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The only ones who need agonize over the moral quandaries are the ones setting censorship policy.  For the rest of us, it's helpful to stop worrying about ought and focus on what is.  In the long run, an audience will leave a platform that discriminates against them.  This means the Big Socials will fragment.  The more they discriminate, the faster this will occur.  This is a financial and social benefit for their opponents, who should therefore expose but not oppose it.

Monolithic institutions such as Big Social are vulnerable to the same ideological convergence that captured the big universities, but this problem is self-solving.  Social cycle theory predicts hegemonic collapse due to impractical religion, but now both universities and Big Social are being replaced piecemeal by the invasive barbarian hordes of the decentralized Internet, who ignore national boundaries.

See Parler and Gab for Twitter; DDG, Bing and Dogpile for Google.  Facebook's challengers are VK, Minds and Diaspora, although Facebook is more loathe to offend its conservative lucrative userbase.  Google's manipulations are subtle enough that anti-trust, section 230 and the like are probably greater threats; personalized search results still usually deliver a superior product despite biased results manipulation.

A divided society that increasingly refuses to do business with each other cannot have united platforms.  For every leftist who discriminates against the right, there is a rightist who is legally barred from openly practicing his discrimination against a protected category on the left.  Which isn't the same as saying this discrimination doesn't occur.

Already hordes of Republican Boomers have rejected Twitter's heavy-handed censorship, driving record competitor growth.  Regardless of whether one believes Trump will overturn the MSM-declared electoral outcome, it's obvious that IF he does, Twitter's losses will accelerate.  This will increase popular skepticism towards the other Big Socials, to say nothing of increased governmental scrutiny.

Hillary's loss proved certainty an illusion.  It's a bold bet; we'll see what happens.

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