First Textmind review

ive been leaning heavily on the emacs for extended cognition metaphor and cyberthal's writing seems closest to that line of thinking. textmind appears to me to have gotten all the long-term considerations that a PKM system in emacs will run into correct, like org-mode being poor at dealing with too many files, and the combinatorial explosion of work caused by fine-grained tagging systems making them a poor option.
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Thanks for the good review. I've been simultaneously using and developing Textmind for years at high volume, which is a good way to find out whether one's system scales, if one is willing to accept negative feedback. The Supermemo founder's declaration of info bankruptcy is a cautionary example of the tendency of PKM solo innovators to bury themselves in information debt, and I've been there myself. It would be nice to go back and clean up all the messes left by previous iterations, if launching Cyborganize weren't more urgent.

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