMF beam weapon that penetrates dust clouds. The debris ejection was tight because of a superheated explosion that punched through the middle of the slab, launching the rock opposite the beam.

Either way, the cover story of a bomb is obviously false. A shaped charge could explain the debris and dust, but not the delay and light flare.

2 Cover story: the mad shadow sprinter!

So why did the GBI release a video of a saboteur planting a bomb at the base of the slab?

This looks like the worst Bigfoot CGI I've ever seen. The other security cam footage looked decent. This is like someone took CGI of a running man and hastily inserted it, then blurred everything to shit.

The man appears to be sprinting with a large bomb carried on his shoulder, instead of a backpack. Easy to sprain an ankle sprinting through a field at night like that. Much better to do it at a casual, plausibly-recreational jog, and save your sprint for evasion. Also, use the road.

I've done an operation similar to this, as an amateur, and I used a bicycle for silent transport, then walked up to my target. Looks much less suspicious.

So everything else about this operation is professional, but the man who delivered the payload was a panicky fool? Dubious.

I liked this comment:

> I think what's more concerning is a human being able to run that fast!! Get this man to the Olympics

Maybe this was some weird EMF bomb that the shadow sprinter guy placed at the base of the slab, but then why not just use a normal bomb?

3 04:03:33 has numerological significance

Backhoe vs the New World Order, who would win? (twitter.com) | c/TheDonald

> This whole thing is very strange. 24-hours surveillance, but no video of anyone doing it. Just a 30-second clip of the explosion. And now they knock the whole thing over anyway.

> Didn't they fire up CERN accelerator yesterday? Maybe moved into a better dimension.

> Damn… helluva time to go off - 04:03:33am

Here's how to decode repeating digit "coincidences":

911 is Masonic code for "skip God" | Universal digit meanings | Counting to God

The 333 means we're one big family, and someone is looking out for us — with classified weapons and pinpoint timing.

The other clever bit: 4 0 means stability zeroed. The explosion certainly destroyed structural integrity!

4 Feedback

4.1 easy


You worked pretty hard on this…..

The numerology post was hard, but I wrote that before the attack. The hardest part of writing this post was finding a video of lightbulb induction.

4.2 why?


Then who is the person(s) running away from it?

And what possible reason could there be to use that sort of technology to destroy that particular object?

And if someone's using that sort of technology Why didn't it all come tumbling down?

There's like 50 other things or people that need to be destroyed as I write this… Why the Georgia guidestones?

This fancy technology can't take out the leader of China, North Korea or perhaps Putin?

Are they going after something Occultic? Esoteric? then why not the Washington monument?


Contra depopulation. I've read that the Guidestones were placed along ley lines and acted as a spell, like the pyramids originally did.

It was obviously more effective to only destroy one slab, so everyone could see the coverup. No need for overkill.

EMF weapons have range problems, especially in atmosphere.


It must have been a secret superweapon because…depopulation?

Regular explosives would've sufficed obviously. The type of weapon used is an indication of who did it. This is not a typical act of redneck revenge.

4.3 ruling out railguns

Secure Mix 4359

Rail gun is plausible, or potato cannon.

Tesla coil gun doesn't work that way without being super close or at least a single conductor wire. Cement is also a great insulator.

Rail guns at that velocity and impact would be molten and visibly glowing embers would remain.

It was probably just some low tech boom.

You just eliminated railgun.

Tesla coil gun was mentioned to assist the association with the light flare. Obviously known tech can't do this.

Secure Mix 4359

What? Many explosions create light.

The light was a flare of a field light, not at launch or impact points.

Secure Mix 4359

What signifigance are you placing on the flaring of the field light?

EMF field surge from an unknown beam weapon.

Secure Mix 4359

Sure ok if that is the crux of your argument.

I believe it is an artifact of the CCD in the camera or whatever image processing occurs during recording.

I think we both have equal amount of evidence.

Light sensitivity adjustment should make the field light dimmer due to the bright flash of an explosion. Instead we see a half-second surge corresponding to dust buildup before shrapnel.

5 Rejecting the hypothesis

Rewatching the footage shows that resolution drops at detonation, indicating strong vibration. This causes the boundaries of the field light and the lighted area to blur, fooling the camera into believing that the whole scene has grown brighter. The ejected debris are delayed due to their greater mass than dust, and position on the opposite side from the bomb. Thus there is no reason to suspect EMF flare.

The shadow runner took a risk by sprinting, but perhaps he minimized his total exposure time across all cameras. He seems to have worn an effective camouflage. His route could've been checked beforehand for uneven terrain. Army boots reduce the risk of a sprain, and a partner could extract him, worst case. Riding a bike up to the lighted front gate would be far more conspicuous.

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