Fixing my Cyborganize marketing mistakes by focusing on Binmind MVP

Bizarrely, one of my biggest mistakes with Cyborganize marketing has been being too humble, underestimating the degree to which my thought process is alien and my technical skills are advanced.

While I'm fixing this mistake, I may as well add that my IQ is 3+ SD tilted verbal and my personality's conscientiousness to perfectionism and long attention span and truth compulsion are also all outliers.

Not to mention having the free time to master this system is unusual, particularly since changing productivity systems can cause severe temporary performance deficit.

It didn't matter before I had 10 Bins right, since I wouldn't want to teach a bad method anyway.  If I had achieved popularity earlier, users would have to update to the new 10 Bins structure, which is very costly in refiling.  Bad for a production system.

But now I should recognize the realities of marketing Cyborganize.

The first marketing stage must be Binmind.  And I must simplify Binmind as much as possible.

Can I get basic Emacs + Dired + Treefactor working on Windows?  Probably.  So perhaps I don't need to build Treefactor in another app.  At minimum, I could resurrect my old Xplorer2 macro.  Perhaps other ergonomic file managers such as Midnight Commander can implement a slower version of 10 Bins.

I should appeal to the BrainStorm community, who already understand Treefactor RIITR.  The Data Curator community is also relevant.

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